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One of the quickest ways to get started in business (or grow your current business) is by offering coaching.

But a lot of folks hesitate to add this service to their business model…

So in this video, I’m going to address why people hold back – and how they can feel confident jumping in! 

You can watch here:

The Importance of a Good Coach

Did you know that LeBron James — arguably the best basketball player in the world and in the history of basketball — has a personal coach? 

That’s right! 

Now, do you think LeBron’s coach is a better basketball player than he is? 

In that situation, who’s technically the basketball “expert”? 

And yet, LeBron finds immense value in having a coach, and pays good money to have someone guiding him as he continues to make history. Smart entrepreneurs recognize the value in hiring coaches at every stage of the game!  

Obviously, Lebron’s coach is offering something that James recognizes he can’t get by just going it alone. My guess is that a lot of that help comes in the form of staying connected to basics, working on mindset, and building the kind of character that can make a gifted player virtually unstoppable. 

This is what’s at the heart of tapping into your own capacity to be a great coach. You don’t have to be the best in the world at your thing. You just have to be better at your thing than the people you’re coaching. 

Whether you’re starting with 1:1 coaching, working with small groups, or expanding to larger knowledge offerings like courses… there is plenty of room for you to grow your business (and learn a heck of a lot) by becoming a coach in your niche. 

So if you’re considering the idea, but still have some hesitation, then this video is for you. 

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • What I learned about coaching when I was driving a Porsche GT-3 at 115 miles per hour
  • Why coaching is such a great option to accelerate your business
  • Why you don’t have to be the best (aka “The Expert”) at something to be an awesome coach 

As always, I’d love to hear from you. If you have follow-up questions or want to share your own experience, leave your comment below and let me know what you think! 

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36 Replies to “Coaching at 115 Miles Per Hour”

  1. Hi Jeff

    Like in the case of probably most of the people that watch this video, the message about “But Jeff, I am not an expert” will sound most familiar. It’s truly a dang discussion going on in our minds… at least when speaking about myself. But since I bought your PLF and your Seed Launch Deep Dive, I feel basically very prepared on the technical side of things… when that moment comes where I will say: screw those thoughts, let’s do it.. 🙂

    Regards from Greece

  2. Hi Jeff, cool overtaking at the end… Nice to hear your coach
    I like to be a coach and helping others. Good to hear that it is enough to be a few steps in front of my clients. With every client I learn something and I will be better. My goal is to have a digital product that helps a lot of people.

  3. Great video, I was thinking about coaching and your words are a plus to do that soon. And I purchased your Launch hard copy via that promotion you did on WarriorForum. Thank you Jeff 🙂

  4. Fantastic Video. Big learning for me is that some things you may want to achieve are simply not possible without the right Coach.

  5. Thanks so much for this Jeff. I have had about 5 or 6 messages in my inbox in the last few days about getting coaching clients, offering coaching etc, etc. I’m getting the message. 🙂 I think it’s time for me to start offering coaching.
    Thanks for your encouragement. I needed to hear this today.

  6. Patty Harter


    Great video Jeff!! But …. as an ex-race car driver (Porsche) I would like to ‘coach’ you in the correct way to say it’s name…. Porsche is a two syllable word. Sounds like – Por-shaa.
    You did an amazing job driving as well teaching on this video, I learned some things I needed to know in going forward.
    Thank you for all you do for us.

    • I always called it Por-sha as a kid, but then I was corrected by supposedly those in the know as Pour-sch. Glad to see an authority chime in.

  7. Dear Jeff,

    It is great to listen to your videos. You are coaching as and telling whats going on with you.

    Did you know you are couching us, your subscribers?

    The coach will always get you from one place to your destination.

    Getting couching is a lifetime process.

    Kind Wishes,


  8. Fun video and great example of effective coaching. While I wouldn’t want a race car coach to just be one step ahead of me on the curve (literally or figuratively), teaching is an excellent way to learn, plus there’s nothing better than really helping make a difference for someone. I have read your book many times and made so many notes in it that it now looks like a picture book – there’s a LOT on there. My best take-away was to just get started building my list. I’ve shared the book with at least a half dozen others so they could also see the value in list building and learn some actionable steps to getting started on the road to success.

    Thanks, Jeff. Would really enjoy meeting you someday. You’ve got a relaxed, but inspiring demeanor on your videos that draws people to your message.

  9. Thanks Jeff,

    I’ve considered this before but didnt think I was expert enough. I suppose it wouldn’t be as hard as I thought to get started.

    Thanks again,

  10. Hi Jeff,
    Great lesson and great drive. The power of someone beside you who knows the relevant limits is amazing in terms of the “permission” it gives you (he did a great job too). All too often experts fail to realize that what comes obviously to them can be a nightmare to others. With the right encouragement, time to turn that into a dream. I’m adding a tab to my website :o)

  11. Nice video Jeff! I am a coach and help people start and run a successful cleaning agency. Why waste time by trying many right and wrong ways. Follow someone who has done it and has been there.

