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My first coaching student did a million dollar launch (which was completely amazing), and I probably learned more from him than he did from me. This video is about why coaching is a great way to get into this business…

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23 Replies to “Starting With Coaching”

  1. You should write a book called “how I coach my clients or students”.

    Keep up the good work Jeff.

  2. Positive day Jeff
    I really love how you simplify things in your videos and emails.
    For now, Coaching is a bit far for me, not an English speaker here yet I’m working hard to set up my first product launch.

    MY EXCUSE: Would like to know if you have any advice to someone trying to get into the English-speaking world and hesitating because of the accent.

    I do agree with you, wisdom business is better than guru, as gurus in some cultures like mine (Algeria/Africa) are magic doing people lol.
    God bless

    • Adel, you ask a very valid question. What about focusing on clients overcoming the obstacles associated with English as their second language? It is a perfect niche market where you have immediate credibility. Your struggle is the same struggle your clients are looking to overcome.

      • Hi Christopher, I never thought of that actually, excellent idea/ niche, I’m doing researches about it.
        thanks a million time.
        god blesd

  3. Hey Jeff! Thanks so much for your words and your job! I bought your book a month ago and planning my great launch now, but while I preparing for this I just started my coaching practice ) And this video is another valueable proof for me that’s coaching is a great way to help people and make a real money at the same time! Thanks again for inspiring!

  4. I added coaching to my services after selling 2 ebooks for weight loss/health. Need some tips on how to position/sell coaching as people seem to prefer the ebooks and coaching is more expensive.

  5. Coaching is really interesting, i used to teach adults which is a similar process and I’m looking at coaching ‘at some stage’ so thanks for this video – I suppose you just need to ‘do it’.

  6. Very insightful. Too many people don’t want to follow the order and jump to the product right away. Easy to hide in the shadow vs. get out into the sun. Coaching is where you feel the joy of interacting and helping people, up close and personal.
    Thanks for being the guy who broke out of his shell to help thousands, perhaps millions of people.

  7. This is a great video Jeff. I realized recently that I need to embrace coaching more in my business for exactly the reasons you state here. I enjoy coaching, my coaching practice is already growing, and I learn and grow every time I coach anyone. Hearing you in this video came to me at the right time as further evidence that I need to grow the coaching side of my business. Thank you Jeff.

  8. I remember watching a video where Tony Robbins, John Reese, and Frank Kern were talking about that fateful million dollar day… (For anyone interested, I did a quick google search and found it here:

    For years I’ve taught guitar lessons in person so I definitely understand the “learning value” of teaching. This style of teaching (coaching) provides SO much valuable information about the wants, needs, and desires of your avatar. I can see how someone could very easily take the info gleaned from just a couple coaching sessions to help create lead magnets, a seed launch, ect.

    Great video, Jeff!

  9. Thanks for the good word, Jeff. Your timing is perfect for me as a little over a week ago I made the decision to begin focusing on coaching! This post validates my decision. I too realized I needed to embrace coaching more for similar reasons. I’ve always enjoyed teaching and coaching and have a passion for it, but until recently, didn’t consider it a business pursuit. Not sure why, just didn’t step outside the box enough. As you know, I’m not a newbie at this. It goes to show that wherever we are we never stop learning. I’m pretty sure I learn more every time I help and teach another person than they learn from me. This also reinforces the fact that it’s a mistake not to pursue a passion and see where it leads, regardless of what it is. Much appreciated!

  10. I’m trying to build my business and my husband decided he wants a business to. The only thing is he wants me to handle ALL the “business” stuff while he just does his hobby… I’m supportive but scared of what that is going to do for my business. Any advice on how to build a buisness while keeping the spouse happy? Or how to not get so involved in coaching that you miss out on yours?

    • I was really excited at first because I thought it would be a good coaching opportunity but now I’m scared. ;P

  11. I love your term “wisdom coaching.” After successfully helping friends and family for years, in the area of relationships, I’m finally ready to put myself out there and build a successful soul-centered relationship coaching business. My area of expertise is in helping people use conflict as an opportunity for growth and for bringing them closer together with others rather than tearing them apart. My challenge is that when people hear “relationship coach,” they assume it is about romantic relationships and I’m not sure how to ensure that potential clients won’t look the other way before learning more about what I have to offer.

    • Hey Marisa,
      Here’s some ideas: “Growth coach”, “face your fears coach”, “getting over the hump coach”. I’d focus on using words that (1) sell the transformation they’ll have with you and (2) using words that your target audience use. How you label yourself will also depend on your style and your target audience’s styles too. Good luck!

  12. I run programs that teach people to love themselves like they would a best friend, I added coaching as an extension to my 2 day programs.

    You must help people go even deeper. BEST THING I EVER DID!!!

  13. This whole topic is really opening my mind. Thinking this is where I’ll start – with coaching. Great insights as always, Jeff! Always great to hear what you have to share!!!

  14. Thank you Jeff for your encouragement to coach! You are inspiring and I am looking forward to seeing what our first launch will look like.

  15. Thank you for sharing your expertise in this video. I am definitely going to check out your book so I can be successful in my product launches. How can I participate in your mastermind group?

    • Start by reading the book jenjer, you’re gonna love it, then implement the things you learn, get results, then you can consider to join a mastermind 😉

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