Lessons Learned from a Billion Dollar Company

by on May 20 2017

Last week I got the chance to sit down with some folks from a company in the online publishing world who are doing a BILLION dollars in annual sales. This is what I learned – including the big meta-lesson that applies to YOU in your business…


  • James Klobasa says:

    Thanks for stretching my mind Jeff.

  • David Long says:

    It was great having you join us in our Mastermind, Jeff! You added massive value to the group.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at LaunchCon!
    David Long

    • Jeff Walker says:

      @David: thank you! I really enjoyed the mastermind, and I got a lot out of the meeting.

      • Alosha says:

        Hi Jeff , to have 1 billion dollar business you need to start having a mind set of that is what you want. I want to build eco cities on every continent of the planet so I do need multi billion dollar wealth for that. Buy in a launch right now using PLF for my Abundance of Water online Course.

  • Cathy Hay says:

    Hey Jeff, very timely! I got intimidated recently by someone who’s much farther along than I am, and I couldn’t even conceive of what my business would look like at their level… but in the following week my thinking shifted, and my students’ results are shifting too. I think I can, I think I can…! What I’m looking forward to most is seeing the feedback change from “this is great material” to “here’s a before and after showing measureable results.” I’ve been entertaining first and teaching second, and when that flips the other way around, I think it’ll allow a big change in my results.

  • Bill Carson says:

    Thanks for exploring the possibilities Jeff

  • You’re awesome!!! Loved it!

  • Andy Biegala says:

    Good message, just what I needed for a bit of Sunday morning motivation.

  • Don says:

    Who is the billion dollar company

  • Sean Drayton says:

    Awesome video, thanks Jeff. Time for some self reflection!

  • Go for the Billion Jeff !
    We need your story (and video πŸ™‚ ) on your path to the billion. It will be better that Star Wars ! Just imagine your Journal of techniques becoming 10 times bigger !
    Your Master Tony Robbins imagined himself helping 100 times more people to eat from him. You should go and find your personal driver and think how to increase your driver. Then we will see what is happening … πŸ™‚

    Thank you


  • Douglas Nimoh says:

    That’s a powerful video Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin Lewis says:

    Thanks for sharing Jeff. This was a timely message. WOW!!

  • Thank you Jeff… for helping stretch our thinking even more. πŸ™‚

  • Erney Pinas says:

    Thank you Jeff for shaking me up again. As you set its all about putting things into perspectives.and its about the long run.

  • What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. .. Great video Jeff! We never stop learning.

    • Mark Shepherd says:

      Remember the “Believe” step as well George.
      Without self-belief there is no attachment to the Purpose and Goal
      Keep Learning

  • Monte Stewart, from Pagosa Springs. Great message. I always feel better about my possibilities after watching your videos.

  • Clara says:

    You always inspire me to keep going… growing and dreaming about what can be!

  • Steve winder says:

    Brilliant as always. Thanks for your thoughts Jeff

  • Brenda noble says:

    This was an interesting story. Another valuable lesson from you that I can place in my tool kit. I will reflect daily and remember what a billion dollars look like.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hey Jeff,
    Love, love, love it! Thanks for reminding me that it is the long game that counts. As the mom of 5 kids, each day goes by and I feel like I haven’t moved forward much. Reflecting on this past year, it is clear that I really have made massive forward movement and I am so psyched to achieve my goals of 5 years from now through daily baby steps.

  • Tim Butt says:

    Thank you for sharing this perspective.
    Couldn’t help but think of a saying/quote while listening to your video;
    “If your dreams don’t scare you…they aren’t big enough.”
    I am a firm believer you and the many other successful internet marketers, whose shoulders we newbies ride, have opened the possibilities to many more billion dollar businesses over the course of the next decade.
    Thanks again and hope to have an opportunity to partner with you in the not to distant future.

  • adelena says:

    Awesome Jeff! I love the hacking my beliefs and asking myself what are my beliefs right now about what I truly want? I know my next goal is 10 million dollars and this scares me as well as excites me! What you shared today, shows, how far we got to today we thought was impossible at one point, yet we have overcome those barriers…..getting to the next level, if we’ve done it before, we can do it again….numbers are meaningless, its the same hurdles. Thank you for that insight and inspiration!

  • Natalia says:

    I love your words: “Long game always wins”. Cheers!

  • Eileen Purdy says:

    I recently did a talk at Boulder Startup Week and used the analogy of the 4 minute mile in terms of how we frame what is possible. This is along those lines and continues to reinforce this important message. Love it, thank you!

