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Part of being an entrepreneur is making choices. Some are easy, and some… not so much. The thing is, you’re not always going to make the “right” decision. Here’s why you should stop worrying about being “wrong” or “right” (and the one choice that practically guarantees you’ll fail)…

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27 Replies to “The Only Thing Worse Than Being Wrong…”

  1. Awesome video Jeff! Super cool to watch you and Daniel in action shooting this video. Great message that making a decision is the most important thing to move forward (even if it’s the wrong decision) #LaunchLife #FirstTake

  2. As if I didn’t get enough of PLF Live during the day, now I’m watching your video at 3 AM.
    Wide awake. This is my run to freedom.
    Can’t wait until we start again in the morning. Thank you Jeff.

  3. I’ve been putting off crafting and making the offer that’s been burning inside me (instead of the easy, bleh one).

    Sometimes the second or third best choice is wonderful too. Like Eric; what if his choice wasn’t wrong, just not no 1 of his 1000 choices? Who cares? Choice 2 or 3 is pretty damn good.

    I’m going to bring that perspective to crafting my “perfect” offer among 100s of tiny adjustments I could make on the big idea.

    It was also super cool to see myself in your blog. It will help me look cool to my 14-yr-old who looks up to Daniel (and you).

    LaunchClub is awesome. Once again, it helped me get unstuck and gain clarity to move forward, better than before.

  4. Pure Awesome Sauce ©️, Jeff Walker! I am so proud and inspired of being part of your tribe. As we are wrapping up of almost a week of intense learning and endless inspiration at #launchclub an #plflive2018 in Phoenix, I’m reminded of how grateful and proud I am of haven taken the RIGHT decision when I decided to sign up for PLF in November 2016. My life has not been the same since.

    I’m a Norwegian entrepreneur, 42 years old, and a single mother of two girls, aged 9 and 10. I have more than 20 years experience from the traditional media industry. Since 2009, I’ve had my own company, working as a freelance journalist, writer and publisher. But, the changes that I’ve made over the last 18 months, have completely changed my life. I let go of my very last client from my «old life» in January 2018, and I’m not solely focused on serving my online communities.

    The only thing I know, is that I’m not going back. Buildling my #LAUNCHLIFE is the best decision I’ve ever made. And I’m certain that I will have reached my first Big Personal Goal within the 10 year deadline i defined when I signed up: Being completely location free by 2026, being able to run my business from wherever I want, in the world.

    Joining Launch Club in October 2017 was another major decision I had to take, being on this path. Looking back, and seeing what I have accomplished only during the last six months after I decided to sign up, almost leaves me speechless. I would not have believed if I hadn’t witnessed the process myself. From the inside.

    So, will just end this grateful comment by saying THANK YOU for showing up, every week, showing the way and leading by example. And thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend time with you and your AWESOME Team this week. It’s been life changing.

  5. I have been putting leaving my job because of the secure income. I finally decided to leave my work since it was affecting my family and my health. I know I can make it, but my wife is supportive but worried. I made a decision and I am looking forward to seeing my business thrive in the coming years.

  6. More awesomeness. Thanks Jeff for the last two days.
    I’m sitting down in the cafe, (not opened! Somebody needs to make a 24 hr cafe) working on my Hero’s Journey script.
    The community here is completely different from any other event I go to. I love the 2 minute get togethers with strangers around me. We all have common ground and can help each other with our goals. This exercise forces us to talk, to create conversation, and to step out of our comfort zone.
    Thank you.

    #launchlife is for me…

  7. Last October I made the decision to renew my Launch Club membership and am so thankful I did. Besides having access to answers about all the tactical stuff I need to learn, I’ve received more value from the amazing brilliant Launch Club members that have helped me see myself and my business more clearly.

    There is no substitute for being with people that understand what I’m going through, give me honest feedback, cheer me on and celebrate my victories no matter how small. This has made all the difference.

    Thank you Jeff and Launch Club. You mean the world to me.