  12. Thanks Jeff!
    I’ve been listening to your videos for a year I think and often I hear you expressing something that’s in me, or you talk about the path I’m on. I am a coach – for young people and for many years I’ve realised that I prefer coaching them to instructing them in the subject skills. I’m currently recreating my website to pitch into the coaching world in the UK for schools and corporates.
    Best wishes,

  13. Jeff, you’re right, in a round about way. Coaching isn’t about having someone in the car with you. Having someone in the car is being coached. The benefits of coaching are when you are alone in the car going 115 mph and press the accelerator to exactly where to where it belongs. That’s what coaching is about–it’s what’s there when the coach is gone.

    I found my coach this week. I know from just attending one seminar. I am astounded. I have been searching for a year. Now, I’m looking for my car and my track.

    Thanks for your book and all of your info.


  14. Jeff,

    Great video. It was quite engaging. Do you have some book recommedations about coaching? Thanks

  15. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for this video; I love how you brought me along for the ride!

    I’m a Coach and EFT Practitioner. I agree that everyone should have a coach, and it’s true that we don’t have to be expert on whatever the presenting issue is, because we coach the client, not the issue. When we have a solid knowledge base on the issue – trauma and nervous system health, in my case – we can be of great service to the client and support them in going much further than they could on their own.

    I’m using PLF to broaden the scope of the coaching, teaching and healing support I give to clients to include live groups and to provide online products that add value and benefit to many people. Thanks for teaching me how to do that, and for coaching me along the way!

  16. Thank you Jeff, for taking us on a wild ride :-), for your smile and wisdom. Coaching is what we all need and capable of. Teachers, parents, real friends we all are coaches. It is all defence if we are open for learning more, doing better and accepting that together we are better…
    Thank you again for being my coach

    My best regards
    Olga x

  17. Excellent video Jeff. This is a real class act. I hope all your videos are like this.

    Everything about the player and the video comes across as top notch, even the shirt you are wearing. Incredible attention to detail.

    I would run about 10 seconds of the racing video right after you mention driving in a Porche at 115 mph the first time – that racing video really wakes a person up and it was great how your coach knew when to brake, turn…

    Great analogy on LeBron James and his coach, I’ve not really ever thought about coaching like this.

    I give you and your team a solid A+ for your efforts here and I look forward to speaking with you personally sometime soon.

  18. Absolutely right Jeff! When we as consultants, coaches and trainers say to our ourselves “I have to be the best in order to help my clients” we (ironically) are talking from pride and ego. Pride and ego are antithetical to a service mindset. When we instead say “I will help my clients by giving *my* best” we accomplish three important things: we take our minds off our own (real and perceived) shortcomings, we put our minds into a giving/service/providing value mindset *and* we subconsciously set our minds to do those things that make us better *while we are on the journey.*

    Perfectville is always under construction; it is never open for business.

    Let’s get it done, ladies and gents!

    Jeff, once again an awesome message for us all!

  19. Hi Jeff. Thats a good post and you could hear from the car that you were listening to what you were told. Congratulations on getting the lambo.

  20. Thank you for your work and for another inspiring post. This is the second time in the past few days I’ve heard that you just have to be a step ahead of the people you’re coaching. In fact, I think this is brilliant because you’re more likely to meet the needs of the people you’re coaching if you’re just one step ahead of them. All of their fears, questions, and concerns are fresh in your mind because you just conquered them yourself. You can turn around and give value to clients because you really get what they need. Thanks again!

  21. Such a cool video – way to pass em!!
    I’m definitely interested in adding coaching to my business. I’m doing my first seed launch right now – first day of open cart. …and in the back of my mind, I’m thinking about my next launch.

    I saw that you sent us to the PLC for the guy teaching about intro coaching sessions. I wonder what your thoughts are about running an internal launch vs doing intro sessions for signing on coaching clients… or if those two things can synergistically work together.

    I’m also curious about pricing in this area. From what I’ve seen in the market, it seems that $250/60 min session would put me at the top end of what most people are charging.

  22. Great video post Jeff! Love how he was not just teaching you but coaching you as you drove that car. “You got em”. That’s cool. One important element of coaching is structuring communications. We use a software product called WP Coach Pro that piggy backs on a membership site to create private coaching portals for our clients. Keeps all communication records in one place.

    Thanks for the great advice, as usual Jeff… I’m a big fan.


  23. great tips, and hey you were in vegas like I just was, congrats. Super tips about coaching, and timely too since I needed a bridge from my jazz sax playing to trading; a coaching metaphor will work perfectly. your blog here is a top / the top IM/biz dev coaching site; thanks for all you do, it really helps. you’re relevant, nice and authentic.. i like the coaching quotes from Vince Lombardi too, helpful to inspire others.


  24. Such a great post, Jeff! I’ve struggled with this middle ground as well of not wanting to “fake it till I make it” but also not wanting to wait till I’m “ready” because there is no such thing. I love your advice, and it feels like permission-granting coming from a pro such as yourself. And this driving experience looks so fun! Way to go!

  25. Great video. I love how you left in the coaching that you received at the track. That was a mind blowing ride. You must have had Adrenaline pouring out of your ears!

  26. Jeff,

    I found my coach. I’ll never tell. Anyone. Who. It Is.

    I am ramped up and I have the accelerator to the floor. Why didn’t that guy teach you that? PEDAL TO THE METAL.

    Just joshing. Keep your safety helmet on,


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