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We just hit 2 million views on YouTube… not bad for a channel that was started kinda by accident. 🙂 Anyway, here’s a few lessons I learned from almost 5 years of weekly videos (and how you can use it to grow your own authority).

The big takeaways:

  • The real root cause of rambling, and the simple trick for cutting your talk time in half
  • Which topics to cover (and cover, and cover…)
  • To travel (and record) or not to travel… it’s a pretty big question
  • How to attract and keep a tribe (it’s much easier than you might think)

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68 Replies to “two MILLION views (what I learned)”

  1. Lisa Sammut


    As always, an awesome video. I get that genuine person on all your videos. There’s no flash, no million dollar words. Just straight talk. Here’s to your success. Cheers

  2. norma Brennan


    You make it sound so easy Jeff I now need to get out of my comfort zone and go after what I want for myself

  3. Ted Pasternack


    Thanks Jeff! I’m passing your videos on to my new friends in Florida who are learning to market on the Internet.
    I would definitely second Mac’s comments. That’s what I used to tell everybody at your live Events.
    Stop by if you’re in the neighborhood.

  4. I can also struggle with rambling so I loved your take on that. Congratulations on 2 million views!!

  5. Great video Jeff and congrats on the views.
    So funny, I just finished Dan Sullivan’s “The Law of Lifetime Growth book an hour ago where he talks about this exercise of “Unique Ability” and now YOU talk about it. It must be a sign I need to do this 😉

  6. Hi Jeff: I did your PLF course about 6 months ago and I have been working on my product launch since then. I have finally set a date in stone of when I am going to try the seed launch (last week of March) and I am just about to go through your training again as I am about to start to write the marketing for the pre-pre and pre launch videos (ahhhhh 🙂 I am always inspired when I watch you because you are authentic and that is what I am going for also. I want people to know and appreciate the real me. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Your friend Mac nailed your unique ability because it would be the same thing I think of you. You are authentic, almost shy, but not a distracting shyness. It is endearing. Your authenticity and humility comes across so naturally on video. You started from humble beginnings and have never forgot that. One day, Lord willing, I’ll attend one of your live events and get to thank you in person. You have a servant’s heart and that’s why the Lord has blessed your business so.

    • Absolutely, Dave! I totally agree with your above comments about Jeff and his endearing humility! That believability and genuineness also serves to inspire me to let go of my preconceived notions about getting my videos just right, and just produce from the heart. The rest will follow, God willing!

  8. Thanks, Jeff. I’m going to use your tips to build my Youtube channel too. Very impressed by the “not knowing how to end tip”….I have felt that way before also.!

  9. I Love how you are right there teaching us, picking us up and getting us to follow through in the most authentic way possible. Always delivering a message at the perfect time.

  10. Jeff, I enjoyed you video a lot. I am working on launching college success academy and I know YouTube needs to be a big part of reaching students and parents, but the time tequired for producing videos was really holding me back. This video let me know that it is ok to focus on the content over the production. I wonder if the same approach applies to PLF videos?

    • @Dennis: it really does IMO. My PLF launch videos are definitely a lot tighter, because I have a LOT of material to fit into a relatively short amount of time. But I try to bring the same presence to those videos.

  11. Great observations. Each journey starts with a single step.

    Please keep providing us with these great insights.

  12. Congratulations Jeff. I think your authenticity is a critical part of your success. Also I have found that you provide gems of insights and understanding that we can all use in our emerging businesses. Keep em rolling.

  13. Congratulations Jeff! I always appreciate so much your authenticity in your videos and your content.

    I have recently discovered your podcasts. When I listen to those podcasts, you come across with so much raw authenticity, that I literally feel like I am having a hot chocolate by the fire in your home, whilst you are talking lol! I see some guitars leaning up against the walls, and I see a vision of you talking about launches and the lessons you have learned. That’s how authentic you are 🙂 I rarely get that kind of authenticity from other podcasts, videos and content. I am truly thankful to have discovered you and your work. You are such an inspiration. Thanks again.

    Adama xXx

    • @Adama: thanks for that perspective on the podcast… I’m still working on finding my groove with the podcast, so it’s great to hear your insight. 🙂

  14. I love watching your video’s Jeff. Keep it real. I haven’t heard you talk about the value of 5 star reviews and why people give them.

