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One of my blog readers was curious – why would some of my most successful students come back and follow along with my launch? There’s a pretty good reason, and it’s something some of the most successful people I know are constantly doing. Here’s my answer…

P.S. Here's the link to my LaunchCon event:

It's going to be amazing. 🙂

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36 Replies to “A Great Reason to Go Back to the Beginning”

  1. Basics are the fundamental of every success like you said and the thing here in my eyes is that mastering any skill is practicing the basics.

    And it doesn’t matter what skill do we talk about because it’s always the same thing – practicing the basics 🙂

  2. I like your comparison with karate. Just like your friend I´m also training Karate and have been a Sensei for some time. Every training start with the basics. This is fundamental! Same in business…. Basics will always lead us to a development within our field. I have seen PLF methods many times before, but it´s first now I realise where it came from and the basics behind it. The understanding help me to tweek and develop my own way. Jeff, In a short time I have become a big fan of your teaching – Thank you!

  3. Allen D'Angelo


    Such a much needed message. For me, between launches has always been a time to regroup, get back to fundamentals and renew my vision to focus on my higher-causal purpose. Like not only get better at the technical things but to rediscover new ways to make a difference that matters to clients. Thanks to you strengthening my voice and core message in the aftermath for me has become almost a ritual. For me sometimes it can be sort of difficult challenge to find what’s next after the excitement passes or if a launch was good but could have better… having that outside perspective to know where to go and what to do next is life-giving. Lady GaGa asked her manager just before her Super Bowl performance “what could be next after the performance of my life?” He said “you’ll do stadiums the rest of your life.” I think she thought it would be mostly downhill after that performance. She needed her manager to see what was next in the exhuberance and confusion of a very successful moment. Thank you so much Jeff for helping me to get those strong glimpses of what’s next so I can strengthen my resolve to take next actions especially when I get in my own way mentally and need that clarity. Thanks for always being there!

  4. Yes, it is the same with Guitar playing – you re-visit the rudiments, you improve your expression, vibrato-simple note runs executed with beauty and precision. So yes I can see the sense of this.

  5. HA! I love love love how you’v responded to Ron!
    A very clever response Jeff. Authenticity and personality are essential ingredients.
    Love to see you in a pink T-Shirt next!

  6. Thsank youb so much…yes, this is my 4th time I guess and I am working in my cave for now…so awesome……I can see the end result already …thank you so much .

  7. David Sanders


    Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. Wax on, wax off. I’m now into my third PLF with you Jeff. and I am just now realizing that Product Launch Formula is truly all about “wax on, wax off.”

    Frankly, I’m not one of those “successful alumni”. I’m one of those who bought PLF and then got distracted by all of the exciting bells and whistles of other gurus and tried to do it all but ended up accomplishing nothing.

    Now, I’m focused on Product Launch Formula and waxing on, waxing off, without question. Next year, I will be one of those successful alumni who return to purchase your next version of Product Launch Formula.

    • @David: it is sooooo easy to get distracted by shiny objects – I get it. For some reason, I’ve been able to stick to my path pretty well… and that’s made all the difference.

  8. I have, in my fairly long career as a Chef and indeed in every area of the cooking/catering/teaching of cookery I have made a point to study the very best in the industry, not necessarily the most famous. One of my first mentors in the cooking world would always point out to me ,‘the last thing the master learns is simplicity ‘ . It took me a fair amount of time to actually see the truth of this. However now I actually see if I don’t know the basics of what I am doing it really dose’nt matter how good it looks. So I make a point not to approach something I am familiar with the attitude of smugness or I have nothing to learn here. This keeps my approach fresh and interesting. Thanks Jeff for your content and unwavering commitment.

    • Nora: I love that quote “the last thing the master learns is simplicity”… I put it in my “favorite quotes” note in Evernote. Do you know the origin of that quote?

      • Hi Jeff , not entierly sure but knowing the person involved it comes fro a martial art arena also , I will go about finding out !! Nora

    • I’ve worked in the advice sector – often outlining basic legal rights and responsibilities and it was often evident that clients came to us after paying a solicitor because they still couldn’t understand what was happening – sometimes the solicitors were attempting to deal with complicated aspects and overlooking the need for gathering the basic information or explaining the fundamentals which would then allow their clients to be more actively involved and more helpful further down the line. Same in the medical profession – the basics help us all to stand strong and make effective decisions xxx

  9. Dagwin Camby


    It’s like you said , it’s never too cool to school, as our human brains forget rapidly when it’s not used. Even a lot of the basics I learned in school I have forgotten. I like your baby steps and don’t bother to please everybody. Thanks for being our hero SUPERJEFF.

