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So, once you become intentional about the life you want to build… then how do you stick to your vision without getting pulled off track? The second video in this mini-series is all about the deliberate choices you have to make so you can make your ideal life a reality…

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

Okay, so I’ve been talking about intention here in my videos, so I thought I would shoot a video for you from the chairlift. I am shooting this on a ski Friday, which has been a tradition I’ve had for a number of years.

Basically, every Friday for the winter—which usually the ski season goes from mid-November until early April-ish, depending on the snow year—I just go in and I put down for every Friday that I’m in town, I just block it off and say, “That’s a ski Friday. I’m going skiing no matter what.”

So I’ve been talking about intention. This is just one of the intentions. I like to ski. I love to get outside. I love to be in the mountains, and I just love to have a great lifestyle.

We live in an era of pretty much limitless opportunity and especially someone in my shoes, once you start to build up some momentum and build up and audience and build up a business, it really is pretty much almost limitless opportunity. There are never-ending projects. There are never-ending people that want to get on my calendar, want to schedule calls, want to bring opportunities to me. There are never-ending opportunities to do promotions, to create products, to shoot videos.

What I noticed a number of years ago is, I like to ski and I wasn’t getting in as many ski days as I liked. So I just went in and scheduled those ski Fridays. Usually what they look like is I get up in the morning and this is the few days a year where I actually have an alarm set. Usually I don’t set an alarm in the morning but on ski Fridays I set an alarm to get up here usually early—it depends. Part of the year, for the first two-thirds of the year, it pays to get up here early, so the skiing’s really great. Once we get into March and early April, actually the skiing’s better later in the day. But I set that alarm clock, and I get up here, and I get after it.

A lot of times, I’m scheduling friends in, but a day like today, there weren’t any friends; didn’t want to come up with me. The snow is actually not that great right now. In fact, it’s really marginal snow, but it’s just the principle of the thing. It’s a ski Friday, and it was time to get up here. This is actually my first ski Friday of the year. So I was going to come up here even if it’s only part of the day and I get in a small number of laps to get my legs in shape. But yeah, it’s all about intention.

So I know this isn’t the intention that a lot of people are going to want. Not everyone wants to go skiing every week. Not everyone wants to go skiing every Friday, but that’s mine. So it’s all part of that life I’ve designed. You know what? I do this even in crazy times, during promotions and during launches because I know that when I’m getting out in the mountains and I’m exercising and getting that fresh air and having fun.  That enhances my productivity, so I don’t feel guilty about it. I’m really hard-core. I just block it off, and I go do it. So I set that alarm, and I get up here, and I have a great day. Then I usually go home and have a great dinner with my wife and sometimes the kids, depending on all the schedules.

But again, it’s just what life do you want to lead, and then how can you be just, “no compromise” when it comes to leading that life?

So the lift ride’s almost over. I’m about to get off the lift, so we’re going to shut this down.

Scroll down. Leave a comment for me. Tell me what’s your equivalent of a ski Friday? What is it that you like to get away with, that you need to schedule in, or that you are already scheduling in?

So I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching… scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let’s go get ‘em this week.

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43 Replies to “Designing An Incredible Life (Part 2)”

  1. Your video was very interesting, and I need to schedule something that I enjoy doing which is building doll houses. I love building doll houses because it relaxes me and clears my head. Thank you for this idea.

    • Scott Conorton


      Teaching people how to build doll houses – that’s a cool little niche business.

  2. I am so jealous Jeff!! I used to live in Aspen and love the mountains. Now I live near the the beach in Tampa and love it as much, but don’t get out there much. I also love sun sets over the ocean. I will add these to my 2019 intentions. One thing I do, is a massage a month. If my launch scheduled for January goes well maybe I will move that to once a week!
    What a great way to live. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hey, Gigi. We’re bit far from one another. I live in Lakeland and realized I barely went to the beach this year. I’m definitely scheduling beach days this year from April – September (maybe October if it’s like 2018). Maybe we can start a mastermind group at the beach.

  3. Hey, Jeff. I do a few things: Friday evenings I goof off – mainly watch TV with my husband. I don’t watch TV otherwise…or stop working/managing the house & family. I also pray 1 decade of the rosary before bed each night while I stretch. This keeps my focused & thankful – my personal “gratitude time”. Just starting my PLF journey, so in transition to other lifestyle changes!

