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This is my favorite week of the year… it's strategic planning time, and here's how to create the plan to 10x your life in 2016.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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43 Replies to “The Week To 10x Your Life”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Talk about a timely message. 2015 has been an amazing year for me. Not in a “good” way either. I had major surgery, major business challenges and my Father sadly passed away on November 16th 2015. On top of this there are other family issues going on that I can’t post publicly here but let’s just say it is causing enormous stress and upheaval.

    I nursed my Father for the last 3 weeks of his life so he could stay home with Mum. It was a painful experience but at the same time it was enlightening and inspiring.

    There have been so many layers of inner reflection since he passed and I realise that I now have to plan my next year to scale my ideas and actually implement what I have been “building” for the last 12 months. I need to lead. I need to step up and manage my business and life so much better than I have previously.

    I could be on holiday right now but I am at home working on my vision for success not just financially but on every level of my life.

    Thanks for the reminders and the profound messages in this video.

    I am in control of my life, no-one else.

    Have a wonderful 2016 everyone.

    Warmest wishes from Australia

    Julian 🙂

    • Sorry for your loss and pain. I swear your first paragraph could have been written by me. Keep the faith, be encouraged, and know 2016 is your year.

  2. Jeff, I wish you and your fabulous team 10X and beyond for 2016 and beyond! Thank you for being a huge inspiration to me. I look forward to creating the best vision for my life and business, and I have you to thank for that. I discovered you September this year (2015). PLF has given me the insight into what it is I need to do to make this all happen. It gave me the vision, focus and powerful enthusiasm. I know that I will rock this! It’s all baby steps for me right now but I am moving in the right direction. You truly are a star. Thank you so much for the impact you have already made in my life and that of so many others. All the very best. Love Adama xXx

  3. That glorious vision, the actual shape of a business – the alchemy of experience, desire, learning, and inspiration – daring to dream and offering huge value to others. This is the hard bit, the choice of direction, if there was a genuine product, service that offered people that clarity and confidence without draining their resources to do it – that would be a brilliant service. I think there are just so many that long for that leadership and support. It is a very common problem. Thanks Jeff, just thinking aloud.

  4. It is awesome to be an entrepreneur and I’m looking forward to take a look at my long term goals again and how my short term goals for 2016 can help me get closer. Have a fantastic festive season Jeff. Love the mountain in the background.

  5. ” everything is created twice ” is what Stephen Covey said, and I agree with that. It’s similar to what you just said Jeff. But my great frustration is that I simply don’t know what to create and sell. You can learn all about Internet marketing but if you can’t figure out what to offer it’s all a moot point. This is the source of my great pain, and I’ve never been able to figure out how to resolve it. I’ve already spent so many thousands of dollars trying to be successful in Internet marketing, but the problem has always been what to offer. I’m still scratching my head.

    • Hey Dan,
      I too struggled with this very question. I’ve also invested thousands and a lot of time and energy trying to put together a training program I can sell online. The thing that always threw me was people saying “find your passion and then make a product around it and market that.” OK but what if you aren’t passionate about something? In the end I decided instead to focus on finding a “hungry crowd” who had a problem I could help solve and build a product around that. So perhaps you can start with something you have experience with and build from there? Hope this helps and best of luck!

    • How about creating a product that helps people learn how to create a product? Interview a few creators who have created products and then create your product. Use your pain as your product. Does that make sense? Create a product that helps people shorten their time in pain. Start with this, “I know I don’t know what to do, but if I did, I would do this first, second, third…” As you honestly answer that question and create your list of steps, you will create your own product. Then do the steps and journal how they work. Use it to build your product. 🙂

    • Hello Dan,

      One thing I’ve learned throughout my teaching, counselling, and healing work is when you don’t know….
      …….make it up! You’ll find out soon enough if something’s for you or not. There are other ways, but this one brings you to action and you just start rolling along. Changes can be and are always made along the way.Give your fear away and jump in.

      With all good wishes for your success,

  6. You are a gift to the world Jeff and a gift in my life!! Thank you! Hope you feel appreciated!!

  7. Hi Jeff. Best wishes for the future and thanks for all the tips and strategies you share.
    You’ve got a new fan.


  8. I love the last few weeks of the year, I don’t celebrate any festival over this period so it’s a great opportunity to spend time planning out the next year.