  • Eva says:

    How about being happy with what you have and live in the now.
    Not in the past and not in the future but in the now.
    Too many people (not you Jeff) live for their goals (mostly money) and they
    forget to enjoy the moment and the life they have at that moment.
    Good luck Jeff and I would not go for the billion, it will give too much stress and
    will cost your health πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks for this. I have raised my belief system as a result. THANKS, Bud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Meister says:

    Great message, Jeff… you’re a rare voice for the long game, and we need that voice.

  • Scott Neal says:

    Thanks. A billion dollars can do a lot of good in this world. As a financial and life planner, I see this happening all the time–underestimation of the long term impact of ongoing, continuous improvement. We illustrate net worth at various ages under different scenarios and the projections are often met with skepticism, if not total disbelief. Simply setting long term goals is difficult for many people. Connecting how the next step they take will move them toward the long term goal is darn-near impossible for some. The key, I think, is to identify the motivations to each goal and to have a mechanism for tracking how the motivations change, over time. Journaling those and a periodic read-back of what you wrote “way back when” is a great tool.

  • Wow thank you Jeff, as I reflect on my journey 10 years back.. I was “wishing” I could be where I am today. Never thought it was possible to even live where I live, never mind having a thriving private practice here too! As I look at that, I realize that I don’t have a “wish” on what could be beyond what is now just yet. I don’t know what that is, because I already am where I wanted to be. Now that my mind streatched I am ready to “wish” for something amazing beyond what is now. Thank you for opening my view, and helping me reflect.

  • tim says:

    Jeff whenever I see something of yours, it shines through….
    1. you are a genuinely nice person
    2. you avoid marketing BS
    whether that will help or hurt a 1billion target I don’t know, but in perspective, its a good way to be
    thanks for the inspiring and reflective video

  • Thank you for the inspiration !

  • Thanks Jeff for your weekly very inspirational video and message. I alreadt start to save money to make and be a part the next PLF training session. I will be happy to come to us for PLF live also to meet a lot of entrepreneurs from all over the world. My main goal is to create my business and my company in 2018. I wish you all the best. Steve

  • Randy says:

    I really appreciate you sharing this, Mr. Walker. We all need to hear this: expanded possibility thinking for our businesses, our life and our country. We really can shape our world if we listen to the right people and tune out the folks that just don’t expect much.

    Thanks for pushing expectation.

  • Thanks for the share Jeff

    1 Billion is a lot but does show what is possible (how many zeros are in a billion?)



    Will D

  • Anonymous says:

    A very natural evident truth you are professing. The world would be a much better place if everybody looked a the long run!

  • Steve Fisher says:

    It’s always good to have your mind stretched by those you can relate to and those who are in your industry! Thanks for the great video Jeff!

  • Ronald says:

    Thanks for exploring the possibilities ,very gr8 Jeff

  • Roxanne says:

    Thank you Jeff for the reminder and lesson that simple shifts in perception can make ALL the difference.

  • Wow Jeff!

    Great advice. Thank you very much for sharing this video.

  • Jeff,
    Thanks for the message came at just the right time. I easily get demotivated when you see no immediate results. Especially after hours of hard work and continuous curves in the road which make it even more difficult. I am going to persist. A quick question, is it possible to use the same sequence to launch with emails only and no video? I’m still battling to put some good videos together?

  • So true what you are saying! Long term is where we have to continue to focus on! Thank you Jeff!

  • Kai says:

    Great video. Wonder how they did it. Do you have any further information?

  • Robin says:

    Love that quote: “The long game always wins.”

  • Loved this – thanks for reminding us to reflect on what we have done so far and opening our minds up to what could be. PERSPECTIVE is everything.

  • Jim says:

    I am in Strategic Coach and Dan Sullivan, though he puts it in different terminology, says something pretty similar. He would add rather than doing what you are doing, what would you have to do differently to get to 10X in ten years.

  • Adam Collingwood says:

    I can resonate with all that you say Geoff. A good friend of mine started with a 2k government grant back in 1983 when Maggie Thatcher was the UK leader. He put his capital to work in the rag trade. His brand is now recognised globally with shops in nearly every country and the company is worth over a billion pounds now. He is now one of the richest men in the U.K according to the recent Sunday times rich list. His focus was on the long term starting small and compounding his profits. He has never borrowed any money either! The company still has zero debt on its balance sheet. He’s a great mentor for me, an inspiration of what is possible if you stay focused on the end in mind. He tells me it was just a sequence of small steps rather than some giant leap. He reigns me in when I get patient and want to see the fruits of my labour immediately.

