I’m on a boat (and a “sink or swim” business lesson)

by on Aug 12 2017

Growing a business is a lot like learning to pilot a boat. What you choose to focus on can either cause or prevent a crash. Here’s how to keep your eyes on all the moving parts…


  • carlos says:

    Jeff, I’m really thankful for this video on boating, we all have to keep the hand on the wheel for evolving!

  • Tony A Smith says:

    I agree with youand look to you for advice and I love your faith and zeal for life.
    Tony A Smith

  • Hi Jeff, I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now and just wanted to say thank you for all that you do. I used your book to launch my business in June and your videos have kept me motivated and inspired to just get the first “edition” out there. Thank you!! I wouldn’t be serving the people I serve without you. 😊
    Many thanks,

  • Danelle Denney says:

    Jeff! Good morning! I love seeing your video in my inbox every Sunday morning!

  • Dave` says:

    Hello Jeff! Of all my inbox-cramped items, I take time to listen to your videos. Your boat video today summarizes what I think is the number #1 critical skill in life. In Project Management parlance, it’s called “Systems Thinking.” Everything we do is connected.. like dot-to-dot. You pull on one dot and a whole string of connected dots move in reaction. In business, in life, be scanning your environment because something new is always brewing out there that, if you are not scanning, will smack you down in surprise. Even my writing this reply has ramifications. Try always to think two, three steps ahead. A beautiful, powerful life concept, expressed very easily with your boating analogy!

  • Delvin says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I’ve got numerous e-mails from you, but this is the first time watching the videos. I like what you had to say. I’ve been looking around different programs on how to generate income from home and I like your videos. Can you send me a link to where I can learn more and see if I can hop on board…
    Looking to hear from you soon

  • Preston says:

    Jeff, Great point! Well said!

  • Maude Kemp says:

    Dear Jeff
    What you say make so much sense and I love to learn from you. Thank you very much for the very valuable information.

  • Jeff, I appreciated you sharing that previously, your team was shooting video shortly before releasing – that you evolved to getting ahead of the launch and planning a year out. For those of us in early stages of evolving our products, we’re launching and developing the messaging in a bit of a braided path. It can be filled with uncertainty and even frightening. Hearing you share that you weren’t always so far planned out is encouraging! Thanks

  • Gregory says:

    It makes sense that navigating business and life can be a lot like boating. I think you do have to be careful and watch for other boats. Thanks, Jeff!!

  • Dan shannon says:

    Always insightful Jeff, planning a launch in a month and literally was thinking I need more time to make presell media, build more proof etc, thanks for the reminder, maybe what I have is a great start.

  • Will says:

    Powerful message, artfully delivered, great metaphor. I must express my disappointment that you did not start her up and drive off into the horizon; wanted to see that sweet boat.
    Thanks for all you do.

    Respect, Will

  • Hi Jeff,

    I am a new fan in your tribe! I have 1500 email addresses, 2 book plus 2 ebooks and a program I am launching October 1st. I did my first survey yesterday, I am feeling more connected. I am super passionate about my product! AND I really appreciate all your tips and inspiration. I really had no idea where to start.

    Thanks for what you do!

  • Marianne says:

    Aloha Jeff!

    I just did a sailing book signing tour of my new book ” Underwater Acts of Kindness” . I enjoyed watching your videos
    and getting motivated to market my book during whale watching season and to the schools. I am building my teacher tribes.
    I used to live in Michigan and now live on a sailboat in the Hawaiian Island ..

    Marianne of Waikiki LLC
    Facebook Marianne L Ambrose

  • KG says:

    Being adaptive. Being awake in the moment and pay attention to what’s happening in life leads naturally to adaptation. Look at nature she is the absolute queen of adaptation. She’s been thriving for eons because she adapts to changes. History shows that those in life who don’t adapt, who resist what is and what’s coming, become extinct like dinosaurs. Great vid!!

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