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Do you struggle to finish? Are all your projects 99% done? Do you have products, or web sites, or blog posts that are ALMOST done?

Trust me, you're not alone. Watch this video:

Please leave a comment below… tell me about your struggles to finish, or your #1 tip on how to finish… or your top question about finishing projects…

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169 Replies to “Are All Your Projects 99% Done?”

    • I declared my independence the day I ordered your book.
      I am nearly halfway to the end. But it will be my beginning.
      My website is almost finished. I plan to launch my pre-launch in the next two weeks.
      I will finish.

      Thanks Jeff for the kick in the ass that I needed.
      I will keep you updated.

  1. When I did my Ph.D., I had to write a dissertation as the capstone. My advisor told that the most important part of a dissertation is getting it “done.”

  2. Jeff, thanks so much for this video. You described this so clearly that I was laughing out loud! It’s so true!

    I have stuff that I’ve pushed through to the finish, stuff that’s still at 99%, and the rest in between…as it goes. Awareness about it all really helps.

  3. I don’t have problems getting my projects done. But I do have problems meeting deadlines. Still I pushed through and get them completed even though they took longer than my planned schedule.

    One good thing is because I am an internetpreneur, I do not have to account to anyone. Because if I do, I will have a much harder time than I am now as my paycheck depends on the schedule my employer set for me besides just getting the job done.

    The things that took me the longest time is writing articles. Especially with Google recent updates which i have to comply as I am also doing SEO.

  4. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for a fantastic video.

    I could see myself in your video. I have a Soccer Throw-in Company (kind of a niche), and I have struggled with recording new video tutorials. I have tons of video clips on my computer, but it´s just laying there…. You have been inspirering me to start NOW….
    Have to read your book…..

    Best throw-in regards
    Thomas Gronnemark

  5. I love this topic. I think the key is to find those projects that are so important we cannot give up until they are done.
    I started writing novels in 2009. After many manuscripts that fizzled I finally focused on a book for young women because I feel a responsibility to them. There are girls who need to know they are not a freak, there is someone out there who is an oddball like them. Still editing after 18 months but I know I will get there 🙂

  6. Hey, Jeff–great video as usual, and it’s heartening to see that I’m not the only one who starts fast and then has to work like crazy to get the last ten–or five–or one percent finished. But anything I’ve ever achieved in my life has been through breaking through the last hurdles. All the best with your book!

  7. Thanks Jeff for finishing your book and I will be buying it. I have had a few excuses for not finishing things lately. My husband had brain surgery 6 weeks ago. Last week I had ear surgery. So they are behind me now. They sound like good excuses but the truth is I have not stopped thinking and planning what I’m going to do next. Now I can put that into action. I read somewhere that the best thing to do is just stop. Stop and clear the head. I’ve deliberately stopped over the last 6 weeks and I’ve found a path now to move forward. But I just want to say thanks for regular emails, they are what encourage me and I’m sure so many of your fans.

    • @Deborah: there are some excuses that are valid… and those are valid!

      Your strategy is right on… stopping and getting your head straight before you jump back in.

  8. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the video mate! I think I am a 97.5% 🙂 Really appreciate this message as it has come on the cusp of a birthday that I am going to make the year that it all happens! As you so rightly say, time to push those projects over the finishing line!

    Cheers, been a follower for a while! Always appreciate your content!


  9. I tend to have several factors that impede successful completion of projects. Up until very recently I had been trying to create a workflow for myself, consistent habits to complete my goals. I just finished reading this book called The Habit Factor that is improving my workflow and allowing me to devise ways to keep myself inspired throughout the process (I had been trying to generate motivation). I am currently working to apply what I’ve learned. For now, I still am overcoming my standard habits, learning to keep working regardless of roadblocks, restructuring the way I think, and taking baby steps to reach my large goals.

  10. Jeff – Thanks for this Video. The last 10% of the start of any business is just as hard as the first 90%. I am in the last 10% and ummm, it’s been over a year in the last 10% phase. Crazy stuff. This is perfect and right on time. Thank You.


  11. Hit the nail on the head. Thanks for showing me I’m not the only one who struggles with this! I’m proofing and editing my healthy cooking book: Healthy cooking 101. It’s so close to being born. I need to celebrate mini victories in this process and keep pushing ahead. Love that advice. Thanks Jeff.

  12. Great video, Jeff, thank you. You’re right about celebrating the smaller goals and pushing through. After years of working on my own, I finally found another accountability partner. Checking in every week makes such a difference…although, that said, there are still goals on the back burner. I’m okay with that now, though, since I feel like there is forward movement.

  13. Hi Jeff,
    yes indeed you have hit on a common nerve I believe-and so many people get hung up on perfection that it paralyzes them! I think it was Marlon Sanders who said 99% don’t mean jack if it aint up and ready for sale you got nothing! I believe this happens to a lot of intermediate marketers who have yet to have anything make a dime, many projects commenced, and maybe even completed but find it is not wanted by anyone-find out if there is an audience before you get the drawing board out-that is a big lesson!

  14. Hello Jeff, congratulation for your book. i will read it with a great pleasure.
    yes i am finishing my project..and at the very end, giving me the permission to do small video with conversation and so on….I had to learn so many thing to allow me to do this project!!Now i am at he very end, just to install paypal for eventual clients paying me and having to write three small pdf to finish all the modules. it was a long work but now i know i will finish. So many obstacles, so many permission to give to oneself and during the work, having imaginary conversation with the ideal clients..and at the end…understanding we have nothing to loose …but everything to win..just because we are done…i have already a second project, more simple, easier…But i am finishing the first one…and happy to know i will finish it. thanks Jeff for your help and presence and fidelity, once more, congratulation for your book, i will be happy to get it in my library and read it!!! God bless you.

  15. Jeff, cool video and love the football metaphor. Agree many entrepreneur types can get diverted. Many are ‘pressure prompted’ and get energised by having a deadline. So setting up and sharing intermediate goals and deadlines with others and a reward and/or penalty system for meeting these can help increase energy and focus. Penalties can be having to do something hard but necessary or payment of a fine into a fund. As you say, celebrate completing steps. It can help to think through what (realistic) reward / penalty would motivate you towards completing. Creativity helps! Also considering sharing with someone who is good at encouraging you, holding you accountable and celebrating with you.

