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This one habit – the Discipline of Gratitude – will make you a happier person… and it will make an incredible difference in what you achieve in your life and your business:

Start your gratitude practice right NOW… please leave a comment below

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270 Replies to “The Discipline of Gratitude”

  1. Dear Jeff, your family, team & all of your support community,


    Sincerely & with a big group hug from across the oceans

    from Sydney, Australia to where you are now ! 🙂

    Universal love, energy & oneness,

    Kana Lea 🙂

    • 1-had a heart attack a year ago last week, and now, never felt better!
      2-my new house
      3-my current and future pets
      4-my photography
      5-the internet

      • @v nice – I’m pretty close with your “gratefully”. Well, numbers 3 – 5 anyway. And next week we complete on the sale of my mother’s house so that’s quite close to your number 2. My number one would be that I’m coming out the other end of depression and have been alcohol free for 102 days

        • I am so grateful for you being transparent! Congratulations. No small feat. Remember to renew your mind with strong Truth and surround yourself with those who will speak into you. If you took Jeff’s challenge, you are well on your way to being transformed!

    • Carol Mitchell


      I am so grateful to be able to be myself and to fully express myself and to love and accept myself and I am grateful for this teaching on gratefulness.

    • Thank you for a beautiful example of module one ! 😉
      and the encouragement and enthusiasm that shines through!
      Blessings to ALL!

    • Clarise Ribon


      Happy Thanksgiving!!
      I am thankful for my health
      my bed
      my house
      Jeff Walker
      and my family
      Thank you for posting things like this and being very inspirational. Your energy is contagious.

    • I am thankful that I’m alive. A few years ago I didn’t know much about my future. Now I have founder a non – profit corp. and because of my grateful heart I was lead to some of the greatest business and marketing leaders of our time. With there training I will be able to launch my message in 2015. Thank you Jeff Walker for creating PLF.

    • I am grateful for the lovely sunny winters day.
      I am grateful for the view from my work window. Blue sky, blue sea and mountains.
      I am grateful for autumn and its changing colours as it inspires me every day on the way to work.
      I am grateful for my tribe, for their support, love and inspiration.
      I am grateful for Jeff Walker who made me believe I too could market myself with integrity, kindness and self belief.

    • Wonderful Video on what’s truly imortant, thanks Jeff and Happy Thanksgivingvto you and your family.
      My five today:
      1.My family amd that we are all together today and my intention is to enjoy the day, be present and intentionally be good to each other.
      2. That I have run back into you and that your new version of PLF coincides so well with where I am in my life and arrived at just the right moment to launch mt whole Referral Upgrade system- a New Way to Find Your Ver Best Clients.
      3. Joel Osteen on Serius Satellite Radio channel 128. My wife and I listen to him every day and I am so grateful for the changes I feel in me and the deepening of my faith through listening to him.
      4. My health and then joy ment I get from exercising, often while listening to Joel and that I have finally found a way to fit it into my daily life.
      5. That my business is really taking off and that it is the business I always dreamed of and it is coming into reality.
      Bonus Gratitude: for my faith and for God’s presence in my life and for my healed view of my relationship to Him and His to me and to all of us.
      Hank Frazee

    • Judith from Canada


      What a surprise when i opened my mail box at home to find a real paper THANK-YOU! card from you and your team.
      November 24, the first day of Module 1 of PLF 2015, was exactly 1 year from the day of a very sad event in my life.
      I am so grateful that you are boldly giving your gifts to the world and that i was directed by a former student to your door.
      You are a blessing to us all.
      Wishing you, your family and family of students and all your team a very hearty Thanksgiving celebration.

    • Geraldine Jozefiak


      Jeff, I am truly grateful that I have been led to find PLF and your teaching. I truly believe 2015 is my time and with your help I reach out to others. Your gratefulness is genuine, I trust you. You have already inspired me to believe in myself again. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you from Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

    • Lots to be thankful for. Glad I’m alive, looking forward to the future and good things. Thank you so much. B-)

  2. Gratitude Practice:
    1. For the christian heritage my parents gave me.
    2. That my mother is still alive to enjoy time together.
    3. My wife the Lord provided me.
    4. My calling as a minister and entrepreneur.
    5. My health.

  3. Thanks Jeff! If any of you want to share a great gratitude practice with your kids, my old friend Jake (now deceased) wrote a great book called Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message.

    • Elizabeth X. Kligge


      nice. i was just writing to jeff about “the words before all others.”

  4. Hey Jeff, happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

    Im grateful that I found a couch who is helping me play a bigger game.
    Im grateful that my children are healthy.
    Im grateful for the relationship I have with my wife.
    Im grateful that the internet is here so I can share my message.
    Im grateful for all the people who are showing up out of the blue to help me on my path.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Five things I’m grateful for:
    1. My husband-to-be, Bill, and the beautiful relationship we have.
    2. My children and grandchildren, and the growth I’m seeing in their lives.
    3. The generosity of the community of transformational leaders, like Jeff, who are willing to share freely with and enrich each other.
    4. The opportunity to give back to the world.
    5. A wonderful country to live in, where gratefulness is a core value.

  6. Hi Jeff

    Good work on gratitude : you mentioned a lot your team, team work and work…what about your wife? If there is one? Most men are so successful, because they have their most important support person at home, doing all the work behind the scene, looking after the kids , cleaning the house, maintaining and nurturing…there was not one mention of that… one crucial part missed in the entire success story I feel is worth mentioning more than anything…I. am a single female and almost every day see how all the males rapping up the successes, sometimes paying women to be their wives to do the hard yards. Just a thought worth mentioning at Thanksgiving.
    Ziggy from Western Australia

  7. I would appreciate a transcript to accompany videos; often don’t have time for a whole video. Appreciate a shorter video (under 2 mins) with a link or option for more, or a quick transcript to scan.

    SO many people sending videos….. mailbox is SO full…. I am sorry, I don’t have time for everyone’s video! I wish I did.


  8. 1. K working so I can be with boys and develop our dream life
    2. Boys who bring love and meaning to my life
    3. Teachers who help our boys follow their passions, Art and Music
    4. Friends who keep in touch through highs and lows
    5. Health that allows me to enjoy my life

  9. I am very grateful for :
    – having 2 lovable very young kids that I hope they could celebrate a long good life with memories when celebrating Year 2100 !
    – living this period full of changes, of thousands of amazing inventions in every field.
    – being able to feel deeply this Gratitude; it gives me a lot of positive energy !

  10. Thanks for this video today. A reminder to be grateful even in the face of challenges is SO important! 5 Things I am grateful for:
    1. The big client order today
    2. The discovery of a wonderful automation software that saves me hours a day in marketing
    3. My cat Emolina, who is my constant companion in my home office.
    4. My wonderfully supportive husband
    5. The best mother on the planet – I am so grateful I still have her and that I feel her love every time I talk with her!

    It really does work to “shift attention” to something I am grateful for when I am working through “stuff”. I suddenly have more calm, a new set of eyes, and availability for better solutions! Powerful stuff!

  11. Yes, gratitude matters. Sometime I forget or too much in a hurry. But this was a helpful reminder.

    I am grateful for Jeff and Brendon, for all your courses loaded with content.
    I am grateful for my family.
    I’m grateful that I have a business that supports what I love to do.
    I’m grateful for my dog Daisy Mae, my loyal companion and friend.
    I’m grateful for this opportunity to learn and do have my life make a difference for others.

  12. Very nice!
    Jeff, we have to have a lot of gratitude and be very disciplined to have success in life.

    PS: I’m from Brazil and always accompany your work and Erico Rocha.

  13. Happy Holidays Jeff and all the people involved:
    My gratitude: list:
    Meeting Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walkers book Launch
    My best friend Rick being back in town.
    Getting to know Rick;s kids.
    My friends Nancy, Marie, Shelly. Judy.
    Grateful to be alive


  14. Gratitude:
    1. My Family
    2. My health
    3. My many friends worldwide
    4. Being blessed with my skills
    5. My inquisitive mind that lead me to Jeff Walker and PLF

  15. Hi Jeff, Five things I’m grateful for:
    My children I have a 13 year old girl and a 2 year old boy they inspire me, their lovely hearts just melt mine and the help me be a better person.
    My dear loving husband who is so patient with me and so loving and so hardworking he is an example to me.
    My family I might not have the best relationship with all of my family members but I am grateful for them teaching me the lessons I need to understand to be a better person and serve people better.
    My house right now even though its not really mine it is an amazing place where I get to be happy with my kids and hubby and I’m surrounded by nature in a gorgeous landscape I really say thank you every time I see it.
    My friends they are my support system, the have loved me through my darkest times and they are happy for what I accomplish nothing in the world can buy that!
    I am grateful for my body because without it I would not be able to be a mother a wife
    Thank you for your free videos thank you for this post! Keep doing your work and I hope to be a student of yours in the future!

  16. Hi Jeff,

    You are right – we all have much to be grateful for. If only we could help everyone find things to be grateful for we may be able to reduce strife. It would be wonderful the eliminate the sense of entitlement that pervades these days. We are entitled to breath the air around us – everything else needs to be earned and we should be so grateful for every opportunity we have no matter how large or small.
    Thanks for being a friend.

    Foxton, New Zealand

  17. Thank you for posting this Jeff! Some of us have a harder time with this than others!! 😉

    I just wanted to suggest something for naturally pessimistic people if I may? This is a practice that transformed my life. Every night, I write down 3 things I’m grateful for from the day and 3 “general” things (or more). The key is spending a full minute on each really feeling it. This trained me to start looking for good stuff throughout the day, and to actually feel the good feelings. Not just “think” them. Hopefully that can help someone else!!

    • Oh, I also add a few things that I want to happen the next day, but I throw it in my gratitude list as though it’s already happened. Little things, huge results.

  18. Your graciousness brought tears to my eyes. The Attitude of Gratitude Brings Opportunity. Appreciation for life is the foundation to happiness. 1) I am grateful for my health, 2) I am grateful for the freedom to choose my life path, 3) I am grateful for my beautiful wife and loving child, 4) I am grateful for finding people like you Jeff, who freely share your wisdom, 5) I am grateful to be on the Yogi’s path. Thank you 🙂

  19. I am grateful for:
    1) my health
    2) my eye sight
    3) my wife
    4) my wife is cancer free
    5) our home

  20. Hi Jeff!
    You continue to inspire me! I am loving the PLF course at the moment, so I am grateful your email found its way into my “inbox”. I am grateful for the path my life is taking and for the opportunities that lay ahead!
    I am grateful for my children and my husband. I am grateful that my Mum recovered her health after we almost lost her this past fall. Its a good life. Happy Thanksgiving (ours was a while back) from Canada. ~Margot

  21. What a beautiful, inspiring video, Jeff!

    I immediately got out my journal and wrote down three things I’m grateful for.

    I’m interested in your point that at times we may at times fall out of it, but the practice we’ve established is always there for us. It’s always with us – closer than close.

    In my offline work, I’m a Zen teacher, and I can see in my own life and that of my students that having a positive practice makes a huge difference to one’s life. Once you have established a practice – like meditation, or gratitude practice – it’s always calling you quietly to resume your practice.

    Have a wonderful Thanks Giving!

  22. Hey Jeff, is that your new castle? I was waiting for a crock to swim by. I agree with you about the importance of gratitude, and it reminds me that I need to practice it daily and do better, thank you for the reminder. I am grateful for this day, to be alive, for my faith, for my family, for our health, and for all the problems that I have and the opportunities they present. Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. 10 things I am grateful for…

    1) Being a born-again Christian, serving and learning from an awesome Christ Jesus, who lives inside me big spirit, soul and body!

    2) My wife Diane, looking forward to her improved and miraculous well-being dementia snd cognitive turnaround, moment by moment, and day by day.

    3) Diane and my eight children, sons and daughter in law, six grandkids and three more due in 2015!

    4) My business partner and best friend Robert Browning, for who he is and all that he does, that enriches my professional and personal growth and well-being.

    5) My clients and prospective clients who allow me to serve them in growing and developing their vision and enterprises!

    6) My parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces who all have contributed to my personal growth and happiness, in one way or another.

    7) My church extended family, who bring me joy, encouragement and challenge, to be tbe best I can be, one day at a time.

    8) For all my brothers and sisters in Christ all around the globe, who I get to rejoice with in sharing the gospel of Christ Jesus, to all those He puts in our paths to witness and give testimony to tbe hole that is within us.