  8. Gloria Hamilten


    Yes, so true, you either evolve or you dissolve.
    I’m loving PLF Live in Phoenix – you and your team are out of this world.
    Thank you so very much. From a Brisbanite, Australia

  9. Hi Jeff, Really enjoyed this video and hearing about some of the people in the room’s success. I have been playing and teaching guitar for
    over 40 years and have a website where I teach beginner guitar lessons and also sell products related to guitar lessons. However,
    I’m kinda in a place right now where I want to grow my business but not sure in what way. Any suggestions. You talked to Michael in the video and referred to him as a rock star. Does he have an online guitar business. I would love to hear your feedback Jeff.

  10. Heather March-Engle


    Hi Jeff, I just want to say thank you for this video and thank you for being the reason I willingly got on a plane after 18 years of being afraid since a turbulent-filled trip back from Europe in the year 2000. I’m so happy to be here watching this video from my hotel room at PLF Live. I’ve been struggling with a lot of things but most importantly with building my list. My list is only 15 people right now. I know the only way that I will be able to have people to “launch” to is if I grow my list. To grow the list, I need the lead magnet for my opt-in. This is really holding me back (among other things but this certainly isn’t helping). I need to stop being afraid of making the wrong decision about what my lead magnet should be and just make a decision (by the way, I think Lena and I figured that out together at Launch Pad–Thank you Lena!). And even if it isn’t perfect, I’m just going to put it out there! I think, for goodness sake, how many people could I have helped the past couple months with that slightly *imperfect* lead magnet? Ugh. Getting over myself in 3-2-1…

  11. Sometimes we need to focus on the details and take product refinement to the level of “the best it can possibly be.” Pacemakers are a good example of that. However, in most cases, that level is unnecessary. To label ourselves “perfectionists,” is dangerous because now we feel better about the fact we are procrastinating.

    I love your quote… “Perfectionism is a fancy word for procrastination.”

  12. This is a great video, Jeff! Lesson learned: A bad decision is better than no decision at all when it comes to starting a business. The decision I’m putting off is whether to sell an online business that I recently purchased. I think I over-estimated how difficult the work would be to keep up the website. I am seriously thinking of giving it up and starting over but in a different area and focus. I know the longer I wait, the less likely I won’t move forward with where I think I need to go. Thanks for being awesome Jeff – all the best!

  13. One of my favorite of your videos, Jeff. Mainly because it reminds me of the best decision I made a few years ago: To stop thinking my way through life. My 15-second, gut-intelligence truthing process [Data (what’s absolutely true – what would a video camera see) and what are the feelings I have when looking at this data] delivers an instant decision and I follow it. Wholeheartedly.
    Your excellent talk on the subject reminded me of how exhausted I used to get from thinking, arguing, debating, and bargaining with myself, inside of my own head. That brain in my belly isn’t interested in ‘why’ or ‘why not’. It can’t be bothered with such noise. It’s got my back, my heart, and my soul and always knows the truth for me. I finally learned to honor it.
    While that silly young brain in my head is fantastic for writing copy, making videos, booking hotel rooms, and even juggling, it won’t evolve to know what’s best for me for at least another million years 🙂
    Sidenote: This is my 4th PLF Live and it’s been legendary.

    • Barry – I too have been thinking my way through life and would love to understand your 15 second gut-Intelligence exercise and specifically how that’s helped you move forward in your life and business.

  14. Great video, Jeff. I’m at the point of having to make some key decisions in my online business, so this video came to me at the perfect time. As always, thanks for the inspiration and wisdom.

  15. Thanks for the amazing 2 days at Launch Club Live, Jeff! My wife Lacy and I follow a number of gurus, but at the end of the day, we always look to you and your team for our primary guidance. I made the decision to create a $2000.00 training program for my career firefighter students who want to promote to Captain and Battalion Chief. It was originally going to be a $797.00 program, but, with some great advice from Coach Paul and the Launch Club tribe, I’m learning my value and the value of my training is worth way more than $797.00. Thank you!

