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I recently asked my followers what their biggest business challenges were. They shared a LOT of their struggles and questions. I answered five of them in this video…


I got thousands of responses to this survey… from real newbies to folks with some pretty serious marketing chops. Here are some of the challenges they’re facing, along with my perspective:

1. You want to create your own marketing assets but feel you don’t have the time or resources… You need to treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. Say to yourself, “I’m going to commit to this because I want to change my life.” (Your commitment comes before confidence, before you’re “ready.”)

2. You’re not sure how to transform your large social media following into an email-based following… Begin moving them over NOW, by creating some kind of super-valuable lead magnet that pulls them to an opt-in page where you can get their email address. (You won’t be able to convert all of them, but every one you DO convert will be worth a lot more to you.)

3. You need free targeted traffic… Actually, you need targeted traffic, period. Whether it’s free or paid just depends on the math. Your real job is to get your conversions high enough to bring in traffic from a variety of sources (including paid traffic).

4. You want to stand out by delivering great content to your market and respecting them – and you’re offended by how poorly so many other marketers treat their customersYou shouldn’t worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. You can be the one who sets the bar higher… and if others do a terrible job, it will just make you look that much better.

5. You lack the resources to do a pro-level video series for your launches… You don’t need to have pro gear to shoot your videos – and you shouldn’t wait until you do. Your smartphone camera is plenty good enough to use to help launch your product or service. (I started off about as low-tech as you can go… I made millions in sales like that.) Just work with what you have – and get started today.

Scroll down, leave a comment and tell me what you think…


Treat yourself like your own client: carve out the time and commit to creating something. (Click to tweet.)

People only remember your successes… not the failures that led up to them. (Click to tweet.)

Don't worry about what others are doing – do something great yourself. (Click to tweet.)

You don't need pro gear to shoot your videos. Work with what you have – and get started today. (Click to tweet.)

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76 Replies to “What’s Holding YOU Back?”

  1. Good video Jeff. My problem is understanding the mechanics of how to put together the sideways sales letter. Do I use a blog, a webpage, etc. I am not through all of the modules so hopefully I’ll find the answers. I know my avatar and my class material. I just need to learn how to put it all together.

    • Committment before confidence hits the bullseye – poster worthy – “Committment Before Confidence” – hung on my mental wall to look and repeat daily. Taking your course is for me like drinking from a fire hose. Gulp! But now with it almost over, the individual hard work of metabolizing PLF methodology, learning the instrumentalities, and creatively bringing these to bear in realizing our visions begins in earnest. You have beckoned us to adventure and with your help, my (our) hero’s journey is underway. I am filled with excitement but worried that having crossed the threshold, I will fall short, fail the tests. But as you note, no one will ever know or even care – paradoxically reassuring. Having joined a PLF Mastermind, I am fortunately setting out on my trek, not isolated and alone but instea with a sturdy band of compatriots. And of course there is PLF Alumni. Between the two I hope to keep my hands warm, my attentions focused and my committment enduring and steady. We’ll see.

  2. Some very valuable insights here, the ‘free traffic’ idea is so not ‘Free’ – one of my SEO articles is ranking globally, and this took time to write, and optimize but at least I am practicing what I preach because I am a big practitioner of content based SEO and building outreach. It is all about communication, and so-called ‘EQ’ is now extremely valuable. Thanks for this one Jeff!

  3. Mihai Sabadac


    This was great, thanks a lot!
    I like this format, a lot of information in a few minutes. Keep it going and have a great day!

  4. Just took my first selfie with my iphone Jeff. Thanks for the advice. It was easier than I thought it would be. I actually just became a new iphone user, after about 10 years with no mobile phone at all. So far I have just sent that one to my wife. It was just a strange practice one and not something anyone else should be shown.
    Hopefully I will use this knew bit of confidence to make some good videos in the near future.

