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It’s crazy how often disbelief can hold us back (or maybe it’s just me!). Here’s a $60,000 example…

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48 Replies to “$60,000.00 and I Didn’t Believe”

    • Jeff my disbelief has consistently been I am not good enough to do ____________ fill in the blank. My break through is that I am better then I give myself credit for. My plan of action is to start immediately moving on my launch plan and setting a goal,for implementation. Thanks once again for your inspiration. Charlie

  1. Your post hit a core belief. The personal story resonates with me and caused me to realize that I have to shift my belief in what is possible. Thanks a million!

  2. Great video! I’ve found the same to be true in so many areas. Disbelief holds us back more than anoyone or anything. I’m learning to overcome my disbelief and I’ve started my own blog and am looking at people like yourself, Jeff Goins and Micheal Hyatt as my inspiration.

  3. When you connect on camera, there is no such thing as far away. My spirits are raised and I do better. Thank-you, Jeff!

  4. Hi Jeff,

    I utterly get that all of this is possible, what I have to fight is the feeling that “it’s ok for them they are …. [insert whatever I’m feeling the lack of right now]”.

    The kicker is that there are plenty of people with less knowledge, expertise and resources who are already doing what I want to do, but am doubting my capability to do it.

    So, today. I’m going to just do it anyway and ignore anything my stupid subconscious is coming up with. It’s just my fear talking!

  5. I’ve been held back by disbelief for so long! My big dream to live in California… as a UK entrepreneur that involves proving myself to a big, scary authority figure (US Immigration.) I’ve built an unconventional career that doesn’t fit well on a resume, and I’ve always considered that a big disadvantage in terms of pleasing The Man. I’ve wrung my hands about this for a LONG time – oh, the injustice! It can’t be done!

    But a bunch of my Launch Club peeps at PLF Live this year showed me how I’m holding myself back – I NEED to stand out from the crowd to get this done! So I’m talking to an attorney now (whom I also met through a LC friend)…. watch this space!

  6. When I first started thinking about selling my expertise online and helping people from all over the world, I didn’t believe I had a chance of succeeding until I had a HUGE list…
    Then I saw your free training in 2013, and took a leap of faith and joined PLF.
    I did my first launch right away, following the formula to the tie, and I made $6k with a list of only 3000 people.
    That was the moment I realized that because of a disbelief I waited years until I started getting results.
    So I want to say THANKS once again, Jeff for your teachings and inspiration 🙂

  7. There’s so much valuable knowledge from your posts Jeff. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences which we can learn from and grow.

  8. Jeff,

    Great video. Funny how you talk about “limiting” success for you at 10k, 60k, and a million. I just had to chuckle, since many are stuck at losing money for many more years. How many people buy, even your awesome product, and don’t do the work to succeed. Based on their limiting mindset

  9. Tom Hilbert


    Good morning Jeff, I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, but I enjoy listening to you. I have been listening to you for about two years. About 16 months ago I had A stroke the day my daughter got married. I don’t want to take up a lot of your time but I am getting stronger and better. I enjoy your stories and work ethic. Keep up the good work, I hope to meet you someday.

  10. Your right. There was a dilemma that some well known internet marketers like Reese, Kern and some other guy realized was that a lot of people would buy their “how to make money” doing this or that online product but never become successful like they were and noticed that many would just buy to get that endorphin high but never follow through, but almost self-sabotage themselves or never open the product. What does help is if you have a partner that pushes you through those walls we run into within ourselves we never thought were there.

  11. Hey Jeff! I’ve been following you and taking your classes a long time. This hit the nail on the head for me. Especially about being in the place where you have had some success, and then are afraid of taking the next step to prove you can make that next financial success level. Disbelief is tied to deservednesss, I think. Thanks for your candid, and always timely sharing. You have an intuitive gift!

  12. Kerryn Wayow


    That is SO TRUE, about me! And, love that shirt! Thanks for another golden nugget Jeff!

  13. Virginia Reeves


    Jeff – in addition to looking for role models – it’s very important to look at your own accomplishments thus far. That will respond to the ‘disbelief’ you hold for yourself.

  14. Great video Jeff. As an authority in the online marketing world, it is good to see you speak on a topic and be humble enough to admit your disbelief. My personal journey of belief around my business has taken some time. That time frame attributed to several factors but one was making sure I was listening to my inner voice and NOT allowing none credible authorities to sway my direction. I believe that we all all have a path to take in life and that path may look different to some people but its the only path that will bring peace. Your product launch formula(mental triggers) has allowed most business owners to filter some of the people(prospective buyers) that don’t believe in the evidence that a product or service creates. Thanks Jeff and keep up the good work.

