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One of the biggest lessons I ever learned in my business… I put a deadline on my offer, and I doubled my sales. Here's the behind-the-scenes story of how I learned about one of the most powerful forces in marketing…

Next up… Day 12: How Many Emails Should You Send?


The power of the deadline is one of the strongest forces in all of marketing. (Click to tweet.)

Double your sales with deadlines. (Click to tweet.)

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23 Replies to “Day 11: Deadlines and Doubling Your Sales”

  1. I’m just coming to terms with this now. I currently have an online product that’s evergreen and is always available for sale. Back in Feb. I raised the price from $697 to $997 and had more sales in the week leading to the deadline then the prior year. Since then sales have been pretty dismal.

    After hearing you talk about and reflecting back to Feb. I think I’m going to take my product off the market and only have it available for sale for a limited time, kicking up the scarcity and making people make a decision.

    Thanks so much for all you do Jeff. I’m learning so much from you and can’t wait to see how it works out.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Great video on the power of deadlines.

    How would you suggest having a deadline if you are doing 1:1 coaching?


  3. Hey Jeff,

    I’m watching these everyday and loving them. We are so grateful for PLF (we did PLF 3.0 back in 2010 and I still log into the old site and watch the videos). It helped us triple our business that year from 12k per year to 36k. Then in 2011 from 36k to 100k (and since then we’ve continued to grow at a crazy pace). All because we established a unique product, launched it with a deadline, and repeated the process over and over. We are really grateful for your thoughtful approach to business – you’ve helped us so much! Thank you.

    • @Jason: Congratulations… it’s awesome to hear about successes like this. There are so many people that have such amazing results with PLF, and I only hear about a small fraction of them.

      Would you be interested in possibly being in one of our Case Studies?

  4. Hey Jeff,
    Great to hear this repeated again and again and again. I’ve got some new ideas from this that I definitely will try.

    Thanks for the great stuff!

  5. Hi, I have done a couple launches and had a lot of success with PLF. My last launch definitely went really well because I had a deadline and a reason to take action. I have a couple questions though. I’m having trouble coming up with a good reason for the deadline. Also, I am launching a new info product in a couple weeks. It’s a $49 dvd. The best idea I can come up with is to offer a launch special price at $29 then after so many copies sold raise the price to $49? Is this a good strategy? Thanks for any help, Dennis

  6. Hello Jeff,
    I am enjoying your videos. Thank you.
    That said, I noticed in one of your videos you showed a clip of yourself writing in a journal and then a pile of about 40 of them.
    Can one of these videos be about how journal-ling has helped your success and what you write in them on a regular basis?

  7. Hi Jeff,

    Great video as always. Your “normal guy” type of communication with your audience is just amazing. It’s just the “if he can do it, do can I” type of message that we all need to hear. I’m wondering when it was that you made the switch from your stock market newsletter business to PLF. How many stock market launches did you do prior to deciding to switch directions and teach PLF?

  8. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Hello Jeff,

    I must confessed that I first learn of deadline for sales, or product launches in PLF and each time I roll out web design nigeria launches to my list with Deadline – the last day sales always triple and I do monthly website design launches for my newly subscriber’s to free training lists. The power of Deadlines is the reasons why I am successful in web design business. Sometimes, I announce promotion on the phone when potential clients call and also introduce 48 hours deadline and it converts 6 to every 10 calls we receive for website design services here in Nigeria. Jeff, I am so grateful and thank you so much. I watch your videos daily and its my reference bible for Internet marketing and product launches.

  9. Thank you Jeff! This is exactly the message I needed to hear as our team talked about the need of some ‘special’ strategy that gets the attention of our soon to be customers! Your advice is excellent. So is this 30 day series thanks so much!. My fear is dissipating ?

  10. Jeannette Amon


    Thank you so much! You are SO RIGHT! Deadlines are essential! People do NOT want to “MISS OUT on a good deal”… so they NEED to see that “respond by this date to get in on this deal” information so they will ACT on it QUICKLY.

  11. I had a product ‘on the shelf’ when I first found you. It was $97/month and I sold them once in awhile. Then I found PLF and did a launch for a $1,997 product with an open and close registration date (as per your directions – I didn’t waiver!).

    The “Walker W” was spot on. Sold 25 seats and pulled my other product off the shelf. 10 launches later? Well, let’s just say it works everytime.

    Thanks for these videos, Jeff. I’m loving them.

  12. Absolutely love that today’s video was followed up in a separate email with a deadline offer for LaunchCon 🙂 Giving us some words of wisdom AND following it up with a real life example 😀

  13. hi Jeff. Congratulations on 20 years in business. I hear you say the word “we” by a lot. Did you have a partner when you started? 😉 Seriously, congratulations on building up your new business. I in failing health, so wish you and your family the best and “go get’em” with this launch you are preparing..

  14. Hi Jeff,

    Does this work for retail products? I have had little success with our new retail product and thought about doing a online sale. Is there a secret number as to how many days to run the sale? Is a shorter time better?

    Thank You,
    London Scott

  15. Hi~Jeff, I’m the “launch” in chinese version reader from Taiwan. Thanks for your information and video. It helps me a lot. I do my online business this April, like you said, do it right now. Thank you!!!

  16. Hi Jeff
    You look so casual on the video, very easy to watch. Loving that these talks are under 10 mins. I have limited MB time on my computer , so committing to watch a program for a month when the videos are short is affordable.
    with love Anne Jennings

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