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Here's the “trick” I used to launch my book and hit #1 on the NY Times bestseller list…

I'd love to hear what you think… please leave a comment below!

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88 Replies to “Do The Techniques In My Book “Launch” REALLY Work?”

  1. Of course Jeff “launched” the book titled “Launch!” 🙂
    I LOVE the book, and the course, and I’m really looking forward to PLF Live next month!

    • Jeff – I read and listen to a lot of “How To” books, and I must say yours is at the top of the list. It’s full of awesome content, and the stories you tell – wow – they are so inspiring. Your book has reinvigorated and inspired me to push myself to the next level. The only mistake I think you made was not hiring me on your SuperStar team! 😉

      Thank you so much for all that you do –

      Leonardo “The Companionator” Bustos

    • Hi Jeff
      PLF IS REAL why? Because your REAL you genuinely take care of your customers ie unbelievable value to there success THE BEST IN THE WORLD

    • Jeff: I love your book. It’s easy to understand, authentic and it makes sense. thanks for writing. It has inspired me to get going online There is a lot of value I want to download to the world and will do it with your help. thanks.

  2. I spent 7 hours on a train yesterday and my book of choice for the trip was “Launch”. I love that you have been able to condense your training into an easy to follow format that is digestible and understandable.
    I have shared “Launch” with friends and partners when it was released, lately I have recognised their “shot across the bow” emails coming through all from just the teachings in the book, and now they are hungry for more.
    You have done a great job at teaching and deserved the 1st NYTimes spot. You talk so much about the transformation, how does it feel when you say “New York Times Best Selling Author?”

  3. Geoff Hoffman


    The way you present yourself as helpful, honest, like able,…. All make me want to help you and follow you. The best word that comes to mind is authentic. Thank you for giving me permission to be authentic in my endeavors and prove that it has more power and ease that trying to be someone we are not…..thank you Jeff

  4. One of the most helpful things in your teaching for us was your PAS. We have a product that is needed but not highly sought after: Inspiration and training in prayer and evangelism ministries. These are 2 of the weakest areas of every church. Using the Problem, Agitations, Solution approach has been a great tool for us. Thank you!

    PS Our website indicated is in the process of being reconstructed. We are going with WordPress and the Get Noticed Theme. Hope to have it all up and running by mid-October! And thanks to you we have been able to head down the launch path with so much more clarity! Thank you!

  5. I enjoy knowing with all the accolades one negative comment could generate a video. I have witnessed this with many very successful individuals and this is a great lesson in handling criticism in a productive way. You prove you are not the ‘know it all’ guru, but have the humility to step back, reflect, and give an honest and sincere answer. This is why Jeff Walker is so successful! This video is less about launching a book and more about handing criticism with class!

    Now Jeff, when is the ski lift consults happening, I’ve just bought new fatty powder skis and NTN Tele’s !

  6. Hey Jeff, the book is awesome (we’ve got our first launch going open cart tomorrow–can’t wait!). One thought for the next time PLF goes live: I’d love to know more about what’s in PLF that’s not in the book. I read the book and felt like I had my marching orders…

  7. Love the reminder about how adding value to your tribe is the game we are playing. We’ve adapted our local business mastermind model to do that, and it’s been tremendously well received. Thanks for all you do. – Tom in Vancouver

  8. Jeff: THANK YOU for writing & launching Launch! I appreciate your ability to clearly explain the various principles as well as the clear path to implementation. I’m looking forward to the inevitable success that will come from following your sage advice!

  9. Jeff,
    Thank you for a great conversation video one more time. Similar to Gai Comans experience Launch was a book of choice on my trip from Houston, USA to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    I always generate a lot of ideas but the problem for me all this time was actually to find a structure or an algorithm that would allow me to manifest those ideas into real projects. Discovering PLF I think will solve that issue once and for all which I’m grateful to you for polishing it over the years and making it available to everyone. Can’t wait to share with you and the like-minded folks my achievements!
    Cheers and congratulations on the big success with the book!

    Inna Aguirre

  10. Jeff, Speaking as a guy who’s fought in some of the largest “Launch circles” out there. I 100% AGREE with every word of this video! The book is next up on my reading list, thats for sure!

