Fear and Snorkeling in Bora Bora

by on Dec 01 2017

Who’s swimming with you (and why)? It’s funny what you notice when you’re sitting on the ocean floor… and could it be the difference between success and failure….


  • Jeffrey Paul says:

    Wonderful example Jeff, thank you for always helping us see the world with a new perspective or set of eyes 👀 I appreciate you as a mentor. JP

  • Jeff.
    Thank you for ALL you share.
    You are soo inspiring.
    I love your intensity, and the way your hands in the Boa-Boa video is describing ‘what you see’.
    Best to you and your loved ones.
    Birgit Månnestråle, Denmark

  • Allen D’Angelo says:

    Jeff what a wonderful and timely message for me about those we surround ourselves with. Thank you so much for that shot of oxygen! (Would love to know the name of the resort you visited as well… just added to my bucket list too my friend.)

  • Luis Souza says:

    Awsome view from Bora Bora, Jeff, will put it in my bucket list too! 🙂 LS

  • Jeff,
    I got up at 5:00 am this morning and was cleaning up email messages. I was finishing my morning smoothie and just happened to open your Bora Bora post. Well, I then looked at your 5 best friends post and since I am planning a “Master Mind” gathering with 5 of my most respected and successful friends I paused to think how many messages I had deleted. As I ponder what you posted I realized I have no idea why I get your emails. Perhaps The Universe Talked to me in a special way this morning. Thanks

  • JP Flintoff says:

    You have a great way of telling stories, and being natural on camera. And I like the positioning of being on holiday in Bora Bora.
    I would like to surround myself with people (and indeed fish) in Bora Bora. 🙂 Another JP

  • Great message, Jeff. Plus, I totally have to go to Bora Bora with Gail.

  • Rodrigo N. says:

    I felt such peace in this environment. It is the best place you can be to relax and escape anything that is hurtful to creativity.

    Yeah, we talk about business but it is impossible not to talk about Bora-Bora once there, it is simply amazing.

  • Matt M says:


    Thanks for the inspiring video. Your example is powerful in many ways, and it also alludes to the idea that we should have an “abundance” mindset regarding what we can create and contribute to the world even if some of those around us are uncertain.

    Based on the look of your hut and the big hill in the background, it looks like you were at the Hilton while you were in Bora Bora. Great choice. Funny enough, when I was there a couple of years ago I spent most of my downtime watching your videos. Thanks Jeff for all of the great content you create and share.


  • Julie Stuart says:

    It’s on my bucket list to go out there and stay in one of those bungalows over the water too! Like you, I love everything water! I’m a competitive swimmer (still, at age 44) and love scuba diving! Thank you for showing us the view….made my day! Love your analogy…and it is something very worthwhile to think about. As they say, we become who our friends are. So, we best be mindful of who we choose to spend time with. Surrounding myself in the ASK and PLF communities has been THE ABSOLUTE BEST thing for gaining momentum and a clear path to getting my online biz launched and booming! Can’t thank you enough!!!!

  • Yvonne Lines says:

    Hi Jeff, I’m very into mindset and a couple days ago in one of my posts, also connected a school of fish analogy with a similar message of how your friends influence you. Fish are a great visual and I like your story around the concept. Expand and contract – like the coral breathing, feels very natural. Enjoy Bora Bora and thx for sharing.

  • Susan says:

    Good stuff as always, Jeff! Thanks. And as an artist … I LOVED your description of the backlit and front-lit fish! Bravo for the awesome Bora Bora bucket list check!

  • Inspiring!… The location of Bora Bora is pretty awesome. You might even have a stopover in New Zealand:)

  • Paula says:

    I enjoyed this message this morning Jeff.

    And just one comment … for the past few weeks the audio has been too low, even on max on the video and on my laptop. Can barely hear you! I know that you are recording mic, but it is getting hard to hear. (and my fish will tell you my hearing is very good).

  • Elva says:

    Thank you for all you do!

  • Joshua Bohlen says:

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Liz says:

    Jeff, you are really inspirational. I appreciate your energy so much! Thank you.

  • Canada says:

    Loved your video on Bora Bora – and stayed for How to upgrade yourself — valuable insights — as my income has fluctuated so has the income of my friends — for business you need to stay with the big earners they usually know more, know more people of influence , and do more. My other favorite lesson is never retire while still on this side of the grass — volunteer, mentor, or shift your focus away from money to purpose and crafts like painting sculpting or photography where you learn to see beauty in a blank canvas, a block of stone or rocks piled on each other as an inuksuk … but don’t retire.

