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Over the years, there's a question THOUSANDS of people have asked me some version of: 

What if I’m not an expert? 

In this video, I’m addressing this question directly and sharing with you why I think it’s critical to not get too hung up on the need to be a so-called “expert” before you get going. 

You can watch here:

Many people ask the expertise question sincerely. Sometimes they ask it cynically. And sometimes they see it as a genuine barrier to their dreams. 

In other words: they assume that the people who make it are somehow experts in their field or in marketing. Or they assume that if they don’t have a certain level of recognition, acclaim, or letters behind their name, then experiencing life-changing success is going to be impossible for them. 

That’s why this question gets me so fired up — because assuming you have to be at a certain level of expertise before you start is a surefire way to never get started!

What Do I Need to Start a Business?

I want people to understand what really matters when it comes to getting started. And I want them to feel the freedom to see themselves as being of real service… and to get genuinely excited about sharing what they have to offer.  

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The different reasons people pose this question
  • Why fixating on expertise can actually be used to avoid taking risks
  • Past clients of mine who prove definitively that a beginner’s mindset can be a huge asset… and what happens when you take the leap even if you’re still a newbie 

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you have follow-up questions or want to share your own experience, leave your comment below and let me know what you think! 

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152 Replies to “What If You’re Not An “Expert”?”

  1. Jeff,

    Awesome advice. I think the “but I’m not an expert” notion is one of the biggest things that holds people back, and it’s more of a mental roadblock if anything.

    Truth be told, even the experts don’t know everything; but they know enough to be the expert. That’s good enough especially if you target a newbie audience.


  2. Yes….maybe it is true…who knows…being an expert…but what is first level in your expertise when you can charge people for your knowledge? Where is that come from? How can I get information about it….Jeff?

  3. I’m taking that exact advice Jeff. Just started my online business helping photo enthusiasts build fulfilling and profitable wedding photography businesses.

    I’m doing this even though I’m a part-time wedding photographer and NOT an expert.

    I do have something of value to share – and my content has been very well received so far.

    Thanks for your inspiration Jeff.


  4. Very inspiring stuff! Even though this is all very new to me, I’m getting the idea that I can succeed at this. I will be going for a guitar site that will have all types of information, but have no clue yet as to what my niche will be and how I can make money from the type of information I’ll be putting out there besides making money with affiliate marketing.

  5. “If you’re not an expert…BE AN EXPERT” It’s what Brendon Burchard says all the time 🙂

  6. Great video. I agree completely. The hardest part is making that shift from “maybe I can ” to certainty and knowing it is possible. It is different for everyone and it truly is a shift in perception. I think it really does go back to your “why”. If it isn’t strong enough then no amount of information no matter how useful or great it is will get you going.

    I recently realized that I was doing all of these real estate ventures and training with the idea of using that money to get my real passion going. Turns out I was using these legitimate ventures as get rich quick schemes. They have cost me many thousands and much time. Once I realized that and I started focusing on my passion,Art, I had a sense of drive i have not had in quite some time. It really is inspiring to know what you are going after. Sometimes it is easy to be blind to the bigger picture and to just dissolute yourself.

  7. Thank you Jeff for such an awesome reminder!! This is something that runs through my mind a lot. I will remember this video and push forward 🙂

  8. What “if” is not an option in this industry…. like many i have talked to, 97% who are getting loss in a sea of tactics in the home based businesses online, have not found their expertise…. if they want to achieve what the 3% like jeff walker, eben pagan, frank kern or john reese, they have NO OPTION but to find their money making strengths and forget about all the tactics and businesses in a box…. Im talking about strategy, strategy and strategy… since when adding more tactics up your sleeve is going to help you in this industry?

    Winson NG
    CEO/Founder of thinkmaverick
    A Social SEO tech and Market Intelligence company.

  9. Awesome video Jeff, thanks so much for taking the time near your thanksgiving holiday to make it. I totally believe that if you can get over the “I’m not an expert hurdle” dreams happen sooner than you think. I will be pushing onward and upward to make my dreams come true. Your blog helps so much. I look forward to the next product launch formula to get your excellent insight on building a profitable business. In the mean time I will be working on overcoming one obstacle at a time until they are all gone. I hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving.


  10. “Just go and get started now” is the key phrase. I don’t believe it is about not being the expert. It is fear of stepping out of the comfort zone of what is familiar, and too often familiar means failure. It is fear of “what if I do well and I’m not ready”, it is “what if I’m successful – what then?” Fear of not knowing how to take the next step and making mistakes. Fear of looking stupid. Those who ignore their fear and take risks knowing that no matter what happens they at least took action and found out are the ones who eventually succeed.

  11. Hey Jeff, I’m a proud PLF 3.2 owner, and I think what you had to say here is very critical. Wayne Gretzky said once, that you miss 100% of the shots you DON’T take. I very happy you took your shots Jeff. Thanks for the advice.

  12. Great video Jeff! So true about the majority of the market being beginners. I tell people interested in Information Publishing to stop looking forward at the people they’ve learned from and to turn around and teach all those before them who don’t know 1/100th of what you know. The key to becoming an expert is to START NOW!

  13. Hi Jeff,

    Wow! What a great video. Having lived with depression for over 20 years, I certainly know a great deal about depression and now that is the niche that I am in.

    However, I started off in the “make money online” niche which I knew nothing about! But as Jim Rohn says “all skills are learnable” so I bought the top 3 books in the niche, read them and then set up a blog to share what I had learnt. Was I an “expert” in internet marketing? No, but the most important thing is that I educated myself and then took action.

    I don’t believe that you have to be an expert to be able to share great content that adds value to people who are searching for information.

  14. Hi Jeff,

    This was quite an interesting post thanks for sharing it 🙂

    I’ve faced the same problem with a lot of my clients (I’m a marketing consultant) and it’s something that I faced myself too when I started out (funny enough I started writing about stocks when I started too, so that’s kind of weird!).