  16. The solution is to always focus on perfecting the “process.” Not the goal or end result in itself, because once you reach that goal, there always has to be another one if you want to stay successful. Success is really setting and achieving a series of never ending goals.

  17. Intermediate steps – focus one step at a time.
    So true. Also need the plan with the goal, broken down into the little steps, hopefully with some time – benchmarking.
    Been there!

  18. I needed this today ~ I have been mind mapping my business concept for over a year now. Now I Don’t know if I should trade mark the name as you did with Product Launch Formula.

    • @Daniel: I am not a lawyer… but 99 times out of 100, you should get started on the project and worry about trademarking it later. It sounds like another way you’re creating to avoid actually doing the project.

  19. Hi Jeff.
    I have just finished a course at YOOBEE school of design. The first thing I learned was a saying from the design industry. “Perfection is great, on time is better”. When we started a new project we had to produce a time line which was like a flow chart through the project. The funny thing is you start the time line from the presentation day (this is the day your project must be presented to the class finished) and work back to the beginning. When your time line blows out or you crash and burn. Take a look at why and account for this in your next project. It is a lot of fun and you are always learning. I very quickly found out where my greatest weakness were and applied my self to those things early. It made me a rock star at finishing.

  20. Jeff, LOVED your video, and boy can I relate. By far my most effective strategy for finishing anything is having a deadline that’s public.

    I’m in the middle of a telesummit right now, the Tap Into Money World Summit. If it hadn’t been for the dates I committed to, my speakers expecting to be interviewed live on video, my audience expecting us to show up – I am sure I’d still be procrastinating.

    Finishing is downright scary. A public commitment pushed me to finish.

  21. Jeff, How true. I’ve published 3 books to date with the first being an all time best seller “Think Rich, Pinoy!” for Global Filipinos. My “finish” challenge is to do a book launch followed by a seminar launch using the Product Launch Formula. I need to get off my butt today and begin releasing pre-launch content on my second book “Scale Up Your Internet Start Up” where I combine real estate and internet marketing. You inspire me to open up Aweber with my first pre-launch e-mail. Oh, I have also enrolled for the live PLF Seminar in October 9 to 13, 2014. So I’m slowing driving the stakes to the ground. Keep encouraging Jeff, You Dare Greatly (see Dr. Brene Brown) and you inspire me by being yourself, to do likewise.

  22. Excellent advice Jeff.

    My background of 20 years in the military built a lot of discipline into me, so I force myself not to start too many projects at once, outsource as much as practical, and just push through.

    Looking forward to you book!


  23. I’m still benefiting from your My Book Is Finally Done video in which you said that the daily discipline of being at your computer 10 minutes after a 5 a.m.wake-up was the action that finally brought completion.

  24. I smiled when you started talking about typos in your book. I built a special template for first time book writer to cut down the process of typos and other errors. But never hold back the information because of a couple of errors. I use my template so much that I find typos in some of the great books that we have read. Maybe proofing is in my future….

  25. I wholeheartedly agree – there are always projects to finish….
    I resonate with what you said about how long it takes to finish a book – with all the drafts, corrections, etc. it seems to take forever! It took me 2 years to finish my book. Now the marketing push begins. As you mention celebrating intermediate victories is a must. Thanks for your video!

  26. Jeff, “You have to push through to get it done” is a counterproductive command to your mind and body. “Have to” means “You don’t want to, so let’s resist” and “done” is in the future so now I’m anxious with stuck energy that can’t get into the future. “You have to” also means “you don’t have a choice.” This is not very motivating.
    In my books, primarily The Now Habit, I suggest using “I am choosing to start (again) for 5 or 15 minutes.” The last time you Start is when you’re done. You don’t have to worry about “done.” see also
    Let me know what you think.

    • @Neil: thanks for feedback… it’s awesome to have you stop by and share your experience and wisdom. And yes, I agree that language matters and the reframing from “have to” to “choose to” is a great one.

  27. Jeff

    I enjoy hearing your stories about the progress with your book as I’ve just finished the first draft on my own book and I’m going through similar internal battles! I took a couple of days out to clear my head after completing the first draft and and then came back and realised that what I wrote sounded just like how I speak.

    But the truth is that in print you don’t repeat or emphasise things that you naturally would when you speak. There’s no need to because:

    a) it looks wrong
    b) the reader always has a chance to go over and re-read a sentence if they haven’t understood something.

    The stuff about celebrating the small victories is so true. More importantly, you’re spot on about completing the final 1%. The work doesn’t stop when you’ve written the book. The next step is in the promotion.

    I’m looking forward to hearing more stories about your book and this journey.


  28. Thanks Jeff…
    Right message, at the right time from the right person!!!

    Im about to launch my services(at least i think i am) but everytime i think im done, something comes up and we have to do some adjustments!

    There’s a line between this last 1% and the seek for perfection!!!

    How would you know if you are planing this last 1% or if you are being held back by the never-ending search for perfection??

    Congrats for your book!
    Cant wait to put my hands on it


  29. So spot on! I am having heaps of fun but very stressed with the amount of time my digital photography course is taking to create…baby steps, content, edits, photos, vids…one step at a time and celebrations after each achievement is the only way to keep the momentum up!

  30. For me, setting a date for a class and advertising that date is a great motivator for getting it done. When the date gets closer, it’s either do or die and I’ve found that I usually do! Amd for the most part, do it well.

    Thanks for all you do

  31. hi Jeff, I’d love to chat with you and your fans about how focusing on STARTING for the last time is more effective than pressuring yourself to finish/get it done. The brain needs a clear direction about WHEN to START, it can’t get into the imaginary future place of Done that could be 400 or 1,000 hours away.
    I’ve had 6 books published and never told myself “You have get it done.” I just kept starting for 15-30 minutes until the last time I started is when I was done.
    best and good luck, Neil Fiore see productivity for video tips

  32. Jeff, it’s like you know me. Definitely something I struggle with. Your video is an inspiration. Thanks.

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  34. Hi Jeff, It’s helpful to know you struggle with that last 1% to the finish line right there along with us even after all these years in business. You recognize it and bring it to our attention. Thank you for being an inspiration and for being genuine.

  35. Jeff, thank you so much. I soooooooooooo needed to hear this from someone like you!! I’m STUCK in the “perfection” rut and soooooooooo close to completion. It’s nice to know it’s all part of the ride. Keep on inspiring and I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!!

