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Great question someone asked me this week – if I had to start over from scratch, TODAY, do I think I could achieve the same success? Given all the massive changes in the world over the past 25 years, here’s what I think of my chances…

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29 Replies to “Do-Over? (Time Machine Part 4)”

  1. YES, Jeff…building a list from a handful to 28K in less than 6 months?! Who woulda thunk?!

    Seed launch this week for real….

  2. Hi Jeff, we had no mobile phones, only dial up internet, no social at all and our first month we only had 9 orders which was the start for us in a business we truly believed in 16 years ago.

    Even under Covid our business is still growing and we still have the same people in our team.
    We still have a large percentage of our original customers from 16 years ago and new ones each day so exponentially we are growing. Mind you – we service the pants off our enquiries, prospective customers and existing customers.

    Thanks for keeping in touch. It means a lot – especially when we are so isolated – thank goodness for the internet and mobile phones.

  3. I agree with you fully there are more opportunities today than they were 2 to 3 decades ago. With all opportunities available for all of us today no reason not to take them and be successful

  4. A very, very interesting video Jeff, I was reflecting on my own ‘technical journey’ because i entered the computer support field back in 1996, and that was a big step for me-coming out of a divorce and feeling very shaky! That was a complete transition for me and I have been on one giant learning curve ever since, I have helped countless people and dozens of client businesses as a highly paid troubleshooter, and specialist. And now I am re-inventing myself once more, as a 62 year old, back when I was in my 30’s it seemed like an adventure, now it is a little more daunting and I am looking for inspiration from people like you, if I can transform my knowledge and experiences into something which can help people even more, I will be a happy camper!
    Cheers, and all the best to everyone in their projects

  5. Colin Johnson


    My wife and I is preparing for this shift. Thankfully we are still working but I wonder at times if by being employed, if hinders you in some way. You were taking care of the kids and you were desperate to contribute financially. I’m buttoning up some paperwork to Launch our Diabetic blend. You see, my wife got sick, got hospitalized, lost some of her vision at the time and eventually lost her job. We came up with this natural herb blend a few years ago to get away from the insulin. She needs to tell her story but she got job and she is slowing down. She’s nervous I feel but said to publish and don’t look for perfection. I could do it but since she is experiencing this illness, will relate to her more. Maybe I just need to to a better job creating some urgency.

  6. Hi Jeff, your story is indeed experientially derived and empirically tested. The straight from the heart narrative and genuineness is so palpable. I have just soft launched a 21 hour book and course “Job Performance Enhancement Mastery” on Teachable. I am beginning to understand that it is not just the content, but the strategy to market, the “twists and turns” need to be in my favour for me to succeed! I also believe that if one strives for excellence and is committed, things should fall in place – although when? can be an intriguing question.
    Thank you for your regular and insightful posts – have watched your recent “Pivot” series of videos late in the night in India – found them truly inspiring.
    I have great respect for the early birds, the pioneers in the field – you are one of them Jeff!

  7. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for this video. I’ve been teaching and hosting real life photography courses in English in Amsterdam, NL for 11 years. My unique selling point was the real life shooting experience I set up for the participants and that it was in English. Now I’ve gotten into video production and ready to start moving my knowledge to videos I will share online. Translating to online and finding a new niche to help me stand out online is a challenge and I’m happy to have come across your website.

  8. David Crabill


    I really appreciated the honest answer and the self-awareness that it would be very unlikely for you to replicate the mega-success you’ve had if you started over again today. But I also liked your idea that you don’t have to be a tycoon in order to have a very successful business, and that the size of today’s market makes up for the increased competition.

  9. Your insight because of your experience is so very helpful. So I think you would have had this same level of success because you have applied insight to people & process with a huge motivation (need for supporting family). You have amazing clarity & practicality and apply it to the world as it exists now…your leadership in this field is exactly why you would be able to build in the world today the level of successful biz you have now. Thanks so much for your transparency pulling out nuggets of hopeful & helpful lessons for those of us building during this different time. Keep it coming.

  10. Leonard Flier


    Take seventeen! Thanks for revealing that, Jeff. I thought I was the only one who had such problems.