  4. Hi Jeff. Great and inspiring video. My version of a “Ski Friday” is the dance and modeling website I have to work on during the weekend, after I’ve put in my hours for my freelance writing business. I will schedule this time in intentionally like you/this video suggests. Thanks. Happy Holidays.

  5. Love your authentic videos 🙂 “Soul time” is super important to me, and I need it daily. For me it’s the see shore. I live near by, so I made several “must do” opportunities to myself: “must go with the dogs”, right? then go on beach ! “must do sport”, right? then ride the bike on the cliff or on the shore ! “must get into shape”, right? so climb the 151 stairs from the beach to the street several times… 🙂 and so on. To close the deal even better I took a challenge to publish one photo a day of the see in my instagram and FB pages.

  6. I love to drive my BMW M3 on some twisty road or just to take a road trip of a couple hundred miles. I make time to do that at least once a month.

  7. Since I started paddleboarding I try to do so at least once a week, if the sea conditions permit. It doesn’t matter if I have a full schedule later that day. I set my alarm for a very early wakeup, usually 5:30 or 6 am.
    Now in the winter we get wonderful sea conditions at sunset, so tomorrow I’ll drop everything at 4pm, put on my warm surfing gear, and head for the beach.
    Last week we got the most amazing sunset.
    And now I’m off to continue working on the launch of my brand new e-course 🙂
    That’s how I design my incredible life

  8. Jeff, this video took me back to 2014 when I first saw you…shooting your video in a gondola on the slopes. I was just starting my business and I was instantly attracted to your style and authenticity.

    At that point you inspired me to adopt the intention of WEEKLY VIDEOS in my neck of Colorado…in the woods, with my horses, climbing rocks, etc.

    I just passed the 200 video mark and it’s been the cornerstone of my business success. And instead of watching your videos with envy I now watch you with gratitude for modeling the energy, passion and commitment it takes to really serve others. I now create the lifestyle *I* want.

    And you’re so right. The more successful you get the more “opportunities” you get which can distract you from the lifestyle you really want!

    Happy Holidays and much love to you.


  9. John Biasucci


    Hi Jeff, its so important to nourish our soul with the one mindset that that brings us joy in our world. I was fortunate to find such a task as gardening that is the centre of my business moving forward as a micro cultivator and producer with a retail front line and consumer support. The one thing that I am compelled to do to bring me closer to self is to take time to be “in tune” with my garden. Meaning be at one with the plants and my calling to be centred and aligned with my purpose around the business. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance on this product launch.

  10. I block time out of my week every Wednesday from 11-2 to go visit my lifelong friend who has been ill most of her adult life (cancer, stroke) and is now in long term care. She means a great deal to me and also loves me very much and it’s as important a time for me as it is for her. I do not cancel or miss this time with her unless it’s an absolute emergency in my business or one of us is ill. The routine is good for us both as we have lunch together and play cards which we both really enjoy. I’ve done this for years and it’s one of the biggest benefits of being a business owner… I can.

    • Grace Carter


      Kelly, that is a wonderful gift to your friend and to yourself, and yes, the great thing about having your own business is that . . . YOU CAN!

  11. I like to hike along the lake and explore my city and I tend to be more productive when I get out every single day first thing in the morning. I typically have two days a week where give myself time to not schedule anything on the calendar and give myself the freedom to do whatever spontaneous activity I want. Sometimes I read, sometimes I hike, sometimes I catch a movie, sometimes I meditate, and sometimes I am inspired to write or get work done because I’m feeling incredibly inspired! A lot of time my time away from building my business inspires me with new ideas and creativity. That’s how I define freedom <3

  12. I think I’d like to “invent” Caturday Saturday. I have 3 cats and they’re always after me for attention, especially since I haven’t had work for several years. Of course, finding/creating work is my other intention for the year. This also means to me to spend less time at the table and more time in the bedroom, at the desk, on the bed or floor. I can still read or do work, but be at their level.

    Also, thank you for supporting my thoughts toward spending time in meditation, time alone and spending that soul time… SO important! Glad to have gotten the link in my e-mail. Thanks, Jeff.

  13. Shampa Sarkar


    Mary Christmas Jeff.
    How can you riding there in such cold !!
    Everything is so nice !!

