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What If You’re Not An “Expert”?

by Jeff Walker November 27, 2011 internet marketing

There were THOUSANDS of questions on my webcast last week… and there was one that got me fired up more than all the others combined. This video is all about that question…

Let me know what you think – please leave a comment down below……


The Tale of Two Men…

by Jeff Walker November 23, 2010 strategy

Imagine two musicians… one who plays a $3.5 million dollar violin and can sell out an entire auditorium at $100 a seat… and one who plays for people’s spare change in a train station.

What’s the difference between the two musicians?

Well, in at least one case… there is almost no difference at all.

This is a true story that’s fascinated me since I heard it a couple of years ago…

Joshua Bell, an internationally acclaimed viruoso violinist tried a bit of an experiment. He took his Stradivarius (worth $3.5 million) down to a Washington Metro train station and played for tips for about 45 minutes.

It’s important to note that Joshua Bell is a true star in the classical music world – just three …

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