How to REALLY Celebrate

by on Sep 02 2016

If you saw my “30 Day Challenge“, it was all about my 20-year anniversary. But here's “Day 31” and you can see how I REALLY celebrate my anniversary…


  • Aaron Koral says:

    Love this video Jeff – Quote of the day was “getting the work done and moving forward”. Have a great weekend!

  • Susan says:

    Love it! Always inspired by your honestly and down-to-earth nature, Jeff! I also miss my alma mater Fort Lewis! The scenery in your video brought back lots of great memories of that beautiful town!!

  • Wendy says:

    I’ve just shown this to my husband who’s always connected – his phone appears to glued to his hand!! However, he loves being in the countryside and would really enjoy a break somewhere similar to where this video was taken! However being cut off from social media and emails I think feels daunting to him. It’s easy to become so reliant on these things and they become like a comfort blanket. I’d love to be able to persuade him to ditch the laptop and phone for a few days break. Me on the other hand I’d love to get away where there no connection and do my own thing reading, writing and enjoying the beauty of nature with no phone in sight!!

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