  15. Congrats Jeff! Your video is inspiring. It demonstrates how important consistency is. That’s what I struggle with when it comes to creating content.

  16. Thumbs up on this week’s video Jeff! Two of the many reasons I watch your videos every week is your authenticity and how down to earth you are. One of these days, I’m going to get out to your PLF live training. Thanks, and keep up the awesome sauce!

  17. Congrats Jeff! I know I count for about 150 of them 🙂

    Keep it up and let’s go get ‘em this week!

    And my six year old daughter, Aracelli, says she loves the way you end your videos. And how you talked about it in this one.

    You’re teaching the next generation!

  18. Thanks for the tips Jeff! Starting a You Tube channel for my business is my next big step. Congrats on 2 million views!

  19. Steve Newton


    I’m really inspired about my new direction in life. Thanks for that Jeff. I recognized a couple of years back that retirement from a government job was on the radar, and with the help of a few influencers (you being one of them) I landed on what my life was going to look like afterwards. I finally got past the stage of chasing all the “shiny objects”out there and have landed on a few core products from a few key people that have helped with my business development. That said, the “shiny objects” have been educational on so many levels so no regrets there. But I started with your PLF book and that lasted about 24 hours after the initial read and I got in to your course. Yay…the lead generation system works. You’re probably tired of hearing how brilliant PLF is but I’ll say it one more time: “PLF is brilliant”. Thanks for all that. One of the things I’m sorting through right now is determining what sorts of productivity tools might fit my world best. I know you reference some in various posts and course content, but I’m wondering if some day when you have writer’s block you might be able to do one of the short weekly videos on the productivity tools you use. There’s a gazillion of them out there…more shiny objects to pursue I suppose…

  20. Well done Jeff!!! 2,000,000
    I have been a fan/student for several years and have learned so much from you. And I’m obviously not alone in that regard. As a business coach I will often forward your videos and teachings on to my clients. And when I do, I always comment on your authenticity, so your buddy Mac is right on. It is a unique ability and it is one that I try to emulate in all of the dealings in my business as well. Once we get to a point of freedom in our lives, there is really no reason to be anything but…

  21. Andrew McAllister


    Great advice as always, Jeff! For me, authenticity includes telling people the truth. And it might be a truth that’s difficult for them to hear, so it’s critical to be kind, empathetic, and self-effacing when you do so. I’ve seen you do this in many of your videos and I try to emulate that as well. Thanks again for all you do.

  22. I love your relaxed, easy and authentic style. It really resonates with me because I have a similar, relaxed personality. It’s great to know I don’t have to try and be something I’m not to be successful in the online world. Thanks for all you do! I own PLF and attended PLF live last year (SO much fun!)

  23. I agree that authenticity is so important. I really enjoy your videos and always learn something new. Thank you!

  24. Thank you Jeff for sharing this… This was exactly what I needed to hear right now. I would also add to your “unique ability” – that you are relaxed, grounded and appear 100% present and yet excited to share information with us in your videos. For me that creates a trust and magnetic quality about you. I appreciate all you share. Congratulations!!!

  25. Great, inspirational and authentic stuff `Jeff, thank you. I am about to begin making videos and really appreciate the tips

  26. Thanks, Jeff. I see the combination of your genuine humility, your success, and your upbeat attitude as the perfect combination to motivate us, your viewers and followers. Keep up the good work. You’re a great role model for all of us!!

  27. Jeff – Thank you for ‘showing up’ for us, your audience, week after week. Your authenticity really does shine through your videos and adds a genuine quality that is hard to find. I look forward to your videos each week and have learned a lot over the years from you.

  28. awesome sauce – – you are authentic and share your amazingness so generously — love being part of your tribe — now ready to get to it. heartfelt gratitude to and for who you be and all you do. namaste – blessings

  29. Yes, congrats Jeff, I always love listening to you, it is refreshing and natural. I feel I know you, that is the love part and also the tips you hand out as it was happening in a chat with you. Love it. Thank you.

  30. You ALWAYS share valuable content Jeff, whether it’s you shooting straight to cam, Some crazy cool location, or a case study that proves yet again how possible the #launchlife is. It’s a pleasure to watch… part of my weekly mindset prep. Thanks!!!