    9) To our God-fearing leaders nationally, statewide, county and city wide who are charged to lead righteously, so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives, through the nurture and admonition of the LORD!

    10) For the soon coming KING of Kings, and LORD of Lords, CHRIST JESUS, who is coming back to create a new heaven and a new earth everlasting, to all those who believe in his birth, life, death and resurrection! John 3:16-18 Romans 10:8-18, Revelation 22:1-21

    • Amen to what Geary Morales said. I got saved on Sept. 7, 1980 at a tent revival and never looked back.

  24. Happy Thanksgiving, Jeff. What a wonderful message – thank you for who you are.
    I am grateful for…
    1. The love and health of my family – especially our newest arrival, granddaughter Orsolia, who is destined for a life of adventure and contribution.
    2. My 17 year old son Alex, who is wise beyond his years and has blessed me beyond my wildest imagination be being exactly who he is meant to be.
    3. My husband Mario who, for 29 years, has said YES to every vision I crafted and stood by me as we bring them to fruition.
    4. My personal calling – to impact positive change on the planet by serving the messengers who are here to teach us.
    5. My FREEDOM, not just to live in a country where my individual rights are protected but that I get up every morning and get to do whatever I am inspired to do. ;0) WE ARE BLESSED!

  25. I’m grateful for
    1) my family
    2) my business coaching and and WHY Coach business, giving me Joy, Freedom and Liberty
    3) you, Jeff – your launch strategies got me off the dime. I’ve created PLC videos and am re-launching my executive coaching and WHY coaching business.
    4) my clients, health
    5) my local community, community of faith and community of spiritual practice.

  26. Jeff – I was introduced to you via Hay House – a company that has added a lot of value to my life. For the past two years I have been practising gratitude for everything and it has changed my life. As I watched your videos, the thing that impressed me the most, and shines out of you, is your gratitude. It is beautiful to behold. I am grateful to be alive right now in this amazing world. I am grateful for people like you, who are willing to share and support abundance in others. I asked the universe for a way to help me realize my dream of bringing more happiness to the world and it sent me you. Thank you for all the work you have done.
    Happy Thanksgiving from Canada

  27. The discipline of gratitude, Jeff, would to limit myself to 5 things. There are so many, but here goes:
    1. I just published a piece on LinkedIn Pulse, I’ll follow it up with other posts on gratitude, so I am thankful and delighted to hear this video and to be able to refer to it.
    2. Jeff Walker
    3. my headphones that help me hear his video, any video, better
    4. this venture into becoming an entrepreneur at age 76, bc of all that it’s teaching me
    5. my biz coach
    6. Baeth Davis and Pamelah Landers and their teaching about fingerprint and hand print analysis as containing information essential for determining our life purpose
    7. the high-vibration music of Mark Romero
    and on and on. Thank goodness it’s a long list.

  28. Thanks for sharing this video…I am grateful that this year I was able to start up my business and am grateful for the people who have supported me. I am grateful that my daughter and husband have been at my side every step of the way. I am grateful that we are all in good health and have a roof over our heads, food to eat, clean running water and electricity, because so many others throughout the world are living without the basic necessities. Happy Thanksgiving to you and for your work.

  29. Elizabeth X. Kligge


    Jeff, indigenous cultures consider thanksgiving to be the “words before all else.” not only does it give you a better outlook on life, it quiets your mind and allows you to tap into the greater Source.

  30. Great video Jeff. Happy Thanksgiving from Toronto, Canada . Very thankful for my faith, family , friends, health and my business team that allows me to enjoy time to enjoy the rewards of my business with my family. .Everything else is secondary. Lost my Dad recently and have learned true success is having the resources to dnjoy a balanced lifestyle and time with family and friends.

  31. Thanks Jeff. This is something that I ‘used to do’ and have gotten away from. I will take the 30 day challenge. Thank you for this reminder.
    I am grateful for (in random order):
    1) The health and happiness of my family and friends
    2) America – I love this country and the people that make a difference for this country each and every day.
    3) The Colorado sunrise and sunset.
    4) My gift and ability to help others.
    5) PLF – I put all my chips on this program. – It has to work for me!
    6) Technology – I would not be able to (virtually) meet so many people around the world without the technology we have today.
    7) God and the spiritual lessons He teaches us.
    8) My intelligence – not trying to be self-centered but I love the ability to think and think through situations so I can help more and more people.
    9) My dog – She shares my Colorado sunrise on our walks every day.
    10) My clients and their results. – I truly cherish each one of them.

    Wow Jeff!!! It does work. Brought back the feelings of when I did this year before.

    I wish you and your Family the best Thanksgiving ever and your safe return home.


  32. Thank you, Jeff, for posting this great teaching. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    I am thankful for:

    1. God and His life-changing love and intervention in all areas of my life
    2. My family and dear friends and the love and share
    3. My team, coaches (including you, Jeff), and staff for the support they give me
    4. The flow of opportunities to serve others and to bring love, grace and a helping hand into the lives of those who seek solutions.
    5. The huge blessing I have to serve others and at the same time provide an income to meet my needs and the needs of others.

    Be blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  33. Thanks Jeff
    I am grateful for
    1. My parents
    2. My partner
    3. My will to live my purpose
    4. My health and being cancer free
    5. My mind and insights in life

  34. Thank you Jeff. This video was a good reminder. After listening to Tony Robbins one year I wrote 30 postcards in thirty days expressing my gratitude. One resulted in a life long friendship with a Maine artist Robert Shetterly. My favorite was writing to the city maintainence crew thanking them for planting tulips beds near the University every year.

  35. 1) To be going through Product Launch Formula for the first time
    2) To be sitting beside my brother right now
    3) To have a family that loves each other
    4) To have a community of people I write to
    5) For the snow (Im in Canada)

  36. I am grateful for having been sounded by such giftful people in my life.
    For a loving warm family.
    For having a great secure safe place to live.

  37. Hi Jeff

    Greetings from Australia! We have quite a number of public holidays, but unfortunately, not a designated Thanksgiving Day! Maybe you can lobby for one for us! It would be a great reminder to everyone here in Oz to be grateful. Thank you Jeff.

  38. Steffen Schmitt


    Thank you, Jeff! You have given me a ton of inspiration and, at a crucial point in my life, a business prospect to work out when I was badly in need of some changes. That is something to be truly grateful for and I am.

    I am grateful for three healthy girls. Whatever might, at times, mysteriously go south (and fast, too) in my life, three healthy kids is something to be really grateful for.

    I am grateful for a handful of patient and forgiving friends. Whenever I am trapped in a true fix, they are always there to help me get out again.

    I am grateful for the gift of curiosity. For the longing to learn, whatever it takes.

    And last but not least I am most grateful for the gift of love where I wouldn’t have looked for it. This is amazing, but love truly changes everything. I am very grateful for these gifts.

  39. Thanks for this video Jeff!

    I’m grateful for:
    My wife
    My daughter
    My job
    My house
    My sister and her husband being able to spend thanksgiving with us this year

  40. Thank you so much for all you give back! I am grateful for:

    1. I serve a God that loves me beyond my comprehension
    2. I am grateful for mu husband of 34 years and the children we have
    3. I am grateful for my brother and my sister
    4. I am grateful for my parents that I get to give back to them in their golden years since they gave me life and I cannot ever repay them for that
    5. I am grateful that I can stay home and that we are debt free
    6. I am grateful that I am getting my home based business up and running to give back to others

    Abundant blessings,

  41. Hello Jeff and everyone
    I want to let you know, back in 2006 I volunteered the start of a beautifull movement called gratitudebeads. We made and sold the strands and for a whole year every day I had my strand with me and every day I used the 16 beats to count and name my objects, people, happenings thankfully. All my boyfriends, all my teachers got my attention: After a while the most beautifull and simple things became objects of gratefullness. a smile, a chestnuts, a collor.
    I show you all what happened. Just lately the website and facebook page became international. Yeh Yeh
    A small Dutch charity foundation finds its way into the big world.
    Have fun! With Love And my thankfull momente go to:
    Thankfull to be an entrepreneur….
    Thankfull of the help of a woman who told me today how to build my list
    Thankfull for my beautifull daughter with whom I watched a film tonight
    Thank you for reading this.

  42. So grateful for the world and it’s incredible variety, evolution, mystery and magnificence. Thanks for your message Jeff, for you kind, easy way and natural manner on the screen, stage and in person. Thanks for my three sisters and the stunning variety in one family. Thanks for all my students who are all so interested in exploring this universe. Thank you for all the mind-blowing teachers I’ve encountered, WOW. What a place (planet earth)!

  43. Jeff: Enjoy a delicious, loving Thanksgiving!
    I am thankful for:
    God’s Grace; being one with the divine order of my life; life lessons learned; love of family; love of friends; my beautiful life; health; prosperity; having all my needs met and the joy of extras; having people and situations show up at the right time in answer to a prayer, and a new career! Thank you Jeff for the video message. Hugs of Love all around!!

  44. My Heavenly Father
    Jesus Christ
    The Scriptures
    My Husband
    My Boys
    My knowledge that death is not the end.
    My knowledge that I will see my boys again.
    My Parents
    My Siblings
    Aunt Margie and Uncle John
    I could go on, but I won’t take up any more of your space. I’ll just blog about it! You’ll have to check it out! (If you want…)

  45. super energie i am grateful for my eye to capture the beauty in my horse industry
    grateful for my horses to be present
    grateful for my daughter to be in the horse business with me
    grateful for life being magic
    grateful for being able to get up every morning and do what i love to do
    bless to everyone

  46. I did a gratitude journal for a while and I agree it makes a huge positive difference in your life. Not sure why I stopped, but thanks for the reminder to get back at it!
    1. I’m grateful for the people God puts in my path.
    2. I’m thankful for my inner strength that has brought me through some horrendous times.
    3. I’m thankful for my 4 beautiful, healthy children and 2 loving great step-boys.
    4. I’m thankful for my wonderful loving man as my partner through life.
    5. I’m grateful for fantastic clients that have worked with me for years.
    6. I’m thankful I was born into a free country.
    7. I’m thankful for meaningful friendships.
    8. I’m thankful I am able to provide for my family.
    9. I’m thankful Jeff sent a soft reminder to practice gratefulness regularly.
    10. I’m incredibly grateful I finally got a mammogram and now am going for surgery that will save my life because it was caught early.

  47. I’m grateful I saw this now Jeff, I was headed down the rabbit hole of resentment about something quite trivial – thanks.
    1. My sobriety.
    2. My health.
    3. My best friend, who also happens to be my wife.
    4. The health and safety of my far flung family.
    5. Always being cared for, even when I can’t see it.

  48. Thank you so very much Jeff for share this video with us; it’s such a brilliant idea. I have often been told by various people how important it is to be thankful and show gratitude, and often time try to practice it but would fall off after a time, and this time even if I fall off, I’ll just pick up again just as soon as I notices. The five things I am grateful for right now are: – 1) Good health, 2) having a roof over my head, 3) having food to eat, 4) Getting my washing machine back, 5) for all the wonderful things that are coming my way.
    Once again thank you so much, and you are so right about your Thanksgiving holiday, we all should be celebrating it too. May you all stay bless both you and yours. Thank you!!! Margaret.

  49. I am grateful for:
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. My Past Successes
    4. My Past Failures
    5. My Future

  50. 1) Having God in my life
    2) The loving care of my family
    3) My best friend
    4) My Mastermind Group
    5) Clarity, confidence and peace of mind

  51. I restarted my hour of power morning ritual that includes a 10 minute meditation session of gratefulness. I’m grateful for my health… another day to live and experience life. I’m grateful for my amazing family… beautiful healthy kids. Supportive husband. Loving sister. Amazing parents. And my extended family of in laws. I’m grateful to be able to live in this beautiful country where I’m free to make my own choices and live my life the way I choose. I’m grateful for the home that I have that keeps me and my family warm and safe. I’m grateful for the abundant food that we have to eat and that my kids don’t have to starve. I’ grateful for the clothes and shoes that cover our bodies to keep us warm. I’m grateful for all the places I’ve visited for travels. I’m grateful that I found Jeff Walker 🙂

  52. Jeff.
    I have been journaling for over 25 years. The day I started I began my morning quiet time by reflecting on the things that
    Had happened in my life during the past 24 hours that I conspired blessings and that I wanted to thank God for. I wriote “Blessing 1” that day and listed two. I have done so as a part of a daily discipline that includes prayer, meditation on scripture, and study for personal edification for 9706 days. It changed my life in awesome ways. You will be a blessing to countless others through your message. Thank you.

