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Put 30 of the world's most successful entrepreneurs in a room for two days and things can get pretty competitive. But give them a chance to help a group of underprivileged kids… and BAM! Instant cooperation and collaboration.

You just gotta see what happens next…

Tell me your story about entrepreneurs doing good in this world…


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45 Replies to “Big-Hearted Entrepreneurs, Underprivileged Kids… and Bikes”

  1. Hi Jeff, I got to know you from Erico. Sinds the day I implemented the strategy to create a list, I send videos to help the coffee community around the world. When I received the first email from a latin american producer thanking me for the videos, I knew, this is the main reason I do this, I want to help producers get better prices for there coffee by educating professionals and consumers. Thanks for the great inspirations! Kim

    • Felicia Mareels


      Hi Jeff
      What I am doing is taking almost 30 years of research and practice and writing a book to accelerate the evolution of our Original Human Design bringing to persons searching for validation for their Greatness and professional’s healing and transforming blocks accessing true self worth 3 processes that will awaken their consciousness to Greatness by way of the Original Human Design.
      This is a huge learning curve for me but exciting because the next step in my life purpose has been activated. Speaking of rides . This one is the one we all deserve and long for .
      Much Love and tanks for gifting your time and the bicycles to the children
      Lotza Love

  2. Very cool story and a good reminder that we became entrepreneurs to make a difference in the world. (And as a pediatrician, I wanted to thank you for including the bike helmets)

  3. Great video, Jeff. It is good that you presented another side of entrepreneurship. As you said in the video, it is not about just success but also about making an impact. It is a transformational experience to be a blessing to others even as we are blessed!

  4. Awsome video! Should be awsome to work for you. I enjoy the combo of competitiveness and care/cooperation/free gifts. A great motivational video.

  5. Children are really great motivation to develop business and serve customers. I have two children and i see how it affects my way of looking at the world.

  6. Regards from Ann Arbor, and I LOVED this video – makes me be mindful that our journey is about making a positive impact on others!

  7. Hi Jeff, I had tears in my eyes watching your video. You continue to raise the bar for entrepreneurs to care and give while doing what they love. Makes me want to be a part of your Platinum Plus group because this is the kind of group I want to hang out with! Thank you for all you do!

  8. This was a fantastic activity to add to your mastermind. Not only have you changed the lives of the children who received the bikes, but hopefully everyone who sees your video will take their own action. Our firm supports the local children’s hospital. Together, entrepreneurs can make an amazing impact on the world by doing more that matters. This is my passion at

  9. Sandy Feder, Esq.


    Another tremendously inspiring video from Planet PLF. I’m doing some high-level planning today (you know, working ON the business not just IN the business) and this was a well-timed reminder to include even *more* service and tzedakah in the recipe. Thanks Jeff!

  10. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this. It was a ton of fun and the looks on the kids faces was priceless.

    There is nothing more satisfying than being able to use your entrepreneurial skills to do good in this world (beyond the value we create with the products and services we provide).

    My wife and I are fortunate because we get to see generosity at its highest level with our charity YOU have been an ENORMOUS contributor to that Jeff… something we are incredibly grateful for.

    But like the bike giveaway, the most satisfying part of the experience was actually seeing the people who would benefit – the kids. My encouragement for other entrepreneurs is to go and see the people who benefit from your generosity. It will take your entrepreneurial spirit to an entirely new level. You’ll quickly realize that the more money you make, the more impact you can have. That’s why entrepreneurs are ones who are able to have the biggest impact in this world. There are no limits to what we can do!

    Thank you Jeff for being such a great example of this.

  11. Very cool, Jeff.
    Great to see people being successful but greater to see them give back to others. As they say in the Lion King….’the circle of life”
    Thank you

  12. I had a new glimpse of my life through this video… Sometimes I think my ‘entrepreneurial work’ is what I do. That’s the small picture… the bigger picture is that the parenting, Boys to Men Rites of Passage Adventure Weekends, coaching, husbanding for just shy of 30 years, communities I support, the charities I support, the lives I touch – THAT’S what I do.

    The business? That just allows me the freedom to live this extraordinary life. And I’ll be damned if it all become very real back in 2009 when I found PLF. Keep it up, sir.

    PS… And it looks like the bike activity was just as good for the builders as it was for the kids.

  13. I wonder where teaching a kid to fish instead of giving him/her a fish comes in. An opportunity to “compete” in collaboration with the kids participating/wrenching/assembling seems like a lost opportunity. However, nothing wrong with feeling good about yourself.

  14. Tanya Wheeler


    Love to hear this and I feel grateful everyday. My mom gave me a quote when I was a child and I have trouble finding it but since then I found another quite similar. It goes like this
    “Attitude – The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It will make or break a company… a church…a home. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one strong we have, and that is our attitude… I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you…. we are in charge of our Attitudes.” Charles Swindoll

    I like much of this but think we have more than one string to play on 🙂
    Cheers and thanks for the message

  15. What an amazing, thrilling experience to share with us! How beautiful to create a school for those in need, and to do it as a shared fundraising project with other high-powered entrepreneurs. Jeff, you are such an inspiration. Your story touched my heart deeply. Our family went on three healthcare missions several years ago to Ecuador, and we also experienced the joy of giving to those in need. I’d love to be able to interview you on our “Difference Makers” show. Many thanks for your leadership.

  16. Jeff, this is AMAZING! Especially for the trickle-down effect you will have on others. I plan to implement this idea in my future work. Imagine the impact on humanity that you will have just for being you and doing what you do. The same goes for your Mastermind colleagues. Thank you for your collective inspiration and service!!! 🙂

  17. Very cool. Things like this matter and will be paid forward in the future. I was a foster child and in an orphanage as a young child, and I still remember the adults in different organizations who did things like this with us. I was blessed to be raised by a loving family beginning in fourth grade so I am very happy. I am now an assistant principal and entrepreneur, and I have a passion for doing things like this for kids because of what was done for me. Kudos to you!!