    He told me once ‘find what you truly love doing and do it the best way you can if you want to help others’
    Pretty good advice hey!

  • Jim Brown says:

    Your obvious humility makes this message even more meaningful!

  • Wilson Lam says:

    Hi Jeff, I believe you telling the truth, but it’s still not conceivable by me. I just think it’s impossible, a billion in annual sales???

  • Funny how when you turn the calculator another way, suddenly you are able to increase the numbers. It’s just the way you look at stuff, that determines how much is possible.

    Jeff, these weekly videos are treasure maps to the mindset that takes me to new levels.
    But the real magic has happened for me in Launch Club. In just over a year, we’ve increased our revenue 200% and that’s just in the first quarter of this year. The freedom that has bought me is incalculable.

    I love being around the people who think in possibilities. Thanks for sharing your reality with us each week and inspiring us to believe in possibilities.

  • Thanks Jeff for your inspiring message. I always love listening to what you have to say!

  • AARON KORAL says:


    I have to agree with many of the previous posters here that this is one of your best videos of the year! I really love the idea of resetting my idea of what is conceivable in my personal and professional goals. One idea which comes to mind is developing at least one income-generating online business for myself within 5 years (or less!). Having such a business would help me learn the process of creating a profitable online business so I can do it over and over again. I just have to remember something you’ve said time and time again: Know what your next step is, then take that next step once you do, and focus on getting better every day because, in the end, you want to play the long game to win in business, in health, and in your personal relationships!

    You’re the best Jeff, and thank you!

  • Randina says:

    Love this! As always love you Jeff! Thank you for all you do. #legacy

  • Great thought provoking, thanks for the mind stretching. I appreciate that you don’t boast and show the way we all can go bigger and bolder. Pete

  • Matt Edison says:

    “Inconceivable” is exactly how I feel sometimes wading through the Consciously Incompetent swamp of something new, like my PLF Journey. Thanks for helping me to appreciate the awesomeness of the long game so I can find the drive to get over, through or around all the obstacles on the Tough Mudder Course of Uncertainty that I’m on right now.
    Your ever faithful PLF Bracelet Wearing – Canyon World – PLF Live Believer Matt

  • John Moore says:

    Someone said we are at here and now but perhaps its only by living now that we can be somewhere in 10 years timetime. As Jiminy Cricket said “If you don’t have a dream how can your Dreams come true.

  • Hey Jeff, Great video and great timing. I’ve looked back and have said … Would I have imagined being here 10 years ago? Where can I go in the next 10 years… You’ve just stretched that.

  • Randy Stephenson says:

    Buy a Samsung S7- it reads out to 999,999,999,999,999.99.

  • Joe Emmet says:


    Great share. For as long s I’ve been buying PLF from you, I’d say the way to describe you in few words would be, “all about serving others.”

    What I do know is that if you were to hit $1B, you will have helped an awful lot of people. . .that would be excellent.

    For some reason, Armand Hammer popped into my mind when you mentioned Sir R.B., and some of the other entrepreneurs who’ve made a difference in their niche(s), and the world.

    Hammer was pretty active in his business (Occidental Petroleum), many other ventures and his charitable work until age 92 when he passed away.

    You seem to be south of 50; imagine all you can accomplish over the years (look forward to hearing about it)!

  • Great planning, however at 77 years old, I tend to keep my plans is about a 3 year area. I do set high goals but they must be things that I can do within 3 years. Lve your videos.

  • Bob White says:

    Hi Jeff – I like your style just the way it is now! Also, I took advantage of the freebie offers and got very confused with the directions – ended up checking my email several times just going around in circles – they may be grossing a billion – would like to know how many first time buyers hang with them !

  • Carol says:

    I usually never leave comments but for some reason I am today. I just want to say that I find you inspiring yet down to earth Jeff. I look forward to your weekly video messages. Thank you!

  • Gregory says:

    Someone with their own product can often charge a lot more than, say, someone with 5 or 10 books in publication. As a publisher, you’d have to have a LOT of books being published for that kind of revenue.
    Is that the term…revenue? Many publishers do not give the authors of the books they publish much of the proceeds. For that reason, I’d say a supplier of resources model is a good way to go, if you’re thinking about radical expansion. Who knows?