  53. I am thankful for:

    1. God our Saviour pointing me in the right direction.
    2. My wife, Melissa.
    3. My children, Tyler, Emma, Ashton, and Graham.
    4. My gift of teaching elementary students.
    5. Turkey… it tastes really good.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    ~Mark D. Putney

  54. Thank you so much Jeff for posting this video. I am grateful for it.
    I’m also grateful for the people I meet these days, they help me a lot.
    I’m grateful for my dog who teaches me unconditional love.
    I’m grateful for my 3 adult kids. I love them so much.
    I’m also very grateful for being healthy and able to help others…..Thank you!

  55. Tank you
    I am grateful for my life, my purpose, my health, my healing gifts, my artistic and creative skills, my family,and so many things in my life. Grateful that so many people are grateful for the things in life, including the painful challenges that make us grateful when we overcome them.
    Regards to everyone.. Pattie

  56. Great message Jeff! Thank you for reminding us all that gratitude is so important in our lives and the lives of others. I am grateful for:

    1. My family. They are my WHY, they pull me through the tough times and support my dream and vision for our future!
    2. Being an entrepreneur and freeing myself to do things that matter.
    3. For my health and running.
    4. Every challenge that I have had to face as I have learned so much from them
    5. Technology and what it brings to my life. The ability to communicate easily and frequently with far-flung family and friends, keeping our relationships fresh.

    Thank you again for a fab post!
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  57. Thanks Jeff for a great video. I use my daily action planner to get the most out of my life. At the end of the day, I rate the day and comment on the day. I changed the comment section to gratitude section. I will write 5 things I’m grateful for each day, from today. I take this 30 day challenge! sounds like a lot of fun!

  58. Jeff, thanks so much for doing this. I usually write this after my Birthday every year and toward the end of the year, but I think I will start to write down 3 things every night as you said, it will put things in perspective when the mind goes off on a tangent. When I went back now to review some of my gratitude notes half way into the year, it was amazing to see the list. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family. God Bless.

  59. Thanks, Jeff. I am grateful for your continued modeling of success being constructed out of integrity, generosity, and love.
    I am so grateful for my own life, filled with health, and a wealth of riches so many only dream of: Love supreme, lots of laughter and joy, friends and family who are so dear, and the opportunities that keep coming my way to learn and grow through my work, study, and play.
    I am grateful that this time next year, my business partner Alden and I will have a wildly successful business with helping others strengthen their interpersonal and energetic boundaries and learn to easily ride the wavelength of interconnected resilience. And Alden and I will be so successful that we will be signing up for our first Mastermind group with you! Whoooeee!
    Thank you so much!

  60. I am thankful for:
    1. My faith, and that is based on what someone else has done, and not dependent on what I do. What I get is so much more than I deserve.
    2. My parents and my wife’s parents – they both helped my family in so many ways. My mom is th eonly one left living, but they all made a huge impact.
    3. My wife: 28+ years of better than I deserve
    4. My son and his wife, and both of their jobs – it is so fun seeing young people succeed in areas where they are talented
    5. My daughter – college senior with a great job offer that just keeps getting better.

  61. I’m grateful for:
    1. My Faith
    2. My Family
    3. Heritage of America (and getting share this through living history teaching!)
    4. Life’s Challenges – the ones that push you to the limits and through all the struggle make you a better person
    5. Opportunities to serve those around me

    Thanks for the video, Jeff! I’d been thinking about gratitude most of today, but hadn’t actually written my thoughts down.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  62. 5 Things I am grateful for:
    1. Deeper, evolving spirituality in my life.
    2. A Course In Miracles book that I strive to live by.
    3. The courage & confidence to listen to my heart & not second guess heart-felt decisions.
    4. The understanding that it is never too late to be actualize something I am deeply passionate about.
    5. The knowledge to “Play Big” (Marianne Williamson) & be all I can be.

  63. I’m grateful for peace, focus, creativity, positive people and forward thinking.

  64. I am grateful for meeting you Jeff.
    I am most grateful for God’s immeasurable grace
    I am grateful for 6 children (most of the time) ha ha
    I am grateful for democracy
    I am grateful for my 88 year old Mom, that I still learn from.

  65. Great video Jeff. You look like you just woke up!

    Here’s what I’m grateful for:

    #1. My beautiful wife
    #2. My cute puppy Chloe
    #3. The mouth-watering sushi we just had
    #4. Being apart of this gratitude list
    #5. Our wonderful home 🙂

    Thanks again Jeff,


  66. Thanks Jeff for the beautiful reminder of the importance of giving thanks. It is true: the attitude of genuine gratitude is an enormous blessing and totally life changing! I am so thankful 1) for life and for new life in Christ. 2) For breath, sunshine and pretty flowers, 3) for the ocean, the stars and the seasons 4) for music and colors. 5) For my husband and all of my family, friends, teachers and everyday people I meet everyday who inspire me to be a better person. 6) For the laughter of children. 7) For delicious foods and the blessing of never having to go to bed hungry. 8) For safe shelter and warm blankets. 9) For the freedom to travel and drive wherever I like. 10) For good health and all of God’s beautiful creation.

    I would also love to share a few scriptures about giving thanks which interestingly enough according to the bible is not a matter of choice but actually a command! And it is not because God needs it, but because it blesses us to give thanks 🙂

    Psalms 107:1 O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever.
    Psalms 118:24 This is the day which the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.
    Psalms 136:1 O give thanks to the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endures for ever.
    Ephesians 1:16 Cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers;
    Ephesians 5:20 Giving thanks always for all things to God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;
    Colossians 3:15 And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also you are called in one body; and be you thankful.
    Colossians 3:17 And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.
    1 Thessalonians 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
    James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no fickleness, neither shadow of turning.

    Have a Blessed Thanksgiving everyone 🙂

  67. I am so grateful for a safe travel across the country
    And my move to SF
    And my mom who made the trip with me
    I am grateful for having a Plat member for the past year and all of the wonderful people I met
    I am thankful for the clients who have touched my life and shared with me

  68. Wow, Jeff. I’ve been so impressed with your videos (this one and the PLF). You have a gift! Someday, I hope to take one of your courses.

    I’m grateful for:

    1. My family – wife, kids, extended family
    2. A free country to pursue faith, work and whatever we find to do.
    3. Health
    4. Work
    5. Heritage – a stable foundation upon which to grow.

    Thanks again. I hope your PFL launch went well. I plan to sign up for one some day.



  69. Five things I am grateful for:
    1. my wonderful son who just turned 18
    2. my wonderful husband of 34 years
    3. that I live in a spectacularly beautiful city, Victoria, BC, Canada
    4. for amazing coaching clients that challenge me to bring my A game every time
    5. for the opportunities that abound and a no limites attitude
    thanks Jeff!

  70. Thankful for:
    1. God’s grace
    2. My wife & boys
    3. Family & Friends
    4. My business
    5. You Jeff Walker & your contribution to entrepreneurs.

  71. I am grateful for:
    1. My beautiful children
    2. My loving husband
    3. My terrific parents, my sister and her family
    4. My warm and comfortable home and neighborhood
    5. My friends…new and lifelong

  72. I am grateful for:
    1. My health: I am oh so happy and totally enjoying my life even when the times are tough
    2. My beautiful daughter who are doing so well juggling between her job and school
    3. My soon-to-be ex-husband who brought over the two dogs to visit us before Thanksgiving
    4. My family in Taiwan and Germany are all doing well
    5. My customers who trusted me and have enjoyed the benefits of our products and services.l
    6. My co-workers who are simply amazing in getting job done
    7. My neighbors who help watch our dogs when they stay with us

  73. Wow. What a great message Jeff. Always learn so much from you.

    My five things are:
    1. My beautiful wife and three boys
    2. That I get to see my father this thanksgiving… It has been over two years since I have seen him
    3. That I am able to take my family home for Christmas due to the generosity of an annonomous giver
    4. That I have the opportunity to take a social media marketing class with Sandi Krakowski on December 2
    5. Last but not least, I am thankful for a friend challenging me to read a book a year ago that opened my mind and heart to pursue a lost dream that lead me to discover Brendon Burchard and then you!

    Can’t afford to join you this year for product launch formula but that is on my list for 2015. I will be anxiously waiting for you to announce the launch next year. Until then, thanks for the teaching and inspiration you give so generously.

  74. Hey Jeff. Happy thanksgiving to the group

    1. I’m thankful for the hot air balloon ride my wife and I did on our anniversary.
    2. I’m thankful for our healthy baby daughter born this year….and for the health of our other 4 children.
    3. I’m thankful for responsibility and opportunity in the market place…employing people and having thousands of great customers and clients.
    4. I’m thankful for study ethic. Not sure why it’s obsessively there. But I’m grateful for it.
    5. I’m thankful for my upbringing. My parents did a fine job giving me the support and tools I needed to be who I am today.

  75. Merrick Reed


    Thanks so much for sharing the discipline of gratitude. Here’s 5 things I’m grateful for:
    1. Having a place to stay. It doesn’t seem so important to to you until you lose it.
    2. Having a loving wife that supports you in all things positive in life.
    3. Having wonderful children that adds so many wonderful years to your life.
    4. Having health that’s getting better instead of worse.
    5. Having found this discipline of gratitude from Jeff.

  76. Grateful for my home,for my business ,purpose ,family,and special grandchildren

  77. 1. The chance to stand in the fire of fatherhood everyday
    2. A 27-year old marriage to my best friend
    3. Amazon #1 Bestseller on my book yesterday – in 6 hours!
    4. Mountain biking – just back from a ride here in the Sierra Mountains and it was legendary
    5. Thur – Sun laying low with extended family.
    Bonus: PLF – which made most of this possible for me.

  78. Today I am grateful for:
    1) Being alive
    2) My family
    3) My partner
    4) My Angels
    5) My work

  79. 1. Awesome Girlfriend
    2. Being able to help my family
    3. Having everything I need to work
    4. Being able to work from home
    5. Having the liberty to work as much as I want

  80. Hey Jeff,


    Needed this post (pity party central here at times), so here goes:

    I’m grateful for:
    1) Being in excellent health 50 years in.
    2) Having a beautiful wife who puts up with me.
    3) Being able to review movies for a living and being my own boss.
    4) Knowing that my true purpose in life is still to come.
    5) The Detroit Lions for teaching me never to believe the hype and to have patience through thick and thin.

  81. In no particular order (and thanks for this BTW Jeff) –

    1. My Breath (copy that)
    2. My body
    3. My home
    4. My wife
    5. My kids

  82. So many possibilities! The first that come to mind are:
    1) For my calling to help cancer survivors reclaim happy, healthy lives.
    2) For my first seed launch, finished just last week, which created such a positive impact on the survivors who participated
    3) For my husband, who supports me in every business risk I take
    4) For my expanding speaking skills, which will allow me to reach that many more survivors this year
    5) In advance, for those I will serve in the coming year!

  83. Great work @Jeff, I appreciate it. Definitely giving is an ultimate joy. I loved the vidoe and I am sure it is going to inspire people to help others around them. While researching on internet I found an article which I would like to mention here.

    6 Simple and Practical ways to increase your productivity. A 3 minute that I loved and has critical points on how to focus and getting things done.

    I loved the idea of “Rules of Three” to focus. 🙂

    So while you are working on any idea or anything, you need to increase the focus. You need to get into the rituals of doing Yoga, or practicing a Drama or anything in life that you want to achieve. The focus and disciple can take you a long way.

  84. Jeff, you are awesome, you have won my heart!

    I am grateful for these things at this momet:
    1. I am grateful for the world of great leaders which I live in, being inspired by them and part of a bigger vision and possibility for myself and my family and the world in general.
    2. I am grateful for the great people in my life who guide, support and champion me through my challenges.
    3. I am grateful for the opportunities that fall in my lap with some or little effort on my side.
    4. I am grateful for my clinets, those wonderful people who believed in my ability to help them and co-created a magical life for themselves and inspired me by their being.
    5. I am grateful for my family, my littel angle: Yasmeen, who teach me every day how to be a better person.

    Love to you Jeff, you are such a beautiful human being and I am honored to be part of your life and you part of mine. Blessings to YOU!

  85. First, I am so grateful for Jeff Walker. A friend mentioned your name to me in passing when I asked how he was doing his launch for his book. I bought your book Launch and it was a game changer, to say the least. I am so grateful that I picked up the book and that I’ve been introduced to your work. I feel it was divine timing because it is allowing me to get my work out into the world in a bigger way. And, I couldn’t have done that if you hadn’t said “Yes!” to your dream!

