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Video killed the Internet star – and it made it a lot easier to build your business online (at least for most people). Here's how it changed my business, and how you can use it in yours…

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19 Replies to “Day 20: Video Killed the Internet Star”

  1. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Jeff – Wow.. video is such a sales and conversion attracting magnate to boost income and revenue for any online business. I first started running video for my FREE Live Seminar in Calabar on build a website in 15 minutes and make sales in 5 steps and the sign up for the Live seminar was almost 990 subscribers within few days. It allow me to dominate the web design nigeria space with 100% free website design and development training which was follow up with series of 3 – 5 emails for my VIP one-on-one training at my office. It was the video that boost conversion.

  2. Heléna Kurçab


    Was this video just done with your iPhone, Jeff? So need to do video but don’t know how.

  3. I haven’t been shooting video lately, but you’re reminding me how much I love it for the very reason of conveying your personality and enthusiasm on camera. Thanks Jeff!

  4. Thanks Jeff from Quebec city, listen to you during my morning walk and learn each time from you and want to help others like you do in my own field of expertise “leader’s communication.” I am in your program for launches . Have a great day!

  5. Thank you Jeff this was very encouraging . It’s something I wrestle with so appreciate your very generous content.

  6. Congrats on the milestone!

    I love communicating through video but I’ve also been drawn to podcast. I’m tempted to try to reach two different, but related, avatars with video and podcasting. Is that crazy? I’ve been blogging for 20 months on a weekly basis but I would much prefer talking to folks. I’m just about to release a book/course and break out as a business. My focus is on personal and brand identity and expression – release the real you through your relationships…business…etc. Any thoughts?

  7. Thanks Jeff! Great tips. Could you share what type of equipment you use for recording video more specifically?

  8. Yes Jeff you have reconfirm the power video and how effective in today’s Internet world

  9. I believe in the “power of VOICE”…whether it’s video or audio. Personally, I love audio and have had success with audio recordings. Videos, for the most part, are “talking heads.” Don’t get me wrong, they clearly are the preferred method for many marketers. But if we’re being honest here, there is very little difference between audio or hearing the words on video (while you may be doing other things.) But yes, for that “personal and visual touch,” video is wonderful. But if you have a strong and enthusiastic personality, audio can work just as well. And for you ladies reading this, we don’t have to worry about hair, make-up and wardrobe choice–love those recordings in my jammies.

  10. Stephanie L. Jones


    Hi Jeff!

    I’ve really enjoyed this 30-day video celebration! I’m bummed that it’s going by so fast! I’ve learned so much from you, particularly to stop thinking so deeply about things, and JUST GO GET ‘EM! Thank you for sharing your gift.

    Hey, can you dig in the vault and show some of us ‘newbies’ some of those older videos? Those would be cool to see.

    Again, thank you!
    IT IS WRITTEN: Rev. 3:8


  11. The first PLC that i shot, i literally laid down on the couch and passed out. It took so much energy, i was SO nervous, i had no idea how to do it……. So i just started practicing and have gotten better, still have a lot to learn, but I don’t pass out afterwards….Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Sylvie Peltier


    Hi Jeff,
    This is a great series. I’m enjoying every one of your videos. I bought PLF last Fall and building on my television production experience I’ll soon be launching online video courses. I can’t wait to show this to you and the PLF community. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. I wish I knew why, but I often find myself sitting through the last minute or two of your video blog messages just WAITING … waiting … for you to say, “and let’s go get ’em this week.” Your entire message capped with that last confident, what the hey, might as well aim at this target since we aimed at that one last time, let’s go get ’em this week really makes me want to try – something again, something new, something more, something different.
    So, thanks for it.

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