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I’m celebrating 21 years in business online… and these are the two things that push me to keep trying to get better…

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22 Replies to “21 Years in Business Online and Why I Keep Showing Up”

  1. I actually started out online with affiliate marketing this year bought your book but yet fail to practice all what you teach.
    Anyway PPC adds works for me pretty well and I improve myself in those area and soon gonna make a small launch to my followers and email list to teach how to work online up to 3 hours a day and make more then most people on a full time job. Thanks Jeff for motivation and inspiration, your book and what you offer with it are really useful.

    • nilesh pandya


      First Congratulation Jeff your journey

      You have getting envirment, your hardworkning and luck.

  2. Kathryn Wood


    Thanks for your honesty on the ‘what do I do now?’ And I agree with you wholeheartedly: entrepreneurs are our future!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    You’d be a great teacher. I would love to work with a mentor like you. Wow, working on the things you love and excel at would be awesome….. having other people do the other stuff.

    Thank you,
    Linda Burian

  4. Congratulations Jeff! Keep rocking!
    You’ve inspired a web generation and I think you’re probably the nicest man in IM and I feel you care.

  5. Congratulations Jeff. After 21 years, your passion and love of what you do continues to be vibrant. For me, that’s the tell of people who have combined the best of themselves with the work they put out in the world. In my world it’s called Success Alignment™. Your example is an inspiration for others to tap into possibility. Thank you for taking the chance on yourself because you have paved a path for others to follow on their way to creating their own way.

  6. Awesome and inspiring message! To work for an outward purpose is such a key to bringing our best, making huge impact, and loving life!

  7. So “down to earth!” Been following your podcasts for couple of years and attended your Live Event in L.A. last year. Look forward to emulating your work ethic in my online program for seniors navigating the roiling waters of downsizing.

  8. Jeff, congratulations on so many years of success and for all of the lives you and your family have impacted. It’s taken great sacrifice on your part, and we have been the beneficiary. Thank you. -Tim

  9. Hello how are you Jeff
    I watching your video
    I’m I agree with you
    Your honesty and your hard working
    Congratulations Jeff your journey

    marilou blanca

  10. Congratulations. I love to see you do what you do. You do it so well, and I have learned so much from you. Keep on keepin’ on!

  11. So good!
    Jeff, every week you tell me “Go get em” and every week I go out and I get my battle scars and I grow! And then of course I come back for another video (and now, another podcast!) and you fill up the tank and send me right back out to “Go get ’em this week” and I just love it!
    I am so grateful for you. 🙂

  12. Phyllis McCrory Rowan


    Congratulations, Jeff!

    Your business story is magic.. Your teaching is magic.. Your impact is magic. Thank-you for sharing the sparkle in our wonderful world.


  13. Thanks Jeff,
    Enjoyed this video – informative and motivational. Looking forward to meeting you and your team in Dallas.
    Regards, Mark

  14. Susan Olmstead


    Hi Jeff:
    Congratulations, Jeff!.Your speaking voice is always great with inspiration, enthusiasm and presents well! Thank you for all you are doing! Keep up the great work!

  15. Congratulations Jeff!
    It’s so important when you know that what you’re doing has such a great meaning for others. Wish you further happiness in your business and more sparking joy in your life!

  16. Great video Jeff. Since 2004, I’ve launched more than 300 products following your formula, which have generated millions of dollars online. Thank you. A.

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