  36. Jeff, you touched a very delicate subject! I was wondering when usually happen that feeling that a project never ends! I totally agree that’s when it’s about to be done! As the miner that gave up when he was about to reach the gold vein, many people just give up when he’s almost finishing a project! Actually it’s really hard, because we already spent too many energy, but we still have to push ourselves to accomplish any project we started, not procrastinating them! Have a great week!

  37. Barbara Dowling


    Jeff, the title of your blog caught my eye because it is me! You offered some great advice!. Thanks for the inspiration! BTW, good luck on your book promotion…will definitely check it out!

  38. Oh Jeff, that’s a great video and I really understand what you’re saying. Same story with my book, there’s always “one more thing” to get done.

    Wish you best of look and I can’t wait to buy your book.

  39. Steve Kelly



    Needed to hear that. I am on my last 1% of a big project and a small “must do” project needed to slip in front, so I lost my momentum. I will pick it back up on Wednesday.



  40. Beatrix Willius


    Timely video! I’m in the finishing stages of the next beta of my software. During early betas I found out that a major new feature wouldn’t work well. So I’m redoing it completely. But this is taking sooooo long. All not-important bugs have been moved to a next version.

  41. Although “Self Doubt” creeps in from time to time. A “neurotic holding pattern” as Elliott Hulse would say. I press on. Every day I do SOMETHING…I move closer to making it a reality. I press on. I’m just getting started. All my past failures brought me here to THIS POINT today…so I’m humbly grateful. And still…I press on. With dedicated, consistent, focused, DAILY ACTION towards your goal…something will happen. I try to keep the faith.

  42. This speaks to me and my partner – It feels like forever launching and we have been trapped in disappointments over getting through the 99% barrier in so many ways. You inspire us to celebrate every step more – maybe even every day.

  43. Thank you, Jeff for another insightful and inspirational post. I can empathize with you as it took so much effort to finish my first coaching book, especially the endless edits. I agree with Natalie about setting a public deadline. Our book had to be finished because my partner and I were scheduled to present at a conference. Done and did that! Yea! And we just won an MML award, but we STILL have to push to get the whole program launched. It does seem never-ending…Thank for your encouragement and all the great advice from the fellow travelers, especially Natalie and Willie.

  44. great video,
    success lies in the mind.
    Is an inside thing.
    Big projects have many emotional implication.
    Not easy to pull off

  45. Rabia Hershey


    As a mother, business woman, journalist, wife and assorted other beings, I always have a project or two needing finishing. What tends to work for me is having a special time of day for each of the things that are on my list.
    For example my best time to write is in the wee hours of the morning. The house is quiet no one really needs me and I can think. After the children are off to school business projects. Out of ideas then it must be time to cook (if it my day) or creative hour is in place. Tired from that. Some exercises not that I am manic but its exciting pushing a bit at a time for me.
    Having a schedule makes the difference. If we treat it like it’s back to school the fun can come in. if it’s push push push survival, its crap.
    Forgot to tell you I’m a New Yorker, living in Saudi Arabia.

  46. Great reminder. Jeff, that focus is an illusion and persistence will win in the end (zone). I love the reminder about the red zone. Thanks, Bob

  47. It took me a long time to let go of the perfectionist mindset. I even put post it notes on my desk that affirmed my desired mindset – “done is better than perfect.”

    It’s getting easier to get things done. Taking action and pushing through is just like working out. The first time you do it your body resists. But the more you do it the easier it becomes.

    Thanks for the insight Jeff!

  48. This is so timely for me. I having been writing my book for several years as well. Just when i think I am good to go I get another idea for content or a different format. Your message of ‘just get it done’ resonated with me. Thanks for the focus.

    I look forward to reading your book.

  49. I find it a challenge to get others around me to respect my time long enough to concentrate on projects (and bring them to completion) sometimes as well, but mostly I just lose momentum. Obviously I’m not alone but it’s still frustrating.

  50. Aristoteles Pacheco


    It’s pretty hard to start and finish any project without a lot of struggle, but we’ve got to keep working hard if we want to succed. Indeed, staying focused one step at a time is the best way to achieve our goals. Excelent video. Congrats.

  51. OMG!! Thanks Jeff, I always love your tips and videos, but this one really hits home! I am so good at creating and starting, but the last 1% as you say is always so daunting!

    Thank you!!

  52. Jeff,
    Great points. We constantly hold ourselves back trying to achieve perfection.
    I wrote about this on my blog site a while back. I think you will enjoy the graphic on the post.
    I appreciate all that you post. You, and many other “titans” of internet marketing have, and continue to be, great teachers.
    Great luck on your book launch.

  53. Just by listening what you saying, it seems easy with a lot a celebration… but we all know that’s a lot of work and steps that you have to get through !
    I do almost the same as you do, the steps by steps process and party, travel and rest a little between those steps to keep motivation 😉

  54. I would be thrilled to be 99% complete! I seem to start so many things and finish so few. I get them kicked off, then get them to 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%…then I move to something else. I know my weakness is not finishing – in the past it has been because of the fear of non-perfection combined with other excuses. So, most recently I’ve been creating my 3 daily TO DO’s that focus on ONE project, and I will continue to complete three tasks daily on the ONE project until it is 100% complete.

    Thank you, Jeff, for your video. The reminder that we are not alone in the challenge to finish is comforting, and the reality that people DO finish is motivating!

  55. So so true.. those last parts are SO hard.. for some reason I just loose so much of my interest. I found the first measure you need to take to overcome this is to hire people to work on it with you (or work with other people) so you are forced to keep going.

  56. Right on Jeff. I’m a great starter! I’ve got a dozen project in process. Sometimes have a hard time finishing. But I have done and here is the secret – you touched on both points:
    1. Don’t worry about perfection. There is always something that can be improved. Just get it out there.
    2. Focus. I have a dozen projects in the works, all moving at different rates… When I finally choose one and focus on it, put my energies on that one… I find success.

    All the best. Always enjoy your video tips.

  57. Having finished my book ‘Understanding Accounts for the UK Business Owner’ last year, I know how you feel to actually hold a copy in your hand. All the best with the next stage – promoting it.

  58. Pat Dunnigan


    Definitely want the book, notify me when it’s available, thanks Jeff!

  59. Hey Jeff,

    this is so key: You have to put it out there!