  18. Thanks Jeff. Keep sending more videos. Your words are always inspiring. The people you interview and the projects you’re involved with strengthen my hope in humanity and in the good in the world… reminding me to continue doing my part…

  19. Yes!!!
    Just loved how the competitive drive of your master mind buddies transformed into a ‘coopetition’ to help children – a shared goal with heart. And also that the entrepreneurs had to BUILD the bikes, not just purchase them and hand them over. So much more connective.

    I believe this ‘fun day exercise’ was a big win-win:
    – For the kids to experience somebody I don’t even know cares about me, and that there are gifts that make me happy and free (and are not just some anonymous charity but personal ‘hand made’ gifts.
    – For the entrepreneurs to experience a mini model of cooperating from the heart makes everyone happy and richer.
    – For you to be so happy about having initiated this, and being able to share it with your audience, as another inspiring example. I saw it on your face in the video. 🙂
    – For all of us to pick up the torch, and do something like that in our world.

    Big gratitude, Jeff!

  20. Entrepreneurs creating impact. That is inspirational, especially with all the negative ideas that business is all about money. Thanks Jeff, for leading the way in making the world a better place. Always look forward to seeing your inspirational videos!

  21. Another great example of servant leadership.

    Making an impact is rewarding, but making an impact in a connected, collaborative community is monumental!

    The PLF community has transformed my business and my relationships! I continue to be inspired, encouraged and motivated to grow my business while sharing and learning from other PLF entrepreneurs who are on a similar journey.

    Jeff, you are making an impact in my life!

  22. I launched off into the Entrepreurial journey 3 years ago. I ended up starting 3 businesses all at once. It has been and continues to be an incredible journey. This year we will be working on establishing our platform and launching a few products. Thanks for all you do Jeff.

  23. First, thanks for your ongoing and insightful videos.

    I’m a social entrepreneur who uses my experiences overcoming various life and business challenges to help others through my nonprofit organization — SOCARTES ( My passion is to help at-risk individuals (primarily inmates and at-risk students) to do and be better by providing complementary or low-cost educational training and inspirational discussions. Learn more about my work on my personal website: (

    It doesn’t take much to bring a little happiness, hope, and help to anyone in need.

  24. Sydney Tremayne


    Jeff, I am not the brightest person in the world yet I appear to have achieved something very bright people have been aiming for for literally centuries. After more than seven years of 16-18-hour days we are about to launch an automated software system that gains the highest return anyone can find for conservative long-term stock investors. I came to realize I am merely the messenger and to believe eventually that I am supposed to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Whether that’s true or hogwash I have no idea but it is what I believe and if the belief is wrong it’s still a great cause. It will not happen overnight but my goal is to raise $15 million. Then invested through my system the foundation should be able to provide one day’s operating cost every year forever. This is what has driven me over the years. I won’t lie and say a little extra money for me would be unwelcome but at 82 what else would I do with serious money?

  25. I was so inspired by this video. I’m struggling with some issues at the moment, but this really motivated me to get my act together so I have more opportunites to help others. Thanks for this great push in the right direction, Jeff!

  26. Latricia Booker


    This was such a great video to wake up to and SO VERY INSPIRATIONAL. I mentor a group of teens but I’m definitely looking to expand my income so that can I expand my impact. There is so much I want to do!

  27. Bringing women over 50 or so into their aging with pride, joy and possibilities. To change the anti-aging thinking of women, have them embrace their magnificence with e-Course, be an example to their girlfriends, their sisters, their daughters and possibly their mothers. That being a woman of age is a force to be reckoned with – in a good way!

  28. Great video Jeff!

    We did PLF in 2010 (and have watched the videos soooo many times since then). We used it to scale our business from the low five figure range to (nearing) 7-figures annually. Thank you so much!

    We also used your strategies to launch our charity and it’s signature purse program. We combat extreme poverty in Zambia through entrepreneurial sewing & tailoring with an emphasis on what we call “purposeful products”. In our program moms get paid to sew products that help kids stay in school such as school uniforms and health products. Our charitable revenue grew by more than 10X from 2014 to 2015… again … because we used the PLF approach.

    We are so grateful to you for your consistency, wisdom, and heart for entrepreneurship! I hope you continue to challenge your community to reinvest some of their surplus time and money into solving problems that create sustainable solutions for the poor – that’s what entrepreneurs do best.

    All the best,

    Jason & Cinnamon Miles
    Liberty Jane Clothing/
    Sew Powerful

  29. Jeff…just awesome stuff here! Much like your contributions to World Teacher Aid…you continue to impress. Love your big purpose and the leader you are! Cheers to a great 2016. – Kort

  30. Awesome stuff Jeff.

    Simple things that you overlook that some kids don’t even have. Great to see some smiling faces!

  31. Kudos for making an impact — it’s times like that, which makes one glad to be able to contribute & make a difference. You did it, well done!


  32. Inspiring video Jeff. I love watching your work with entrepreneurs who give back to the community. xxx
    My dear friend Diana Sands, PhD is the author of ‘Red Chocolate Elephants’ book and dvd for children who have lost a loved one through suicide. Diana teaches her suicide bereavement workshops with Aboriginal groups in Australia and with professionals around the world.
    Diana’s Centre for Intense Grief Therapy in Sydney, helps many family’s.
    Keep up your wonderful , energetic work Jeff, with love Anne Jennings xxxxx.

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