  11. Hi Jeff… thank you so much for writing your book and constantly modeling the process for us… I bought your book about 3 weeks ago… began my Pre-prelaunch today by sending my very small list that email you so generously gave us in the book… I’m waiting to get my survey results… my prelaunch is scheduled for Friday, Sep 26 with 3 FREE video series leading up to the offer and open cart on Oct. 2… wow… in wrapping my head around all the details and pieces that go into a launch, I ran across freebie PDFs I had downloaded from you in 2010! Apparently, I wasn’t ready then… so, here we go… I’m so looking forward to experiencing the wild ride of success that will generate finally for me and my message… Thanks again for your generosity and creation… many blessings on your continued success… peace and prosperity… Mary

  12. Thanks Jeff. I was among the first to order the book through one of your affiliates, and read the book on my vacation. Loved it. Who you are came though in the book, just as in any of your videos. Great job in the book and the promotion.

  13. Still learning, but what a short cut, thank you so much for sharing —— now to apply 🙂

  14. Jeff…if you were any more transparent your nickname would be Casper! 🙂 Of course you used the method that has made you and other’s tons of money to promote your book “Launch”.

    Tricks…smoke and mirrors…HARDLY!!! Those who know you know how many years, how much work, time and energy you have put into building your business and your relationships!

    Thanks for being such a transparent guy that is not afraid to show us the truth about what goes on behind the scenes so we too can be successful using your “Launch” model!

    Sorry I am going to miss PLF LIve this fall. I am sure it is going to be AWESOME as always!!! I will be celebrating with you from afar! Hope to see everyone at your next event! 🙂


  15. Jeff – a fantastic book. I’m working on a launch outside the IM space myself, and look forward to integrating your strategies. An outstanding resource!

  16. Yes, Jeff, there usually a complain, no matter how great your book is, I have never read a book so plane, so easy to understand as
    the book Launch. Thanks Darlene of Sacramento, CA.

  17. Very good book. It teaches how to deliver quality during a product launch and build a relationship with customers. So many other systems out there use the bait and hook which I call, promote pain, poke the pain over and over, promise solutions, plead for a purchase approach. Jeff teaches us to give (no promise, real value up front), and give, and give and then offer more for purchase. The approach is refreshing and welcome by customers.

  18. Hi Jeff I’m really enjoying your book I got the bonuses, thank you for those I am implementing what’s in there step by step.

    Your an awesome guy with an awesome book.
    thanks a lot

  19. Jeff, I’ll be attending your upcoming seminar next month. After attempting to launch/promote my last book, and not being as successful as I would like to have been, I’m looking forward to learning more about your Launch Formula.

    By the way, I love the ‘stuff’ you teach 🙂 …


  20. You know, I think the beauty of your method is it can’t be over done in the world… It’s based on generosity and consideration and who doesn’t like that? 🙂 After I started using the book I ran into two good friends within the week who were also using the book!!! Very cool! Thanks Jeff!

  21. ‘Everything is promotion’ – beautifully put. Most people mistake ‘self-promotion’ for ‘self aggrandizement’. Very few people are taught from a young age to promote themselves, what they represent and how they may help others. It’s just not the done thing. It’s thought to be almost ‘showing off’ but why is this? If you don’t put the effort to put your self out there in the first place, no-one’s going to do it for you. Everything from your shirt, your haircut, the manner of your voice, it’s all to create the image you want the world to see. Shouldn’t it be the best image?
    One thing you have definitely taught me from your videos, Jeff, is to tune out the negativity, don’t waste time on it, focus on helping and giving value. You’ve provided great value to me and I look forward to meeting you in person in the future. I’ve only covered a portion of the book so far, but it’s good reading up to now. Many thanks.

  22. “Trick”? What Trick? We don’t need no stinking Trick! LOL It a launch “Formula”! And, if this isn’t one of THE most important books written on Marketing I don’t know what is. Building your own platform, product, list, tribe, etc. doesn’t happen overnight … so, time to get busy, “Invest in yourself, Design the lifestyle you want and Make it happen.” Thanks Jeff!

  23. Thanks for the video- I love The Launch and have been implementing the info in there! It’s well written, easy to understand and apply. Looking forward to doing PLF next!!

  24. Hi Jeff! Great post! Haters are going to hate, they don’t get it. I like the fact that your aim is to create value in people’s lives. It’s not surprising that they want to return the favour. I for one, feel your genuine soul through your presentations and writings. Got your book. Read it. Designing a product to launch as we speak. I wish I could afford PLF proper! But that will do for now.
    P.S: I know you’ve coached a certain Brendon but I have a feeling that Marie, Ramit and Derek are also benefiting from your wisdom! Am I right? 😉

  25. Mark Morano


    Your book is a testimony to building relationships, giving great content, and treating people well.