    Anyway, there was something that I wanted to add, which is that I think the problem that people face is a feeling that they have to be significant enough for their product/service to be sold and worth something… so my opinion is that it’s an insecurity that if they don’t produce something good enough that people won’t like them and they’ll get a bad reputation or something…

    There are two things that helped me through this when I started:
    1. no one starts off as an expert (like you said) and if you fail, take it as feedback. Just like how Frank Kern had a failure with the FTC, he recovered. You can always recover, but you NEED to start otherwise you’ll never get anywhere.

    2. The second thing to help with this is to know what makes you, or your business unique. I think people are a bit scared that if they’re not the best, then people aren’t getting value for what they buy. “The best” product can be valued in different ways, some people like things that other people hate, but if you know what makes you/your business unique, then you can just stick to that and appeal to the people who will like that.

    To give you an example: McDonalds doesn’t make the best tasting hamburger, but people still buy it because it appeals to them in other ways.. i.e. convenience,price etc.

    Chances are, if you had that problem and you think it’s important, then others had the same problem too. I believe if you genuinely like your customers, want to help them and have the best intentions in mind, you’ll always have happy customers despite there being things wrong with your products/services, or it not being perfect or an “expert” etc. I always think about it the same as a relationship… if you have an argument with someone, you might say some nasty things, but if that person knows you genuinely care about them they’ll forgive you and you’ll learn to get better.

    That’s what helped me anyway, I hope that helps some of the other people going through the same experience.


  15. How do you actually buy the product launch formula 3.2 . I cant find where to buy it only people trying to sell some bonus to it etc… Thanks Dan

  16. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for all the reality you provide.

    Great thoughts. The key that was toughest for me to see from a different angle was to know I am an expert – it took some time to put that in perspective to where I could utilize what I know to help others.

    Keep up the great work!


  17. Paige Koehler


    Hi Jeff,

    What a great way to inspire us to just go. No fear, no plan, just click and go. I do feel exactly like you did. I did take another step last week. I did a video, suprised myself, because I was not going to when I started. Just email and website. BUT, it was so easy AND the great thing is you can d-e-l-e-t-e it and have a do over. Awesome. Now I want to take a day and do a whole set as a webcast training. I appreciate all you do.
    Paige K
    Celebrate You: Universal Life Coach

  18. It’s totally debilitating to think you are not an expert. You are. But it’s sometimes impossible to see what you are an expert in.

    The way I found out I was an expert was because people kept asking me questions about gardening. Eventually I found a formula for explaining things and that’s when I realised I had a product on my hands.

    And I know how crippling the doubt can be. The thought that people won’t buy the information I have scares the crap out of me. But thinking that is a waste of time, energy and opportunity until I have tried every conceivable way to present it to the market.

    So if you think it won’t work… I urge you to prove it. Maybe in the process you’ll prove otherwise.

  19. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for the encouragement. As a ‘newbie’ to info marketing it has been my fear of not being able to compete with the ‘experts,’ with those awesome product launches, that seems to be holding me back. I am like an artist in front of a blank canvass at times it seems. I was stuck on doing the whole vertical sales page thing and now see that your sideways sales letters (with a launch), is the way to go. Although there is a lot of ‘hope’ marketing with the old sales letter format, that is what I will have to do to get a few sales in order to be ready for your next PLF version.

    In the meantime, maybe what I have to offer will help a few folks. I may not be an ‘expert’, but I know what helped me get my ultimate body back after my wife left me for a woman and the wheels of my life fell off for a while. Time to get rolling and help other guys…and gals…like me. Thanks.


  20. I’ve always known I’m well-trained and have the experience and expertise in several areas, but I’ve never really touted it. Recently, several people told me all in one week that I have enough training, experience and expertise. I don’t need more programs; I need to tell more people I am the expert they’re looking for. It’s mighty bad when people selling their programs are the ones to tell me I don’t need their program; I need more action to show people I’m the expert. Thanks for another wakeup call, Jeff!

  21. Cool vid Jeff!!! Way to help ease people’s fears about getting started.. Simple, clear and concise… I loved it!

  22. Hey Jeff … Poignant, and thanks for sharing this. “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”. Or even “a step in the wrong direction is better than a hundred years of thinking about it.” As a longtime paddler, I loved your metaphor of whitewater kayaking. Thanks for all the great content you’ve given. ~Doug

  23. All good points, especially about taking action.

    True, you don’t have to be an expert, just an authority figure. Napoleon Hill was no expert about wealth before he authored “Think And Grow Rich.” By his interviewing and researching he became an authority figure.

    Once he was recognized, and quite a bit richer, he became an expert. Either way, he knew more than most and made money by sharing it. Imagine if he had the Internet as a tool and decided to learn how to use it!

    Okay, so what’s our excuse again…? : )

    • @tom: great point about Napolean Hill… he had great success and made an enormous impact on tens of thousands of people, but he started with ZERO expertise. He simply interviewed his way to expert status.

  24. At the very least you are more expert than the beginners who want to learn from you!
    We get paid to help people accelerate their learning to get where we are now. Good to be reminded – great advice. Thanks Jeff.

    Phil, Brisbane Australia
    ps enjoyed your presentation at Experts Industry Association.

  25. Great video Jeff. I missed the online launch. Will PLF3 students be able to get access to those interviews with previous students?

  26. It goes back to the old adage “Don’t talk about it, be about it!” If you wait to have plenty of cash to have kids, you’ll never have kids. If you always wait for situations in life to be perfect to take action, you’ll always be waiting in life and never accomplishing anything. Besides, it’s the action that gives you experience, that makes you better, that makes your future endeavors more profitable and wonderful. Experience and practice is your best ally, NOT the enemy. Push through the fear and always GO IT anyways! You will always be very glad you did afterwards.

