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There’s business growth… and then there’s 73x business growth. In this week’s video, my friend Erico Rocha shares the 4 tips (and they might surprise you) that helped him achieve such massive success.

The big takeaways…

  • The skill that separates “the best from the rest” (hint: it’s not mastering the latest shiny tactic)
  • Who you’re really competing against (and why it’s important to really get this one right)
  • How to turn every setback into a big opportunity for you and your business

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22 Replies to “From Success to 73x Success”

  1. Mike McGrath


    Thanks – glad to hear of your success –your insight into how you listen then make the idea your own is inspiring

  2. Every Sunday morning you can count on a Jeff Walker video. Better yet, you can rely on wisdom and inspiration. Thanks Jeff and Erico for the takeaways.

  3. Mercedes Pelaez


    Thank you, Jeff, for sharing this interesting video! It may be easier said than done. No matter what professional setback you’re experiencing, the most important thing you can do is to put it in perspective.
    Many thanks again and my best!

  4. Aaron Koral


    Jeff: This video with Erico was terrific! The key takeaway I learned from listening to Erico is that I shouldn’t compete with anyone except myself. When I use my own progress and setbacks as the measurement of how successful I’m doing, I won’t get as discouraged with challenges that come my way in building a business. The other key takeaway I learned from Erico’s talk is how he used a cross pollination of ideas and strategies from other Platinum Plus group members to grow his business. The great thing about Erico’s talk is how generous others are (just like you, Jeff!) in helping Erico reach the next level of success in business. Thanks Jeff & Erico for offering valuable insights into growing a business using the PLF methods.

  5. Very inspiring as usual, Jeff. I love the reminder to keep it simple, master the basics and build from there. Looking forward to next week’s video. Best – Casey

  6. Juan Carlos


    Excellent video?

    These leads 2.000 – 12.000 a day from Facebook most of them is paid traffic or free traffic? How much is the cost per lead?

    Greetings from Thailand.

  7. “look at obstacles as an opportunity to get better” What a great word!
    Focusing on the future in a negative mindset causes paralysis in the present.

  8. Great information! Thank you so much! I agree that the basics are very important because that where the journey starts!
    Have fun – wish I could be there too! Best wishes from Munich, Germany

  9. Alvaro Mansor


    Awesome! Let’s get back to the basics and do it with Excelence.
    Thank you both!

  10. Thank you both very much for this video. What helped me the most was the advice, to stick to the basics. Because I feel completely overwhelmed by all the e-mails I receive telling me, that I really really need this or that in order to have a succesful business. It is so much that I feel like I will never be able to work through all the information and will never have time to start anything because first I need to know all of these so “super important” things. I love it simple and now I know I can just stick to the basics, forget all those e-mails and go from there.

    Thank you so much!

  11. great video because of the transfer of knowledge. Thanks for sharing, by the way I love Brazil and caipirhina. Cheers

  12. As one of those beginners who is starting from 0, I enjoyed watching this video. I am attempting to draw my successful business from the ether right now, meditating every morning, breathing deep, visualizing and adding to my vision board.

    I think being able to view obstacles as a chance to celebrate because it means only the sincerely invested will make it beyond the new barriers. Ideally someday in the near future I’ll look back on the day I made this comment and just say “Wow, I’ve come so far.”

  13. Erico Rocha is a true POP STAR down here in Brazil, with TONs of amazing content given away on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram… The best Online marketers, online teachers, online schools, even online financial reports have been “launched” with his work and knowledge.

    I bought PLF thanks to him. I choose Jeff to teach me, because I prefered to learn from the Master.

    But I can see clearly now: Erico is a even greater Master!

    All I can think is gratitude! 🙏🏻

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