    Second, I am grateful for my church. I have the beautiful experience of spending every Sunday with the most awesome group of people on the planet. They are loving, giving, caring and just generally, full of life. I am made better because of those relationships. They are God in action for me. And, it’s more than wonderful!

    Third, I am grateful for my home. I have been blessed to own my own home and have the money to take care of it. When I took a leap of faith and went out on my own to become an entrepreneur, I didn’t know how things would work out. Each month I manage to pay the bills that need to be paid. And, I can see that I’m getting better at monetizing my website and creating value for my audience. Super grateful for this!

    Fourth, I am grateful for the ways that I am growing as an entrepreneur. Many times I’ve tried to start a business and failed. The business that I am developing right now is working and finding traction among my audience. And, a large part of that traction has come from using PLF. Super duper grateful for this!

    Finally, I am grateful for my breath. Each time I breathe in and out, I am reminded that I am connected to the Great All. All-that-is breathes Itself as me. And, that’s just wonderful! I feel limitless – truly limitless. Each breath is proof of my eternal nature.

  86. Great Video, Jeff! It was good running into last week at 10X Empires as well.
    I’m grateful for:
    1. My Sobriety;
    2. My wife who loves me
    3. My 2 beautiful daughters who love me;
    4. A second chance at life and business
    5. My friends

  87. 1. My wife and best friend, Stephanie
    2. My two daughters
    3. My parents, family and friends
    4. My health and overall good health of my family
    5. Jeff Walker and your team…I just joined your tribe this year and it has been a life-changer, thank you so much!

  88. Jeff absolutely love this video this is a major teaching of the Native help remind me daily to do this there are sticky notes on my bathroom mirror for this, also some affirmations (example I am healthy, wealthy and wise.) and my list of goals. Thank you again Jeff for posting this video will be sharing it with all my friends .

  89. Dan Nielsen


    1. Life
    2. Health
    3. Literally unlimited opportunity
    3. The incredible blessing, responsibility and inevitable results of choice
    4. The opportunity to say no to the many trivial things so that I can say yes to the vital few
    5. The overwhelming joy, fulfillment and legacy of serving others

  90. Beautiful! Thank you, Jeff.

    I am grateful for:
    1. my loving and supportive husband
    2. the abundance and personal freedom I enjoy as a North American, when everyone around the world deserves the same
    3. the courage and passion to — finally! — go after my dreams
    4. the connected world, thanks to the Internet and awakening consciousness
    5. flowers and bees

    Wishing you and your family, and the whole PLF community, a blessed Thanksgiving!

  91. thank you Jeff,

    every night at our center during dinner everyone shares a gratitude (or often more). I have also recommended this to my clients who have trouble finding joy in the world. Ten things to be grateful before going to sleep. Works miracles with my dreams too.

    loving this PLF program so far!

  92. Thanks for reminding me about this Jeff. I used to keep a gratitude journal, but somehow I forgot . So here’s to the start of a new daily gratitude practice.

    The things I am grateful for are:
    1. My daughter for being supportive and for being who she is.
    2. My son-in-law for his unfailing good-nature, and out-going personality.
    3. My adopted country, Canada, for giving me opportunities I would not have had in Britain.
    4. My birth country, Britain, and all my friends and family there, for helping me become who I am.
    5. My hearing aids, and the hearing professionals, who keep me in touch with the outside world.
    6. my house and garden.

  93. Only thing valuable about gratitude is how it transforms your relationships and how it informs our actions. Humility precedes gratitude and enables all learning and capacity to love others over one’s self. Bragging about the depth of one’s gratitude? Antithetical to humility.

  94. Gratitude arises when we see with the heart.
    I am grateful and thankful for my health.
    I am grateful and thankful for a job I really love.
    I am grateful and thankful for life’s unfoldment.
    I am grateful and thankful for my family and friends.
    I am grateful and thankful to have this opportunity to learn from you Jeff!
    Thank you for including gratitude in your package!!

  95. Jeff, thank you for spreading this message. A nightly, written gratitude exercise is one of the few practices that’s proven to raise people’s baseline level of happiness long-term. A gem! And I’ve really loved reading what people have written in this forum. I hope you’re reading this thread of powerful posts–they’ll give you a boost for sure!

    First and foremost I’m grateful for my amazing husband. He’s the world’s best father and such a loyal, steady, accepting partner. The stability and happiness of our marriage rest in his gentle hands. I’m so lucky! Oh! And our three precious kids! Yeah, them too. 😉

    Second, I’m so grateful for the business I started building this year. It feels like every skill, trial, difficulty, and experience of my life has prepared me for this. It all makes sense now. Why did I get that Ph.D.? This is why. What’s the point of that acting career that never amounted to anything? This was the point. Why did I suffer for decades at the hands of binge eating and obesity? So I could get happy, thin, and free and turn around and teach others how to do the same. Such a bounty!

    Third, I’m blessed beyond measure by my fantabulous parents. My mother Mariah and my father Joseph. Such honest, honorable, loving, accepting people. I cherish them and I strive to be like them. They are my two best friends.

    Fourth, I’m grateful for my recovery. This summer I celebrated 20 years clean and sober. At the age of 20 I bottomed out on drugs and alcohol hard, and I know I’m one of the lucky ones. I just turned 40 and I have 20 years clean and sober under my belt. It feels surreal and I know that there is no amount of gratitude in this Universe that would be adequate.

    Fifth, I’m grateful for HALF DOME! As my 40th birthday approached I decided I wanted to climb Half Dome in Yosemite to mark the occasion. I read a book, entered the lottery for a permit and got one, and this summer my husband and I flew to California and climbed the beast. It was a blast!

    I could go on and on. God. Puppies. The things my daughters say. My office. Financial comfort. Mountains. The sky. Health. Pain. Pleasure. Curiosity. Wisdom. Football. Sleeping in. Getting up early. Airplanes. Old friends. A good cry. The still small voice inside. Knowing that all is fundamentally well. Poetry. Holy books. Honey crisp apples. Butternut squash. Hot tea. A massage. Family. My gratitude has no bounds. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

    • Congratulations Susan On 20 yrs I have a few myself 29 to be exact One day at a time

  96. I am grateful to my partner, Luc, who has to go away and work in unfavorable conditions to support our young family while I build my business and take care of the children. He is a stoic provider. I am grateful for the day when the tables will turn and my business will provide for us and he will not have to work.

  97. Very nice video and how true it is. This habit of daily gratefulness is a blessing, because I know it will make positive additions in our life.
    I am grateful that our son Carlos Raymond Saavedra is healthy. I am grateful to all his Halo Hat customers who help gift a child with a “Halo Head” at
    I am grateful to God for all his healing. Grateful that our daughter Larraine Palesky (Saavedra) is serving our county. I am grateful for our son-in-law for adoring our daughter and for serving our country. I am grateful to God that our Natalia “Boochie” is healthy, smart and makes good decisions in her life. I am grateful for my job that provides for our family. I am grateful to every kind family member and friend in my life. I am grateful for this video reminder. Thank you

  98. 1. My husband has had at least six seizures in the last two years, four of them life-threatening, and he had an incident this morning. Although we’re not sure it was a seizure, I’m grateful he is alive, home, reflective, and rational.
    2. We arrived home safely after a lengthy (3 hour) emergency room visit.
    3. I was able to release the disappointment of not celebrating the holiday with our daughter who lives 5 hours from our home.
    4. I was able to plan and do preliminary prep for an impromptu Thanksgiving dinner of sorts for the two of us.
    5. Most importantly, the foundation for the victories above, including those that might be deemed mundane: I thank the Lord who is with us and who sustains us. I cannot say it enough. I am grateful for His never-ending grace.

  99. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing this and for encouraging your readers to be thankful! I’m thankful for the following:
    1. The One, True God revealing Himself to men and women and providing a way for all of mankind to be reconciled to Him through His Son, Jesus Christ!
    2. The faith that He has given me and the new birth — now I’m a new creation and my sins are forgiven!
    3. I deserve death and God’s wrath, but I’m alive and will live for eternity with God and His people and will get to see my beloved Savior!
    4. My wonderful wife, Franicia.
    5. Our wonderful, precious children.
    6. My wonderful immediate and extended family.
    7. The elders and saints in Christ’s church at Mount Zion .
    I’m a blessed man and have so much for which to be thankful to God.

  100. 5 things today that I am grateful for.
    1. Todays sobriety
    2. That I was able to wake up, put 2 feet on the floor and walk away from the bed to start the day.
    3. That I have money available to purchase food on demand as needed.
    4. That the sun came up in the west and set in the east and during that time I am able to live in freedom.
    5. That Jeff Walker has attracted so many awesome people and that I am able to work with a product launch manager one on one.

  101. I am greatful for
    family,friends who believed me,almighty.Bless all people.Continue the good work of charity .Thankgivings to you jeff

  102. I am grateful for:
    Moving forward in my business even when I’m afraid.
    Connecting with the inspiring free PLF videos.
    New opportunities to learn and grow.
    God’s love, grace and guidance.
    My spiritual teachers.

  103. THANK YOU for your wonderful energy.

    I am grateful for:
    1. living in a peaceful place with no threat of war
    2. my children being healthy, happy and thriving
    3. my husband who is supporting me in living my dream of being a life coach
    4. my divine-given gifts that enable me to help people
    5. hope…a powerful emotion that makes our world shine brighter.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! xo

  104. Grateful For:
    Just being alive ! And having relatively good health.
    The fascinating People all over to work with and for
    The Amazing journey into the world of computers and Internet (all new to me at gate of “Golden Years”)
    The ever-growing abundance of new jobs and enterprise opportunities
    My small immediate family
    My HUGE world wide family
    The ever-changing beauty all around
    Time and its different manifestations
    Color and light
    Language in its multiple manifestations
    Having so many emotions all around to interpret the world with
    Knowing Love and being able to share it
    Actually it just goes on and on and on
    Thank You Jeff for all you do to help us all and for so nicely reminding us not
    to take it all for granted. You have such a gentle way of doing things !

  105. I Am Most Grateful for the message that is sent out Here via Video.
    As part of PLF I Am Grateful that you stepped out as a Start Up as a stay at home Dad and made it happen.
    Now that is a continuing Inspiration to others 🙂

    I’m Also Grateful for the Babies that continue to be birthed without which i would be out of work 🙂

    Gratitude for the Organic Tea shop tea & Two Squares of Chocolate that taste so much better with the element of Gratitude & Appreciation added.

    To the Earth & the Oceans that Flow us their Gifts & Goodness…

    Let’s Intend the spirit of Gratitude flows out to Everyone ……………………..

  106. Thanx for a great reminder Jeff!! I have actually suggested a very similar method to clients with good results.

    I am grateful for:
    God – my creator and best friend
    my wife – the best gift God ever gave me aside from Himself
    The opportunity and privilege to help others do better and be better
    The chance to make a dent in the universe
    That I am learning to appreciate more what I have and be less stressed/frustrated over what I don’t

  107. Joan - a descendant of Elder Brewster of the Pilgrims


    I am grateful for
    1. The American Thanksgiving, for the countries which have also adopted the holiday, and for other countries to come!
    2. Our Pilgrim forefathers who took a stand for religious freedom – despite the severe challenges – the odds of even surviving
    3. Those Pilgrims who recognized the power of prayer which saw them through the extremely severe droughts and saw the waterless, parched land (probably as severe some of our country is facing today) bring forth abundance – an inspiring lesson to us today
    4. The wisdom and courage of those today who stand in Principle and Truth, who seek a higher understanding of their motivating Spirit and their unique expression of Soul, and who live their Life in gratitude for the Mind that created us all and their ever-developing ability to Love as we truly are loved.
    5. For true Leaders like Jeff Walker who help inspire, thoughtfully motivate, and sincerely support individuals in fulfilling their dreams, which in turn help others
    A happy, healthy and meaningful Thanks-giving to all –

  108. 1. The gift of adventures in trusting God
    2. The gift of breath. (it might not have been so)
    3. The gift of family being together for Thanksgiving.
    4. For the opportunity to use my gifts, along with my amazing team, to put life-transforming materials into people’s hands and equip and release facilitators to do the same.
    5. For the gift of faith — the knowledge that our stories are connected to God’s story, and one day all that is wrong will be made right.