  27. Great video.
    But…for me it was not so much about the content, which was very good, but more about
    the way that you communicate. You have a very easy, relaxed delivery that is comfortable to watch.
    I have been on your list for a long time but I have never really taken much notice
    because I don’t do product launches and you are after all the “product launch guy.”
    Perhaps I need to start paying attention.

  28. Dear Jeff,
    I just wanted to thank you for doing this video on “getting started”. I totally appreciate it!! …… I have attempted to be in “internet marketing” with different businesses and faced difficulty d/t lack of knowledge in this area and the information marketing as well as the challenges r/t not having the income to support being in business. I haven’t totally given up but did leave the companies I was involved with. Pretty sad to think that I could have been successful in those businesses if I had just persevered. As you say, “Just get started!” … whether it means learning and getting more knowledge about the topic you need to know about and then stepping out and doing it! As the Nike commercial states, “Just do it!”……. Thank you Jeff for stepping out and “doing it” for our benefit!! much aloha, mililani

  29. Sally Dingo


    Great video to hear – especially when I had started to despair about finding the right (!) area of expertise ( even though I have published three books, one a best seller, and I have a public profile. Talk about talk myself down!!) Thanks Jeff for offering your information, and for sharing that material in such a caring and inspiring way.

  30. Michael Putnam


    Jeff, I think you did a great job with the interviews. Thank you for taking time out of your Thanksgiving weekend to make this video. Remember an Expert is just a drip under pressure. All we need is a willingness to try. Remember if you have 1 week’s experience you are the expert to the brand new person.

  31. Hi Jeff
    I visited your site from a link after viewing Brendan Burchard’s site.
    Its great to hear about your success in information marketing as I’ve been trying to work out how to get my message out there for a while now. Thanks for your info.
    Neil – Christchurch New Zealand

  32. VERY few people know the truth of what you spoke of. what we do not like in others, is easily what we have not loved in ourselves. we can only see the items that bug us, as all the others don’t! not often i meet someone who has wisdom. thanks again for all you are doing for the world. weary not in your well doing Jeff. i am very proud of you, and grateful as well for the education. you may never know us as your team may check these and you will have helped so many more you will never know. well beyond Jane’s dog owners and their wonderful pets lives. stay cool, Doc MIke

  33. Hello Jeff, truly enjoyed and appreciated you and your guests generously sharing “expertise.” I am now convinced that an info biz is doable; and I will be working diligently on product creation so I am in a position to “launch” next time PLF is available.

    P.S. Your response ( to THE question) during the live event was very inspiring…actually thought U would be showing it with this video? Please consider doing so.

    Thanks again for encouraging us…Carl

  34. Hi Jeff,
    Great video, I believe like you said that everybody has excelled in something, even if it is just having a good recipe, or even as you said, you can even interview experts in something you are passionate about. I love what you said”: “Share your gifts with the world”.,

    Thank you jeff

  35. Haha, I run into this every time I ask someone to do an expert interview for me. “I’m not an expert!”..then I let them know that as a first grade teacher I called anyone who knew anything more than I did about something was an expert in that field!!…

  36. Hey Jeff,
    Durango’s looking beautiful this time of year!
    I’d like to add something that dawned on me one day as I was building our platform. I set out to solve the problems with digital content and customer engagement, but I wasn’t an “expert” – I just had a lot of experience as a digital content producer.
    Then it struck me – the word expert is derived from the word experience! It’s the very root of both words.
    If you have experience, ipso facto, you are an expert 🙂

  37. I am – we are – very fortunate to have been party to the free lessons given to us from Jeff Walker, as well as other people, like Brendon Bouchard, Frank Kern, and more. People in this industry have been extremely generous. Andy Jenkins answered a question for me during the PLF a thon. The herb guy (sorry, can’t remember his name) answered a question for me during the chat. I have a little online business, but nothing in this industry, and these people are willing to give you – and me – a hand up.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, just myself. I’ve been given enough information to get started. It will be somewhat more difficult for me to complete my project than for individuals who have purchased a program, but I’ll invest in education from the people who have been so helpful to me when it’s a reasonable time to do so.

    I’m not an “expert” on a whole lot, have a niche I can pursue, and I know I can put something together that’s upfront, has real value, and will save some people time, money, and/or aggravation, without being obnoxious, without ripping anyone off.

    If you are honest, if you have good intentions, if you know something about anything that will help someone else, then you owe it to the market to get out there. Help yourself make a living while you’re helping other people, and help run the yahoos – who aren’t expert at anything shy of emailing crap to other people – out of the business, because we’re better than this.

    And while I’m on my soapbox, please don’t join that fraternity. Glaring landing pages that scream at you, full of one million products with full resale rights, blah, blah, blah. If you don’t have a good product or a product ready, do yourself a favor and take the time to find something good to promote. Don’t support obnoxious business and dicey business practices. You’ve been given too much good education to waste it on that.

    Jeff, thanks again for the education, keep Frank away from cats, and go forth and prosper!

  38. The easy way to expert status is to be an expert in a field of one!! I turned my hobby of finding missing money for people into a book. From there, Good Morning America had me be the “expert” who answered viewers’ questions about the topic in mid-June. I’ve worked with them on several stories since then.
    My goal once I finished my book was to be on Suze Orman’s show. In September, I went out to L.A. to tape a segment with Suze for her new show, “America’s Money Class with Suze Orman” on the Oprah Winfrey Network that will premiere in January. It was surreal to be introduced by Suze and then to be on stage looking out at the audience thinking, “OPRAH is going to see this!” That thought was quickly followed by “FOCUS!”
    This all happened in less than a year. I’ve been a nurse for 30+ years. If I can do it, anyone can!

  39. This is great info. to motivate me to continue providing information in my niche market to help others, regardless of how much I know.