    In the past I had some projects which never got finished, because I like starting new ones even more! 😉

    But it got better the last years. I think it’s important to push through the last part although it’s tough, or feels like walking in the mud – or overwhelming. It always pays off. I think Ed Dale released a whole program “Always be shipping”. There really is something to it.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!
    Many greetings,

  60. I love the energy of starting something and love the discipline that comes with it. When it is done – I have more self-respect and confidence in creating new things out or nothing.

  61. I get sooooo mad at myself about this! I had the worst habit of completing everything to about 80%. After putting a lot of conscious effort into getting better about this I am now completing about 95% of projects, lol still worthless! Its that last 5% that just seems like it drags on forever. I have also noticed that when I am supposed to be working on that last 5% I tend to start focusing on work for my clients instead of finishing what needs to be done for my projects. I am sure there is some underlying psychological reason for this but I am trying to figure out what it is. If you guys have any suggestions let me know!

  62. Thanks for your video about that last one percent, Jeff! I have lots of half-done, three-quarters done and 99% done projects. But I have finished a few and you’re right, that’s when it all happens! Thanks for the reminder and the encouragement.

  63. I am so grateful not only for your video, but for many people on the comments that struggle as I do.
    Thank you Jeff once more to make me feel NORMAL.

  64. Solid. As always. Thanks for sharing.

    Having just launched my PLC and finishing the edit on my offer vid, I can appreciate and relate to the “celebrate” the incremental part. Next milestone …promote and share. Then wash, rinse and repeat.

    Reminds me of running marathons. Key is chipping away. Don’t focus on the “finish” – just focus on the very next step. Then the distance takes care of itself. The key is the very next step. Then just do that and see what comes after it.

    “It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.”
    – J.R.R. Tolkien

    “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
    —Walt Disney

    Wishing you all the success in the world with the new book and hoping that it helps you touch millions of people that take action.


  65. Hey Jeff,

    Like you, I am better at starting than finishing…. its a pain to get things over the line.

    However, its helps now that my previous biggest problem was being a perfectionist. Now that’s in decline I am moving it on up… I just adore this business.

    My current problem is getting the message spread out there…. that my work in progress..

    Love ya


  66. I have often said, “The worst thing I can do is inherit my own idea.” because envisioning and initiating has always been my strength. Two quick epiphanies have helped me with this.

    1) It’s okay that I am not the guy that wants to do all of the implementation work AS LONG AS I put together a great team or delegate to others to finish, so I can stay in my strength.

    2) When I can’t do that, I have learned from product developers that what I need to do is focus producing the absolute “minimal viable product” of my idea. I suspend everything else as an optimization until I get my MVP done.

    I recently applied this wisdom to a book launch. It allowed me to have my book up on Amazon two weeks ahead of schedule and then my ideal book ready by launch. This was more stress free than other projects I have done. I did a short video about this a couple of month’s ago if someone is familiar with the idea of minimal viable product they may want to watch it.

    That same strategy also has helped me move out of “analysis paralysis” on really big projects. You know those ones you get lost in researching and chasing a 100 things that could be done without acting on much.

    Well, I hope this is helpful. Jeff again thank you so much for you wisdom and example. You are a blessing.

  67. Jeff,
    Your messages are pretty incredible! You are defiantly speaking to the 1%. Give a few months and I’ll see you at the top buddy!

  68. Truer words never spoken. I have been writing a book for three years. gave it to an Editor for high level review to see if I was on the right track. She told me I had enough fodder for 10 different books.

    With that advice by a trusted adviser, I sliced out a single topic. Crafted a 50 page book. Used eLance for someone to help me put it in Kindle format. Published both the paperback and ebook on Amazon. It shot to #1 in it’s category. Without that “Get it Done” advice, I would still be boiling the ocean. See “How To: Organize Your Photo Library in 7 Easy Steps”

  69. I can relate Jeff. I just started reading The War of Art by Stephen Pressfield. He states that the “resistance” is the greatest near the end. When finishing my most recent class for my masters I had to outline each section of a 800+ page book. I was really dragging on the last 100 pages. I finally had to really focus and say no to a lot of other things in order to see it through.

  70. Jeff
    My gratitude to you for inspiring me when i was on the verge of turning back. I started the final write up of my Masters Degree never get energy to finalize and graduate for the last two years. Now i know how and what to do. On 10th February 2014, i launched my organogold coffee( company in Kenya with strict milestones each 100 days. In a few days the first of that target is coming and i have not achieved my set target. Again thanks for your book and encouragement. I am not looking back for see many people similar to me with incomplete projects. You give these kind of human beings a turning point. I WILL SOLDIER ON!

  71. As an Air Force Veteran and graphic designer – I’m great at completing projects for everyone except myself. I love what I do, but I’m always coming up with new things to start. I get so excited about the possibilities of these projects, that I overthink them or take them so personally that I become afraid to share them – so they sit inside my computer. Thanks Jeff for sharing your insights… “perfection is your enemy”. Great moto!

  72. Wasim Osman


    Hi Jeff,

    Well, what can i say Jeff, what great timing…

    Just a glimpse of my story.

    Moved to the UK as my son had complex needs and have been here since 2010. I have always been entrepreneurial and became very passionate about tech and the online opportunities out there

    I started by creating a web app for local services, and it took me over 8 months to create it, but the last 10 % was so overwhelming, i abandoned the project as i was worried about the marketing costs, so wasted nearly a year.

    I then created an app for the Apple store,but this time didn’t give up and launched it in the app store. Sales were very slow, hence, decided to sell the app and recovered my cost of developing the app

    Finally i saw a great opportunity in the accessory market for smartphones and tablets and decided to work with a professional designer in this industry and invested a singificant amount of money in prototyping and visiting Chinese factories. This project took almost 18 months and till date i have received prototypes that aren’t all that attractive. I have given up this project too as i do not like my products and the investment to pay for more improvements and production will be very significant,so again, i am giving up.

    Jeff, the timing of this book is perfect, as launching a project is my biggest hurdle.

    I now, want to start on a blank canvas and use your guidance to create a successful business that will fulfil my financial goals as well as social goals



  73. Awesome video Jeff and huge congratulations for launchkng the book, I can’t wait to read it! I also find it incredibly hard to finish projects but I find having someone to answer to helps! You had your publishers and an editor for the book and that’s fantastic but often projects are just you, and I think these can be the hardest. That’s why it’s so valuable to hold yourself accountable to others so that they can help you keep on track. Some people may call this stress or pressure or being bossed around but as entrepreneurs we understand the power of getting sh*t done and no one will ever put us under greater pressure then ourselves!
    It’s so refreshing to hear that someone as successful as you has the same struggles and huge props for being so open and honest!