    I use Steven K Scott’s Vision Mapping templates from his book ‘Mentored by A Millionaire’ to map out my business plans, it’s always worked for me 100%…

    Let’s go get ’em this year Jeff 😀

  9. James Dixon


    Hi Jeff. I hope you and your team had a great Christmas. You often appear in my inbox just at the right time. I am a participant in your fabulous PLF program and am slowly working my way through a future launch. Having your periodic reminders inspires me, makes me stop and reflect on why I am doing all this. I have been a reluctant participant in the “Senior Group” for the last few years and setting new targets is an ongoing challenge as you reflect back instead of forward. So here is a crazy thought. Since I often get hung up on planning for the future due to my greying experience I’ve decided to incorporate plans targeted at my past thoughts, things undone etc. in order to enhance the tasks I could have done but didn’t, develop the plans I did’t do before but can NOW and, harness the energy of missed opportunities by creating my plans NOW. It’s like picking up my ASSets that I left on the ground in the past and maximizing my plans now.
    Sound crazy. Perhaps but it is a lot more fun knowing I can bring more to the table for people I with whom I interact.

  10. Dear Jeff, you are a shiny example to me leading the way to living the life of my dreams.
    However, in the last year I left a very well paid job as an eye surgeon to follow my life purpose to bring spirituality into the medical world. I invested a lot in courses, mentors, created online programs, webinars, workshops and wrote a book and made no sales what so ever.
    I am now so broke I had to break up my relationship and move around the world with my 3 little kids to go back to an employed job so that at least my kids can get into a public school.
    What am I missing here??
    Any advise?
    Veeva, theBurnoutExpert

    • awww…… Veeva,
      I feel you. We spend so much money and time trying to learn things to create things that really matter to others, and what we know in our souls that will help people. Its a long journey. Jeff had his own journey, and was right were you were at one point. 🙂 I have always made a living but I never got rich. I’m rich because I do whatever I want but I struggle every month, but I somehow always make it work, so I understand and sympathize. Just keep plugging along while you keep your job. I think spirituality is so important to your health. Along with eating right and doing some type of physical activity. People need to know this. So keep learning and creating and build your list. 😉 You will get there. I have faith in you and wanted to share some insight . Never give up. I hope 2016 is your light bulb year.

    • Hey Veeva,

      Oh, I can so relate! I have 2 thoughts- the first is that it’s hard to see results in just one year. I know of maybe one person who made things happen in her biz in less than a year. For most people it seems to be somewhere between 3 and 7. I’m at 3 now. My second thought is that you have to look at it as that you’re sharing what needs to be shared. Keep putting your awesome content out there. But keep the job that pays the mortgage. Eventually you’ll hit the tipping point and what you share will pay the bills. No one knows when that time will come and it’s different for everyone. It’s frustrating for sure. Keep on keeping on!

  11. Happy Christmas and a Wonderful 2016 to you, your family and your team.

    This is a great and timely reminder, off right now to think about my goals and aspirations for next year. Seeing you there in Colorado reminds me that one of my big aspirations is to take the kids to the snow once a year (something that requires a shed full of cash here in Europe!), so, that in itself inspires me to action….. but of course your words are great too 😉

  12. Hi Jeff
    Perfect timing as I sit in front of my computer planning on how to really do something about my need to turn my online business into a reality. Was just looking at your book and know that I have to finish reading it. I have been doing the work but just have not put it into practice…. 2016 is my time to make it happen. Thanks for the spark of encouragement…

  13. Very inspiring video. Goals-building my email list being balanced with the hours I put into working my business finding the best affiliate products to sell and having my own products to sell down the road. Already started on one this week. Have a good 2016 everyone

  14. You make a very interesting point about the importance (and difficulty) of measuring things like impact and you speak a lot of your ambition to 10x your company. Yet I believe that the greatest impact you could create has nothing to do with, The answer lies in the space between.

    I would suggest that the biggest impact you and your team had at PLFLive2016! was the compassion and generous giving that the room created when giving to World Teacher Aid.

    I would suggest that the biggest impact you could have in the next 5 years is probably outside of the current envelope of JeffWalker.

    As you strive to get more days off from JeffWalker, you will want to fill those days with something more than just skiing and looking at the mountains!

    Following your passion in the wake of someone else’s charity or foundation is one thing – but becoming the leader of your own charitable cause is quite another!

    And in this world of being impactful, less is more.

    Best wishes in this, our most important week of the year!

    (by the way, it is week 53, which we don’t get many of – so it is even more special! I’m creating a 6-year vision up to the next year that will have 53 weeks – in 2022!)

    From rainy old England.

    Best wishes for 2016,,


  15. This was a timely and inspirational message. Thank you, Jeff. I am on my way towards 10x’ing my life!

  16. Thanks so much Jeff for all your inspirational tips that keep all of us going. Also thank you for sending your book LAUNCH…it is on my list to read this week. Happy New Year and let’s all make 2016 the best year ever.