  109. Happy Thanksgiving from Norway 🙂
    Me and my little family has been doing this almost all of 2014. We call our little journals: The Happy Book 🙂 Every night before we go to sleep we write down 3 things that we are happy/grateful for. So from Santa this year we all get a brand new happy book 😉
    My 5 things that I`m grateful for is: My family, my dog, my car, my journey in PLF and that it soon will be Christmas 😀
    Have a wonderful time with your family Jeff

  110. Dy Wakefield


    I am grateful:
    1. My family
    2. My health
    3. My businesses
    4. To be able to help others
    5. My friend

  111. Jeff, I’m grateful for your generosity of spirit. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

  112. Nils-Martin


    I am grateful for:

    My dad, who’s been supporting his brother, sister and mother with hard earned money.

    My grandmother who’s been opening up her house to me and getting closer in our relationship

    My employer who borrowed me her second car.

    My friends who support my growth.

    And the great spirit for guiding me in positive directions and mysterious paths.

    Thanks Jeff for this awesome exercise!!!

  113. What a beautiful thought for Thanksgiving Day, Jeff! You are reminding me to be even more diligent about the habit of daily gratitude.

    Thank You for being such a shining example of what is possible in the wide world of the internet!

    PS One of the things on my gratitude list is the wonderful info you shared in the launch you just finished. I wasn’t quite ready for PLF this year but it is already on my agenda for the next time you offer it.

  114. For over 3 years, the minute I get up I give gratitude. So Blessing’s to you for helping others!

  115. Jerry Perlmutter


    I am grateful for the Benign Good in my life that I get in touch with when I take a deep dive into myself.
    …for my wife is mostly loving and soft here with me
    …my daughter who works so hard creating her way in the world
    …to five grandchildren who are so different from each other and are so very interesting
    …to 82 years and still healthy and energetic and curious.
    …to my dog, Duchess; we were always there for each other.
    …for having a bountiful life and a lot of freedom to be who I am
    Thanks Jeff for your presence and your sharing from yourself!

  116. Wonderful video, Jeff!

    I’m grateful for:
    – My son and his mom
    – My happy, fulfilling lifestyle
    – My amazing group of friends
    – Unexpected twists and turns
    – What I’ve learned from so many generous people

  117. The Jewish tradition looks at blessings as a way of giving gratitude, and it suggests saying 100 blessings a day. While Jeff says that saying 5 a day will change your life, imagine what saying 100 a day will do!

    I am grateful that:
    1. I saw this video
    2. I could share the above teaching
    3. I am going to a friend for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night.
    4. I have a roof over my head
    5. I have my health.


  118. Thanks Jeff!

    To be alive
    To meet my partner
    To have great children
    To meet you Jeff
    To start to believe in myself


  119. Not that familiar with Thanks Giving, sounds great, looks great in the moves.
    I am grateful for so much…however the things that come straight to mind are:
    *My beautiful children
    *My children’s & my good health
    *The wonderful country we live
    *Having had the most wonderful brother anyone could have wished for
    *Being able to be self employed for 90 % of my life.
    I like this concept, l often think how grateful l am for the most simplest things. e.g. having a warm comfy bed of a night, having a hot shower, a roof over my head. sounds dumb but l know there are people out there who have absolutely nothing, no where to go and must be terrified.

  120. My family and the blessings of raising my precious children
    Living in paradise…Hawaii
    Have the freedom to inspire the next great generation of financially literate children
    The entrepreneurial freedoms that America enables
    Those who fight for these freedoms
    The gift of another day…

  121. Brandon Phelps


    Thankful for the sincere selfless giving that Jeff Walker exudes in every aspect of his business. For my wife, without whom I would find it nearly impossible to strive for something greater than myself. For my four wonderful daughters who always remind me that being my best self is always worth the effort. For my cousin and business partner, Blaine Hone, who is always lifting my spirits and elevating my thoughts. And lastly, for the wonderful free country I live in that allows me to dream big.
    Thanks Jeff.

  122. I am grateful for the love and support of my late husband, Doug.
    I am grateful for the care my parents and grandparents gave me growing up.
    I am grateful for my sister and brothers, the adventures we had and the encouragement we gave each other.
    I am grateful for my friends over the long years.
    I am grateful for my teachers…
    animals, oceans, rivers and lakes…and for
    books, movies, paintings, statues, clothes…music, flowers, trees, bees, dancing…
    I could go on for pages. Thank you, Jeff, for inviting me to recall all this.

  123. 1) I am grateful I saw this video- lovely!
    2) I am grateful my business promotional material is getting printed today!
    3) I am grateful for the opportunity to do the work I truly love from my heart
    4) Grateful for my lovely daughter and my family
    5) Grateful to have a health & wellness!

  124. Yes, this is GREAT! I used to keep a gratitude journal, but found after awhile, I would forget to fill it in after a few months. Plus, I never went back to look at them, even after years of start, stopping and starting them along with doing my morning journal. I even started with doing seven a day. This year a friend suggest writing 10+/day, tear them into daily strips and put them in a jar, to be read on New Year’s Eve. I love that idea. I’m on my second jar. And now I’ve challenged myself to write 17+/day and cannot wait to read them to see all the blessings for the year. I know it will be a true gift, even more than it is daily.
    Thanks for your video, Jeff. The change in attitude is priceless.
    Here’re five: I am thankful for my husband.
    I am thankful for Love.
    I am thankful for Joy in my heart and the happiness that brings.
    I am thankful for continued prosperity.
    I am thankful for creativity.

    Thank you again, Jeff.

  125. 1. I thank the Lord and am grateful to have found my life purpose
    2. I thank the Lord and am grateful to have been blessed with two awesome boys
    3. I thank the Lord and am grateful to have been able to launch my own company
    4. I thank the Lord and am grateful to have good health
    5. I thank the Lord and am grateful for this life

  126. I’m grateful for:
    – My wonderful husband and daughter, who are my strength and inspiration
    – All those readers out there who make it possible for me to do what I love and publish mysteries and thrillers
    – The authors and translators of the said mysteries and thrillers, who trust me with their work, and Amy, our editor, who makes it all read so smoothly
    – Friends who put up with me
    – Martial arts, chocolate and champagne

  127. Ellen Riley


    1) Grateful to you and all those you inspired.
    2) Grateful for a roof over my head.
    3) Clean water and good food to eat
    4) Grateful to be able to support myself with a great business that I love
    5)Thankful that the wrong partner left this world and was replaced by a real Prince who makes me feel like a Princess everyday:)

  128. Phyllis Rowan


    Thank-you. Jeff, for reminding us that every day is a gift to
    cherish and be grateful for. I wish you great joy and success.

  129. thankful for my children, my parents, my income, my new career and the manifestation of my dreams.

  130. Happy thanksgiving!

    Good memories from celebrating thanksgiving , years ago in the u.s…

    4 days of good rain, lot of it, great fresh air!

    My small organic veg garden,
    That is happy for that rain…

    My clinic, and the work I do.

    My courageous patients, brave and beautiful people…

    And for bonus-

    And my worm nice cup of of coffee…

  131. 1. my healthy body
    2. the abundant support that surrounds me
    3. my husband and sons
    4. my parents
    5. my dogs (past & present!)

  132. That I survived my divorce
    My family, especially my wonderful daughters
    My friends who are always there for me
    My ability to build a business and watch it grow
    My health, that everyday, after waking up, that I put my two feet on the ground and wait to see what life has in store for me today

  133. Thank you Jeff. I hope one day to be able to take your course. You have inspired me to try to become more.
    I am grateful for my life that is constantly an adventure
    I am grateful for my sister who I have reconnected with and our support for each other through my father’s illness
    I am grateful for my loving cats
    I am grateful for my husband who is my partner in everything I do and have become
    I am grateful that I have two post-teenage children, and so grateful that both of them are doing well right now after having rough times growingup

  134. From Spain, thanks Jeff! thanks also to the amazing community that responds to your proposals, with comments and ideas. And also thanks to Eben, as I could get in touch with you via Eben’s mailing.
    Then, I am grateful to the people I have around me, friends, collaborators, teams, and for having had the chance to be who I am, where I am right now. Thanks to all the good and bad things, because everything is a gift.
    So, enjoy the day, we’ll keep in touch.

  135. Don Westacott


    Thanks Jeff,
    I did this exercise last yoear whilst on a cruise, I wrote 3 gratitudes every day in a journal every day for 21 days.
    As I started I thought it would be difficult to come up with 21 things for which I am grateful.
    Not only was it easier than I thought it would be but as my list grew my feelings intensified and i now know I have so much more to be grateful for, which lifts my spirits whenever I am reminded of any of the people or events that are on my gratitude list. This happens very frequently. It is is a very fulfilling practice to carry forward in life

  136. I am thankful for life – true life that comes from having a relationship with God… (which is much better than religion)
    I am also thankful for the results of having true life – it is everything else that I enjoy as a result of this relationship with God:
    – my wife & kids
    – parents & siblings
    – ministry calling
    – job with the US military
    – business calling to serve others
    – and my goal to share this gratitude with as many people as possible!

  137. My Health, my Family and for PLF so I can have an greater impact than before on People strugling with negative thoughts/feelings and overweight.

  138. Jeff: Thank you!
    I am grateful for my powerful, healthy, youthful, fabulous body. Long suffering, often unappreciated, but always supporting me 🙂
    I am grateful for my amazing, wonderful husband.
    I am grateful for my collie, Flint – always smiling!
    I am grateful for my collie dog Moss, a miracle, healing, angel!
    I am grateful for my lusitano horse Tui, my greatest teacher and soul mate.
    I am grateful for all the many gifts I receive every single day. The Universe never fails me!
    I am grateful to you Jeff. Again, thank you! 🙂

  139. ralph Franken


    I am greatful for,
    magic of live, being born, all my experiences,time of live,health, caracter and skills, my family, frinds, and partners, beauty of nature and the “nature of nature” that created me as I am. for the love, and forgivingness, for getting more and more responsable in a natural way, all the kind and inspiring people and animals I have met.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  140. There are so many things I am grateful for. But work wise, I am in PLF right now – just started – and it is AWESOME so far. So I am really grateful to have found first Brian Moran from “Get 10000 Fans” (awesome course, by the way) and really grateful that their program was so good. He recommended PLF and because his course was so great, I trusted him and signed up for PLF after only one email. And even though I just started with PLF, I know already that this will change my company completely. So, Jeff: Thank you thank you thank for the great work you are doing!

  141. Wayne Owens


    I am grateful for
    1. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    2. Sobriety – I was an addict until just recently when God changed my life.
    3..My son’s health – last weekend my 20 yr old son was jumped and beaten up on the streets of Portland, OR.
    4. Being able to share Thanksgiving with my best friend and his family
    5. My job working with troubled teen aged boys to help them have a life and be a productive part of society.
    Thank you Jeff for sharing your inspiration and tools with so many.

  142. I am Thankful for

  143. Thanksgiving IS the best holiday! I totally agree Jeff. The energy of gratitude becomes palpable in others. More smiles in the grocery store, friends sharing favorite recipes that hold special memories for them. Sharing is from the heart during Thanksgiving.

    “Thank You, Jeff” for showing up and sharing yourself with all of us!

    Today I am in gratitude for…
    1. The personal freedom to express my ‘self’.
    2. Work that makes a difference in the lives of others.
    3. Horses.
    4. Symbiotic partnerships that hold us to our ‘best’ selves.
    5. My best friend and husband, Joe.

  144. I am grateful to all the people around the planet who are sincerely trying to see each other as beautiful and precious. We are one and that is becoming our strength more every day.

    I am grateful to the farmers around the world who keep us alive and healthy every day just by stepping out of their door and going to work that day.

    I am grateful for ideas. The inspiration I receive in books, movies, music, and conversation with incredible people.

    I am grateful to the natural world. The plants and animals who add to the richness of our days.

    I am grateful for my health and my body ( which conventional wisdom says I should hate because of it’s appearance. It serves me well.)

    I am grateful for our Angels and all the love and assistance they provide every moment.

  145. I am grateful for…
    1) My amazing supportive wife who has stuck with me through some difficult times
    2) My relationship with my 4 teenage daughters that is better than it has ever been
    3) The opportunity to help small business owners achieve their dreams
    4) That God loves me and created me for a specific purpose
    5) That my daily needs are met

  146. I am thankful that I was able to benefit from the information shared by you and Callan. You are both so warm and amiable and it is as if we have personally met.