    Cheers Ingram

  74. Awesome video. Wrote two books – know exactly where you are coming from.
    My system to get things done – only focus on 1-3 things a day – and get them DONE!!!

  75. Jeff, do you have some stealth internet ninja access to my computer? LOL! I almost felt like I got caught by my Mom sneaking off to play without getting all my chores done. Gotta go! Have some things to finish up! ;>)

  76. I think it was Dorothy Parker who said the reason she liked to publish was so she could stop writing the damn thing! Sounds right, doesn’t it? : )

  77. Dear Jeff,
    I don’t have #1 tip or tips on how to get my projects done. Mostly, I’m in the red zone as majority of people. But, I’m aware the Things must be finished ant that is it! Sometimes this process takes more time as maybe planned…..This is life!

    Regards -: )

  78. You duplicated the situation so perfectly. Thanks so much for the excellent life work you have done that has influenced so many people, including our company.
    Good luck with your book. As the Beatles used to say I hope it goes to “the top of the pops”.


  79. Pete Leckemby


    I kick ass on the first 75%, but then the energy wears off. This past year has been a huge shift for me to get through this. Thanks for the motivation!! Glad to know it’s common!

  80. Thank you. I am almost finished the rough draft of my book, Great Sex, Great Birth and have felt intimated by the editing process and knowing when it will be good enough to release into the world. This post is helpful for me just taking it one step at a time.

  81. Thanks Jeff for this great video ! I have 99% done of my project and the last 1% is really hard. Your words inspire me to do it and I know I´ll can help many women with my book. I promise tell you when I finish.

  82. Well done! I’ll follow your lead and get a few of my 99% projects completed. Thanks for sharing this journey with us.

  83. ken ca|houn


    Well said, Jeff… it’s so easy to start projects, so hard to finish sometimes. One thing that stays with me my whole life is, back when I was working on my master’s thesis at cal state long beach in ’91, my grad advisor showed me a huge file cabinet with over a hundred unfinished master’s theses. i asked about it, she told me they all dropped out of the program for various reasons. all that hard work, they took all their classes, almost but not quite finished their theses, 90% of the way there.

    As in sales, it counts to be a “closer”, and in entrepreneurial life, a finisher of projects. I liked your example about all the work involved in completing your Launch book, congrats… that’s important, is finishing projects, even when tired, to bring to market to help people.


  84. A very useful and timely pep talk. I’m almost ready to launch my first webinar/info product and have been really burning out lately. Thanks!

  85. Thanks so much for this video – just what i needed to hear today as I have a number projects on the go and am suffering from trying to achieve the impossible! I realise that it’s best for me, right now, to put a couple on the back-burner and pour all of my energies into my next ebook (which is 80% there). I guess it’s better to put a lot of resource into a few things, than a bit of resource into many…quite hard for someone who is naturally curious and creative!

  86. Andy Grandon


    I have started too many things and finished not nearly enough of them, I have a 90% finished dog training site, a 60% finished dieting site, a 70% finished poker site. All waiting for me to gey off my whale like ass and get on with it. I guess a part of it is not a fear of failure but a fear of success, sounds daft but what else could it be, although as long as I dont finish them then the are all ‘potentially’ very lucrative, maybe that plays a part too. Well, you are right about it all, just get it finished, it does not have to be 100% just get it done. Thanksfor the video

    Andy G

  87. That 1% is harder than the previous 99%. I have realised that I need to focus on getting one job done at a time – I’m great at starting projects and finding myself with too many plates spinning!

    Thanks Jeff – looking forward to reading your book!

  88. Thank you for this video and all the others that you sent to me, thy are very informative. It is true we always have more then one project going and not all of them get to be finished. I finished and self publish on Create Space and Kindle, my Book “Healing Epilepsy Naturally ” now I feel that I should had added more content to it , I also would like to find a publisher and to put it in hard copy. I published this book 2 times, it looks good, I got 5 steer reviews on Amazon, but I probably publish it again a 3rd and final time. It is incredible how that idea to bring things to perfection sometimes slow us down and stop us from finishing things. By publishing my book and have it out on Amazon in two languages (English and Italian) didn’t make it popular the way I envisioned it. I though the job was done, but I discovered that the sale aspect of a book is also tedious and difficult. Well this is another thing that I have to add on to the long list of things to do. I wish I had a list of emails like yours…..

  89. Maros Bajla


    I just finsihed new videos for my online course, and finishing sales video today 🙂 . Hope I will send email on monday to my database 😀

  90. Thanks Jeff! I am in this stage with not ONE but TWO projects! One is my website for my Pilates/Wellness business and the other one is for my book to get it ready for production… So this has been helpful today as I am pushing forward and yes, tired.

    For me it’s being organized and have a priority list to keep moving forward, so that is what I do and sometimes it is just not fast enough that I am crossing things off of that list. Or, often, they take longer than I think…like what you were saying with the editing process.

    This one is a keeper! Thanks again!

  91. Sooooooo very funny Jeff,
    Thank you!
    It’s like your venting in a cofessional … “bless my father and I am, but I thought this blessed project was done andt the devil keeps throwing in stumbling blocks and and and ….”
    You are so very down to earthy humanly humourous.
    Where’s the “donation” button???
    Looking forward towards “Jeff Walker the Book”.
    Best wishes always

  92. Great motivation! Thanks Jeff, your message is perfectly timed for me. This was like a school bell announcing time to return to classroom and do the work 😉
    Wishing you a success and prosperity!

  93. Hi Jeff,

    I learned this valuable lesson several years ago from Jason Fladlien. It was the difference for me making nothing to making a full time income online. The key for me was to set goals that I could finish in one sitting. No bathroom break. No snack. Do it, get it done.

    For bigger projects, I needed to do the same thing for daily goals. Then the magic happens.

    It’s amazing how lucky we get when we work hard and stay focused! =]

    Rock on,
    Mike Cowles.

  94. You are the best Jeff! One thing that really stuck was to never compare some one’s front end to your back end. Its so relieving to see that you go thru the same thing as I do. You are a true inspiration.