  17. Jeff,

    Great message and focus for the next years to come. I have found that having a plan makes all the difference and when you can unite that plan with purpose anything is possible. Thank you for being you. You have ignited a tidal wave of change that is giving the everyday person a chance to live their live and accomplish their dreams.
    – Thanks Jeff

  18. Jeff,

    Thank you for making an impact on my life and business. I’m still learning my craft, writing. I am always honing my skills. I look forward to the completion of my second master’s degree in 2016 with the goal of launching a book career. I am in the unique situation as a post-graduate student where everything I do is targeted to my goal. By thinking now about my list, I hope to have it in place as I finish my first book. I have your book, “Launch,” which is the backbone of my plan. I am training my mind, now, towards success. I look forward to your video blogs and use them for inspiration. Thank you for your commitment to hanging in with us, your public. I feel a partnership at work.

    Merry Christmas and the Happiest and most productive New Year. As you succeed, so will I.
    Lynette Van Hise, So. Cal.

  19. Tripod, check! cell phone stabilizer, check! Green Screen and lights, check! (well, they are on their way). Projections and Possibilities written down, check! Task list organized and time frames determined, check! Thanks so much for joining me in my rolling university these past few months. For me, you are the voice of hope and logic, dreams and grounding, and encouragement and empowerment. I am so grateful to have your information, wisdom and solid example. Looking forward to attending the 2016 PLF with something to show, ‘I did this!: I am nearing retirement age and cannot find that in my future. Your program is my ticket to stop with the 50-60 hour weeks and laser focus to build my health consulting one success story at a time. Wishing you all the best for the New Year and a rapid rise to your 10X vision. Off to write my chapter headings for the book I will have done by Jan 31!

  20. Jeff thank you for all that you do! I’m also with Strategic Coach and to see you walk the talk, & making such a big impact, is so inspiring & empowering! I’m also using your Product Launch Formula now and it’s been amazing!!! Sending you LOVE!

  21. Those are awesome mountains behind you in the video. Have also been thinking about planning. All the best in 2016!

  22. Hi Jeff, thank your for your insights!!!
    I love being in your tribe!!!
    your amazing giving heart is felt!!
    I appreciate your gift!!!
    This year My 10X will be to leave corporate America and have my coaching business sustain my family and provide me more free time with them!!! hope to see you at plf live 2016.or in the master mind in Durango next year!!

  23. Hi Jeff, This is my favorite ime of the year too, It’s busy time for us marketers getting ready for a whole new year and seeing the rewards of the last year, and learning form our mistakes too… Best to you and your family, Steve Hall videographer and A/V engineer too….

  24. David Connelly


    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this great video.

    I have a quick question. Are you still involved with the stock market in any shape or form?

    Many thanks,


  25. Hello Jeff
    So refreshing to hear the last week of the year described as a favourite one. Me too.
    My stand out from your message: “What capability do I want to exapnd next year?”
    Now that is an intersting angle to take into my forward-thinking and design activities this week.
    Thank you for taking some of your time to put this great mental rinse out there.

  26. Jeff –
    You are right. As an entrepreneur, the best part is creation not just of business, but of a life. This is the first year I have had so much more money and time than I have ever had. I was able to spend 2 months with family and friends enjoying life. I enrolled in your PLF program to expand my business, because I want to make more impact and continue to create the lifestyle and unique opportunities for my family.


  27. Hi Jeff!

    The way you think, the way you talk…gives me and many others everywhere (your school with your wife in Africa, your interview by Sébastien le Marketeur Français)… inspiration! but not only.
    Looking forward to keep following you and your team in all the good advice and great material you provide in each videos.
    You do so with simplicity and kindness without ever forgetting the business side which shall come naturally when done in a heart feeling manner; which you do!

    Have a wonderful holiday season & let’s put 2016 in full gear!


  28. Hey Jeff,

    Very encouraging video! Do you have any kind of template that you recommend that would help us this week to help set our goals? I have one, but…. you ‘da man! Just asking. 😉



  29. Jeff,

    I love this video. You are talking about the exact training that I am using PLF to promote…RIGHT NOW! Amazing timing.

    I have been building companies for 33 years. You have inspired me to start teaching other owners and CEOs how to build a business that is bigger than them. Your PLF is the vehicle I’m using to bring that dream into reality.

    Happy 2016!

  30. Jeff, your timing was absolutely spot on. I began my year in review this morning. Not real happy with 2015 – which is my fault. I will make 2016 better,

  31. Patrick Welch


    Hi Jeff,

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and inspiration you provide. PLF is an excellent product and generously provides a wealth of information for free. I wish you continued success ( even more than 10x ; )


  32. Thanks you so much for the valuable content and encouragement you have provided to me in 2015. I started off in 2015 thinking I would be writing a book but now I will soon launch an interview and Q&A based podcast and web site. Your Launch book and casual style video emails strategies have influenced my communication with my pre-launch avatar of supporters of about 220. I hope to 10X that following in 2016. I look froward to your continued virtual mentorship. Blessings.

  33. Thanks Jeff, again, for everything this past year, and for this kind words for 2016. I am really touched by your leadership and your work, I’m committed, to not just create a great business, but create a great life.


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