    I am grateful for God’s direction in my life , for my children , health and the blessings of each day.

    Best wishes . I am looking forward to IMPLEMENTING the Product Launch Formula

  147. Hi Jeff,
    I’m thankful for all your videos.

    Here are 5 things I’m grateful for today:

    1. I started PLF and I’m really-really-really grateful for it! I want to be entrepreneur for very long and I just decided to go and do whatever it takes to become one! I’m extremely glad that you put together a step-by-step proven system, so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel from 0!
    2. I’m glad that you teach so glad and humble way. I can accept few people as mentors or leaders, and it’s so awesome to see someone who is glad and humble, so much easier to study from you! I found a role model who is a living example that I don’t need to become pushy or arrogant to be successful business owner!
    3. I’m glad because I got out of almost homeless situation. When I arrived to the UK I had like Ł11. Now I have a sustainable job and I can afford PLF confidently.
    4. I’m glad for your, Brendon Burchard’s and Brian Tracy-s videos. I found real soulmates and role models and it’s unbelievable that I have access to you via Youtube or email or your blog whenever I want!
    5. I’m glad for my accountability partners. I put together a little accountability team when I started PLF. I wanted to make sure I succeed with this! I’m greateful for them because they accept my ambitions, I’m shameless and inhibition-less. I don’t need to hide anything and step-by-step I become my real self.

    Finally: thanks Jeff, you made my day again, as usual! 🙂

  148. The last couple of days have been especially challenging at a personal level. It is easy to loose sight of all the things to be grateful for and the 1st thing I’m grateful for is Jeff’s video. I’m also grateful for the gift of life, my wife and children, my health and my home.

  149. Thanks for the reminder of the discipline of gratitude and your generosity and modeling for all of us. I am grateful for:
    1. God’s lavish love
    2. My amazing husband
    3. My great family and grandchildren
    4. My chance to serve women through personal coaching
    5. My authentic pastors and church community who help me and others connect and reconnect to God

  150. Hi Jeff,

    In all the business of life we sometimes forget to be grateful for the small things. I am grateful that even though I have been laid off without money and no help that I have unquestionable love from my two ‘girls’. I have the skill and ability to create an online business that could help millions of people (if only I could get over my insecurities, can being grateful change this?) and grateful for the ability to dream and be a visionary.

    Thank you Jeff and everyone for sharing.


  151. I am very grateful for the Product Launch Formula and you Jeff. You helped me so much. You gave me the confidence and the knowledge to improve my launches.

  152. I love this idea of listing what I’m grateful for everyday!

    1. God
    2. My wife and 4 amazing kids who loves me
    3. My Health
    4. Having more than enough food everyday
    5. My friends

  153. Jeff,

    What a great thread to start. I am thankful for
    1. My family
    2. My health
    3. My friends
    4. My full time job
    5. My part time hustle –
    6. Bonus – my #AliveIN1-5 product launch I am doing using Jeff’s principles!
    Thanks Jeff!

    Tom Henricksen

  154. Vivian Franck


    Dear Jeff,
    What a wonderful message! For years I practiced thanking God for everything daily . . . then gradually lost some momentum. I do give thanks often but I think the daily practice you’re suggesting is terrific and, I know will bring me back into the constant joy I experienced for many years.
    I am 83 years old and have just finished writing my memoir FOREVER BECOMING which will soon be published by Balboa Press. This was the first time I’ve ever written a book, and I must say it’s been an incredibly cathartic, therapeutic, healing experience! I would recommend everyone write their story at some point . . . It’s not easy, but such fun!
    You are a wonderful person, Jeff.
    God bless and much love,

  155. Jeff,

    I’m grateful for all the video you’re making for us.
    You know that all the concept your sharing are amazing. It helped so much to keep on going and moving forward day after day in the proper direction.
    This video about gratitude is just an other example.

    Thanks for all you’ve made, happy thanksgiving to everybody 😉

    Take care

  156. Hi Jeff,

    I’m grateful to have meet you. There are some good role models which I can relate to and connect easily. You are one of them.

    Here are five things I am grateful:

    1. I’m grateful that I’m born in this era.
    – I’m so fortunate to have internet access and able to learn some much from experts and people around the world. I don’t need to get out of my country and still able to reap the benefits. It’s amazing.

    2. I’m grateful to have a roof over my head.
    – Recently, I just moved to Malaysia for 6 month contract work as an animator. It poured heavily this couple of months here. So I’m grateful to have shelter.

    3. I’m grateful to be given the opportunity to learn the animation workflow and pipeline.
    – This is my first job as an animator. Previously, I was an accountant and have been in the finance industry for five years. It’s great to go behind the scene and see how animation are really done.

    4. I’m grateful to have readers on my blogs.
    – I run two blogs, Nerdy Creator (an animation inspirational blog) and Fearless Passion (a blog for creative people). The encouragement I receive from my readers kept me going.
    – Recently, someone share a comment: “I like your posts a lot, have been reading them for many days, they are inspiring and informative. Thank you, keep posting!”
    – It really makes my day.

    5. I’m grateful that people buy my book, Fearless Passion.
    – I haven’t been promoting my book, Fearless Passion, that much. But I’m grateful for those people who I didn’t know but bought my book.
    – I’m thankful that there are people who have faith in my book.
    – I’m also grateful for my uncle who takes the initiative and help me a lot in my book sale.

    You are right, Jeff! This does feel good! 🙂

    Thank you and happy thanksgiving,
    Yong Kang (aka Nerdy Creator)

  157. This crossed my path just now. The medical perspective on gratitude reenforces what in our hearts we already know about gratitude. Hope providing a web link doesn’t violate the PLF protocol.

  158. Happy Thanks giving day Jeff and everyone!
    I am very thankful for my life with the Life, with God, my family and my beautiful kids and thats more than only 5.

  159. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts today,
    I am most grateful that I have returned to my normal self, and am no longer plagued with my bi polar illness.
    I am so happy to share my life with my 13yr old mini scnauzer, who is my best friend and companion.
    I am grateful for my daily connection with the forces of the universe, and my understanding of the way
    humanity works. I use this space to pray for peace on earth among all peoples, and that violence will
    become a thing of the past.
    Lastly, I am grateful for the changes in my life ( moving into a new house and community) and moving on
    with my current business. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  160. I’m grateful for:
    my family and friends
    the opportunities that come my way
    people like Jeff who share their wisdom and spirit of giving
    and too many other things to list now, but will be listed in my journal starting today.
    Wish everyone a blessed and successful (however you measure success) 2015 and beyond!

  161. I am grateful for the bright sunrise on this (-13 degree F) Winnipeg morning.
    I am grateful for the warmth of Sam (the cat who slept on my feet last night).
    I am grateful for the sweet warmth of hot tea across my tongue as I start my writing today.
    I am grateful for the back spasm yesterday that reminded me that I needed to stretch and do a little yoga this morning.
    I am grateful for the yoga and bedrest and Aleve that has gotten me up and functioning (carefully) after the warning back spasm.
    I am grateful for this 5 month house sitting opportunity that is giving me a warm place to stay while I build a freelance writing business.
    I am grateful for my Canadian hosts today who are cooking a turkey for Thanksgiving.
    I am grateful for the impulse that started me on the path of an adventuresome life, and for all the great people that I have met along the way.

  162. Great message, Jeff! I have been gratitude journaling for the last 3 years and it has been one of the things that has helped me get past many challenges in life. I highly recommend everyone at least gives it the thirty days Jeff recommends to see if it doesn’t change your life.

    I am grateful for the roof over my head.
    I am grateful for food to eat.
    I am grateful for challenging the status quo to find my life’s purpose.
    I am grateful for my loving family, friends and community.
    I am grateful for the mentors I have learned from.
    I am grateful to still be breathing every day!


  163. Shai Plonski


    Thanks so much Jeff,

    I love learning from you, and I am eternally garteful for all the ways you are helping me build my life and my business. This is a great teaching. Here are my day 1 gratitudes:

    1) Jeff Walker and the PLF community
    2) My life and the opportunities for growth & learning that are in every day
    3) My daughter my wife
    4) That my daughter gets to go to a Waldorf school and be in the company of such wonderful teachers and friends
    5) My loving mother
    6) My business and helping to teach loving kindness and compassion disguised as a way of giving massage!

    Blessings and happy thanksgiving,


  164. 1. Grateful for my 2 girls – at 8 and 5 the are still bundles of energy and joy.

    2. My work as a teacher – it has catalyzex moe growth in me in such a short time than I thought possible.

    3. I’m grateful for my wife – a strong woman that’s stood beside me in very rough times an who also knows how to play well. 🙂

    4. My current, recent, and past mentors and teachers – without them I’d definitely would be lost and in all probability barely or not living. 🙁

    5. Someone said it earlier, but….
    The Internet. I have been connected to countless resources for life, work, passion, as infinitum that have supported me and propelled my efforts in all areas of life.

    Thank you Jeff and Happy Thanksgivig to all!

  165. thank you for this lovely commentary on today, gratitude day in the US
    I am grateful for my health after cancer;, my wonderful husband;
    my healthy happy and successful sons, and their mates,; my writing partners, Lillian and Thomas; today’s beautiful snow in just right depth to go traveling; today’s dinner arrangement (I don’t have to cook!); and Jeff’s video which reminds us all to bow our heads and remember our blessings and gifts. Amen

  166. I am grateful for this vidio reminder- of the power & importance of graitude and a gratidute practice
    I am grateful for the use of “discipline”, another remider and prompt for me
    and grateful for my connection to God- a grace

    My family
    My romantic partner
    My past clients
    those helping me in all my business endevours

  167. 1. I am grateful to be alive. I survived lung cancer…diagnosed in 2008.
    2. I am grateful to have met Debbie Rich who introduced me to the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (wellness protocol) that may have saved my life…again. Debbie and I are now business partners and friends.
    3. I am grateful for all the times that God has saved my bacon while climbing, working on oil rigs, etc. (lots of close calls).
    4. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to raise my kids in a wonderful part of the world.
    5. I am grateful to have a family.
    6. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work as an economist for the Forest Service for the last 25 yrs, and now I get to help Debbie change the world one life at a time.

  168. Maria Paris


    Jeff, thank your for being an inspiration to us!
    Thank you my family: mother, my husband, kids for being here.
    Thank you my clients and business partners,
    Thank you my friends for your laughter,
    Thank you my little Celeste,

  169. LOVE THIS!

    1. my health
    2. my friends
    3. my spiritual connection
    4. my opportunities
    5. PLF and the “hope” it has given me, no pun intended 😉

  170. Great message, Jeff, thank you! 🙂

    I personally have this habit of expressing my gratitude, especially in the mornings, but I do it mentally, sometimes speaking out loud, but I loved the idea of journaling.

    I take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving, and express my gratitude for your valuable work and teachings.

    I am also grateful for my life, a gift from God, for my health, for my spiritual growth, for my family, for my friends, for the company I founded, for my current lifestyle, for my dreams (PLF will help me make them real).

    All the best,
    (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

  171. Awesome message Jeff! Thanks for the great reminder! And thanks for the encouragement to reply with five things we are grateful for. This exercise really helped me step back and get clear on all those things that fill my heart to overflowing!
    What I’m grateful for…
    1. My dear and precious wife Melanie, who has journeyed with me “for better or worse.” This next year we celebrate 25 years. Wow. Besides my Savior, she is my rock.
    2. My children Madison, Luke, Morgan, Logan, Lincoln and Lawson. Each is amazing in their own way. They are the apple of my eye and my delight!
    3. My dear friends, who have stuck with me through thick and thin, and through their friendship have made me a better man: David, Les, Ted, Dave, Mark, Jim, Rocco, Bill, Terrence, Robin, Rob, Mark, Phillip, Rick, Jesse, Curt, & Robert.
    4. Watching the sun rise over the Wasatch front (I live in northern Utah), coffee cup in hand, and listening to “Waking Up” from the Lone Survivor soundtrack: it means I’m alive!
    5. Freedom. Freedom from debt (we’re debt free!), freedom to chase after my dreams, freedom to be who God created me to be, freedom to offer myself to the world without apology, and freedom from comparison (and worrying what others might think). “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free! Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

  172. Jeff: I am grateful for being a part of PLF. What makes it special is that not only is the information and training fantastic, but the energy is so good, positive, upbeat and heart-centered. It’s a positive affirmation of business and humanity (in addition to really great training). Now, you said you like to see your students succeed. With you List Builder 2 Bonus, last week I did my Very First Google AdWords campaign and got: 33 Clicks on 2705 Imp. for CTR 1.22% at $0.25 CPC for a $2/day Test budget running in 11 Countries. These are Baby Steps, but it proves the concept and I am simply elated. So for that Jeff, I am also very Grateful. Enjoy your Holiday!