    Thank you for the encouragement!

  95. I’m just starting my business and I especially appreciate the framework you have provided. I’m so looking forward to receiving my copy of your book!!! What I most need is to fast forward where to go to integrate all the technical aspects using the most up to date tools…for example, who to host web site, do I really need a web site or is a landing page enough, how do I establish an affiliate or JV program, who do I use as gateway to accept online payments? I want to optimize my costs yet position myself for optimal results. Thanks.

  96. Hello Jeff,
    You said it well. The last 1% is the key. It took four years for me to complete my first documentary “Innovation: Where Creativity and Technology Meet” (known as innovation movie). The challenges were huge and I don’t have to explain it in this forum. I decided to stick on to it and finally it is on

    Now the challenge is in promoting the film. Trying the best I can. Ordered your book with the assumption that it will be my bible to promote the film. All the best Jeff, Satheesh Gopalan.

  97. Mr LAUNCH!! HI!! Again an independent business owner, (internetpreneurial business YAY!!!) but having been an employee all my life, nearly 23 years, I find focussing on the major points of my business a challenge, UNABLE to PRIORITIZE on my brilliant business because I find myself wrestling with other “traditional/inherited mentality” responsibilities, ie my elderly parents who are barely making it (financially and physicallY)..this can be a tormenting guilt trip thing when I pull away from them for SPECIFIC reasons, its has nothing to do with not loving, but I cannot be there the way they want ME to be. YOUR feedback Jeff..pls?!

  98. Awesome! YES! I am ready for it! To push to the end and deliver my message to the world. Can´t wait to receive the book… already bought it. Cheers!

  99. Perfectionism blocked me for years, not finishing imagining it was never good enough. I was constantly discouraging myself. No wonder I walked away. 🙁

    I’ve learned & constantly remind myself that truly good enough is….good enough. And that finished is better than perfect. I also actively congratulate & encourage myself for doing something new, stepping out of my comfort zone, & the courage that takes.

  100. Hi Jeff…
    I never heard of you before and I don’t even remember how I came across you last month, but somehow I got an email about your new book and I decided to order it in the prelaunch stage… and I don’t know why. It was just a gut feeling that it was for me.

    Being a professional cartoonist one of the things that I do besides my freelance work is give cartooning workshops to kids. Over the past 20 years I’ve given hundreds of workshops and thought it was time to put it into a dvd, digital downloads, etc. As I’m getting older, it gets harder and harder being on the road and I wanted to turn this linear income into more of a residual income.

    My biggest obstacle in finishing this project was that I didn’t know how to market it. Everyone out there gave a lot of physcological advice but nothing practical… until I found you and your book.

    I wanted so bad so bad to sign up for your program but due to severe money constraints, the economy, and in the midst of trying to save my house… I just couldn’t do it. So I just keep looking and looking until I came across your original program (2005) that someone was selling and so I bought it. I know it’s not the 4.0 that I wanted but for me it’s a start.

    I am so thrilled to have found your program… and now I feel I can finally finish my “Online Cartooning Program” and have a plan to market it.

    I am so excited to get started…

    • @Debi: give your experience giving workshops, and given that your niche is so inherently visual… creating an online training is a natural fit.

      • Thanks Jeff…
        I’m looking forward to this journey. I know it’s gonna take a lot of work but in the long run I know it will be worth it. I’ll keep you posted on how I do.

        Thanks again for a great program. :o)

  101. Thanks so much, Jeff! I so appreciate all your fantastic helps and realism. I received your book in the mail and it was waiting for me when I returned home from vacation. I love what I’ve read so far and am looking forward to applying it to the release of my Native American Flute CD that I’ve not known how to release properly and with the greatest impact. Much Love & Gratitude! 😀

  102. Jeff,

    I ordered the book (eagerly awaiting) and I’ve been watching the videos. My issue I’m coming with is that my business is a monthly subscription type and your training videos are for interaction/video based business. Help!!! I need to re-launch like last year!

    • @TJ: it works perfectly with a monthly subscription – in fact, that’s what I developed PLF for. My first dozen or so launches were for a monthly subscription product. You just need to come up with some special offer – like a bonus or premium, and add that into your offer for a limited period of time.

  103. Great video Jeff! I have been delaying the creation of a course for months now, but enough. I’ve read your book and will probably re-read it. I kept delaying because I thought my email list was too small. But the heck with it, I am pushing forward. Thanks for sharing. Love your stuff.

    ps I got to this video this morning from Michael Hyatt’s blog post.



  104. We’re in the process of a total remake of my website; thanks for this push. I love your Launch book – read it the first weekend and it gave me a gazillion ideas. (But first, let’s get that website retooled!) You and Michael Hyatt have provided such incredible information to me as a “newbie.” Thanks a MILLION!

  105. Hi. I have watched your videos and read your blueprint. Thank you for this valuable info. I have a list of 2000 emails of teachers and parents (my target market). I did an internal launch of a new book last month and my sales were 1%. I have been sending loads of free info to these peeps since beginning of year and have received lots of positive response. I subsequently gave them loads of info/pages from my book. What did I do wrong? Should I have done the seed launch even though I have a list of 2000?

  106. Thanks Jeff for this video. It was at very right time. It is really sometimes so hard to get to the finish line. But as you said: I got to finish it and I do it now. Thanks again.

  107. Jeff, I totally relate to your description of the process. I had a similar experience publishing my first book in November last year. I am thrilled that I joined PLF and am eager to learn the process of launching my book. Keep it up Jeff. This is good coaching.

  108. Hi Jeff,

    Great video again. I am up to the 99% mark now and that was the easy part.
    The last 1% seems to take just as long to launch my business
    Tweaking a little here and a little there because I think the product can be much better than it already is.

    The good thing is with your product launch formula and the inspirational videos I will go the extra mile.

  109. Jeff,

    I was chuckling as you talked about launching your book. Part of my problem was/is that what I think are “end” goals are actually intermediate goals. I appreciate your perspective that even the “end” (publishing) is an intermediate step. It’s worth celebrating, but it is still an intermediate step.

    I’m not sure if that makes it mentally easier or harder. I guess I’ll just have to experiment, so I’ll keep pushing until I figure it out.