    Thanks again Jeff for your insight.

  40. Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for this video – very inspiring – loved it – I fully agree with you that everyone knows something to share, which kind of makes him/her an expert in that field. Thank you for sharing and motivating. Hana

  41. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your encourage Me , and I am going Starting now to act on it….

  42. Great advice, Jeff. Thanks for the encouragement. The way I think about it is this:

    If skills are a 1-10 scale. A complete guru expert is a 8-10, and there really aren’t many of them. The pool of newbie 1-4 people is huge. All you have to be is a 5 and you can help out all the 1-4 people out there in your area of interest. Tons of people to help, tons of opportunity.

    Thanks !

  43. terry mazzer


    A more powerful question would be “What if you are?”…Just change the focus away from “What if I am not?”…that’s what I do. Aren’t we an expert in whatever field we are involved with?

  44. Very inspiring words, Jeff. That question was exactly one I had while watching the event. I have felt for some time that I am sitting too close to my daily tasks to effectively step back with a fresh observance of what expertise I can offer that anyone would find interesting. I know I am sitting on a lot of information, but have some trouble recognizing where to start. After 14 years in my business, there is bound to be some nuggets in there somewhere… I think… maybe… hopefully…
    Sincerely, though, great video.
    PS: This looks like it was recorded in my neck of the woods, certainly not Colorado. If you are in Scottsdale, and if you have time, you should get someone to take you mountain biking in the McDowells. Bell Pass is great workout, and Thom’s Thumb from the West side is brutal but beautiful. The weather was perfect up there yesterday.

    • @bill: no, that’s not Colorado… I’m in Phoenix visting family over the holiday. And yes, yesterday was a great day for a mountain bike ride… I rode up Mormon and down National on South Mountain with my son and my brother.

  45. Hi, Jeff Walker,

    This is Daniel S. Saladaga from the Philippines and I’ve been encouraged by Rich Schefren to purchase Product Launch Formula 3.2 and I’m waiting for a customer of
    my land which I am selling to reach my goal of registering with Rich’s Business Growth System 2.0 and your Product Launch Formula 3.2. I’ve been into Internet Marketing for about a year now and I need to reach a new level where I can reach financial freedom for me and my family. Thank you very much and please be reminded that GOD loves you very much.

    Sincerely with GOD’s thousandfold blessings,

    Daniel S. Saladaga

  46. Great Video Jeff, and nice pool ^^
    Most common fear is “not to be good enough”
    But as you said, you teach mostly to beginners and what you give them is what matters

  47. OMG Jeff you’r message is beautiful…and I love your voice and easy going, down to earth speaking style as well. I’ve been a coach for years supporting women entrepreneurs change their limiting beliefs, etc. Often times when people heard this their eyes would glaze over, they’d smile and nod their head politely. They didn’t give two hoots about limiting beliefs. What I discovered this past week is that I’m an expert storyteller. We all are, only a lot of the stories we tell ourselves and others are old, outdated, keep us stuck, are detrimental to success and we get a whole lot more of what we don’t want. I’m now saying that I support women entrepreneurs rewrite their old stories with a new script and a new cast of characters. People get it about having a story and want to know more. I’m doing exactly the same thing that I’m an expert at, I’m just telling a different story so that people get it. Whew! A great question to pull out the expert in us is…what am I naturally good at? It’s a start!

  48. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this reminder. I’ve always wanted to be motivational speaker and help people to reach financial freedom through the Internet. Although I’ve been learning about Internet Marketing since 2006, I didn’t started anything while witnessing people who just started same time as I did not became Internet Millionaire.

    Now I regret that I didn’t start 5 years ago! But I’m starting NOW!!!!

    Chetz Togom

  49. Chris Winters


    Thanks for the excellent video… it came from the heart and was much appreciated:)

  50. Claes-Goran Hammar


    Thank you for your efforts and contribution, I´m really enjoying your wizdom sharing for the benefit for me to share mine! How did I get so lucky? 😉

  51. I never got to your “question” the video was buffering all the time and you prattled on so long with the build up I quit.
    I wish I had as much time to waste.

    • And folks, here’s another lesson about being an “expert”… not everyone will love you.

      Merv doesn’t like the way I “prattle on”… yet there are obviously a lot of other people who loved this video.

      No matter who you are or how you deliver your message, there will be people that don’t connect with you. This is the important thing to remember:


      You don’t need everyone to love you. Trying to get everyone to love you is the kiss of death. You will never reach the entire world, and trying to do so will mean you won’t reach anyone.

      I could shoot another video just about this topic alone… it’s another question that gets me fired up. 🙂

  52. Hey Jeff,

    This is “the artist” from the PLF Live Event 2011, if you remember me. The emotion and energy from Scottsdale is pushing me and the others in our new mastermind group on despite the fear for the most part; just letting you know that your releasing videos like this sure helps when the weak moments come (good Lord, am I crazy to be buying video-making equipment? good grief, will anyone take me seriously out there?). Thanks so much!

    • @deborah: glad to hear it! There was so much energy at PLF Live that it’s still reverberating for me as well. I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

      Remember you dont need fancy video equipment… your digital camera or your phone probably has enough video capabilities to get started.

  53. Hello Jeff,

    You are so helpful, relevant and useful and trustful! I wanna be like you when I grow up! I’ve got my one eye open in the land of the blind where cash is also king! Great video Jeff I’d send you money if I had some.

  54. Hey… Funny… I was having a beer with a old flat mate and explaining to him how “cool” a internet business can be, but his main “but” was this exact question: What if I am not a expert? Thanks for thanking the and answering it so well.


  55. Hi Jeff, thank you for the video. It was very informative and helped me a great deal. I feel I need to get my website up dated and push myself. Thank you once again.