  26. Hi Jeff, congratulation to you and I really love your sharing and I strongly agreed with you about the importance of adding value to people and also everything is about promotion and there’s a system for doing launches. Thanks for sharing about the launch system in your book and do continue to share more awesome posts and videos!

  27. I’m in the middle of my very first micro-launch right now, and have been following the format in LAUNCH to the letter. The pay off is that I had 300 people sign up for my first free webinar training, and 100 people actually attend. I’m grateful, so grateful and honored to be a part of your community Jeff! Your style and incredible insight are outstanding and unbelievably spot-on. Thank you!

  28. If gaming the system means adding value, being generous, and thinking strategically, then, yes, you gamed the system. I mailed for you because you added so much value to my business that it was the least I could do. The cool thing is that you provided a way for me to add value to my tribe by sharing your book with them. I had tons of people thank me for introducing them to you. This was an all-around win for everyone. This is why you will keep succeeding, because this is the foundation of all you do. Thanks, Jeff!

    • @Michael: thanks… as you know, your support was really helpful. I truly appreciate someone with you industry support giving me such amazing support!

      • Fully agree with Michael on those remarks.

        In working with thought leaders, including Michael, and launching multiple NYT’s bestsellers over the years I always find it strange when those who have not achieved similar levels of success act like it’s a bad thing to leverage your list and influence for a launch. Leverage is what it’s about and what everyone should be utilizing to maximize their impact. Jeff Walker didn’t start out with the influence (relationships and lists) that he has now but over time, as he leveraged and grew exponentially, it expanded to what it is today. And with each launch, it expands even more.

        A laser only works because of optical amplification. A successful launch is the same. Harnessing the platform for concentrated impact.

        Using an offline example, if someone owned a burrito restaurant they would normally do everything they could do to make their opening day HUGE. They’d offer specials, they’d invite their friends and family, they’d try to get press, they’d ask their fans and influential friends to help spread the word… etc. Same idea applies to online as well.

        It’s those who don’t understand this that find themselves with limited results.

        • @Daniel: that is such a great point! Some people think that the long slow hard way is somehow magical and should be celebrated. They also have this mistaken belief that there are books (and movies and products) that just climb their way to the top without any push by the author. The reality is that EVERY author does the best to push their book, given their platform and their knowledge of how to use their platform. Of course, most people don’t have a really strong grasp of how to leverage their platform.

    • Michael is right! I found Jeff through Michael Hyatt. I knew that if Michael recommended it, it had to be spot on and he was right! My second book was published in July, I wish I had Jeff’s system up and running before it came out. I am Reading Jeff’s book and trying to apply to my business. Thanks to both of you for your genuineness in helping others. You are authentic! I sing your praises.

  29. Jeff, I had the opportunity to read your book and I could clearly what was wrong with my previous launches. Thank you for sharing your experiences and techniques with us. Hermann

  30. Hi Jeff,
    I´ve been a proud PLF4-Owner for about a year now, but haven´t launched anything, yet. The product I wanted to launch just takes a lot of time to be created.
    However, I also read the book and got so much inspired by the launch concept combined with John Gallagher Membership-Concept! So I started very spontaneously asking a simple question to my list instead just giving them some info. The feedback was so overwhelming, that I decided to start a seed launch!
    It was a hell of a work, but after the first launch I have 90 paying members on my new membership site! It´s all about learning Germany by watching videos about my every day family life! People love those videos.
    And, you know what? As I am typing this lines I am just right before my second launch for the same project – just about three weeks after the first!
    Tomorrow at 7:23 am the open cart mail will be sent out to a list of about 1570 addresses! The first list was the same, just with about 300 addresses less on it. So, tomorrow I will see, if my concept has some future! So far nobody quit the membership, and I hope tomorrow I will get some more family members. I call the project “Deine deutsche Gastfamilie” (Your German Host Familiy) 🙂
    I thank you so much, Jeff! My goal is to get et least 1000 members one day, just as John says in the case study 🙂
    Wich you all the best;
    P.s.: By the way – maybe you know some people who would be interested in learning German 😉 Soonish I am looking for some JV-Partners – of course, I am not just some German guy, but a graduated German teacher.