    Warmest regards,


  110. Hi Jeff,
    Your timing for this video couldn’t be better. I’m finishing up a website I’ve worked on for about two years with over 450 training videos on the technical side or Internet marketing. As I approach the end of the project I find myself over analyzing things, fixing tiny bugs that frankly don’t matter and even tweaking the launch sequence before the actual website is complete. I call it sophisticated procrastination. What I really need is to follow the plan I put in place when I started and keep moving forward as I’m on the 1 yard line.

    I think what happens is that any time I hit a place where I’m not quite sure what the next step is, I flounder a bit, but when I push through and learn what I need to learn I kick butt and get it done.

    Anyway, I have your book, Product Launch Formula and your Product Launch Manager programs. All of your stuff is fantastic and helpful. Getting ready to embark on my first large launch in the IM space, actually finishing what I’ve worked so hard to create is exactly the advice I needed.

    Thank You

  111. Jeff, I’m with you on this. My personality thrives in the abstract of the idea but struggles with bringing something to completion. But I’m well into creating my launch and found your video timely and of needed encouragement. Always look forward to hearing more from you.

  112. I recently launch (well, more like “silent released”) my very first formal information product and I made a little bit more than $2K.

    The only thing I regret about my product is not having your “Launch” book before releasing it to the public!


  113. Got your book and I am excited to jump right in. I think with your process we should be able to make some things happens. I look forward to more information from you.

  114. Gordon Stanley


    Hey Jeff, First heard of you from Eban, took action & ordered Launch, came timely Thanks. Part way through I called a younger friend in Florida (I`m 65) and advised him to immediately order Launch so we could discuss & apply .He`s already started his LIST! Were having phone meetings about the 1st launch & products. The largest impact your book has had on me is how you have shown a current and different method of marketing that is both measurable and enjoys an immediate response.!! The icing on the BOOK is all your other available support and encouragement, Thanks for OVER delivery.

  115. This is a very timely message for me. I’m a PLF owner and just a few months ago, I had the realization that completion is the goal. I have come to appreciate that no matter what type of task I have at hand, the practice of finishing is vital to my ability to move forward and achieve my goals. Thanks for this, Jeff!

  116. Hi Jeff,

    But how your advice corresponds with your advice to launch projects done for 80%?



  117. Victoria Swan


    Thanks Jeff! I have an internal drive to move and accomplish things at an unrealistic rate. It’s like a subconscious voice saying HURRY UP! MOVE ON! The problem is I begin the next project and the next before i finish the first one, which often lays the foundation for the next one. Then I’m scrambling. It’s a pattern I have only come to recognize, and then your great video shows up! It’s about one step at a time – a complete step!

    I really appreciate your videos. You talk about your stumbling blocks and mistakes so we can learn from them. Being relatively short videos, I do take the time to watch them on the spot instead of saving them which really translates to not watching at all sometimes.

    Thank you!

  118. Here’s something twisted – I worry about not being able to finish the last 1% while I am still in the first 10%. I am in the mid-stages of developing and launching a new product that is going to make a HUGE impact on women in design/tech. It’s a passion project and one that I am excited about, yet daunted. I am very good at seeing the path from here to there — but I worry about my abilities to actually finish it, to get it across the line. I always get distracted by the next idea, the even bigger one. Paradox of choice, etc.

    Anyway, I feel very comforted by your straightforward, honest enthusiasm. You have the energy that I want to bring to others – childlike fascination with the world and deep resilience in the face of challenges. Love it. Thank you.

  119. Thanks, Jeff – I laughed listening to you because this so sounds like me. I am good about forcing myself to finish but it is a struggle and I was judging myself for it and did realize that it is just the way it is. I also appreciated your insight about celebrating the steps. I do not do that – yet.

    Fun video!

  120. Great video, great content, delivery, shooting (go pro silver 4) but may I respectfully suggest…cut this in half, time wise, and send yer videos a bit less frequently. Every day is overkill which is why I quit reading Seth godins emails.

    Keep up the great work

  121. Thank you, Jeff, for being so real. You’ve made a positive impact in my life with my start-up, and I was so thrilled when Brendon introduced you to the stage in San Jose last September! I believe I had just finished reading Launch at that point, and I was probably cheering the loudest when you came out! 🙂 Start-ups do take time, but I admit I’m one of the multitudes of recovering perfectionists. Recovering, thanks to people like you. Here’s my invaluable takeaway: Set intermediate goals and celebrate each one. Perfection is your enemy (love that). You have to finish. Drive yourself. No results, money, impact… until you get it out to the world. 99% isn’t good enough. Thank you for the perfectly-timed re-post. Until next time – all the best to you, Rene

  122. Fortunately for me I have a lot of discipline so I generally finish what I start. I put it on my to do list. It bugs me to much not to finish projects. That being said I do not start a lot of projects and I do not start more than one at a time. I think that is key. Start and finish then start something else and finish it. Helps to stay focused and organized which saves on overwhelm . Thank you for sharing.

  123. What an awesome video – so glad I am not alone with this “hard to get stuff done” thing. Yes, I also LOVE to start projects and I always have a gazillion new ideas in my head for new projects. I realized a while ago that I often stop before something is really DONE. That last tiny bit – that actually should not be as hard as all the work one did before – is the hardest to me. I worked with a coach a while ago and realized during that time that I am selfsabotaging myself big time. Each time I am actually ready to put something out there I just stop before I am all ready. Usually at a time where the hardest work is actually really finished and I just have to push it the last tiny bit … put it out there. Really hard, but once you know about it it makes it at least a bit easier.
    Also, loved your remark about perfectionism. True, it kills everything! Of course stuff should be awesome. But there is no point at which you can say “So this can not be improved at all anymore, so now it is ready to go into the world.” One will always find ways to make it better, so it is pointless to wait for that time when it really feels like it is all done.

    I found an awesome way to get projects finished kinda by accident. If I work with someone else – or “for” someone else – that gives me the accountability and a bit of pressure (but not too much) to actually get stuff done. This way I finally got my Christmas cards into my shop last year – cause I did a joint project with another biz owner where she got to use some of my designs for her promotion. And this is how I got my first ebook out into the world – cause I knew someone was ready to buy and waiting for it. And right now I am working on another booklet that another book owner already ordered 50 copies of … so this way I NEED to finish. It makes it alot easier for me to follow through as I simply do not have the time to worry about all perfect-perfect, but I need to get shit done to not let others down. It is kinda like cheating on yourself 😉 but it works.

