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When I first started out, the idea that someone else would pay me for my ideas was mind-boggling. 

But 26 years later, my students have racked up more than $1 billion in sales in every imaginable niche. 

And here’s something else that’s wild.

Whether they’re helping families create better relationships, or showing people how to sell their artwork, or teaching heavy metal vocalists to perfect their screaming… 

When it comes down to it, all my students – really, all online business owners – get paid for the same thing:

Creating marketing campaigns for great offers.

The moment you realize what marketing REALLY is… everything changes.

P.S. In a few days, I’m releasing a brand new training, with some fresh approaches and ideas I think you’re gonna love. 

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Here's what's absolutely amazing about running an online business: you can have an idea, and using the tools readily available to us, even on our phones, you can create a marketing campaign for a digital product. This digital marketing campaign could lead people into an offer where you can sell as many as you want without any increase in your costs. Of course, this oversimplifies the whole process, but in reality, what you get paid for are the thoughts that come to your head.

Well, actually, you don't get paid for the thoughts. You get paid for taking those thoughts, turning them into a marketing campaign, and then launching that campaign to make an offer for a product that helps people. A product that delivers a better life, removes pain, or increases pleasure. And that's why this business, for me, never gets old.

When I started out, I was teaching people about the stock market. That was my niche for the first eight years of my online business, back in the early days, in the late nineties. And then I realized after eight years, and there's a big long story to that, that I was more passionate about helping people with their online businesses and with their online marketing. And now I've built a business doing exactly that.

Every day, I get to wake up and think of new campaigns, new promotions, new launches that I can do to put my training, my product, in front of people and then invite them to go deeper. That's what marketing is all about, presenting your offer in a super compelling way that makes people want to enroll, want to step forward, and change their life in whatever it is, whether it's dog training or meditation or learning how to paint in watercolors.

My students have done it in every niche you can imagine, in every market, every language, every country. It's an amazing business. I was just talking to my friend, Amy Porterfield, about this. We had a really cool interview, we'll release it soon!

When I did my first launch and made my first sale, the idea that someone would actually pay me for something I created was mind-boggling. I couldn't believe it until that first order showed up! Back in those days, it was like rocket science to process online orders. So it was actually a check that someone sent me and my product was an email newsletter that they were paying for. It was crazy.

That first sale changed everything for me. It made me realize that people would pay me for the value I could create in their lives. Before that, I'd always been an employee. I'd showed up at my job and I'd gotten a paycheck. And to go from there to knowing, to really knowing, to understanding that I could create value in the world, make an offer to people for that value and then when they said, “Yes,” then I would get paid for that value. Once you step across that chasm, once you understand that you can do that you can get paid for the value you create in the world, then everything changes.

Now, I've done somewhere around a hundred million dollars in sales of my products which is just absolutely ridiculous to think about, because until that very first sale, the idea of me getting paid to create anything was just crazy town.

I just want to tell you this because online business, I'm just so thankful for it and what it's done for me, what it's done for my students. It's awesome! And if the idea of marketing creeps you out, understand that marketing's just about being able to create value in people's lives and to communicate that value such that they're willing to step up and enroll in your program or your training, your course, your membership site, so they can have that change in their lives.

In fact, I've just put together a new campaign, a new training we're rolling out. It's going to be a free training. If you go to my site, we're going to be releasing it in just a few days. It's going to be super cool. We've been testing it in the background, just testing it out really slowly. But we're about to roll out this training. So go to, put your email address in, if you're not already following me there. And I hope it builds real value for you.

So wherever you're watching this, give me a share, give me a like, give me a thumbs up, tell your friends about it, and let's go get 'em this week.

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2 Replies to “What Entrepreneurs are REALLY Paid for”

  1. Bill Loeber


    Jeff is the real deal. I am working with a non profit that helps military folks in transition to civilian careers. I have been teach this content for 10 years. I am looking forward to applying PLF to this operation. Thanks Jeff!

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Excellent installment of your vlog this week.

    I believe one of the tenets of your success is your having followed (knowingly or unknowingly) one of Peter F. Drucker’s principles: “The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

    You have clearly mastered your avatar and helped teach your students how to do so, too.

    Thanks for all you’ve done to help us create our ideal customer and our ideal business model.

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