  15. When chatting with a dear friend the other day about how many years I’ve struggled to “succeed”, she reminded me of the history of my own growth – something that is easy to miss when always looking to do more more more. 🙂 It was amazing how much of my belief of what’s possible was opened when I realized that I am exactly where I didn’t think it was possible for me to be five years ago and that what feels impossible today, might actually be just a matter of inevitability if I keep moving forward. Belief feels like me getting out of my own way. As always, thank you for your generous spirit and encouragement.

  16. Jeff, thank you so much. If anyone ever needed this now, it’s me. You’ve given me the ammunition to get myself picked up AGAIN, and work on healing my belief in myself. I know I have a message that will change people’s lives for the better, but I don’t follow through on things, because of my pitiful belief system. As Jesus taught “According to YOUR BELIEF, be it unto you.” Thanks again. Love our Sunday morning “date”.

  17. Thanks for this video Jeff I know in my own life that my disbelief is holding me back. This may stem from my four or five years of trying to make it online without much success. It also might come from being skeptical about the “gurus” out there. I remember going to an investment conference and hearing someone speak about an options strategy where he could make 6% per month consistently. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t replicate it. Later I found out he was busted by the SEC for making the whole thing up and fined a couple hundred thousand dollars. This experience has made me very skeptical about other programs including programs that teach how to make money online, some of which I know would benefit me. So I think it is time for me to examine this disbelief and figure out a way to get past it. Thanks.

  18. Jeff: I loved the wisdom you shared in this video. The disbelief for me is my tiny little website for fantasy sports fanatics won’t be anywhere near as popular as other sites. This doubt I have led to a fear of failure and not taking any action to develop content for the site. Thus, my website languishes.

    I need to remember however that by identifying what is inside of me is stronger than and more courageous than what I fear or disbelief, only then can I move forward and be successful on my website. That, and surrounding myself with the right people like yourself and James Altucher who show me what is possible. By helping others, I can overcome my disbelief and start taking action to “get up off the floor.”

    Thanks again, Jeff – you’re the best!

  19. Darlene Atkinson


    Jeff, I have so many disbeliefs, It seems every time I think something will work out for me it prove me wrong so I just kind of gotten stuck in unbelief and I’ll quit.

  20. Jeff, very enthusiastic, my husband sent me your videos, went out and bought me the Verizon device that I need for creating videos for YT, FOR Mother’s Day, I have been wanting something that would record up to an hour with audio, and I appreciate your pep-talk, will get back to you with outcome, should happen in next few days,

  21. Hi Jeff, watching some to your videos always gives me a lift, so just want to say thank you for all of them
    I have been watching for a long i=time on and off now.

  22. Awesome video! Disbelief held me back for so long and now I’m forging forward. Thanks so much for all of your fantastic messages!

  23. I notice a certain similarity between perfectionism and disbelief. Also, working through the Why, What, How, and What if have been helpful with getting through. I’m still working on it.

  24. Hi Jeff,

    your disbelief story (or better: remembering) is so true. I am reading your book (Launch) a lot. Love it. Still it seems like somehow away from my current life. Will make this real. Step by Step. Like you did. Starting with the Seed Launch.

    Greets Mario

  25. Hi Jeff, I want to mention one more thing: the Video after the “disbelief ” Video is just as great. Especially the Traffic issue you talk about.

    Greets Mario

  26. I needed that today. First launch coming up in a few weeks now and I am so scared that all of the time and money I put into it and the great mentoring and JV partner I have will not be enough despite how great her success is. Thanks!

  27. Thought provoking Jeff. Thank you. I started watching the video thinking that I didn’t have any disbelief. Then part way through realised I’d just been thinking 10 min earlier “does this stuff work for businesses not in the internet marketing niche?” The answer is yes, but a moment of scepticism​ snuck in. Thanks for catching me out. And thanks for your catch phrase! LOL. I was about to quote it aloud with you…then it didn’t come … But then you suddenly remembered. Nice! Gave me a good chuckle.

  28. You’re right Jeff! I do think I hold some level of disbelief in my own abilities. However, I will not let anything stop me from taking courageous steps day after day to reach my dreams. It helps to know I’m not alone. Thanks!