  31. I loved your book and I followed everything in your book to a T I just went through launch in launched a webinar series on educating divorce attorneys on a specific topic unfortunately the product launch utterly failed. I have no idea why as I followed everything you said to the tea and some wondering if anybody has any experience in marketing to attorneys or other very busy professionals and has had a similar experience as I think that is part of my problem getting them to pay attention

  32. Hi Jeff,

    I have just finished your book (thank you 5-hour plan ride) and created a plan for four of my authors (execs from Fortune 100 companies who really need your agile, entrepreneurial wisdom) for their book launches. They have amazing network but no lists yet, not even websites.

    I told them though about your wonderful process that has a powerful community of support and that they can do the same, especially if they help one another as these four do know one another as one of the four was the main referral source to me to help with writing, publishing and, most of all, marketing their respective books. I shared with them, and they get it, that they can do so much more working together and cross promoting one another than alone.

    Believe it or not it is hard for people to understand that concept. For many the glass is half full versus the glass is overflowing. I can’t wait to see how this develops because as these titans of industry realize the benefits of your model I believe they will be able to help many other thought leaders, like themselves, get their worthy books out there. And, as that is my space and I do it because I believe helping them helps the world as their intention is to make a difference in the world as big as possible which is my intention.

    I found your through Michael Hyatt and for that I am forever grateful.



    • @Melissa: that’s exciting… I would love to hear how it turns out! I’m still a little amazed how far my work has traveled… now it sounds like it might be making it’s way into the executive suite of Fortune 100 companies!

  33. You are single handedly responsible for all my big success over the past 5 months. I went from almost losing my job to getting promoted twice thanks to your product launch formula. Now it’s just about improving on it. Thank you Jeff, You changed my life and helped the company I work for and am passionate about help grow as a result.

  34. Hey Jeff, I did my first launch in 1997 while I was still at Uni … no idea what I was doing. No marketing background. Just followed my nose. It turned out amazing … and I used a model of behavioral medicine to understand and explain the success.

    It wasn’t until I came across PLF that I found you’d done the great work of reverse engineering the whole process … it was just so easy to plugin to what I was doing. I love it. Anyone serious about building a business and successfully launching a product should do the full PLF course.

    I’m currently in pre-pre-launch for an event that will be the biggest ever online event for this particular industry. October 28 is release of the first asset. The amount of goodwill this has already generated is amazing and we’re already getting free publicity and strategic partners who are mailing for us just so their own brand can be associated with the event.

    I just picked up a copy of Launch for a quick read – to get me back in the zone – which is what it’s done.

    Love your work.


  35. Anthony Seymour Browne


    Hi Jeff,

    Your Product Launch Book is awesome.

    Earlier this year I published two books on Amazon.
    But, depended on “Hope Marketing” through Press Releases and Facebook Ads, without success.

    Your Launch Book showed me how to succeed.
    As a result, I took the leap of faith and signed up for, PLF 2014 Live.

    By the way, I completed your Modules 1-7.
    Admittedly, the processes requires a lot of work.
    Since, I am not a techie.
    Much of it is intimidating.

    However, my premise is as follows:
    1) It is a recipe to follow
    2) Other persons have followed and succeeded
    3) Therefore, so can I

    Consequently, I am looking forward to seeing you in Arizona Oct 10-12 for a life changing event.

    Best regards,


  36. I recently used the models in your book to launch a program called Fight Like a Boymom. Jeff, you’ve changed my life. I finally feel like I’ve found the perfect way to share my passion for raising hard-to-handle boys with my people.

    I have a medium sized list of 17K or so (because I’ve been online for about 5 years building it) and tried to only allow 250 people in my first launch. I opened it at 9AM, went to eat breakfast with my family, took the dishes to the sink at 9:22, sat down to check on things at 9:23 and had already sold out and gone over 300 people. By the time I could get it taken down, just 30 minutes after it opened, we were close to 500.

    I’m so grateful for this book. Just the book alone, with all of its examples and case studies, has changed the way I look at what’s possible for my family, and given this work-at-home, homeschooling mom a way to duplicate herself without having to leave my home.

    I have a new book launching in Feb, and I plan to use this method to get it into the hands of as many moms as possible. I can’t thank you enough, Jeff.


    • Anthony Seymour Browne


      Hi Brooke,
      Your story is extremely encouraging!
      So much so, I just went to Facebook to like and follow you.
      Keep up the good work.

  37. Dawn Engler


    Jeff…I got the link for your book from food stamps to riches John Gallagher. I devoured it. I become a PLF Owner and am eating up the modules. Soon I will be a PLF Live attendee, to be followed by a launching 4 ideas into the marketplace crazy person. Cannot wait for what is to come.

