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This video for you about the most important thing in my life… family.

It's also about one of the biggest challenges I see for entrepreneurs… balancing your business with your family life.

The theme for this video came while I was away at a beach-side retreat with my extended family… this is something we've been doing with for the last 20 years.

We do this every two years – my immediate family, my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, and now even my grand-niece.

Here's a couple of photos taken just a few minutes after I shot the video…

Catching the sunset with my family

And I *finally* got a chance to hold the baby!

I would love to hear from you about balancing your business life with your family life… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here)

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57 Replies to “Business Success vs. Success at Home”

  1. Great video Jeff. I can say that I’m a little guilty… I’ve been neglecting my personal life as I go through this launch, but I do plan on making it up!!! 🙂

  2. Very inspiring, Jeff! I am very deeply working on this piece. I love what you remarked about how success is ultimately about connection! LOVE the sunset!

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Great video message. Family is important as is the social connections. Even at the work environments the research is showing – people who have mastered social intelligence accomplish more in life than others. And, as you well know, the Strategic Coach teaches us to have plenty of “Free” time for family, socials and just hanging out with others.
    Have a Great Week. I’m looking forward to your next video message.

  4. Jeff, you are spot on . . .keeping a balance can be challenging sometimes, but if God is first and foremost . . . all the other obligations and people we love to be with come together. Sometimes it’s a challenge keeping all the plates spinning, but taking time out for those we love always pays huge dividends. Thanks for the reminder that life is precious.

  5. thanks Jeff for this beautiful video. I do agree with you, family is very important. Don’t we want to succeed for our family? In my life, my family is very important. A family retreat is a fantastic moment.Thanks to share with us this moment. It’s not always easy to conciliate family life and work… sometimes. But to be successful for oneself does not mean anything. I always wanted to succeed for my family, parents, husband and children. And sometimes some of our clients become a part of our family, a spiritual family we want to help. It was the case in my job in medicine and in my actual transition to help more people… Spiritual. Love is everywhere in the world…;-))

  6. Jeff,

    I agree. Family is more important than money. Understood that you need money to survive, but you need family more. I am new to your blog and will be watching more. You are very inspiring, real, down to earth , and a true human being. Good Luck to you.

  7. What a beautiful blog, Jeff! I was just writing a blog on how the practice of saying Yes And can build your business as well as improve your family life. I agree with you. We must breathe love into our ambitions. We all forget from time to time to have that simple and beautiful intention to connect. Especially when we’re so enraptured by the DOING of business building. Love will create a space where we’re in harmony. What’s so delightful is our work and all of our To-Dos become easy and in flow when we take that moment to breathe love and connection into our ambition.

  8. Great Blog — so true. Keep adding value to your family and members — Love the flavour of your share in this post . Jo Ann

  9. Great ideas to be shared about a new way of thinking, a new way to think your life and how you can improve yourself aligned with your goals and the people around you

  10. There are moments when we all wake up from the dream to realize that work is not the reality that is most important, but quickly we fall back to sleep. There is no substitute for planning and accountability. Hopefully, you’ll be able to give all of us a few nuggets of advice on how we can execute our dreams of building the perfect lifestyle business and keep family/living as the main focus.

  11. David Frey was the first person who shared that quote with me and it too has been one that has helped shape my approach to business.

    Love the pics Jeff (the one of you and your niece is beautiful).

    Question: What kinds of things do you do with your kids to ensure that they are priority?

    As my 2 year old daughter grows up, this is certainly something that continues to be top of mind for me and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  12. You are absolutely correct, Jeff. I am a great-grandmother and my amazing family are the most important people in my world. I am not really successful yet. I’ve been trying to get started online since late 2011 and the learning curve is really steep!

    I am, however, having the time of my life. My children applaud me, my grandchildren cheer me on, and my success in life depends on making these memories with my family. My friends enter into the equation, also.

    There are times when I feel a sense of urgency (I am getting on in age) and I think of the old man who was planting a tree when he knew he’d never live to see it grown. Yet he planted the tree. Someone else would sit in the shade. That’s what we do. I shall make some money when I offer something of value. Not before I earn it. Thanks, Jeff, for sharing this.

  13. Hi Jeff,

    I agree with what you are saying…it’s easy to let the business take over your whole life if you let it.