    I guess I had thought that Jeff Walker, who has been doing these casual videos for years now, could just run them in one take without preparation. Now I know differently. It takes preparation. Things go wrong. You have to do it over. And over. And over.

    So, Jeff, you’ve shattered all my illusions — but in a good way. I won’t feel so bad when I’m struggling with my videos now that I know that you sometimes struggle with yours.

  11. Luc Mattijs


    Becoming successful online is always possible depending of the person you are. If you have the money to pay for a mentor than you may succeed fast and if not then you’ll have to invest in time. But, what I have never seen being mentioned is that it is very important to have a stable live and peace of mind. Therefore it will be much easier for young singles, still living with their parents and who are without worries to setup a successful business. I have seen it happen many times. That doesn’t mean it won’t be possible to achieve when you’re much older and have a family to support but it will be much harder to do.
    I have started twelve years ago at the age of fifty because I needed extra money to support my family. However, at that time my relationship wasn’t very stable and we had a lot of struggle and hardly any money. To make a long story short, during the past years I lost more money than I earned online. Sure there have been small successes but nothing lasted. And now I am physically and mentally exhausted. Over the years I did learn a lot and still do . But I still have a job and no online business. My plan now is to keep learning and when I retire use the free time to start an online business again. I will never give up because I know it is possible. And Jeff, I hope you will still be there in four years because I might need some help. And thanks for being there now.

  12. Renee Irizarry


    That is the power of exponential growth!
    That was a good interview on Money Revealed, by the way.

  13. Jeff, you are so inspiring and down to earth. What a great role model for success and authenticity! I am sharing your concepts with my community now and hope to learn more about lead generation! xo, Patti

  14. Darlene Atkinson


    Hi Jeff, I hope you receive this, Comment. I grew up trusting in and unseen spirit the people who create movies where old days call it great spirit some call it budhla, some say god whatever you like to call it. I felt like I was choosen for a special path, I believe you also so this was your god given spirit path in life because you’ll help people where they need it the most to bring abundance to people lives. That why I believe this way turn out for you, now if people are not meant for this path in life it very possible you can help them find their true calling or path or journey for themselves in life that why I truly believe some things turn out how they do.

  15. You got me curious about next month… looking to make some big moves very soon! Whatcha got, Jeff?

    • David Crabill


      He always launches Product Launch Formula in September. You can expect a ton of great prelaunch content leading up to it.

  16. Vivien Oprea


    Wow, thank you for this mini-series, Jeff! I’m thinking about starting my online business so what you are teaching here helps a lot. Thank you!

  17. Nadia Iannacone


    As expected Jeff gives a simple and honest answer, so a big thank you to him!

    Now, what intrigues me is why the question was asked in the first place?

    Plain curiosity, need for encouragement, motivation from a successful entrepreneur, or an underlying fear?

  18. I love what I’m seeing in your world of online growth. You have had an amazing influence on entrepreneurs including me. In the process of actively working on a life changing business for my wife and I, I haven’t been able to get those lucky little twists you refer to. So far I have made a course on Music Theory that sets up better Guitar playing and songwriting. Very soon I will finish my 5th free Video leading to an opt in page and a sales page but the whole kit and caboodle is parked and no one has seen it. You see my wife and I have been married 46 years and approach this from an old school mindset. We think we did everything right, moved from a house to an apartment, sold everything we could to support this new venture. Invested in several coaching programs, went to seminars and webinars but unfortunately because we are literally completely isolated we are stuck in the mud. I can’t believe I have put in so much effort, learned so much and have run out of time and money.

    So the next step for this Vietnam vet is to dig even deeper and find a way to do it right. I have so much to offer and there are so many people I can help that there is no reason to stop now. 60 years of experience has positioned me to make a difference and as soon as I can figure out a way I’ll be joining one of your programs.

    Meanwhile, keep doing what you do, the world needs more people like you.

    Lee Demers

  19. Massi Learn


    If you know what you want you can get there no matter what! In 1996 there was a lot less noise which means more than ever one needs to focus and master the practice of ignoring what is not on their menu. The menu is always what one is after.

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