  • Fitz says:

    I want to get to a place of ease. Simple as that. I do not mind showing up and doing the work. I just ultimately want the confidence, knowing that my family and my needs are met continually. I guess that just starts with sate of mind??

  • Cath Wood says:

    Thanks for this video Jeff. I LOVE how you had to turn your phone sideways to fit the number in – even that is a mind shift isn’t it?

    It’s an exciting day for me. In the next hour I’m opening the cart on my first ever online product. It’s the seed launch, so it’s a VERY long way from a billion dollars. But the work required to get to this point has been so huge that I understand how many people would never make it.

    I bought your Launch book, read it a couple of times then decided I was going to “just do exactly what Jeff says”. I’ve done the shot across the bow and the 3 pieces of pre-launch content. I offered teaching straight out of my course which represented huge value. I’ve hit every trigger I could figure.

    Your videos inspired me to also be authentic in my videos. In the first one I started with 30 seconds of pretty silly dancing, wearing different dress-ups out of my niece’s dress-up box. That was so popular I included it in all the other videos too.

    Thank you for your teaching, and wish me luck!

  • Curt Howard says:

    Thanks Jeff for being real, humble and approachable.

  • Ben Lynch ND says:

    Great message, Jeff.

    It is impressive that they are hitting those numbers. I am not sure that is really my target.

    My target is more I want to help a million people optimize their lives and from there the revenue will follow.

    I hear you though – point is to stretch our mind as we are the ones who are our biggest obstacles.

  • Musonda says:

    Your genuine fascination was funny to watch. lol. Inspiring lesson.

  • Kathy says:

    Encouraging thoughts Jeff!

  • Awesome message – thanks so much! I love the observation that we underestimate ourselves in the long term!

  • Jeff:

    You probably heard me say this before but here is how I like to think about a thousand, a million, and a billion. One thousand seconds is a little less than 17 minutes. A million seconds is 11.6 days. A billion seconds is 31 years. So if you earned a dollar every second, it would take you 11.6 days to acquire a million. Every 11.6 days later, you earn another million. Sounds like a lot, huh? But to achieve Bill Gates or Warren Buffet’s worth, you would have had to start between 100 and 900 years before Christ was born; the numbers vary depending on the stock market and how much each one has given away.

  • Ray Brehm says:

    So true!! There is always at least once a week when I question what I am doing. But all I have to do is look back a year, or even just 6 months to see how far I’ve come. I just had the conversation the other day with someone that this wasn’t the direction I thought I was heading a year ago, but had I not tried to move forward I would never be to this point now. AWESOME VIDEO! (Seven Nation Army song chanting in the background..)

  • David says:

    So… I am confused…

    Jeff, what’s your opinion about the following:

    Some (like Napoleon Hill) would argue that your goal needs to be clearly in front of you, and that you need to visualize it, and connect that with emotions.

    And then there are some, like you, you say that 10 years ago what you have now would have been perceived as out of reach for them. Yet, there you are, having your successful business that has outgrown everything you thought was possible.

    How do you explain that? What then, is the key aspect in terms of success?

    P.S.: I would still love to have an automated notification when there’s an answer to my comment. I might actually never see if you or anybody answered to my question, except if I put a reminder in my calendar to look at this page again in some days. But that’s not 21st century blog communication, is it… πŸ˜›

  • I have the vision. I’ve just gotta stick with it day in and day out. And not listen to the noise. My gut knows the way. Thanks for the encouragement!!

  • Leandro says:

    Very good message!…I’m not doing 1000 dollars yet so very good to know that the limit is 1 bi dollars…lets start!!…

  • Roger Davis says:

    I needed that.Thanks Jeff Been doing IM for a while but I need a lot of help
    I really enjoy your videos Great content And wisdom
    I ski and taught skiing for many years ( I have skied for 60 years)
    I have kayaked for 7years ( for 3years everyday)
    I live by the ocean in Vancouver Canada
    Thank you for your amazing insights
    Roger Davis

  • As usual Jeff, very helpfull real histories you commets to us, to bring to our minds, how it is possible to build up billion dollars companies, using the right method, stratregy an plans for the long run. Thanks again.

  • Thank you so much for this video! I am having a really slow start due to some other issues, and I appreciate your reassurance that baby steps matter. I need to stay focused on my long term goals and keep thinking about them and moving myself and my practice towards them. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Cedric says:

    Thanks Jeff you’re completely right,

    Sometimes we just might think that we are stuck in day to day routines, but true story if we look at what we can accomplish / what we have accomplished in 5 years it completely change the way we see things !

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