    Man, your video is AWESOME! The light sway of the camera, the focus on you and the super clear audio…it makes it seem like you are in a studio with a green screen miked up, not out in nature! Is the light sway and fuzzy background editing effects? Great video!

    Take Care,
    Rob Anderson

  14. Thanks Jeff, that’s very pertinent to me right now with a wife and 14 month old boy.

    I agree with @ Rob above: what a gorgeous fluid effect on your video.
    Could you tell us your set up and what you were shooting on? Some
    sort of stead cam or in camera stabilizer?

    Many thanks, from a PLF customer 🙂

  15. Couldn’t agree more Jeff 🙂 just got back from a long weekend in NZ with my family (earthquakes included!) and am so glad I did. For years I was convinced (by someone close to me) that making the business succeed was how I could help my family the most but now understand that me being there and present is the most important thing. Have now organised my business to give me the space to travel and share with my family again 🙂 those moments are more precious than anything money can buy 🙂

  16. Very true Jeff. And the challenge is trying to find that balance because if you don’t get reasonable results in reasonable time and your family depends on you then life can become very hard. However have found that if you can trust our CREATOR HE will insure you get what you need so you can focus on those things that are most important and family is one of those things. It is truly what holds a society together and allow love can be given. Keep up the great posts.

  17. Hey Jeff thanks for the video. You hit it in a nut shell. Business is just a vehicle to provide for our families. There needs to be a great balance between business, family and self. Family for everyone should be the first priority no amount of money can make up for great family. My biggest and best bragging rights are my husband and 3 beautiful children. Cheers Kim 🙂

  18. Great vid Jeff, thanks for sharing during your vacation. I’ll go one step further than you though and say that its not possible to be successful without success at home. Success applies to the whole person, not just a portion we want to segment out. Thanks again!


  19. Thanks Jeff,
    Your family reunion sounds wonderful. You have a brillant, natural way of presenting knowledge thats applicable to everyone. Thanks for your insight and inspiration.

  20. Jeff, I really liked this one. And I totally agree.

    I never want to be that guy who’s known for something great, but when you ask those closest to them what they’re like, you find out they’re a jerk. I just think that’s wrong.

    I know I lost a lot of respect for Steve Jobs when I read his biography. I just don’t think it’s justified, ever.

    Nor is it good for the individual, which I think was the main thrust of your post.

    Anyway, great post. And beautifully illustrated by the location and situation.

  21. Jeff, I love this. Perfect message for a Sunday. Families are priceless.

    “No success compensates for failure in the home” is one of my favorite quotes that I live by. It comes from David O. McKay, a former president of the LDS church.

    Thanks for making this video.

  22. Jeff Walker:
    Your material is convincing, in regard to both success and values. At the risk of being presumptious I’ll attempt to add something to your concept, just to be stored in the back-of-the-head for now. Fast-forward to the time when you’re older. It’s been over ten years since the last reunion with my siblings + kids + nephews-&-nieces etc. Things change over time. Not all are still alive, some breaks-followed-by-reconnects occur, etc.
    Immediately it’s noted: that’s no reason to be downcast. I have no complaint — BUT — perspective does adapt to all the changes.
    With that adaptation to new perspectives comes a broadening — the set of challenges is frankly mind-bending. You’ve correctly noted that no amount of success can replace the importance of family. Here’s my corollary to that: no amount of success can reduce the urgency to heal a planet so disastrously mismanaged. Again an immediate caveat: none of us can hope to contribute more than a miniscule fraction of what’s needed — BUT — being unable to fix everything doesn’t remove the obligation to do what little an individual can do, using resources in beneficial ways.
    None of this is intended to imply that I’m in any position to instruct. This is nothing more than a reminder.

  23. Hi Jeff,

    Yes you’re definitely right about keeping a proper balance between work and your family. I think it’s really important to spend some time with your family away from work where you can charge your batteries and inspiration alike. But I think trips and holidays aren’t enough, it’s the love for your family. Some families go 2 or 3 times per year on holiday and they’re still unhappy. Love starts at home, it has to come from within you. I think a way to strengthen this is to do meditation and when practiced regularly will have a positive influence.
    Hope I am not to serious, with friendly greetings, Hans

  24. Jeff Lowenthal (aka "The Professor")


    So where on Lake Michigan does your family meet? Originally from the Metro-Detroit and former in-laws had a house on the upper shoreline. One of my companies, Eastport Press, was started up there and it still runs today. Eastport is about 25 miles north on 31 from Elk Rapids and 20 miles south of Charlavoiux.