  5. Love it! My key takeaways:
    •Treat yourself as a client- calve oytbthe time you need to work on your biz not just in it.
    •Free is never free – there is always effort behind it
    •Look into the camera and CONNECT!

    Love this type of vid because it reminds me that a ton of other business owners have the same challenges. I’m not alone and there are answers

  6. Love the video, Jeff! I’m just starting out and am launching my website tomorrow, so have been working on the site before the paid products. I liked that you said we don’t need fancy tools, just use my phone, so I have a tripod and here I go! Thanks for your calm and positive attitude. I know I can do this!

  7. HI Jeff
    Really enjoyed the questions/answers. I’m still working my way through the PLF course and so far, every question I have gets answered in the next video! Love the course and I look forward to your video every Sunday and always learn a ton.
    Hope your rain turns into snow so you can hit the slopes.

  8. Thank you so much. Great format. Especially for reminding me what it is really about in marketing “look in the camera and connect, share your enthusiasm, show them you can give your prospects more pleasure or take a pain away” that is so well summarized and really encouraging for me. Thank you.

  9. Jeff great video thanks. Really finding your advice and suggestions valuable.

  10. This is a really good format.
    Could relate directly to 3 of the 5 questions so well worth watching.
    Thank you for your generosity!

  11. Hi jeff, It’s an awesome video. I am always worried about video gears but after watching this I understand it’s not the gear, it’s my fear of failure holding be back. Thanks for this video. This is very helpful.

  12. Hey Jeff!

    Been listening a while now. Thank you for all your help!

    Question: Can you talk a bit about what life was like when you weren’t working and your wife was?

    I know you covered your testimony in broad strokes in one of your launch videos, but I’d love to hear specifically about your marriage/relationship and how you two handled that season of life.

    I can imagine things got tense when stress got high. How did your wife REALLY feel about you not working? Did it cause any relational issues during that season between you two? How did you feel as a man being home with the kids while your wife worked full time and provided all the family income?

  13. Thank you Jeff. I really appreciate all the content you put out. I’m considering the PLF but I have a couple of questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them. I have a business with great products but no list so I’m considering doing the seed launch. My questions are 1) if I manage to gather some emails from social media, then do the launch to them and my product will be my existing product(s), and say some people buy it, then who do I do the next launch to? if my email list has already been targetted. How would I actually grow the list from this? 2) I have three branches to my business; coaching, adult books and childrens’ books. If I do a launch for each with the same list, it’s going to look like overkill isn’t it? I get fantastic results with my coaching but it’s always been word of mouth. My books barely sell because they’re not marketed, so I know I need to do these launches but I’m struggling to figure out how to without a huge list. I doubt very much if I’d get even 10 email addresses from posting on social media because I’m not a heavy user. I have a facebook business page and Linkedin.

  14. You are great at helping us. Thank you. We all have challenges and you provide help in overcoming them.

  15. I love this format. I got a great deal out of it. Thanks for your insight and wisdom.

  16. irina antsiferova


    Thank you, Jeff.
    I liked that you had taken your frustration with weather and turned it into a helpful video

  17. Watching your videos for a couple of years… first comment. I love this format and is great to switch it up! You are one of my heroes

  18. Tuff Gartin


    Loved the Q/A grab bag video! Keep them coming please! Maybe even consider carving out a special place on your site just for these? The value for me with this format is hearing succinct explanations to many of your marketing principles that help reinforce those principles that you explain in detail in other formats. When I have that “now how, exactly, did Jeff say to pull that off again?” question, it’d be great to pull from a pool of grab bag succinct answers rather than trying to find the correct full length video and then finding the answer in there.

    Great job as usual!

  19. Big thumbs up to this Q&A format. I’d love to see more of these sprinkled into your video editorial calendar (of course, I also hope to see more of your traditional videos, too!).