  38. Hi Jeff,

    I’ve been running my online biz since Jan 2012 and have always promoted my launches with free calls, with some success. I am experimenting with the formula in your book for my new launch- a 90 Day Fitness & Health Bootcamp, coming out in October. I don’t have a lot of time to spend on my biz- I have 2 baby boys in diapers (need to talk to Brooke from the comment before mine!) and it’s crazy around here. But I know I can be a great Mom AND run this biz. I am still reading your book, and just read the part about making sure to take some down time and take care of yourself when in a funk. Love it! Got up and exercised and then took the 5 month old outside 🙂 I know I can do this, and your book has given me courage and inspiration. Thanks!

  39. Jeff, I loved your book! You make each one of us feel like we can accomplish great things in our business. I LOVE the fact that you did exactly what your book said to do to get it to #1. You rock!

  40. I’ve both this book just when you launch it in the market.
    One of the best book that i found .
    in Italy many knowledge are completly new and of couse … works very well
    thanks Jeff!

  41. Congrats on your book, butI believe you missed the point of the person, Jeff. There is a big difference between books that are bought through viral word-of-mouth for the merits of the content inside the book, and books that are purchased through gimmick marketing where the bonuses are valued at over 20x more that the cost of the book. You could sell a box of tissues and boost it to #1 if the bonuses are valued highly enough by the prospects.

    • @Rik: You might want to believe otherwise, but there are virtually no books whatsoever on the bestseller list that get to the list through viral word of mouth… there are different paths to get on the list, but most of them rely on either big media, big advertising, or an author that already has big-time celebrity. (I didn’t have any of those.)

  42. You’re right, you’ve formed genuine relationships, and there’s no short-cut to success, but many wish there was.

    (…on a side-note, I hope you’re thinking about launching an audio version of the book in your own voice.)


    • @Robb: yes, I’m planning an audio version and I’m planning to record it myself. It’s the part about finding the time which is a challenge!!

      • Mel Contreras


        Yes! Please! An audio version would be awesome! (just went to Audible and couldn’t find it)
        I have just started following your blog and completely love itl 🙂

  43. Jeff – Thanks for speaking at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy yesterday. It was a superb talk and I’m glad I bought PLF 4.0 and I am looking forward to the journey. To Our Quantum Leaps…Bruce Whipple

  44. Jeff … DID YOU GET IT?

    First though, AWESOME content and talk about an ASTOUNDING first-hand TESTIMONY — basically, your book which is about HOW TO BECOME #1 … Became #1. I just love it.

    Now … as to “DID YOU GET IT?” … I had sent you a full package with not only our Debut and Life-Changing Product. “LIVING WITH YOUR HEROES” — BUT, the PARTNERING OFFER made also has such incredible, and so REAL of POTENTIAL — I mean, Jeff, you should have seen that I did actually … GET YOU ON THE COVER OF TV GUIDE MAGAZINE. Contact me and let’s take a New Launch that will ABSOLUTELY SOAR!

    Love your great AMERICAN SPIRIT of … CAN DO — WILL DO — AND … HAVE DONE!!!!

    Contact me,
    Frank Dougherty,

      • Well, none-the-less, I greatly thank you for the time to reply … impressive these days. Still a Big Fan, and so … See You At The Top. With Warm Regards, Frank Dougherty

  45. Just finished reading your book. Thank you! I am very excited about implementing your techniques.

    Do you have any other fans who use or plan to use launches that are service based? I own a music school. We teach private lessons. That is the basis of our income. I can imagine creating some online products as incentives – limited free lessons, short courses on the art of effective practice and that type of thing which fit the launch model perfectly. But our ultimate goal is getting students in our door, signed up for ongoing instruction.

  46. Hey Jeff – I just saw you at Experts Academy – thanks so much for sharing. Your insights into marketing and demonstrated results (like the book Launch) not only strengthen my understanding, but they also prove this shit works! I don’t have to argue with anyone on what to do for a launch – just go look at what Jeff did (does). So your success with Launch lifts my ability to succeed. Great book – great reference. Thanks.

  47. Thanks so much again, Jeff, for an educational video. It was helpful to learn how to respond to a negative comment in a positive way. I’m grateful to be able to learn from you and understand the value of the relationships you have cultivated over the years. Can’t wait to inspire and be inspired by all who come to PLF live!

  48. Jeff it was great seeing you at Brendon Burchard’s Expert’s Academy in Santa Clara on Saturday. Your presentation was great. I had LAUNCH in my bag and helped 8 of my collaborators opt-in to you. I am looking forward to seeing you at PLF Live in October!