  56. So true Jeff. I have to tweak my mindset every day to include the fact that I am an expert to somebody. Get in front of that “somebody” and share your knowledge,gifts and talents. You can’t move forward until tweak that mindset though.

  57. Charles Handy – a Briitish business writer – one wrote something like, ‘if you want to learn something then write the book.’ I suppose a blog could be a good substitute.

  58. Hi Jeff,

    I appreciate what you’re doing. I know you’re trying to help as are all of the other marketing gurus out there. What I have realized is that I’m gifted in a couple of areas. Marketing is not one of them and all of my focus on marketing is taking me away from the areas where I do shine. I feel watered down. Enough. I’m going to keep moving forward with my passion to help children create happiness in their lives. Hopefully someone who IS a gifted marketer will see the value in teaming up with me to bring my books, musical, soundtrack and interactive TV show to the world.

    Thanks for trying,

    Kendra Delano

  59. Thanks for the great insight of that no matter the market most of the people are beginners, it makes me figure out a very important concept, thanks again for this wonderful valuable knowledge!

  60. “In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king” – I love it!

    ‘Just get started’ is just what I needed to hear right now!

    I see other people in my niche that know more than me, yet I know I have something to give? But I’m holding back on creating content (I don’t mind admitting that now).

    I’m holding back on getting to the true nitty gritty of what I want to say because of fear of failure and lack of confidence.

    Which makes no sense to me because I really don’t have the luxury of being able to waste time like this?

    I think I need to make money from this so badly that I hold back thinking my ideas wont be good enough to sell.

    I’ve got myself in a rut

    I’ve hit rock bottom and got nowhere else to go, and nothing to loose.

    I needed to get this off my chest because I haven’t been honest enough to admit this to myself before. Or to physically write it down and let others know.

    Now it’s time to make this pity party end. I’ve just got to put it out there and see what happens? Worst case scenario I’m off the mark and nothing happens?

    Either way I’ll regret it if I don’t try…

    Thank you for listening and for encouraging

  61. Thanks Jeff…. You just gave me the push I needed. I know I have all this information about energy healing, the thing to do is, get it together and then share. I am the only one who is pressuring me to be the expert before I start!. No- one else!
    Thank you, Thank you. Blessings to you Jeff

  62. Thanks for this video Jeff. I constantly doubt my abilities in the field I want to write about (weight loss). I find myself saying “I’ll just read one more book” or “just a bit more research” when I really need to just get on with it! Thanks for the motivation.

  63. Pretty neat Jef I fully understand the premise, as at one time or another, we are all beginners. I have found in my vids for recently unemployed or folks wandering in the internet wasteland , you have to say “OK it’s time to get off my butt and do something… even if it’s wrong”.
    Thanks for the video. It’s good to see folks like you can share from the heart. Keep it up

    Bill Joyce

  64. Hi Jeff

    Thanks so much for driving this message home! No matter who you are, there will always be lots of people interested in your topic who know a lot less than you.

    Don’t clutter your mind with junk like “what ifs” and “yes buts” – just go out and do it! As you become more experienced, you get better at it!!

    Take care and have fun!

  65. Wow ! Great Reminder ! We can all become experts. Your video reminded me, when early in my career, I was hired by the surgical division of Johnson and Johnson. They explained that after my six week training program I would be calling on surgeons and not only answering their questions about which suture material to use on specific operations, but at times, explaining to the “surgeon”.. why he/she could be using a better suture than their current choice. I remember thinking.. “are you kidding . . I am going to be telling a SURGEON what and how they should be thinking about their surgery ? ”

    But as you pointed out. Surgeons have to study a TON of information about all things related to their profession. They don’t have the time to become an EXPERT in every dimension of their profession but they have learned they can rely on “experts” like me, after training for only six weeks, to answer their specific questions regarding my area of expertise. Just as business owners rely on experts in specific areas of their business.

    After only six weeks I was assisting top professionals determine what was best for them in “my area of expertise”.. sutures. If I can do that in six weeks, I am sure you are right, I can do that in anything..

    Thanks Jeff for all you have shared. Your willingness and generosity remind me of “pay it forward”. Your effort only makes me want to assist you and others as my contribution.


  66. Jeff, My wife and I have had this discussion all weekend. What are we knowledgeable in. Thank you for taking your family time to encourage us. We appreciate all you do.

  67. Jeff, Your ability to demonstrate true compassion when teaching is unsurpassed.
    I find that my students who begin to teach our techniques sometimes better connect with the new student because they were brand new to this not to long ago. My staff and I teach people how to buy real estate without using their money, credit, or lender of any kind. More importantly, we show them how to have it sold before they buy. Lastly, I do my live deals in front of my students faces in my training. No one else does that! HOWEVERE, some students still learn better from my new experts in the beginning. So everyone can be that new expert, they just have to realize that there are multiple expert levels (for example: a black belt depending on the style has many levels, 1st degree-8th degree.

  68. It’s amazing what you can learn in a year, and the more that you learn, the more you want to learn even more. who knows what a real expert is? even the experts are always learning, and that’s, who they become experts in other peoples eyes.
    You have start somewhere and the best place to start from in at the bottom, that way you can only go up until you reach the top.

  69. Jeff … Thanks so much. I think most people assume that everyone knows what they know, so they don’t understand the value of the information they take for granted. That is why it is important to work with someone else (a friend, a coach, a joint venture partner) who is not so close to the subject and can see how it might benefit others. People also think that they have to sell to everyone and becomes so overwhelming they don’t know what to do. Focusing on the smaller niche is were they can really make more money. I am sorry I missed the event … i was putting on the largest multicultural rodeo in the world at the same time. Hopefully I can log into the next one. Appreciate all you do for the industry and look forward to meeting in person one day soon.

  70. Thanks for this Jeff, it’s like you read my mind! Even though I have over 30 years in nursing, learning from the wisdom of the elders and acting as a voice for women, I’m constantly trying to define my position as an ‘expert’ on the journey to mentoring and coaching women to live their best lives!