  16. I learned so much about launching my online business this weekend! Thank you, Jeff and thank you to your professional, committed and compassionate team. The other gift to myself for making the decision to join Launch Club is getting to know and be supported by the members of Launch Club. Being supported and also challenged to act by amazing people who have launched successful online businesses and by those who are learning along with me is what moves me from fear of doing it wrong to fear of not doing it at all, to taking action. I’m so grateful!

  17. Made the decision to transform my consulting business, with a lot of travel, to a virtual coaching business with very little travel in 2018. We are smack in the middle of the transition now. Learning all the new skill sets needed to make it happen. Doing, attempting, learning and doing again…until successful. A work in progress!! Thank You Jeff for your mentorship.

  18. I want to do an online writing course looking at scene writing, and my decision is what kind of course it would be and should I even do it.

  19. Elaine Danforth


    Gosh, all kinds of decisions. One is to just commit and start some sort of enterprise that will get me substantial income. I’ve been envisioning doing that for years, starting a health through natural foods counseling and education business. Especially hard to know whether that’s the right thing, but meanwhile, I’ve sung in my first opera ever, and have got a part in another one. Very excited about that, so I think those were real decisions, and they were good.

    It’s an interesting coincidence that your video is on this theme, which my husband has been joking about saying that the worst answer you can get is a maybe.

    Always love your videos, Jeff. You’re quite a rock star, yourself. :~)

  20. Carmen Cook


    The thing is, not making a decision chews at your heart…day and night. To make a decision is a relief in itself. Lots of other decisions are normally still needed, but to be stuck with no decision is like having your heart still beating and your life frozen. It’s so worth moving into something – to trust yourself enough to move into something. Jeff, you talk of baby steps. I call them toddler steps. There’s lots of falling down to do but at least, like most of us, I’ll eventually start to walk.

  21. Eric Giboney


    Working as an entrepreneur in China, I have been putting off the decision to stop developing the English tutoring business (which doesn’t adequately support my family) and start developing my own online platform teaching young professionals how to think deeper and live smarter to live with more fulfillment and achieve greater success.

    Today I am pivoting; I am running forward with confidence. This message has helped spur me out the door. You have also given me the vocabulary to identify the decision paradox that was holding me back for 9 months.

    Thank you, Jeff.

  22. Great video, as always, Jeff. Loved your message because it hit me right between the eyes, in my heart, over my head, and well, you get the picture. I have so many decisions that I keep putting off, that I don’t know which one to pull the trigger on. I guess it’s time to pull it on one of them and then keep moving on. I have two books in the sport coaching world waiting to be published and then turn into online courses that I have been sitting on for months (actually one of them for years). I keep waiting until they are perfect an I know everything about publishing them, but all that gets me is indecision, procrastination, anxiety, and nothing positive in return. It’s time to move. Then it’s time to make a decision on the next project and then the next one. I need to focus on making the first decision, make it, and then move on. Thanks for the insight and the kick in the butt!

  23. This video is just what I needed today. I’ve been putting off the decision to take action on the steps I know I need to take to grow my blog and outreach because of fear I wouldn’t be able to follow through. I’ve made the decision that I will take action, that I will follow through, and that whatever happens I will succeed in the end.

    Thank you so much, Jeff, for this inspiring and insightful video on decisions.

  24. Rich Ruddell


    Right on the money Jeff! So much creative energy is unleashed when we make our decisions and you are so right. Even if we make the wrong decision, it’s way better than no decision. The wrong decision will usually begin apparent quickly and then we can correct and get back on track. Thank you for putting it out there. Rich.

  25. Thank you for the reminder Jeff. I had the pleasure of attending your bonus in Durango, October of 2015. I have to make a decision about selling or keeping an investment property. And yes I am putting this off. I am hoping that you are feeling alright, I didn’t like the way you were walking. (Maybe sore from skiing!) I wish you continued prosperity, good health, and love.

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