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This one's about the re-launch of Product Launch Formula… and making $1 million in sales in just 53 minutes (one of the most epic launches in online marketing history)…

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11 Replies to “Day 25: Selling $1 Million in 53 Minutes”

  1. That’s such a great story, Jeff. A rising tide raises all boats – Thanks for being a rising tide by sharing your experiences with all of us!

  2. WHOA! This video was pretty epic, Jeff! A lot of great lessons learned today. The two most important lessons I learned from watching today’s video was a) always think of what is the next step forward you should be taking in building your online business and b) know how to pivot when you find your online business is in trouble like when your server crashes. A lot of great stuff was shared today, Jeff – thanks for sharing this video!

    P.S. – You mentioned something about social proof and scarcity, though. How did you come to learn the importance of those psycho-sociological concepts when building your business? Would really like to know, thanks!

  3. David Barnett


    Thanks Jeff,
    I’m in Launch Club working on my first launch, this was perfect timing to inspire me with what is possible when you create a product that is so desperately needed and you keep improving it!
    Thank you for your continued coaching and mentoring!

  4. Thanks Jeff… Good story but the guy in the background was kind of distracting. Was that intentional?

    • Lol that was what I was thinking! But I LOVE all things Jeff Walker. Great messages for sure 🙂

  5. So proud to be part of this launch with Jeff and Jon…I wrote many of the promotional emails for the partners (not an easy task, since Jeff likes to write his own emails and is VERY particular about who speaks in his voice) and I remember so well when this thing went nuclear. This launch was certainly among my proudest moments in my 20 years as a copywriter–thanks again, gentlemen, for letting me be a part of PLF history!

  6. Ha! I loved Daniel’s cameo appearances, had me smiling!! Ok, so those 53 minutes must have been just breathtaking…….What an extreme, from crashed server to epic sales in 53 minutes, what a day that was. I like the continuous reminder of baby steps and identifying the next action. I am launching next week and have 3 next actions that I am taking today to move it along.

  7. Your videos are so great, Jeff. Your well thought out theme and each video building the story… really a great building block for so many people, including me. Your ‘golden nuggets’ in each video are so helpful. You have made this series a true gift to all entrepreneurs. Thank You!

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Just wondering if you can offer any advise on how to best “prevent” a crash on a server from happening. Any extra steps one can take? Much appreciated! Mitch 🙂

  9. So real and raw Jeff! Thanks for sharing such insight that can only be gained after taking the action! Reminds us that it only takes the 1st step for us big picture thinkers!

  10. Anthony Beckman


    I’m starting to become a believer. If I can put one foot in front of the other – everyday – good things will happen. 1% better each and every day. I don’t need to create a revolution everyday – or ever every month. Just keep improving, providing more value, connecting with one more person. The big wins will surely follow. Thanks for the inspiration.

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