    My first interview in a couple of hours- your video calm my nerves a bit:)


  71. Thanks Jeff.

    One of the things that has held me back is the feeling that other people are more qualified than I am to teach things I’m interested in.

    Truth is I’m wrong thinking this way and it was driven home to me just recently when I worked on a project for someone else who, like your kayaking students, thought I was the expert because I had a little more knowledge than they did.

    I created their website, did their copywriting and created a marketing campaign for them all the while thinking “they should hire a professional for this”. I even created a product (ebook) so they could continue managing their site themselves.

    Strange, the whole process was successful enough that another business has just asked me to do the same thing for them.

    Your video came at the perfect time for me. So thanks again..

  72. Love the saying about the one eyed man being king in the land of the blind. Gives me some much needed confidence as I view my arts and craft audience differently. I’m not a great artist I just love creating and now I know I can teach that to someone. Thanks, and many blessings. Ruthie

  73. Hey Jeff,

    nice video. I think that the biggest issue is defining what the ‘EXPERT’ means. You cannot have certificate for every niche simply because those certificate doesn’t exist. Also, you cannot become an expert by getting yourself a paper or followers.. The expert is what you are, what you do and what you live. No one can take your experience and knowledge neither can anyone give you those stuff just like that.

    Q: What if I’m not an Expert?
    A: Don’t worry, you’ll become one, eventually, just stay focused.

    Thank you 🙂

  74. Bobby Knight


    Jeff, this is a great video. Thanks. I am coming off a marathon weekend of your PLF info and this is exactly what has been going through my mind. I am NOT an expert! But your words are so true. I know that I know more than a lot of people, so I will push forward and get started NOW!! Funny, my best friend uses that saying all the time, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is KING”.

    Thanks in advance for my first $million$.

  75. Thank you Jeff for shooting this video.

    You are definitely right, we don’t need to be the expert of experts. We just need to get started. And I realize that the drive to help others and deliver valuable information is what matters.

    Thank you!

  76. Hi Jeff,

    This is the best advice given I’m at times guilty of this. It is awesome advice. At times we get hungup on how to present instead of just sharing what we just learned or what has worked for us.
    Thanks, and keep up the good work!.

  77. Mark Coudray



    Another great video and perspective. The really cool thing about becoming an “expert” today is that knowledge is expanding at an exponential rate. On the surface this is overwhelming and intimidating. When you look at it more closely, you realize that because knowledge is expanding so fast NO ONE can keep up with all of it.

    This makes becoming an expert easier than ever. By zeroing in on a specific topic and immersing yourself, in as little as 3 weeks you’ll know more than 98% of the people in your market.

    The real key to being recognized as an expert is to relate this new expertise to solving problems at hand today. The better you become at applying expert knowledge, the more relevant and valuable you are to your customers. The PLF model is a fantastic framework for doing this. Thanks for reminding us that “in the kingdom of the blind, the one eyed man is king.”

  78. Jeff – this looks like it was filmed in Las Sendas area of Mesa, AZ – if it was, you’re in my neighborhood. You’ve said Phoenix, which is our metro, but isn’t this really in Mesa? I swear this looks like the area I am in.

  79. That’s a great story Jeff. Expertise is something that can be learned so easily thanks to the power of the internet. If you want to pick up a new skill, there are tons of websites, blogs, and YouTube videos to show you the way. If you focus on learning one subject for let’s say 3 months, then you are way more knowledgeable than most people on that subject. You don’t have to have tons of years of experience on the subject to begin teaching people.

    Oh, and I love the saying “In the land of the blind, the one eyed guy is king.”

    – Gary

  80. Jeff,
    Really really great video! Didn’t get a chance to watch the webcast, but enjoy your content all the same. Thank you for putting this out there. I wish I had heard this 3 years ago because I was like you, learning and learning and finally I put myself out there. And you’re absolutely right! The people who are learning from you, are beginners. I so appreciate the time you put this video together and your message!

  81. Jeff that video was great and it right at home for me. I just don’t get started and have spent a lot of my saving to get me started. I find that don’t at times have the right mind set and always to busy with other things and never really get started. And you know what, “I am not an Expert just a beginer.

  82. Patricia Lyon


    My biggest dilemma this week is being IT illiterate. I’ve read and read and tried to build a squeeze page but it is just not happening. Haven’t managed to set up a blog..I tried but its now in hyperspace somewhere..I think..
    I have no idea how to get started because I am a beginner in IT. I’m an expert in my other field but I can’t seem to put the two together. Try as I am I just can’t seem to get my head round this IT stuff !!!

  83. Thank You Jeff. This is very important advice. I’d like yo ask You about one more.
    What kind of advice You would give to people who haven’t grown up in a english spoken
    culture, but willing to think big and address their product/teaching on a particular subject
    prospects from USA, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zeland etc.? Is it a good idea? Semms to me quite challenging 🙁

  84. Hey Jeff –
    Next time you’re in Idaho, drop me a line – we can paddle the Payettes (though I’m no longer in practice for the North Fork…. maybe someday again). I love the rolling analogy. My father learned to roll … from a book … and it took him well over a year. That was in the 50’s. Much better to learn from a live person, especially with modern boats (my first one was a 10′ fiberglass torpedo built for kids by Prijon in ’72… with a wickedly small cockpit – far cry from my 7′ flat-bottomed play boat now).

    Thanks so much for sharing this. This is one of my biggest challenges – which is ironic, given that I’ve spent my whole life learning and becoming highly educated on multiple subjects (enough to be a professor, literally). Fortunately, I did manage to get started in one area of information marketing (grant writing) and that’s going well.