  173. Thank you Jeff!

    I am truly grateful for:
    My son Addison
    My sisters Leesa and Marion
    Team WUKAR
    My 3 cats, Buckwheat, Buddy and Amber
    Thank you for my health

  174. Dear Jeff, Thank you so much for making me think about what I am grateful for. I’ve been reading this Buddhist Book Camp book and every night I think of all the things I am grateful for. It’s a wonderful feeling. Thank you 🙂

  175. Karen Rogers


    I am thankful that I am back adding to my “1000 things to be thankful for” list. I haven’t added to it since August after doing it every day. I am up to 348 and adding to it again after watching your video! Here are the last three I added today:
    1- My son being home this month after 1 1/2 years with no contact.
    2- Being with my mother and my son on Thanksgiving.
    3 – Our war veterans.

  176. Two years ago I started a gratitude journal days before breaking my ankle really badly. My gratitude helped me get through that time, plus my amazing family and friends. While I was laid up I started meditating daily. Now I use gratitude in my yoga and meditation practices. I am committed to writing them down again too. I shared other ideas on my Sustainable Family Finances.

    1) My amazing family and friends
    2) My healthy body and spirit
    3) Feeling connected and in love with all life
    4) Being brave enough to let my spirit shine
    5) Sharing my gifts with the world

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone everywhere!

  177. Awesome Video:
    I am so happy and grateful for the love of my father
    I am so happy and grateful for my two healthy sons
    I am so happy and grateful for finding Jeff Walker
    I am so happy and grateful for my friends
    I am so happy and grateful for my clients for their trust
    I am so happy and grateful for the creativity that flows from my mind
    Happy T-Day everyone

  178. 1. I am grateful to have had 2 amazingly wonderful careers that allowed me to realize my dreams, travel the world, learn about other cultures and make others happy doing so.
    2. I am grateful to have been lucky enough to have such wonderful training to become a massage/manual therapist which enables me to help so many people erase their injuries, aches, pains naturally in a world that does not offer them many options.
    3. I am grateful to have a life so full of wonderful friends and students in all parts of the world.
    4. I am grateful to have had a life so full of so many wonderful animal friends who love so completely.
    5. I am grateful to be 61 years old with an incredibly healthy, happy, strong, supple body with all of its parts fully functioning and the promise of many more years to come.

  179. I am grateful for the opportunity to make mistakes because without that we would cease to be victorious in our endeavors.
    I am grateful for the opportunity to work hard and persevere despite stacked odds.
    I am grateful to have people in my life that love and forgive me.
    I am grateful for the knowledge I have and access to great knowledge in the future.
    I am grateful for every breath I take.

  180. I’m very grateful for my family, friends, mission, freedom to be who I am and love that I feel coming from everyone else towards me! 🙂

    Life is an amazing journey and I feel it is just beginning for me.

    Thank you to you too, Jeff, for inspiring me to express my gratitude!

    Wish you all the best, Luis

  181. Love this message…absolutely something that easily slips off the radar :/ The three things that I am thankful for:
    1. My family
    2. My business
    3. God in my life

  182. On this day i feel grateful for:

    1. The internet, that allows me to learn and get inspiration from people like Jeff Walker, from my home country, Guatemala.
    2. My health, which allows me to keep moving forward and create the life I desire.
    3. My family, which despite the normal differences among us, has always been a pillar and a foundation in my life.
    4. My college degree, which has allowed me to get nice paying jobs after havinga had some tough learning business experiences.
    5. My smartphone, which allows me to post this message and spread the attitude of grattitude.

    Happy Thanks Giving Day!

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  184. My wonderful husband, my wonderful son, my loving doggie, I can soon retire, no mortgage 🙂

  185. I am so great full for:
    Buying your amazing PLF
    My dear friends of 10 years, Justin and Callan who are going to support me to launch
    For a 20 year friendship with a dear friend Dennise Nielson who passed away this week
    To live in Canada
    To have stayed in the same hotel last weekend in Vegas with President Obama

  186. Here are my thank you to the world;
    1-For many many years, every meal I make a thank you prayer for the food I have and bless it… Greatful to have food (I lacked or struggled for it for some years). I say to myself, it is maybe the only gesture of generosity that I can do today so I am greatful to be able to do it.
    2- I am grateful for a very good health at 65 yrs old
    3- I am grateful to be able to have a “heated roof” upon my head even if it is not ideal!
    4- I am grateful to have discovered recently personal development, a universe that is allowing me to get beyond a purposeless life and depression and permanent struggle and believe that I can make my life a happier one more and more each day.
    5- I am grateful for my lovely cat and my 2 best friends that were always there for me!
    6- Finally, as a wrap up of the 5 gratitudes, I am grateful to be able to feel that life is more than I thought it was…. I was finally able to perceive God in my own personal expression that is not linked to any traditional religion, but linked to my heart
    Thank you for this process Jeff and may God bless you for ever!

  187. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Thank you Jeff for a great contribution. Gratitude makes your soul shine. It is only through gratitude that the mind of man can unite with the creativity of God.
    I am so grateful for brilliant people who illuminate the way for others,
    For my new job as a construction manager,
    For the nectar of the gods — eggnog.

  188. 1 – Hiking
    2 – Friends
    3 – Warm weather
    4 – Friendly strangers
    5 – Snuggling

  189. Maritza Gonzalez


    Hi Jeff
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    Thank you for a great reminder. I am thankful everyday for what the Lord does in my life, but I never thought of intentionally focusing on five or ten things to be grateful for daily. I am thankful for:
    My health, my boyfriend George, the time I was able to spend with three of my grandkids; all boys, my increase in hours at work, my car in good shape, learning my new business better, my team, how well things went in court on Tues., and the list goes on and on and on.
    Thank you

  190. Maritza Gonzalez


    Thank you Jeff
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    I am thankful for my health, my boyfriend George, my new business, my team. What a great idea to consciously give thanks everyday.

  191. I’m grateful for my family, my health, my customers, my friends and for being alive at such a wonderful and opportunity filled time in history.

  192. So grateful
    My loving husband
    My beautiful home
    My health. And strength even at 70
    May faith in. Jesus and my relationship with him that brings such joy into my life
    My autobiography which is being a great blessing to others
    A wonderful life

  193. Grateful for the children that I got in this life. 3 amazing loving and such wise creatures…
    Grateful having a roof and food and water and heating… Living in Paris …very very grateful
    Grateful for all the amazing new and wonderful surprises of abundance that come from everywhere around me when i least expect it, especially when I let go… So very grateful for that dimension in my life.
    Grateful for every healthy and energetic day in my life
    merci i forgive you i love you (Dr len hoponopono)

  194. I am grateful for:
    my two amazing kids
    the fact that I have wonderful music in my life all the time
    for our safety (we had a house fire recently and all of us are OK, we lost all our stuff, which is a great lesson in how none of it is really necessary……… and very cathartic!)
    for a warm home when so many are on the streets over Christmas.
    for the gift of love and good health

  195. 1- thankful for my family
    2-thankful for my good health
    3- thankful for my friends, my boyfriend and coworkers
    4-thankful for my job and for starting building my business with Jeff Walker
    5-thankful for my house, for the nature around it, for breathing fresh air and being alive

  196. I’ve been doing something similar for years. Gratitude played a major role in escape from depression at one point in my life. So, if you aren’t doing this, give it a try. It truly can change things.

  197. Jeff, I am so grateful for having met you, for having met your family and team. I am grateful for product launch and all the amazing people I met at plf live. I am looking forward to getting better and better at my launches. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the world.

  198. Thank you for your authentic self and for your Discipline of Gratitude which I have for more than 25 years practiced (with notable lapses) in the form of the daily Consciousness Examen of Ignatian Spirituality. That’s consciousness – not conscience! No beating oneself up or striving to be perfect. But to review, like replaying a video of the day, and so becoming fully aware of not only all that is noteworthy but the usual things that we take for granted, little things that made us smile, big things that make us feel good about ourselves and, looking more deeply perhaps, being able to put the day’s irritations or disappointments into perspective as we become increasingly aware of the way we are growing into the fullness of our unique, God-given potential and purpose.
    Thank you for your challenge. It comes at an important time in my life.
    At this moment I am thankful for hospitality, good weather, good health …. the list is very, very long!
    Keep up the good work.

  199. This video is so good that I am going to email it to my kids. Also plan on doing the 5 things I
    am grateful for each day. Should be real interesting.

  200. Your video really caught me off guard! I realized I wasn’t being thankful enough. My family has a lot of emotional problems and I was feeling sorry for myself since I don’t have family to be with during the holidays, until I watched your video and it reminded me of how fortunate I am to have a beautiful, close relationshio with a wonderful man I love, the ability to start and run my own company, work with amazing people like you and my patients. I also belong to a community of bright, like-minded people that are coaching and teaching others with integrity and that I too have the ability to teach and help people and get to see them grow and flourish. It’s truly a gift!! Thank you for the kind reminder Jeff.

  201. Debbie Hagedorn


    5 things I am grateful for in this moment:
    1. A warm home
    2. Upcoming time away from my job
    3. My online family of support and motivation
    4. Two beautiful children
    5. Excellent health!

  202. Jeff, thank you for this inspiring video. I’m grateful for learning about the power of gratitude and sticking at it for long enough to experience inner peace. Its so wonderful to see many of the mentors and experts I admire take the time to share the message of gratitude.
    I don’t even remember who recommended your ‘Launch’ book to me but I’m so grateful that I ordered it and joined the wonderful PLF community.

  203. Hi Jeff,

    Great practice, I try to thank God every morning when I get up, and before bed. I love this idea of writing it down though.
    I am grateful for my wife and children, our health, and that I have a job to provide for them. I am also grateful for teachers like you and many others the inspire us to follow our dreams and teach us how to achieve those dreams.

  204. I am so grateful for

    1) My lovely wife
    2) My health
    3) My potential
    4) My customers
    5) My friends

    thank you for the video

  205. Janice Riter


    Dear Jeff,
    Five things I am grateful for.

    My faith in Jesus.
    Having wonderful parents.
    My daughter who is dear to my heart.
    My friends.
    That I am reading your new book Launch and I found your website.
    Thank you for this inspiring video.



  206. Dear Jeff thank you for your diamonds of wise experiential leadership!
    Thank you for empowering attitude of gratitude with your example.

    Here is what I am thankful for:

    a. New baby steps in a new cycle of growth, this strong magical autmn, which was ignited during my introspectively invested summer
    b. For my learning new skills of blogging
    c. For all friendships being born into my life
    d. For the beauty and maturity when I embraced the magic of deaths and ends in the cycle of life
    e. For all the knowledge which empowers my actions of gratitude, peace and divine exellence in all my/our relations

    Thanks and a happy start of December to all,


  207. Gratitude practice is a wonderful practice. I try to embed it in each moment of my day — recognizing the good things as they occur — rather than test my memory at the end of the day 😉

    But I do need to just say that “Thanksgiving” – a harvest festival — is not something the U.S., brought to the world. Harvest festivals have been in every culture for thousands of years. The U.S. and Canadian version are from the British settlers who brought their harvest tradition with them from the British Isles (just moved the date to coincide with harvest in warmer climes…).

  208. Hello Jeff!

    There are so many things to be grateful for!!

    I am grateful for:
    Jesus Christ – He gave himself as a sacrifice, so that I may be forgiven for my sins, and live with Him in heaven at the end of my life.
    The men & women who have fought for our freedom so that we may enjoy those freedoms here in the U.S.A.
    My beautiful, healthy children & grandchildren, and the times we can spend together making happy memories.
    The great opportunities I have to do good things; my job as a nurse, my new businesses!
    Vemma – the best opportunity towards good health through better nutrition for a lifetime, and the best bunch of people to work for! Their products make me feel great, & they give me the opportunity to allow others to experience the same while having their own business with them if they want. Great opportunity for all to share worldwide.
    PLi & Ares builder who teach me to set up a website where anyone can find everything they need to create yummy healthy food for friends & family!
    My warm home, comfy bed, enough good food to share – SO grateful, as I know not everyone is so blessed. I thank God for it all, because without Him, we have nothing; not even hope.