    PS — also sending you a note via email. Really need your help on something. Please read! Thanks in advance.

  25. Hey Jeff, great video and one of the best advices anyone can give.
    I take my family life very seriously and never stay at work late. If its necessary in some cases i always ask for permission from my family and then later make up for them.

    I love the idea of your family reunion. I have been trying to organize this too and hopefuly i will succeed soon.

    Thanks again.

  26. Hi Jeff, indeed, family or your extended support group, however that may be, is very important, and like some other very basic things in life we tend to take them for granted – I do from time to time, and it is so good, and timely that you found a way to remind me. Thanks!

  27. I totally agree with you Jeff. As my kids grew up I went to as many school events that I could and always had great holidays. Now that they are grown up I am doing the same for my granddaughter. Something that brings a tear to your eye in pride and joy is worth more than gold and that moment cannot always be recaptured. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. Keep up the great videos.

  28. Beautiful post.
    I agree, a successful life is one with the richness of life included in it, otherwise it is just an empty shell. Personally, I try to ask myself before going asleep…”if I would not wake up tomorrow, did I do something worthwhile today?”

  29. Dear Jeff,

    I love the simple example you give of how touching it is to just step up and be human – as simple as that – and relate with others from that “normal” perspective.

    That’s what differentiates you from all the “look how you do this and that” experts in internet marketing.


  30. Julie Cairns


    Great video Jeff. I totally agree… AND Jim Farrell’s comments are really interesting too. Things do change over time… and for some people family dynamics can be unhealthy and not spending time with parts of their family is a beneficial thing in some cases … and that’s just the reality some people have to deal with. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said success is about connection. Connection isn’t always about blood, but it is about heart. it’s always possible to create a sense of “family” or “tribe” in ways that support and inspire and provide that much needed connection to others, to life and to the planet.

    Thank you for providing such great food for thought! 🙂 Julie

    • @Julie: you make a great point… family always brings a lot of dynamics, and they are not always positive and healthy. As you said, that’s just reality for lots of people. And sometimes it’s best to create your own tribe or family.

  31. Hey Jeff

    Lovely warming video to start the day with!

    I agree about family… 100%. Without that strong foundation underneath you, you have no base to operate from.

    The problem comes when we take them for granted, which is easily done because we are driven by responsibilities…


    The sunset looked amazing!



  32. Louise Abitbol



    Such a needed topic. One of the ever present dynamics of innovation is depression and obsession. Going it without the richness of family and friends creates unbalance. Again, thanks for bringing this into the mix.

  33. Jeff-great video…curious where you are…My family has been going to a town in Michigan called Pentwater for the last 35 years which is located on Lake Michigan near Ludington. As I’ve started a new business I haven’t went because my main business is now during the time we have always went. I miss those long days, incredible sunsets, and family time on the beach. You are right about the success at home. Over the last year I have completely changed my career and have spent way to many hours working on the new business. Last month both of my parents died during the same week so the stress of running a camp and deaths of my parents has added alot of tension in my life. To say I’m looking forward to a vacation with my family is an understatement. Thanks for the video

    • @Patrick: I’m very sorry to hear about the loss of both of your parents – I can’t imagine how hard that must be. I hope you can get away for a break with your family soon.

      Years ago we got together near Pentwater… love that state park up there. Now we’re closer to Holland.

  34. André Fogaça


    Hello Jeff, Great video! Great words! You are really awesome and you are absolute right about that! I totally agree. Thanks!

  35. Great message, Jeff, and true! I live near Milwaukee – nothing like a Lake Michigan sunset!

  36. Beautiful post Jeff! Please keep doing more posts in nature when you can – I love seeing you in your element (and introducing us to the gorgeousness that Mother Nature has to offer).