    I woulda signed up for PLF 3.0, but I’d already decided to do a big new training with your friend and mine, chief engineer at NASA Dr. Frank Kern. I just didn’t have the time to do two trainings at once. However – I’m sure I’ll be a PLF customer/student in the future…. and – maybe before that, I’ll get to see you on the river!

    Seriously – drop me a line next time you’re in idaho!

    And thank you for the inspiring message!!!


  85. Thank you so much for the video. I followed you for the last couple year and you continue to prove yourself worthy.
    I let finance hold me back from introducing something I studied for the last 18yrs and now I am going to jump out an introduce myself and some of the products that I invented.
    Thank you again.

  86. Jeff, I have just recently been introduced to you and find your direction and the authenticity of your experience as well as your appeal to us to get started already maybe the boost I and many others needed.(long sentence I know…) I hope you realize the fruits of your efforts to deliver the message you send.

    So very much appreciated and thank you for sharing.

  87. Candas Ifama


    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this video! Unfortunately, I missed the PLF Webcast. Fortunately, I was able to join PLF 3.2 and very glad about it. Like another post, I’d love it if you’d choose to share the PLF Launch stuff with your new class. I’m learning a lot from watching you putting into practice all that you’re teaching us through your blog and videos and other materials.

    In any case, this video is very timely. The conversation (with myself) that’s been stopping me is I don’t want to get it wrong. Well, what if, as another post said, I got it right. Alternatively, even if I get started and realize I’m off-track, I can shift my focus at any time and choose to go another way. Long story short, time to get started in some direction!!

    I’ve been “studying” creating my own business-internet and otherwise–for years and have never been more ready. I’m clear that PLF 3.2 born of your commitment both to teaching the business but also sharing your values around leadership and ethical business along with the fantastic community are giving me the necessary support to move from vision to a reality.

    Thanks for forging through from your humble beginnings until now.

    All the best 😉

  88. Most of us are so busy DOING what we do, doing what we are ‘experts’ in, we haven’t got time to to think of helping others in a different way. For example my husband is a brilliant guitarist. He also teaches part time at Eton College in UK. But I so want him to recognise his expertise and therefore benefit financially…write books, blogs etc. I guess he needs some of your wisdom, and marketing skills.
    As for myself, I have done Robert Evans Messenger Minibook course, and published two books on Voice. Suddenly I get an acting role that prevents me from doing marketing for these books. Perhaps we ‘doers’ are meant to do just that – maybe the financial gain is around the corner…

  89. Hi Jeff,

    You asked me to leave a comment as I just signed up to your newsletter. Having been told I need to go public by experts in my own field. I still feel trepidation to do so. However after this thanksgiving video you really ran the message home to me: 90% of all people who come to you are beginners in your field. Thanks for such helping me find the courage to get started.

  90. Jeff,

    You really hit the G-Spot on this one. It’s really informational and inspirational when you actually realize that you know more than others and in most cases you know how to do things they really wish they could learn how to do in the way you do it.

    thank you for adding value to this community.

  91. Wow, this post is so powerful. I’m always afraid that I don’t know enough to teach people something they don’t know much about. Yes, you’re right. The people we’ll be teaching most likely are the beginners and they need to get started just like I started learning the new stuff before.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration. I feel I can eventually become an expert in my field or maybe other field, who knows!

  92. You’re advice on this video really answered the question I had in mind for sometime now.
    I’m not an expert in my field but have been learning about it for sometime now and I never seem to get started. I often feel I have’nt learned enough to actually get started so I keep reading, reasearching, questioning myself and procrastinating. Thank you so much Jeff for your awesome advice. I will follow your advice. 🙂

  93. Thanks, Jeff. Inspiring words, for sure! Just what I needed to hear today. I am getting started TODAY!

  94. LOVED the video, Jeff!! Thank you for sharing your passion and vulnerability. I would so love to see Susan’s interview…I missed it. I did see Jane’s…and was blown away! Such a delight!

    Thanks again!

  95. …We all have gifts and need to bring them to the world… Thanks for this reminder, Jeff. Great Job!

  96. Thanks Jeff. This video is a great reminder that we all have something to share and another kick in the butt to act. What do we spend our time on most days? A hobby, work, raising kids, watching football?… whatever it is, we most likely have more knowledge about it than 90% of people out there… even if it means the ability to go find an expert that knows more than you.

  97. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. I’m a 19 year old college student learning marketing on my own (we don’t have a marketing/business major at my school) because I want to be an expert in it and help people out with their marketing needs (hopefully right out of college). Sometimes I wonder about the same question too and FEEL that I don’t know much. This video was really encouraging. Thanks again.

  98. Jeff, I really needed to hear what you had to say in this video. I feel like I am on the other extreme, where I know tons of stuff but compare myself to other so called experts and then never get started. I am inspired to go create some more videos and share my gifts with the world. Thank you so much for what you do. With Gratitude -Greg

  99. Jeff, you were introduced to me by Dan Sullivan through his interview with you recently. This is my first time on your site. We are moving forward to get on line both in and online radio show ( and with Champion. I look forward to more and am interested in learning more of your teaching tools.

    Ricky Lyons
    Conductor and Enthusiast

  100. Jeff, the way you presented your thoughts on video really hit home with me. I am not an internet marketing expert and it doesn’t bother me anymore…I’m getting started anyway and now. Thanks.-BC

  101. Thanks for the Pep talk, Jeff. This message is so important. We all have something to share and through that sharing, we lift each other up to our higher purposes. I look forward to hearing and reading more of what you have to share.
    From the Front Range –

  102. Chris Garvin


    Thanks Jeff. I needed this today. Glad to be a new follower.


  103. THANK YOU Jeff, that is exactly what has been on my mind and holding me back.
    After listening to you, I know now that I can get started.
    Thank you again.

  104. Thanks Jeff! This is great information. I am in the early stages of getting my business off the ground and I want to avoid as many mistakes as possible and set my site up for effective results right from the start.