    So, yes, Jeff – we all have much to be grateful for! And Thai you for the opportunity to share! : D


  209. 1) I’m grateful that I am one of those “new students”!!! 😀
    2) I am super grateful for the Product Launch Formula – I really needed it right now
    3) I am extremely grateful for my family – all their love and support
    4) I am grateful for God in my life – the Bible is full of instructions on promoting gratitude and thanksgiving
    5) I am profoundly grateful for my husband – he’s my best friend, soul-mate, supporter, encourager and the kindest man I have ever met!

    Thanks again Jeff for all you are teaching me. I am an eager student! LOL
    Enjoy your vacation with your family!

  210. Jeff, I am grateful for your heartfelt gratitude message.
    I am grateful for the universe that breathes me.
    I am grateful for the love that surrounds me.
    I am grateful for the joy that lifts me.
    I am grateful for the inner presence that lights us all.
    Jane A.

  211. Thank you for the beautiful reminder to hold this practice of gratitude. For me, I am grateful for my dogs and their unconditional love, for my healthy body, for the challenges I now face which are asking me to grow, for the beauty of this rainy day and the light on the fall leaves, for my husband and best friend.

  212. – I am great full for my and my families health
    – I am great full for my friend who guided me to start online business
    – I am great full for my day to day accomplishment
    – I am great full for among those sees the morning light
    – I am great full for what we have

  213. Hi Jeff~
    I love that you are talking about a gratitude discipline! I’ve been keeping a Gratitude journal for the past 4 years. I can attest that it definitely carries me through my life, especially those days that make me look really hard for something to be grateful for.
    I’m grateful for finding you and your program.
    I am grateful for love and feeling loved.
    I am grateful for challenges that make me grow.
    I am grateful for the rest and accomplishment that comes with meeting those challenges…
    Thank you~

  214. I am grateful for:

    The amazing pre and post natal workshop for trainers that I attended this weekend
    The healthy food that I prepare and eat every day
    A new relationship that is building with an intelligent, kind man
    My peaceful home
    My wonderful cats who keep me company

  215. i am grateful for the faith in God which has helped me through many losses and sustains me in good times and bad, for my family who is always supportive wherever and whenever I need them, for my health and abilities to do many things, for my friends who make my life varied and interesting, for my home and the comfort it gives, for my work that gives me an avenue to give benefit to others and to make positive changes in the lives of children as well as providing income, for inspiration from positive information like Jeff’s video, Omvana, Silva Method and Mindvalley, and scores of others.

  216. 1. I am grateful for you Jeff, for sharing this life changing practice of gratitude.
    2. I am very thankful for my life, my children, and all the people that touch my life.
    3. I am so grateful for my health so that I can accomplish all my daily tasks!
    4. I am grateful for my new job where I help others to achieve success in their employment journey.
    5. I am thankful for each day that I wake and I am able to enjoy another day here on Earth!
    Thank you: )

    1. I am grateful for my 2 beautiful children
    2. I am grateful for my job and the opportunity of a career it has opened for me
    3. I am grateful for having a place to live
    4. I am grateful for my wonderful friends that support, encourage and have faith in me
    5. I am grateful that I have made it through some tough times that I have endured throughout my life

  218. Thanks Jeff,
    Great advice. I am thankful for the freedom’s we have in this part of the world. And freedom in general. Thank God for Thanksgiving!
    I’m up for the challenge!

  219. Thanks for the reminders! I am so grateful for healthy children
    being able to support our family working from home
    a growing business
    friends who support me
    finding like minded entrepreneurs

  220. Alan Sternik


    1. It’s awesome that you slipped in gratitude for ones breath, Jeff. I am a practitioner and teacher of meditation and the breath is an infinitely precious mystery. It’s so easy to turn to in any given moment. When we study the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) messages of our own present breathing there is no end to the teachings it has to offer us.

    2. Without the kindness of our teachers we wouldn’t even know how to wipe our own asses, much less read this comment. Our first teachers are usually our parents. The most precious teachers I have so much gratitude for are the ones who have offered me the blessings and the methods to value, appreciate and enjoy this unfathomable gift of life. This has led me to have glimpses of each person, including myself, as infinite and boundless; as love. Pretty wuwu I know, but it’s how I honestly feel.

    3. As I’m trying to write about this third I realize there is just too much to express. The root of the word “courage” is the same as the root for the word “core”, both of which are related to the french word for heart “cor.” The the thing which allows us to go beyond fear: Courage is a quality which always blows my mind and opens my heart. Much Gratitude!

    Thanks again, Jeff, for this venue and for what you and yours are doing for folks!

  221. I am so grateful, first and foremost, to know and experience love…of my daughter, other family and friends. It is powerful.

    I am grateful to have been able to make mistakes, like we all do, and to have the resilience and optimism that allows me to get up and try again.

    I am grateful for people, like Jeff, who are invested in this positive swell of personal growth and development that is building in the world.

    I am most grateful that I have found something I am truly passionate about…changing our perception of aging from a burden, to a wonderful opportunity for more adventure…that I believe is truly helping a great many people.

    I am grateful that I have so much joy in my own life, and that most importantly, I am in the process of doing my very best to contribute to making the world a better place.

    Best wishes to you all.

  222. Hi Jeff!

    Thanks sooo much for this video! I love gratitude and I know it makes such a HUGE difference in your life!

    These are the 5 things I am super grateful for. There we go!:

    1-. My amazing husband Josh who loves me and believes in my dreams and is being super patience and fantastic, supporting me in my path. Huge THANK YOU to him

    2-. My fantastic and super great family who lives all around the world. For the cool continuous communication we have and for the good times we have and we continue to have and for the support we give to each other in this wonderful life.

    3-. For my MasterMind group (FNE and Appsumo guys). Because these are the boys and girls walking with me. Because we support each other and tell how amazing we all are. because they are all amazing beings and I feel very privileged to be part of the team!

    4-. For the great education my parents gave me, for letting me study English and other languages, travel around the world and be always welcoming and supporting me.

    5-. For Jeff. Thanks Jeff! Because I just listen to your podcast yesterday and you gave me a little more hope to follow my dreams. Your success is an inspiration to all of us. Thanks again! I am very looking forward for the book to arrive!!

    All the best amazing people and have a great day!!!


  223. The air I breathe that it can be cleaned and clear.
    The friends I have
    The opportunities to work with others on a daily basis to improve their lives.
    My little dog who makes me laugh everyday.
    Comedians that they are willing to stand up and state what is so.

  224. Thank you so much Jeff.

    Will do the 30 day challenge from tonight. Grateful for:

    1. Seeing this video
    2. My wife
    3. My children
    4. God
    5. My health


  225. Thank you for the reminder, I needed that now! There are in fact so many forgotten things to be thankful to <3
    I often tell my kids, that there is always to sides of a story, choose to see the good one! – but also be honest, not to make an illusion… which can harm you in the end.

  226. The things I am grateful for:-

    1. Michael Hyatt for introducing you to me.
    2. To you Jeff, for creating Product Launch Formula.
    3. To my small but fantastic team, who are going to work with me over the coming weeks to change the way we work for ever.

  227. Thank Jeff!
    My five things:
    1. My parents, who are incredibly amazing human beings and have supported me on my journey with such love.
    2. My economic situation , in which I have my shelter and food for such low prices, that I have the opportunity to focus my efforts on my growth as an entrepreneur.
    3. The community in the coaching school that I am in, who are loving, positive and supportive.
    4. The support of the community that I live among.
    5. The public library in my town, for being such a great resource of information and technology.

  228. Thank You for your vídeos..I have leard very useful things from You.

    I give thanks to God for:

    a) Being alive
    b) Health
    c) family
    d) friends

  229. Dear Jeff,

    thank you for being so inspirational and godd willing.

    Thankful for:
    – my family
    – health
    – children
    – wealth
    – best info and teachings from the whole world
    – good will of people like Jeff Walker
    – for being close to God

    May God bless you to see your kind and humbel and smiling face with good teachings!

    Congratulations from Hungary!

  230. Dottie Kaminsky


    Five things I am grateful for:
    1. The opportunity to see your message
    2. My health
    3. My family
    4. Waking up each morning and given one more day on God’s Beautiful Earth!!
    5. Having the knowledge and knowing that God helps us more every day than we realize.
    I always try to start each day on a positive note and give thanks that I am given another day on God’s beautiful Earth!
    I smile at everyone, and hope that by doing so I have made at least one persons day with a bright smile!
    I look forward to seeing how much more positive I can become by following your advice. Thank you Jeff!! God Bless you..

  231. Simone Shipp


    I’m so grateful for
    my internal guidance and the opportunity to simplify, burning away, tearing out what is rotten, not working, extremely complex and old mass.
    I’m grateful that all I need I have around me and my biggest teachers are my partner, my sons, my parents, the little 18month old boy, who stumbled over to me today at Starbucks handing me his hand-knitted had, all my teachers I had that helped me to experience the principles of the universe and how to apply them in daily life activities,
    I so grateful to learn about pain and happiness with my partner who experienced the death of one of his sons I think one of the most challenging quest on this planet,
    I’m grateful for the networking community who is helping me to understand what support and helping each other means in America (grew up in East Germany),
    I’m so tremendously grateful for all the people in my life since each one is giving me a chance to wake up and finding within me what I see in them and building my strength and clarity about myself based on an inner understanding.
    I’m grateful for all the money that flew in and out and in and out; teaching me about it’s true nature.
    I’m grateful for the breath I can take in a very healthy, strong and flexible body which supports me now much better in fulfilling my big dream,
    I’m grateful for the baby-baby-steps I’m still taking and moving every single day towards my dream,
    I’m grateful for the living food (air, water, food, impressions) helping me to raise my awareness and vibration;
    so many things to be grateful, so many things came to me the last two years by letting unreal stuff go. May you all be blessed, filled with light and guided by your heart desire. Love and light.

  232. Jeff
    I’m grateful for:
    * my health,
    * my body,
    * my mind
    * my family and friends
    * my home which is close to nature
    * I have access to good food and clean water
    * I live in a country that is safe and has good government
    * I have freedom
    * my job
    * being connected to the internet
    * I can (and do) help others

    Thank you for the prompt Jeff. I feel blessed to have so much to be grateful for.

  233. I´m grateful because
    I have the importunity to be a part of the launch of Jeff Launch
    I have the chance to be in the program Message to Money of Marisa Murgatriod and that´s the way I knew abot Jeff
    I have work for 11 months creating my website plataform and I have the structure i just need to add content and store
    I find my way to do what I meant to be doing!

  234. Followup. My 2015 word for the year is “Surrender.” I am amazed how tied together surrender and gratitude are. Expressing my gratefulness for the very things I am surrendering has helped me let go of the past, worries, having to “get it right,” and even a couple of people. Recognizing the blessing that have come from these and then surrendering them to God, to whatever happens next, to moving forward, has been an unexpected help and even a joy in the midst of something that may have conjured fear. Thanks Jeff for your post.

  235. ronee lemanski


    I am grateful for my house, for being born in the united states to parents who were middle class, for finding Palm Coast Florida a great place to live, For meeting a group of awesome ladies that I can hang out with and call my friends, and for a super husband who encourages me to go out in the world and explore.

  236. Hi Jeff,
    Great reminder for gratitude. This year I bought and extra diary A5 size and have been writing 3-5 things to be grateful for each day. Having the diary helps me stay on track and write each day as the days are already marked out. 🙂
    My top five today are being able to be connected via the internet, having wonderful eyesight, being able to walk, being able to hear and being able to read.
    This practice really does have a positive effect and it is so simple to do!

    Thank you Jeff for sharing this video.

  237. I am grateful for my God.
    For my Wife.
    For my 4 Sons.
    For the wonderful place I get to come in and help other people realize their dreams
    For my employer who not only is an awesome mentor but a true human being
    For all the wonderment in all that we maybe able to see, do, be a part of and share.

  238. With havin so much content and articles do yyou ever run into any problems of plagorism oor copyright violation? My site has
    a lot of completely unique content I’ve either writen myself or
    outsourced buut it looks like a lot of it is popping itt up aall over the web without
    mmy authorization. Do you know any ways to help stop content from being ripped off?

    I’d certainly appreciate it.

  239. I am grateful each day for:
    the good health I live with
    the amazing people in my life
    my partner who is the other part of me
    my beautiful animals that teach me true unconditional love
    and last but not least All of my students that teach me to be a better teacher

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