  124. Rebecca Kasowicz


    Thanks for the video! Bought this book, devoured it in one day and loved it! Then Had lunch with a friend yesterday and she ordered it as we were talking cuz I said she had to look you up and, if nothing else, build her list! I’m struggling to solidify an idea (or more accurately, about a hundred of them) in my chosen field, but it seems each day I get closer I see more sites that offer similar info for free from more experienced ppl! So, getting to 70% seems to be my issue! My inner work of keeping confidence that I can find the right niche is the struggle- so very soon I can see that I’ll be dealing with finishing that last 1%- thank you for the timely advice!

  125. Ironic, watching your video on the last one percent is distracting me from getting the last one percent done. But it’s always fun and informative listening to you Jeff.

  126. Hi Jeff,

    It is a great video. Many thanks for it. In the past I often left projects even if they made money. I am now trying to build a habit to finish everything I started, following a guru and stick to his/her techniques. When it comes to launching products online I will follow you. I want to do it better than before (In the past I marketed software and electronics that I built myself in local area and marketed some PLR ebooks). In the online world, I am now following a guru (Michael Dunlop) to promote affiliate products while trying to make my review sites better. After this I will be ready to join the Launch program.

  127. Yeah, I suffer a bit from the perfectionism syndrome. But what I will say about your book is that I haven’t found any glaring mistakes or typos yet (and I’m up to Chapter 11). And that reflects well on you because I subscribe to a lot of blogs and newsletters, and also purchase and read a lot of ebooks, and quite frankly am appalled at the careless kinds of writing mistakes I see on a daily basis. This includes some of my own when, after I hit “send,” I find some glaring mistake in my newsletter (usually due to overwork and lack of sleep, but still, excuses don’t cut it). Before I watched this video, I had already been thinking about the quality of your writing (as opposed to a lot of what’s out there). So checking and rechecking isn’t such a bad thing. Bravo for taking the time to do it right!

  128. Thanks Jeff! I am about to finish my website. Your video motivates me to do it fast!!!

  129. Samantha Eikelenboom


    You are on point. Success is about not giving up but keep pushing and going until it’s finished. The process may not look pretty and there will be things that are tedious and difficult or obstacles that you go through that may delay your project. But keep going and just do what needs to be done and you will succeed. Just do it! Thank you for all your dedication and hard work. It’s a true blessing to watch your videos and hear what you have to say. Your a true leader.
    Samantha Eikelenboom

  130. Jeff, thanks a lot for your book “Launch”… I am in a process of reading this book… in Russian. Thanks God that we have an opportunity to do it. You are talking about quiet simple things that everybody can do… but, unfortunately, but they don’t…
    Not so far I started to do my projects and faced to the issue that can not finished it… And reading your book I understood that you need just do it! You will succeed if you just keep going and do what needs to be done!

  131. Rodrigo Vieira


    Hi, Jeff,
    nice video! They always help me to keep on track!
    I’ve bought your book last year and it’s fantastic. Thank you.

  132. I remember hearing Olympic speed skier Vince Poscente speak. He said, “When you are 99% committed the voice of doubt is screaming at you. When you are 100% committed, it is silent.”

  133. Needed to hear that today!!! Because this publishing process and the marketing around it is real. Your video is exactly how I feel. Of course, my big challenge is applying Launch to the poetry, spoken word, story based brand at – I get nervous. But I keep going.

  134. Hi Jeff,

    My project is a 5,000 mile bike tour fundraiser for an after-school youth program. I just hit my $10,000 fundraising goal and now I have to execute with the bike tour! I definitely know that hitting my goal was not the end – there’s always more to do.

    Great video with an invaluable idea. Will be watching in the future.

    Take care,

    Ben Broenen

  135. Hi Jeff, Thank you so much – this video arrived in my inbox today and it is so timely! I have this weekend set to finish my five week online course and then to do my product launch which I have scheduled in my mind for May 20th (but which I want to pull forward to May 10th for various reasons)

    and I am so happy to hear your statement of just finish it; it doesnt have to perfect.

    Thank you!
    Have a great day

  136. Thanks for the video. I would like to know the difference between the Launch book and the PLF training program

    • @Mohamed: think of it like “Launch” is the text book for a college class, and the PLF Coaching Program is like the full college class. The full program goes deeper and it covers more ground.

  137. Thank you Jeff for this video. I have a ton of content, courses, books, etc… they are all at 99% finished and I always wondered what I was waiting for. Then one single idea/brand came and everything fell into place. Your PLF changed my life and my understanding of business and marketing. Thank you for doing what you do.

  138. Hi Jeff,
    I totally get what you are saying about the hard work involved when you publish a book. My Co-author and I, Nancy Holth, created an inspirational paperback called Life at the Lemonade Stand. We spent a lot of time editing and rewriting the book and then published 150 copies. ( I think this was in 2005) We sold all but 10 copies of that first edition. It seemed that everyone loved the book and suggested that it should-be a hard back book. Since we weren’t completely happy with the first edition, we went back to the drawing board, thought about what we really wanted to do with the book and decided that the stories were great stories and we needed to perfect some grammatical errors that we had missed the first 19 times we had edited it. We hired a professional to edit it, and another to design a professional looking jacket. We carefully interviewed publishers and found one that “got us”. We chose gold embossing on black for the book itself so if the cover was ever lost, it would still look great. We decided it should be an inspirational gift book . Next we placed our order, and went through some more of the edits. We choose the paper stock, the font, the cover stock, and we chose the best. We set a date for a book launch party at a local winery in town. At our book signing event we sold 132 books. The place was packed and we had people standing room only! ( I have been told that it was the largest book signing in that area ever) We sold to local bookstores and received reorders. We ended up selling around 100 copies of the book once at Blue grass festival! (Another never been done feat—-That’s a long story and you’ll have to ask me about it sometime. lol) We sold to gift shops and book stores , then it was time for the real marketing. We didn’t know where to go or what to do next. We lost momentum. My office serves as book warehouse for a great book and occasionally we will sell a few copies here and there. I sold 10 copies recently. I can’t wait to hear more of your marketing ideas. It is so much work to publish a book, have so much interest and get so excited and then loose momentum in the marketing simply because you are unsure what to do next! . I needed a here’s what you do. Step 1. Step 2 step 3. Guide.

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