    Kind Regards,

  105. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing not only your knowledge and experience, but also your kind spirit with us.

    Pieter van Dijk
    Amsterdam / The Netherlands

  106. Gary Morton


    You have good timing with your videos. Experts never get to be experts if they don’t share their knowledge and risk failing occasionally.

  107. Great post … challenge is to make the decision … admitedly it is less fearful when you have ‘that’ idea that works. I look forward to taking the information you teach and driving it into a product launch .. and to the eventual interview we have of you say, “Frank, tell me how you were able to do what you’ve done!”

  108. Your great Jeff, Your one among the few Internet marketers I admire and find trustworthy. If I were to think, you’re a superb mentor.. an excellent down to earth teacher! My apology for not taking any actions yet. Perhaps one day, but not at this time. It is so untimely for me yet for some personal reasons I don’t have the luxury of time and still luck of IM Fund., to go on. You awakened me; bringing hope to my heart when you say.” In the land of the blind you find a king”. It is so inspiring ! With God”s blessing I’ll find my way to IM world someday… Thank you and God Bless.

  109. Shari Larkin


    Hi Jeff, the timing of this information could not have been better. I was reading an article from Chris Ducker about steps to becoming a thought leader and that was exactly the question I asked, “how do you get started feeling like you ARE the thought leader”. Your post came right after. Cannot thank you enough for the fabulous information and the words of encouragement that we all need to push us into a place of prosrerity instead of confusion.
    Hope you had a great visit with family.

  110. Awesome advice Jeff. It reminds me of a saying. Do something, Even if its wrong. When you do you are one step closer to doing it right. I can feel the opportunities passing by as I try to perfect everything. Spinning your wheels gets old after awhile.

    Thanks Jeff

  111. Hi! and yes, so true. I’m an expert (professional) soapmaker, (manufactured, retailed, ecommerced, wholesaled, taught classes, wrote book, now selling DVD on Amazon) YET I still come across things that I didn’t know. I think its the wanting of learning a new topic, because it is the research and writing of this topic that has to keep your interest while you do your website. If you aren’t interested, you’ll get to the point of rather having a root canal done instead. I did start a new website, researched about 30 things I am interested in, from zombies and 5 ingredient meals to stevia and woolly mammoths, you will learn, happily, while you become the expert.

  112. Hi Jeff, Awesome advice. Your video’s continue to hit home with great knowledge and insight. Your message is exactly the kick I need to keep going and build my business. Keep them coming.

  113. Yep, great advice Jeff! I guess most of us including me think we have to be experts to do something. Mind you being a pro golfer or an electrician, yes you have to be an expert.

    But if you had an interest in providing information about these topics and sold something
    like information or a physical product, then you wouldn’t need to be an expert.

    Thought I’d elaborate on that a bit.

    You keep things simple Jeff so even people in really obscure markets have a good chance of making an income from it.

    Thanks again

    Mark in Getting Cooler Canada

  114. just keep in mind these things and it should remove the ‘expert’ concern for you:
    1. you are always more knowledgeable in some area than someone else.
    2. there will always be someone who knows more than you on the subject matter
    3. there will always be others that know just as much as you

    But, what you bring to the conversation is unique in itself – in your personality, your energy, etc. Even your own unique writing or talking style. This will also be the thing that separates you from everyone else.

    So, if you keep that in mind, and just make your target market the ‘beginners’ of that topic/subject they will be very glad you share what you know. And they will view you as the authority/expert.

    But you won’t stay that way unless you take it upon yourself to constantly seek to learn more about the subject matter so you can offer them more. So, each day, take it upon yourself to learn even more about the subject/topic so you can continue to know more than those beginners and then soon surpass those that know as much as you and keep moving up the ranks. 🙂

  115. inspirational as always, jeff! i’m in a new place than i was last year when you first released this video, and i’m seeing how true it is that you only need to be a little further ahead than the people you are teaching. i’m also seeing how true it is that you may end up in a different realm than you first think you’ll be. fascinating, this journey! thank you!

  116. Hi Jeff, yes good video. I have a blog about music. I teach people how to arrange songs. But after watching your video, the material I teach might be to difficult to understand for the bigger majority. I might have to make it more simple since most people will be beginners.
    It’s good to know this, so that I can take this into consideration in my future post. Thanks for your thoughts, Jeff.

  117. Jeff, thanks for your two videos… there are times I am confident and capable and sometimes I’m not. I had a slump the last few days and your videos are giving me just what I need!
    Thanks a bunch! Glenys

  118. Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been conscious of a little bit of this going on. I’m in the PLF program and am loving it. Thanks again.

  119. Great reminder!
    Sometimes I wonder whether I will be ready to launch a free report before my planned deadline.
    You made me realize that tweaking and polishing my website is nothing more then just fear of writing down what I know in order to be able to help my readers.

    Thank you for giving me the much needed encouragement along the way.

    I’m more then enough.

  120. Hi Jeff, thank you for your honest and timely message. Great to hear – also great to see people online who aren’t merely interested in making money. Your caring nature shines thru. This is a message I need to hear right now. Thanks

  121. Brilliant. Love the comments about just get started and analogy of the one eye man. Keep up the terrific work.

  122. Love this! Thanks for everything Jeff. I appreciate your authenticity. This video speaks to the “pay it forward” concept. Thinking of how many people I can help with my products is the best motivation. I can really see the power of your methods since I’m already looking forward to buying your products.

  123. Bianca Yamada


    Jeff, I just want to thank you. I am a complete beginner in IM, my graduation is in psychology, and 34 years in my life I have always had the scarcity kind of mindset, to be sincere I never believed I could ever in my life make more money than a salaryman, and this is actually true in my life. But I really want to change it, and you´ve been someone I have been listen to, and it sounds too good to be true, but I want to move on and rock in my online business. Thank you again.

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