  20. Great lesson Jeff. Not only is the content extremely valuable, but your delivery in this one is remarkable. I’ve heard you teach “being vulnerable” before, and from my perspective you’re at YOUR best when you’re a little vulnerable as you seemed to be in this video. Saying things like “I don’t want to scare you off” proves where your heart is and endears trust. You stuck your neck out for a minute by sharing a realistic peril of online business and then backed it up with a very prudent, doable work-around. I’ve been re-studying Jay Abraham’s Strategic Preeminence lately and when I think of “preeminence” in online publishing I think Jeff Walker. One suggestion comes to mind from Abraham’s training. I’m implementing it in my business. Rather than refer to my people as customers or followers, I’m now referring to them as “clients”. When I read Websters definitions of “customer”, “follower” and “client” I realized that preeminence in relationships demands that I view my multipliers (DS:)) as clients. Always assume positive intent.

  21. Jeff thank you …I loved this format – but so much more than that- I am so ashamed right now – here’s why – to be inspired by this 10minute video how it immediately changed – shifted – moved – me/ thoughts- ideas – so simple – because it was honest / true / real – in 10 minutes I felt differently about so many things – why the shame I just struggled – for 12 months to make 12 x 197.u.s Dollar payments for a course that I didn’t do – guess what it was ? Yes it was – ! committing and carving time right now to complete it / you will hear from me soon xO thank you

  22. Love the Q&A! Hearing others questions and your great answets was just what I needed today! I’m committing to carving out the time! It’s encouraging to know, I don’t have to be completely pro. I have heard you say that before, but….Thanks. I needed that.

  23. I hear you on when snow turns to rain…it’s always a sad time when it should be a setup for a great powder day! Great tips as usual Jeff!

  24. First time checking this out, I really enjoyed it! The trick is finding time to watch others 🙂
    I look forward to learning more when I can…mb

  25. that was funny ‘I am grumpy because its raining outside!” There are certain dream stealers in my life who tell me, ‘You can’t do that, that will never work…’ What they tell me damages my self esteem a lot. Then there is the psychological factors from them I have to overcome, and need serious relief in my neck. So I have to work extra hard to take the garbage out of my mind from their LIES.
    You have heard the saying ‘GET OFF MY BACK!” (a pain in the neck which I think causes literal serious pain) …so first step first, let me overcome that HUGE rock so I can attend to the other little rocks.
    But alll i have to say is, ‘THEY ARE GOING TO EAT THEIR WORDS, BABY!” You know, health and success is the best revenge. That actually is what keeps me going. THE DREAM STEALERS IN MY LIFe. Did you know RAGE has a lot of free flowing energy to it, so its like ‘TURN YOUR BACK ON WHAT YOU DON”T WANT AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT!”

    • Littie Shively


      Danielle, I was where you are a few years ago. Abraham Hicks videos really helped me move forward fast. You can change your thought process and change your focus. One of the best things I ever heard, from a different source, is “don’t listen to people who are not where you want to be.” I’m rooting for you!

  26. Hey Jeff, this is great! Thanks for producing a simple video that was quick and easy to understand. I’m holding myself back from the video and need to get started. Thanks for the quick swift kick.

  27. Thank you Jeff for your coaching. Love the format.
    Question: is there a strategy you use to reach out to Companies (not individuals) online?

  28. Great content, as always!
    I would love to hear from other women entrepreneurs about making videos. Jeff can easily get away with putting himself in front of a camera sans makeup, in a t-shirt. Women in most industries would be deemed not credible if they showed up that casual.

  29. Excellent video, right length, real, valuable content I needed to hear about “commitment” not needing “pro equipment” and the metrics around high level comparison using the YouTube list vs email list dollar value. Keep up the great work Jeff! Time and focus are my greatest challenge. You are a great help.

  30. I really love how you make everything low tech. And that a person doesn’t need a million dollars to get started. I’m just so nervous about actually putting it out there. I need a little more confidence I guess. I shoot the video then I find it boring. Too starched and stiff, I need to be more natural. Like you are it’s like you’re talking to someone in your living room.

