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This is a quick one: it's about what I think was probably my biggest mistake in business – the thing that held me back more than anything else.

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9 Replies to “Day 24: My Biggest Mistake In Business?”

  1. Great video, Jeff – and kudos to Betty! Quick question: do you have a process in place to help you select your team members based on the role(s) you need to fill? Thanks, and I wish you continued success!

  2. The challenge is knowing when and who to hire and what to outsource. And the tragedy of the overwhelm is that sometimes worthy projects don’t get done at all. You run out of time and energy.

  3. Jeff,

    I am going to miss your daily videos, thank you for sharing the wisdom we might not otherwise hear without this video challenge you set for yourself.

  4. I am petrified to bring on assistance. I am not even making my business expenses, or living expenses. I’ve had ‘daily’ help for a few days, and because it wasn’t consistent, miistakes were made because I wasn’t involved in every step. I’d like to delegate tasks that are not requiring of my expertise. I seem to be paralyzed to step into my success shoes. Working on attitude and esteem 🙂 These videos have been a gentle whispering, thanks.

  5. Anne Jennings


    Hi Jeff.
    Love your story about your team. xxx
    I have been interstate visiting a sick elderly relative and crashed on my return home, and have a miserable cold…poor me…so missed the last 7 days videos. So will be going back over the past weeks messages.
    Your comment about out-sourcing is well timed, today I noticed a friend on a TV advertisement for R-U-OK. I am going to the country town where my friend lives in three weeks and picked up the phone and called him. From that phone call we are going to do some volunteer stuff together.
    I am retired due to ill health, so not looking to create a team, your story today did remind me I am one of a great team of volenteers who help with suicide prevention and bereavement and domestic violence and we are ‘on the same page’ .

  6. I like the team talk videos! With no training in how to put together or manage a team, it seems like a pretty big learning curve…. But like you are saying, one step at a time…You are saying not putting a team together earlier is your BIGGEST mistake, wow. I want to learn from your mistake and get started learning how to build a team~

  7. Melanie,
    These words resonated with me: “I seem to be paralyzed”
    And along those lines, I’ve got two books for you to read…both relatively short, but very impactful.
    The Four Hour Work Week — focuses on how to delegate so that you have more time to do what you are good at…or love.
    The E-Myth revisited — about growing a small business. The first time I read this I cried because I, too, was paralyzed.
    I hope that helps.

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