  49. As you say, “The proof is in the pudding!” Now onto your Product Launch Formula as I throw my hat into the ring to change the world! Great to hear you speak at Experts Academy this past weekend!

  50. Hey Jeff… yeah, I get it. Of course you used your own techniques and strategy to launch the book 🙂

    Good for you man. And great work. Thanks for doing what you do and keep it up 😉


  51. Jeff: I was one of those who pre-ordered and I have to say it was the best book on this topic ever. I’m working my way through a few of my own launches to see how it flies with my lists and I’m really excited. Thanks.

  52. ken ca|houn


    Jeff, I like your main point about jvs is the value you’ve built for them Before asking for launch support. Reciprocity, relationship-building and adding genuine value all makes sense, the story adds up. People need solutions and processes that are tested and actually work, which yours does. And if it’s business-transformational, which plf is, then that’s even better. congrats on continued success, and thanks for adding genuine value. -k

  53. Gordon Stanley


    LOW INFORMATION PROMOTERS, would be a classification of anyone without your methods taught in “LAUNCH”.Slug mail is so yesterday that even the thought of not incorporating your proven current ideas would not only be costly but the TURBO BOOST would be missing.Why be late to the show? You teach the PRE & the PRE,PRE, but what I like best is your follow-up, THANKS again…..

  54. Great video! Another piece of the puzzle explained. Another specific point of view taken that helps me to grasp the larger picture. Again congrats Jeff on a huge success with your book!!

  55. Hi Jeff, I was tickled to get to see you on Brendon’s stage.
    Thanks for the effort and training. i’m putting your words to work for me.
    I plan to be at Rick’s training in Oct. and will move the needle.
    I really appreciate the sharing.

  56. It is indeed the best $14 I have spent in my recent life! And with my upcoming book and coaching programs, you bet I am reading and re-reading and applying everything Jeff mentions here to a TEE! Thanks Jef – great stuff here!

  57. I love this – and pretty much everything else I’ve seen from Jeff Walker! I’d heard of him from a couple of other guys in the past, but I’m very glad I found his stuff. I love it all!
    As for this particular message, I think I get it: no man is an island. Create value; Establish and maintain relationships.
    Great post!

  58. I’m actually a little confused still about how you got your book on the New York Times Best Seller List. I’m not confused about your launch or getting big marketers to promote for you – after all that’s what I teach in my book as well. But the New York Times Best Seller list is derived from book store sales – not Amazon sales and not author sales. You said you just saw your book for the first time on retail shelves. So somehow you got all those sales funneled through a channel that the New York Times recognizes – would you be willing to share that information?
    Keep up the great work!

  59. Hi Jeff. I came across the book as it was recommended to me by Amazon.

    The book is really top notch. I loved the way you broke things down into stages and gave direct advice on where to start.

    It is also great to see something that is honest and not full of hype and over the top promises.

    Great job.

  60. Loving this one! We just launched an ebook on Amazon Kindle, free at first to get the rankings up, and then we’re looking to implement your system to get it well up the rankings! It will also be launching in print soon, so really exciting times! And we wouldn’t have known it was possible without you! So thanks! 🙂

  61. Louise O'Connor


    Immense gratitude for your amazing book. 🙂 I have been following your blog for some years now. I love that I now have your step-by-step coaching advice clearly set out in a printed book. Launch has become my go to instruction manual as I am using PLF to launch my next health product. Best wishes Jeff + team

  62. Hello, I accidentally came across your page as I am about to put my book to print next week (right timing:)). I am a dentist, DSc, etc, but completely inexperienced in launching a product. I wrote a book where I answered to the most common questions patients asked me through my 23 years of practise “Way to smile”. And now I wonder how do I proceed.. Please advise, Alena

  63. Hi Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for putting that series of videos together for your latest PLF launch. Ryan Levesque sent me your way. I’ve just got your Launch book on Kindle as a result of feeling so very supported by the information you were able to pack into those three videos. Super excited to put some of this into place, Appreciation, Jackie

  64. I have the book.
    It’s awesome.
    I will read it again many times over the coming months and years.
    ‘Nuff said.
    Buy it!

  65. Jeff, as always you continue to shower golden nuggets of wisdom upon us. I love that you made this video because there are always people who attempt to negate the hard work that went into achieving a goal. I have used your launch system over and over again for years on everything from books to music. It works no matter what you are marketing. Thank you for all that you do and I will continue to share your courses and books to my tribe.

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