  31. Love this Format! I’m a newbie getting ready to launch a basic video series via iPhone, so I appreciate the feedback on no need for pro video. I haven’t seen any format from you that’s been less than helpful! Your candor provides great connection to audience I look forward to any and all emails from you 😊
    Stacey McCarthy

  32. Thanks Jeff. All your little insights are fantastic and motivational.

    I have a lot of material developed and am confident about its value based on over 25 years of professional practice. But, I am a newbie to online marketing and have not built a list. I have completed Product Launch Formula sessions, unbelievably great, and am starting through them again. My intent is to start small with a Seed launch.

    QUESTION #1: There are a lot of software requirements to get things going. The website is okay. But, I need access to several other programs like Aweber/ ConvertKit, LeadPages, Survey Monkey, Wistia / Vimeo video storage, etc. Many of the successful online marketers are using Infusionsoft which appears to do almost everything. By the time you pay for all the individual programs, the cost of Infusionsoft is not much more. Do you have any suggestions as to which method is best to start with?Learning one program, which I understand is complex, may be easier in the long run than learning several independent programs.

    QUESTION #2: Where do I host my finished course? On my own website? On another website, that deals with hosting courses like Infusionsoft? Or, on some other hosting site? I am uncertain about whether my independent website can host a course with several / many visitors at once.

    I haven’t set up my website yet as I was struggling with a name. Setting up a website is not a problem.

    Thanks for your comments.

    I would appreciate any comments on how to get started with the right tools.

  33. Loved the format and information.

    I couldn’t agree more with your video suggestions either! High quality connection, unless the format is so bad it’s distracting, is always better than waiting for the thousands of dollars of pro gear!


  34. [Question?] How to find my product?
    I have two ideas, but cannot transfer them into the products which may be sold. I’m not sure that product would be bought. I don’t know which idea among two I should choose and follow.

    (Sorry, first comment has mistake in my email)

  35. JEFF WALKER THANKS jeff awesome common sense from speaking what you have learnt nd i like speaking open and great information i do appreciate thank yo inspiration and confidence.commitment first interesting i liked it thank you again .

  36. Hello from Europe, trying my best to understand everything 🙂 I was wondering if you found out why it is so difficult for a woman entrepreneur to become concrete with earning money? I follow Denise Duffield Thomas, I am working REALLY hard, I really integrate a lot of Hingis she and you tell about in my business (which is actually physical and not yet on the web), but still the money doesn’t show up for me. And I noticed soooo many other women live the same. In your opinion, what could be the releasing point to make money enter my life?

  37. Donald Theiss


    Always great Jeff. What I like about you is that you are so easy and casual and to the point so I learn a lot in a short period of time. I’m trying to figure out what I offer and how to offer it so I feel stuck in my own lack of clarity. Im a psychologist and writer, Being Human in a World of Illusion is my book on human perception and behavior but I haven’t figured out how to translate that into a teaching that truly delivers the gift which is freeing people to be who they are and how they are so thats where I am now. Thanks again.

  38. Thanks Jeff! Really good.
    I hear you about “Just look into the camera and share your enthusiasm…” I have been doing that and it feels Awesome!

  39. Grant Small


    Jeff, thank you for this video. I really do think that this format works. It is answering real questions off the cuff and that often feels like a conversation. I also gives us with examples and ideas. Especially your enthusiasm.

    My greatest challenge is trying to do this in a market that has both technological challenges (bandwidth) and culture challenges (paying for content). I am beginning to deliver content for free in the hope to entice potential clients to a paid offering. Will keep trying irrespective of success rate.

  40. Thanks for sharing this playlist, Jeff. It’s very important to make sure we are not holding actions because of something we can’t control.

    Happy 2017! I’m on my way to build my list.

    Thanks for your support.