    This is the second time in as many days that Lake Michigan has entered my consciousness – a sign to check it out soon 🙂

    My Mom is visiting me for the summer and, while I’m still driving forth to meet my ambitious business-building goals, I’m taking breaks as often as possible to spend time with her. I’m headed to San Diego on Wednesday for a mastermind retreat with your friend Lisa Sasevich (you introduced her to me actually & I’m super-grateful for that!)…then Mom and I are going to take a vacation after and soak up what San Diego has to offer.

    Happy summer to you and your close-knit family Jeff!!

  37. Enjoyed the challenge. My personal life has suffered lately, huge business / financial crunch. Need the balance!

    Blessings to all

  38. I was just in Detroit last weekend with my sister and her family for her daughter’s baptism. I Most of my siblings and my father gathered to celebrate this wonderful occasion. We mostly live in Utah and it was the first time for us to gather at her home. Additionally, it proved to be a truly relaxing and rejuvenating time away from work.

    I enjoy your video presentation style and want to find a simple way of emulating it. Thanks for the continual guidance.

  39. Fantastic message Jeff, and great to hear from someone who has made it big, yet kept their priorities in order. As someone once said “No one on there death bed ever says I wish I’d spent more time in the office”…

  40. Great message Jeff! That was the way my family disintegrated. Children and I were considered enemies of financial success. Very familiar and very painful experience to live an unbalanced / no family life. Children and I survived and are a happy family, the 3 of us. But according to my children their father is a very unhappy man now after 3 decades of looking after number one and his interests.
    Thank you for bringing this guidance to many.

  41. This really brings home the message that family must come first – I have been guilty of putting business ahead of my wife, young children, parents and siblings… and losing touch with everyone!
    If your business does not allow for family time to share, reflect, and enjoy; then it is not worth pursuing.
    I feel like a slow learner – being so hell bent on succeeding in business, and sacrificing time with my family – but now realising that what I miss out on with people today, can never be regained in the future.

  42. Great definition of Success = Connection with your loved ones, community, and clients. Your perspective is a home run in my mind. Really hit me at home.

    I trust you enjoyed the sunset on the bluff.

    Beautiful time of the year to be basking at Lake Michigan. Great photos!

  43. Having right balance is key. Time passes and some moments can’t come back or no money can buy it. Having some spiritual connect also helps you to introspect and check what’s that you want to do with this wonderful life.


  44. Hi Jeff,

    yes, you are so right…I am currently reorganizing my business and work hours as I really want to free up my time so I can spend more time with my family…

    In the past 3 months I’ve been going through this period of reviewing my life, and realize I spend way too much time working or thinking of my business…My kids are growing up and I am missing out…

    My biggest problem has been, I like to be in control, and training others to do things for me, has not been my priority…I’ve got to tell you, things are really changing now…

    By the end of this year, I truly hope I manage to get my life to where I want it to be…

  45. Hey Jeff,

    Love the example of the guy training his biceps !!

    Thank you so much for sharing

  46. Beautiful Jeff!! I don’t spend enough time with family myself, and it shows in the way I conduct my life. I tell full time musicians to be connected to family, but I don’t do it enough.

    So, that makes me kind of a hypocrite. I’m going to put a link to this video on my blog for musicians Jeff.

    Thank you.


    Mark Grove

  47. Michael Maidens


    Hey Jeff,
    Awesome! Love it… At the end of the day all that matters is life and love! My wife, kids, family (and Plat family) are the biggest source of happiness!
    Enjoy your week Jeff!

  48. I am so with you Jeff on the theme of your talk. Finding this balance
    is not often easy with my full time practice, endless travel and always the next
    vision coming through me. As I write this I am on the road. When I opened my suitcase
    I found a note from my 12 year old daughter~wishing me well on my Talk. Glittery stars, smiley faces. A huge reminder too to remember what is most important in life!

  49. Hi Jeff,

    I am always inspired by you but never wrote before. I have been working with people for 28 years helping the eliminated negative beliefs formed in childhood. One of the most common beliefs I work with is “I’m not important.” It comes from not getting the attention from parents when you’re a child. So, thank you for your insightful post!

    I just wanted to add one thing. When you look at your cell phone when you child is talking to you they will also conclude “I’m not important” or “What I have to say is not important.”

    Thank you for representing the importance of our families and especially our children. It makes a profound difference in their lives.

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