  14. Ron Britton


    The Power of Intention, by Dr Wayne Dyer, is a book that has changed my life. we are able to create our own world, by what we intend to do. Thanks for the reminder. I just returned from a 5 day ski holiday to Breckenridge,CO. No one was able to go ,so I wen t by my self, BOOYAH!

  15. Every week, usually on a Saturday, I block out a set time for spiritual meditation. This invigorates my spiritual side and adds grace to my being. Like your snowskiing Fridays, my Saturday comtemplations make a difference and are worth every minute of time they use. Sometimes I go to a lookout. Other times I go to a tiny chapel at a local monastery. Outdoor places are my favorite. Nature provides the perfect setting for times of inner renewal. Like you said, it does make a positive difference in our lives.

  16. I am toying with the idea of ski Monday. Skiing at Sunshine here in Alberta.

    If you want to do something we need to commit to dong it. I fully agree and appreciate your videos.

    Merry Christmas.

  17. Good strategy! I’d argue recharging one’s batteries this way is even more important when very busy because we get depleted quicker at those times!
    Personally I recharge when communing with nature, particularly woods.

  18. I’m going to schedule Movie Mondays starting in January because my last day at my “job” will be January 31.

  19. I walk my dog every morning for an hour in the nearby forest. Usually with my wonderful wife and we rebuild the/our world. Best time spent during the day, come wind, rain or snow…
    Now we want to make our life as a whole more intentional, so we are selling our house in rich Luxembourg and moving to Italy, in a quiet side valley in Umbria where we will have a sauna, pool, and forest all around – with a firm intention of using it. As a CEO of my company, work tends to suck up every second of my life, but I am pushing back harder now and creating more space for quality time.
    You are the only one of the web-based sales phenomena who goes beyond just selling their product. My profound admiration for this, it goes very deep in touching one of the major ills of our time. We are all struggling in the hamster wheel to get our ticket for the nice rides in this life, but often times we lose what life is really about: Ski Friday!
    Thanks Jeff

  20. Frank Saltzburg


    Once I passed the BIG ’50’ mark, made a decision to hit the gym 4 days/week to stay in shape and be physically functional. Typically, I break up my day by working out just 1 hour at 2PM., concentrating on 1 or 2 muscle groups per day. Relieves the stress and I feel very calm after working out…my form of meditation.
    Keep on skiing, Jeff!

  21. Hello Jeff. Merry Christmas, or/and Happy Holy Days. I need to intend to do a couple of hours of art every evening before going to bed. The only thing I do intentionally every week is coach a blind friend of mine every Tuesday morning. I read him motivational/spiritual material and then we talk about our day and plans for the week. Originally, about a year ago, I was coaching him (pro bono) in starting a business, but his eyes got worse, so he’s holding off on that, hoping his eyesight will improve.
    I have just begun working on my first Launch and have finished writing the magnet. I haven’t decided whether to do a horizontal launch on this one or a vertical launch. I have created the PDF, the PDF cover and the sales page for it.

  22. Friday is Claire Bear time. I spend most of the day with my granddaughter. We walk, swim, and go to park and pat the horses out the back of my home in outer Brisbane. Merry Christmas to everyone.

  23. Hi Jeff. I hope you actually get to see this comment and that it is not just lost in anongst the thousands of responses you must receive daily. I,m not sure what it is that I can actually apply to my business in order to take advantage of your valuable attempts to help. I am a contractor and all I actually have to sell is my time. Most of the time people require a quote before I can first of all get the job and second of all make a profit which would fall in line with the correct estimate of time required and third of all to quote a competitive hourly rate. How can I apply your advice to any of the above? Thank you for reading this and have an awesome Christmas. Regards Willem.

  24. Hi Jeff, I hope you had a great Christmas! I am re-committing to spending my mornings in the sewing room. I learnt this from Nick Wilton as well as from you – no matter how busy he is, Nick paints every morning, and so I will sew!

  25. Intention is so important. Unfortunately, it is easy to get caught up in the crazy times and think there is no time for the reason we are working so hard.

    For me, it’s getting out in nature and participating in physical activity (surfing, skiing, hiking…)

    Thank you for the reminder Jeff that we need to be deliberate with our intentions!