    — Daniel Wildt

  41. I started last year with carving out the very first (not last!) hour of my workday to what now is my side project and what will certainly grow significantly this year. This has become my ritual, and my actual client work also flows better after this treat to myself. Still a long way ahead, but hey… 🙂

  42. Steve Focazio


    Great thoughts as always Jeff! I think there is a thread that runs through all of these which is fear of failure. Pressing through that is going to be my central focus until I get my new business launched.

  43. HI Jeff, glad I took the time to watch ( as usual). I like the format of the grab bag of various questions. You definitely connect with the observer of your videos and also your enthusiasm if always evident- keeps me plodding along. Keep up the great work

  44. Carl McCormick


    Yet again another outstanding piece of content from you Jeff. Totally on the ball yet again, been making myself ill thinking about how I’m going to get my Videos shot and your right! Just do it!! Nothin to lose and everything to gain right?! Thanks buddy! 👍🏻

  45. Love this format, and your delivery when you’re grumpy. 🙂 Hope it rains more in Colorado… sorry. 🙂

  46. Jeff,
    I think you are totally amazing with all the advice you give. I am so happy someone shared your link with me.
    I enter 2017 in a very fragil place, just losing my mum after 6 months of terminal illness, and a fledgling business. Your advice might just be a life saver! Thank you so much. Geraldine

  47. Jeff, Your videos are like a tonic for me right now. I’m making a pivot in my approach to marketing and sales methods and your messages are just what I needed to hear. Don’t stop, keep it coming. I look forward to attending one of your live events before too long. Onward!

  48. Jeff, I really liked this process. The amount of time you took in responding to each question worked well for me. You continue to inspire me. Please keep up the good work.

  49. Although I like all your videos, Jeff, this one really topped them all.

    I didn’t know I had those issues till you addressed them. I also didn’t realise how much motivation and inspiration your replies would give me and that I needed that. I was stagnating without knowing it.


  50. I have heard this message in the past Jeff and I have to agree it is a great journey expanding your expression of yourself and the amazing things that happen when you do. Being authentic is the key and then holding gratitude for the connections you make keeps you on track. We all have it in us.

  51. Excellent blog post as always. You took the wind out of the sails of procrastination.

  52. thank you so much for reminding me about the order of success!
    committment, action and then comes confidence!

  53. Thank you Jeff, super inspiring! Yes, I would love to keep watching more videos like this. You are really inspiring and it’s super helpful to watch your videos. I myself am facing a massive obstacle right now. I have to go for it. I’ve been planning this for two years and today I had planned on actually putting in my application to incorporate in Sweden, but I’ve got cold feet. I am so scared that I will fail, that I’m just suffering from “illusions of grandior” staring my own company…I am taking a very carefully calculated risk, and I do have a professional mentor program to support me. I have a good plan, including a solid business plan, an action plan, a marketing plan and a social media plan. I have created my websites, my squeeze page and my first Offer, a Resource Guide. I know that if I don’t do this now, I will always regret it and wonder what I might have been able to do with being a company owner. So, I think it’s now or never….wish me luck! But I guess my biggest obstacle is fear. I wonder how to best overcome fear? And doubt about the wisdom in starting my own company. I’ve always been an employee before. I also don’t like to be a woman company owner, as I’m scared that other women will judge me and think poorly of me, that I will be a bad leader, and that men won’t like me anymore. But I really also need to have a good, challenging, interesting job and I think owning a company will help me have a happy life and be able to contribute something positive to the world. Perhaps I don’t need confidence, like you mention in this video, but simply commitment. Sorry about the lack of snow btw. Hahahah….

  54. Jeff – Deciding on the product is what’s holding me back. Your awesome, free, quality videos I’ve watched over and over again in the past week discuss building the product and being conversational with people about challenges they face in the product space, but actually deciding what to pour the energy into is tough. How do you know when you’ve found the right product and focus on that one thing?


  55. Great stuff….very helpful. I’ve been binge watching your videos all afternoon but now I should get my butt in gear in do something about what you’ve taught me 😀
    You are an inspiration for me ….keep it coming!

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