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When I started leading live workshops, it was a complete gamechanger for my business – it took my profits, impact, and positioning to a completely new level. Here's how I did it…

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13 Replies to “Day 23: The Live Workshop Gamechanger”

  1. I was at that first workshop in 2007.

    Still remember when one of your guest speakers Eban Pagan told the audience to “move the free line” by giving your best stuff away. A guy in the front row raised his hand to say, “What if your best stuff is your only stuff?”

    Eban said anything you have is able to be expanded. A 10 point checklist can be expanded into a article with 10 steps, 10 steps can be turned into 10 chapters, 10 chapters can be turned into a 10 day or a 10 week program. It’s a lesson I continue to pass along to others. But it would not have happened had I not got myself on a plane and gone to your first event. It’s also so much of what PLF is all about.

    Jeff is a master at helping solo-preneurs to launch a successful product. I made six figures from my first two launches. If you have an opportunity to learn in person from Jeff you’d be crazy to miss that chance.

    Can you do it from taking the self-study course? Yes, having attended multiple events, I can tell you that being a part of a tribe can do far more to accelerate your business than sitting alone in front of your computer.

  2. Hey Jeff

    Great insight. Your videos are compelling and packed full of stories and true wisdom. I am enjoying each one of them. I was reading an article this morning with life suggestions that I know you will appreciate reading.

  3. Jeff your enthusiasm is inspiring in itself. I’ve learnt more from you in 22 days than I have in the past year.
    Thank you for these brilliant videos

  4. Yes, these videos are encouraging along with productive. Jeff, I appreciate your down to earth manner. I have benefited from your offerings, thank you and your team (& family 🙂 Be well Every body !

  5. We just launched our first live event based on your model Jeff. I purchased PLF and went to PLF life last year. As a result, we launched a product earlier in the year and created an event based on PLF Live – free to those who had bought our product. The event went so well, we are running another one soon!

  6. I have been to two PLF Live events and my life is now on a different track. I love learning about launching and made life changing connections at PL:F live that are supporting me in really getting my business and message where i want it to go…… I definitely learned alot from the PLF course, but it is being together with everyone that has really put me on track…..ALso, really looking forward to upcoming Launch Con!!

  7. Totally agree. I remember the first workshops I put on and how much it impacted my business.

    All in all it just makes everything so much more personal in your business.


  8. “You have capabilities and strengths you have’t even taped yet. you just have to get out there and try.” Fantastic.

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