  31. My take on your “unique ability” is that you are, at your core, encouraging. You don’t just instruct, dispense information, or entertain. You do all of that, but what you do that makes all of that work and seem genuine is that you truly cheer people on. You seem to enjoy the success of others as much as your own. You seem like a guy who just had the best meal in the best restaurant ever, after you were hungry for a good while, and it was so great that you want everyone to know about it and have the same experience, so you encourage people to do so. It is kind of the same thing everyone else is saying in their own ways. Thanks for the encouragement.

  32. Helen Erzsebet Iszlai


    Hi Jeff, congratulation.I like all that you share with us.

  33. “Authenticity” is based on accepting your true self, which if you don’t it’s probably not apparent to you that you don’t, so it’s not a case of just saying “oh, I’ll just be myself”. Coaches probably meet this issue all the time. I worked with a partner who vacillated between excited hubris and depression and it was practically impossible, for me anyway, to initiate any self reflection or affectionate self-regard in this person. The self-contempt went too deep. My conclusion is that self-acceptance and positive self-regard start very early in life, and in the absence of a foundation of loving, stable caretakers it’s not so easy to correct course later without a lot of serious attention to the issue.

  34. We know that Jeff is authentic. Everybody notices that, but there’s a quality I haven’t seen anyone mention, the fact that he’s helpful in a way that is KIND. I believe that quality comes across in his voice, his eyes and body language. You just know it, watching him. That particular quality creates in my opinion an extra level of trust. Not many people who use video can transcend the limits of virtual communication to the extent Jeff does, and I think this is unquantifiable reason why.

  35. Yeah, so authenticity is the key! This really rings true for me and helps me to know and trust the way I approach public speaking!

  36. Thanks for the great share Jeff. Your authenticity really comes through and your natural style makes you easy to listen to. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing…

  37. Another great video Jeff.
    I started following you because you make so much sense… and you are always yourself. Your authenticity is not always the norm – and reassuring to those of us who get just a little nervous putting out ideas out there. I love how you bring sanity to the process and cut through all the excuses (and fears) we build up in our heads before or while we’re doing new things – by being yourself and talking about how you’ve learned stuff as you go along. Everyday inspiring!

  38. Here’s to authenticity! These words are inspiring me to start communicating through this medium.

  39. Hi Jeff!

    Learning from you and your tribe for years, must say your unique ability is the disciplined attention you pay to the wisdom of your followers as they guide you to meet their needs for PLF-based/allied products. An essential authenticity throughout your amazing journey is what delivers that ever-blooming ability.

    That said, you may authentically say, even feel that you do not need the world to connect with you, but the world needs your authentic leadership to connect to—and to Sullivan, Diamandis, Burchard, Dooley, Kurzweil, Branson, Robbins and countless other inspirited leaders you have served. What’s next?

    Peace to you … Steve

  40. I’ve gotta agree – your authenticity comes through clearly in the videos, and that’s a large part of the appeal for me. Polished and carefully scripted have their place, but they don’t seem to reach the heart as well as relaxed, confident enough to just be yourself does. You know what you’re talking about, and that’s good – but you’re happy being yourself, and that’s even more compelling. Thanks for sharing that with us.

  41. Roseann Metrinko


    Hi Jeff! Congratulations of reaching 2 million views. Truthfully??? I’m not surprised! The videos you have produced are not only incredibly useful, but REAL! Your content is SOOOO helpful and on target.

    However….what makes your videos so EASY to watch is YOU! Your good friend is correct. You are authentic and it comes through right up front. No used car salesmanship. Thank you!

    I look forward to learning more from you, and implementing all you are so generously willing to share!

    Thank you…..

  42. Congratulations and thanks for the info!! My videos were so bad and hard to do for so long. I realized that I was trying to be too perfect. When I finally let my authenticity flow everything changed. Now I love video and know that I’m giving my audience 100% me. That changed everything!

  43. Elvire Smith


    WOW, Jeff, I really like the way you tell it like you do it, down to Earth, that is how I am, and I am learning so much, and feel less shy about doing what I am doing, but expand on it to really serve. Got lots to learn, and love learning from you. Thanks big time! 🙂

  44. Yes, your authentic down to earth style is what attracts me. I completely agree that’s how you attract your tribe by being true to yourself. Makes people feel at ease and engenders feeling of trust and good will.

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