  29. I don’t disbelieve it, I just can’t figure out what I am doing wrong to make it happen. My first year, $2,500, and now I am almost half way into the second year, $4,500. I am so overwhelmed I don’t even know where I am stuck. Yes, I have a mentor that costs more than what I’m making. Debt is mounting…you know how it goes. 🙂

  30. Jeff – I so appreciate your check-ins, sharing thoughts and ideas with us.

    My disbelief still surfaces, and it’s cool to be able to just call it that, as in, “Oh, hey – there’s my disbelief again”…

    I need to remember that, just because it has taken awhile for me to go where i want to go, it doesn’t mean I can’t get there! Sometimes we just need more support – and the right kind(s) of support – to make it happen.

    May we each have a week in which we make steps in the direction we most want to go, and find the support we need to do so along the way!

  31. I am definitely limited in this way​(not believing). Translating concepts and being only one I know in Chile, harder to find role models but I have many people I look up to in the virtual world and this has made all the difference.

  32. Thanks for your generosity – its so great to have some feedback on the ‘things that are holding us back – which are often just an illusion/out-dated belief. Very valuable comments.

  33. Yeah It’s a hard thing to see when you’re still stuck in the present. As Yoda would say “Always in motion the future is” I have had a bunch of ups and downs had I had everything in place at the time that I was garnering 800,000 unique visitors a month I would have a much larger email list now. Now my website only carries 8,000 – 15,000 unique visitors a month but my conversion is a little higher so it evens out a little. If I can get everything working fluidly together again I know I can skyrocket, it always feels just a few tweaks away yet also feels so far off.

  34. Thank you Jeff. Each time I feel that this dream business can not be done, you challenge my thinking. As an individual with over 45 years of experience, I have been doing “business” independently for over 35 years so I am not sure why I find it hard do feel I can do it one more time through a new channel.

  35. Thanks again for another amazing video! The inspiration is invaluable. It’s helped me keep going and take leaps, like creating my first Mastermind Group! That leap just brought in my first private coaching client at $15K prepaid for the year! I love PLF and it’s responsible for getting me started. I’m now confident enough with my online business income that I’m shutting down my brick-n-mortar forever in just 6 weeks!!! tHANK YOU!!!

  36. Hi Jeff! I was struck by the beginning of your video, that you began building your business while being “Mr. Mom.” I started a new business last month and stay home with my daughter. I am finding that some days I only have a couple of hours for my business after caring for her and attending to daily needs and prioritizing my physical health (exercising, time with God, getting 7 hours of sleep). How did you carve out time for your business while caring for your children?

    • @Kristen: it was really hard. 🙂 I had a very supportive wife, and I just worked really hard in those few hours I had available.

      • Thanks Jeff! I will keep plugging away and try to be creative about the time I have available.

  37. Kellie Frazier


    Hey Jeff,
    I loved seeing the two guitars behind you and the Tee you’re wearing. I’ve had two guitars for years until today, so I zoned in on these immediately.

    There is an 80-yr-old man who told me his dream is to learn to play guitar before he dies. The trouble was he didn’t believe he could ever own one, much less learn to play one.

    I’ve had a Takamine guitar for more than 50 years and it’s still in mint condition. My husband bought me a new Martin guitar a few years back, saying I deserved a new one. He’s a treasure.

    “What do I need two for?” I thought. So today I gave that man my Takamine, along with picks, strap, books, a stand, case etc , everything he needs to fully live his dream.

    My husband delivered it to him and the man was deeply moved by it. He also had a realization, there is nothing standing in his way any longer. Now its up to him to fullfil his own destiny before he dies. Will he do it? I believe he will, but thats not up to me to decide.

    PLF is like that Takamine. You’ve given people everything they need to be successful. The rest is up to them.

    So heres to you and all the other dream makers out there who have the audacity to believe that nothing is impossible. Thanks for the great share.

  38. Great jeff thanks. When is your next launch this year. I have been saving since January 2017 so a date or month would be great. Thanks mate, Steve

  39. Great video Jeff. It gives me inspiration to know that someone like you too have walked this path and you have given me strength to believe in the path I have chosen. There are many times when such beliefs fall and rise again and somehow it is at precise moments that messages like this shows up to push me on. Thank you for sharing this message and yes, I will press on…

  40. “Suspend your disbelief”… The best thing I ever stopped disbelieving is to let go of the “Yeah, but it won’t work in my niche” idea. I dropped it the minute you said it. And look at my business now 🙂 I went from $13k just going it alone in 2015, to $250k in 50 weeks in 2016-2017. Thank you!!!

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