  26. Hi Jeff. Thanks so much for sharing this video. Although I am a life coach and am all about great self-care, I’ve just spent the first year (this past year) in biz working myself a bit harder than my body wants to be worked. My SEED launch is coming up in the next couple of weeks, and I am really hoping it goes well so that I can start to book in some body work (massage, chiro), and some intentional holidays and travel in 2019. A road trip with a good friend in San Diego in March, a couple of weeks at a cottage next summer, a personal week-long meditation retreat, are a few things on the must do list. Daily work/life balance is another key intention. Walks in nature daily, and some gym time to move more. It’s been great reading what others have written here. Thanks for showing us that creating a nurturing lifestyle, while running a successful online biz, is totally possible. It means a lot to have authentic real-world role models like you Jeff!

  27. I love Ski Fridays & Ski Wednesdays too! I dance on the other days.
    I also love that this business allows me to work on the weekends and hit the ski area and the trails on the weekdays while it’s less crowded.
    Sometimes it is hard to pull myself away from building this business, but it is always worth it to get into the mountains and take a few turns in the snow.
    I come back inspired and refreshed.
    Maybe I’ll see you out there. (on the slopes, probably not on the dance floor)

  28. Grace Carter


    I have a morning routine (about 3 hours) that is all about self-care (prayer, exercise, reading, etc)- I find that when I do it, my day is much more productive. I intend to do it and schedule it everyday.
    Even so, it is often the first commitment to go. I might schedule a flight, or have a pressing project that I want to get an early start on, or I schedule an appointment so early that I have to cut my routine. Is this an intention problem?

  29. peter mutaftschiev


    Hey Jeff! I like the attitude very much.
    I’m getting in my car RIGHT NOW and going skiing. And I’ll go skiing every Monday until end of April “no matter what”. And see what happens… see whether intentionality beats drifting. Probably does. Thanks for the inspiration!

  30. Janet Neustedter


    Hi Jeff! Every Saturday has been hike with my best lady friends in the morning. I took to golf this year and am SMITTEN! So every Sunday 100% is golf, Saturday is if I can fit in the time. I gave up my gals for golf on Saturdays but miss the deep friendship that evolves over 3 hour hike n talk. I work full time (this year I will transition to my own business thanks to your help) so weekends are packed…
    Scheduled in – to your question – hike Saturday and golf Sunday!

  31. There are several rechargeable moments for me inclusive of interior design, visiting new areas in my city, nature and waterfalls as well as spending time with family and friends which is something that I am committing in this new year to penciling in on my calendar as my business grows.

  32. It would be great to have a video that talks about the step by step practical planning 4 relaxation in my business. I currently have an established business in which I have recently removed myself from the brick-and-mortar in order to do it digitally. I’m currently examining a digital strategy agency that was supporting me and assisting parents and families to have healthy reconnections in their relationships which is a spinoff of my break and mortal counseling firm with several differences for the purpose of scaling quicker and without the red tape that comes along with a medical practice. I would like to hear thoughts that could assist me with my new Journey.

  33. Thank you for this at the end of the year as I am going through (very seriously) the review at the end of the year required by Best Year Ever. Because I am swamped in getting my biz launched, I cannot give a full day, but it became clear to me I NEEDED at least a half day off — and it was clear that not having something like your Ski Friday was leaving me feeling frustrated and a bit angry that I can’t have a relaxing time. What I truly love is reading (for fun, not work) with no guilt. So I looked back through my calendar and Friday afternoons seemed the most open for me. So, “voila”, I have dubbed Friday afternoons as “Freedom Friday” where I can disappear somewhere and read, read, read with absolutely no guilt — and feel refreshed and indulged afterwards. Thank you so much!!

  34. Carol Joyous


    Love that you have your Ski Fridays, Jeff! Garden Time is a must for me and my team knows this. In warm weather months, I get at least 20 minutes or more in each morning in my vegetable and fruit garden. Weekends, I’m in the garden between 1 to 3 hours. I also schedule time to sit and relax and enjoy our yard and garden. Three other things that I love and *must* have in my life are daily snuggle time with my two pets, beach time, and I go dancing at least twice a month. These four activities keep me focused, relaxed, and feeling balanced. They recharge my energy physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Thank you for reminding me to make these an intentional part of my life!

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