  10. Thank you Jeff. That is great stuff ! I believe that success in life is the refinement sound basic principals that never change. All my best.

  11. Basic grammar, we forget it so easily because it’s so basic, stupid. You’re stupid if you don’t retune it time and again.
    Get stupid , get basic.

  12. Yes, you’re right, and one more reason… You are not just my teacher, you are my very good friend which completely changed my life and which I meet every week 🙂 And I will not stop it … I’m also looking forward to shaking hands with you one day 🙂
    Thank You

  13. Phyllis McCrory Rowan


    True! I will never forget your brilliant guidance and generous spirit, Jeff . My mind opens and my heart sings every time I watch one of your videos. I feel there is still space in this world to reach for joy and success. I have returned to PLF to refocus from the start, to, keep the faith and put into practice what makes PLF really work. Thank-you for giving me this second-chance to take action from a fresh perspective..

  14. Katie Leavitt


    Been thinking about this all week! You cannot win any game if you don’t master the basics!

  15. LaunchCon 2016 was an incredible and life-changing experience for me. It was my first time seeing you in person Jeff and your Plat Plus faculty were all awesome. I took pages of notes and came back on fire! Can’t wait to see you in Dallas for LaunchCon 2017!

  16. Thanks Jeff! The basics are so important. One of the things I love about Launch Club is constant reinforcement of the basics as we learn more. It’s important to remain a master of the foundation!

  17. Very timely. This week’s message resonated with where I’m at. Thank you. Noticed you slipped in some of your product marketing into your Sunday video. Does this signal a change in philosophy?

  18. PLF is not for everyone — but it is for people who really want to make a significant difference in the world without going through a lot of extra stress from going down the weaker marketing. If we want to be successful PLF is one of the big steps. Thanks Jeff.

  19. Carlos Monteiro


    Jeff. This is awesome… but I have a question for you: I’ve learned about “launchcon” from a video you sent us by email. You gave all details and so for. Why haven’t you use the PLF method to do it ? Why 01 video instead of the “regular” 04 ? Couldn’t you share a couple of your “business secrets” in PLC#1, then, a couple more in PLC#2 ….. Give us a light on this subject, Jeff, will you ? Um abraço, Carlos

  20. Such a great reminder to practice the fundamentals of any craft. It is so easy to focus on learning more and more and forget to practice the basics, the foundation of your craft. Thanks Jeff!

  21. Lyara Apostolico


    Hi Jeff!
    I am going to the LaunchCon! So, so, so exited! See you soon. Big Hug from Brazil.

  22. Why does every email, video and post feel like a sales pitch? I know we’re all here because we are business minded people but Jeff, as nice as he seems, enough already. It’s been a week since I purchased PLF after weeks of sales emails. In the last 7 days your correspondence has added software systems, the Launch com event and a book. Once I bought PLF, I didn’t expect to still be viewed as a continual prospect.

  23. Jeff and I always have amazing timing when we are both launching our main products. This year, PLF was launched a few weeks before me. So, I watched the PLF launch again. Why? Even though I’ve done dozens and dozens of launches, with all sorts of variations and experiments, my new launch is back to basics… the tried and true Product Launch Formula. Why? Because it always works. I think I just put together my BEST launch content ever, and am excited to get it going next week. So yup… base to basics! (And I’ve been in PLAT Plus for 7 years)

  24. Keep it simple and stay focused on your priorities. Helps me get through rocky moments and life’s detours. Thanks Jeff for helping us stay focused on the essentials. Humility is also key!

  25. Thanks Jeff. Continuously looking for ways to learn and improve is why I am going to your launch in Dallas after reading your book, watching your videos, etc. There are always insights to be gained. Regards, Mark

  26. James Stith


    This is probably one of my favorite videos you’ve done.

    Illustrates your down to earth approach and humor. And part of the mindset needed to be successful in this space – making your own rules.

    Really appreciate the inspiration. When I feel down, your videos give me hope in this new medium, this new way of changing lives.

    Stay you,


  27. I have renewed my PLF ownership twice since I first signed up three years ago.

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