  • Randy Curry says:

    Great Analogy With “Fear & Snorkeling” So Very TRUE! Thank You Jeff. It’s a great comparison for personal growth and overcoming fear in our lives.

  • Kelly Ramsdell says:

    Terrific message today, Jeff. Thanks!

  • Susan Gutnik says:

    Jeff, thanks for your practical, do-able observations and insights! You are an awesome role-model of staying humble while reaching for your highest, fullest potential. So glad you keep reaching out!

  • James Klobasa says:

    Great analogy Jeff. 🙂

  • Saralee says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I bought your Lauch Formula a few years ago so I get these emails from you. I’m hardly doing entrepreneurial anything, but hearing you share is inspiring and very enjoyable. The Peace of God exudes from your many insights. Thanks for the words of wisdom.


  • Lisa Long says:

    Great energy lesson Jeff. That is what I teach! 🙂 Have a great time. I love snorkeling too.

  • Teresa says:

    I feel your pain … heart pain for crystal blue waters. Loved your crystalizing perspective. Bora Bora is going on my bucket list!

  • kwame Acheampong says:

    I have started a new product. am in impress and motivated . by your presentation

  • Danielle says:

    I had a dream of u a few days ago… I was in the back of the class learning. It was a positive dream. I’m trying to set myself free.

  • Claire says:

    Hi Jeff! Thanks for taking the time to post while in Bora Bora! Your message was very timely, as I have been struggling with whether I’m ready to make the leap to running my own consulting business 100% of the time, or stay partially employed. It’s the fear of “no steady paycheck” that always keeps one foot anchored to my job, even though I have been growing my consulting business for the last 2 years and it is booming! I feel like one of those fish that keeps darting back to the coral. Doing a proper launch has been a struggle due to having enough time. (And because I didn’t own PLF until recently.), But yesterday I turned 50 years old, and several people told me, “if not now, when?” I think the time is finally right. Wish me luck (hard work is a given).

  • So true! It’s particularly challenging when the fear-based people are your closest family and friends. I find I have to be very intentional about seeking out growth-minded individuals who can support and encourage my journey and I theirs.

  • Rob says:

    Awesome video, as usual. My business could benefit a lot from video, so I was wondering what kind of phone do you use? Do you ever use artificial lighting?

  • Such a fantastic visual example. I feel like I was under water seeing the whole thing. Thank you.

  • Zenaida says:

    What a great analogy and so true! I guess shrinking back is an instinctive action in the face of uncertainty/adversity. Self-preservation tactic maybe in some cases. But it is so necessary to be aware of it and make it work to your own advantage. Thanks for sharing this and continue enjoying Bora Bora – looks wonderful!

  • Hassan says:

    very interesting ideas and beautifully presented

  • Jack Walker says:

    Thank you Jeff! I jumped when you moved your hands suddenly. We do respond to what others are doing around us. I know from personal experience that there is unhealthy fear. This type of fear stole a great portion of my life. You’re right on point we must be mindful to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy fear. The latter will steal your life away from you mercilessly.

  • Gregory says:

    Thank you for for your candor and clarity!

  • Evelyn says:

    Authenticity rings true in unexpected ways. Jeff, your description of the fish and the lighting is similar to the perception puzzle online a while ago about the color of a photographed dress. People have varying abilities in all experiences and like the fish will venture forth and retreat until new concepts are sufficiently internalized. Thank you for nurturing the entrepreneurial soul

  • KG says:

    A huge topic, how we’re affected by the collective mindset. I’m very fortunate to live in a community that is, for the most part, very positive. And, I’ve surrounded myself with positive influences for years. Interestingly over the past year I’ve had encounters with people who are out of “relationship” with life. They are just doing what they want with no feeling of being in relationship. Some come around and appreciate an opportunity to come back into relationship and be in mutuality, while others get locked in to their controlling fearful projections. It’s been a challenge to not take things personally, or feel responsible for the situation that’s created by someone else’s fear based thoughts and projections. It’s one’s mindset and being able to connect from your heart and be in relationship with life that’s needed. Great video as always! Thanks for being such a positive force for good in the world, Jeff. ! Definitely a topic that has been top of my mind over the past two years. People can create a lot of pain for themselves by how they focus they’re mind on fearful imaginings that aren’t even happening.

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