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My book was a #1 New York Times Bestseller – this is what it meant to me and my business (plus at 1:59 you get a little behind-the-scenes that shows when things don't go exactly as planned during a video shoot).

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37 Replies to “Day 27: My Book Launch + #1 NY Times Bestseller!”

  1. Have the book. Love the book. Looking forward to your lifestyle book.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    A lot of people working there.
    Guess it makes a difference in what you can get done in a day!

    Grats on the the book, but….
    What have you got for a lone wolf?
    Skipper Works

  3. Love the video – all the videos! Super cute when your son came out! I’m going to miss your daily inspiration after Aug 30th! And Congratuations on your 20 year anniversary!

    I would LOVE a book on creating a balanced personal and work lifestyle if it could address the reality of life, (and your wisdom of it), for those of us with successful businesses but desiring to change the business delivery system (using PLF.)

    My BURNING question is:

    Did you ALWAYS maintain a personal and work balance during the “start up” and early growing phases of your business – that time i am refering to is BEFORE you made sufficient income to support yourself and family well… or did you go through a phase when your work exceeded your personal life balance so much that it was daunting and at times and exhausting?

    And if you HAD already been making an extremely good living and had a lot of commitment to others with this good income… HOW would you have added a NEW business in the mix of your commitments AND your personal life?

    Can’t wait to see you at LaunchCon! LaunchCon here we come!! It’s going to be awesome!

    • G B Crawford


      Thoughtful insight and provoking questions. I too join those who will miss the regular videos.
      Jeff Walkers personality is really balanced and just cool. Like did you see how he handled the surprise of his son, smiling all the way, and his son, learns from Dads example. Cool people. Just a natural. This personality type is a major factor in his success, he genuinely draws people towards him at a spiritual level, and the find peace, are comfortable with him, and trust is almost instantaneous.
      Character is a lifelong pursuit for me, I am inspired by those who are so well balanced. Or so I perceive it to be.
      Thanks again Jeff, and Karen.

  4. Have the book. It alone made a huge difference in some marketing efforts. THANKS for making the effort to write it!

    On lifestyle, one aspect of your videos that I really enjoy are the steam whistles from #480 & #486 echoing through the valleys. Durango, what a beautiful place!

  5. This is pretty awesome. I love that stuff just happened, like life! I’m glad you went with it. Humanness builds trust. I just got endeared to your story through this refreshing dose of realness. And that turns into a personal investment on my part.

  6. Hi Jeff,

    It’s true , it’s not only about making a ton of money , but it is also about having a high quality lifestyle also.

    I am really excited about your idea of your next book 🙂

    It’s an opportunity for me to model you and the lifestyle you are enjoying…

    I am waiting… 🙂

  7. Hi Jeff, I read your book in 2014 and launched my Autism ABA Help 5x since then, already reaching professionals and “gung-ho” parents from 40 different countries! The first 2 times, I did seed launches (after doing a survey/pre-announcement which was such a great idea), then I added a 3-part video series, FB ads and live webinars.

    Launch was the best book I ever read in terms of ROI and I would love to read any of your future books! Thank You Jeff!

    • Hi Mary,
      We are launching an online curriculum and training for Spanish teachers. I’d love to connect about what you have done.

      Jeff loved what you said about teachers and entrepreneurs – of which I am both! So excited about this coming year and launching our content that we have developed over the last ten years to the world!

  8. Hi Jeff… I love how the guy walks into the shoot and you just roll with it! lol!

    About the next book on lifestyle? Absolutely – I’d love to read/hear what you have to say! Maybe you can call it: “Lifestyle Launch Formula”! lol

    Everything these days seems to be about creating your success systems and implementing integrated automation technology so we can have less overwhelm and save time. On top of that though, choosing to play and embrace all the things you love and making them equally as important as the business/financial side is what makes it all much richer. Getting THAT down – having a formula to make THAT happen would be a very worthwhile read. (Coming from a recovering workaholic!) 🙂

    • @Judy: the “guy” is my son Daniel. 🙂

      He’s normally the one shooting the videos, but I decided to shoot a quick selfie video and, well… you saw the rest.

  9. Yes- please write the next book sounds amazing. You’re such an inspiration for entrepreneurs Jeff. Thanks for your book, PLF and this awesome video series. I watch each video with my 18 month old son each morning during breakfast- haha (but really we do). PLF has changed our lives and we are so grateful for all that you do.

  10. Great video Jeff! I would love to see you write another book on what you see as the future of business marketing on the internet (i.e., mobile, social, video) and where you see the industry headed in the next five to ten years! Congrats!

  11. Would enjoy learning about how you set up your entrepreneurial ‘lifestyle’.
    Hustle your face off seems to be all the rage right now with building a business and getting ahead.
    I feel at odds with that because I’m looking for the exact opposite. I’m looking for the freedom and choice to direct the amount of time I choose towards my life, family and business.

  12. Hi Jeff, I just enjoy watching your videos. You always offer so much helpful info in them. I am going to Amazon and buy your book
    right now. Thanks.

  13. Hi Jeff! Readying Launch now. Great book! So much good stuff! It took me a year from knowing about you to buying your book. I only regret not buying it sooner!

  14. At PLF Live I heard two stories about people who launched just from reading the book and then with the money they got from the launch, they purchased PLF, that is so cool. Yes, I would love to hear more about your lifestyle, how you kept it together especially in the first few years and how do you start building a team to keep some balance in your lifestyle…… thanks for my morning inspiration!

  15. Hi Jeff
    I have hugely enjoyed your daily videos. Thank you so much for sharing the essentials of your business acumen
    It has been enormously helpful and given me lots of insights Ito how to be successful in online business.
    I am looking very forward to reading your second book. Kind regards

  16. Hi Jeff, yes, I’d love to hear about creating a lifestyle that goes with the business. I’m not so good at having a mindset that makes room for myself AND a relaxed, pleasant life, I’m so wiped out by putting all my energy into work! GREAT idea!

  17. I have Launch, have read it, and will read it again when I’m ready to launch my continuity program in a few months. I would read a book that moves on to the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. That’s what I’m hoping to achieve.

    I’m also going to start doing more regular videos for my list. With your son walking through the frame (not once, but twice) and the D&S in the background with the standard grade crossing whistles, it proves that even a video that’s anything but perfect, is still watchable, as long as it has good content.

  18. Love the new book idea, Jeff. How to live & maintain an incredible lifestyle while building something hugely impactful & meaningful. Without the relationships, lifestyle, & fun, none of it is worth while.

  19. I’d love to see a lifestyle book; however, I’d also be interested in how you created such a successful business as an introvert.

  20. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve read your book and now I’m working on an online course that I’ve postponed five years.

    I will make a seed launch with Fb ads and on the 16th september I will do the launch. I’ll keep you informed after.

    Regarding the life style book, I am very interested in buying it. I struggle in keeping the balance between work and family 🙁

    All the best and success in your future projects!

  21. It is a great book! And please do write that book on Lifestyle!! I am working hard to help a lot more people and to create a different lifestyle for myself and my family. So many people are unhappy and unhealthy, and a lot of change needs to happen.

  22. Yes! Would love to read it. Priorities for for me right now Center around launching an online podcast and video coursee business that will first of all help people take their relationship to the next level and second keep it there. The overall personal goal though it to create true financial freedom so I can live a great lifestyle. ?

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