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So what about fear? There are the things that everyone fears, but that aren't worth another thought… and then there are the things that most people aren't thinking of that they should DEFINITELY worry about.

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What holds most people back, and what they should REALLY be scared about… (Click to tweet.)

The things that most people aren't thinking of that they should DEFINITELY worry about… (Click to tweet.)

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14 Replies to “The One About Fear”

  1. one thing we should be more afraid of: wondering what life would be if we had actually tried…

  2. David Crabill


    I agree with your core message, but I’m not sure if that message would be clear to someone unfamiliar with you. It kind of sounds like you’re saying “Quit your job so you can focus on your business and take control of your life”, but the fact is that you struggled for many years and had to rely on your wife for your family’s financial stability. Most people can’t afford to lose financial control while they educate themselves in business. I think what you’re really saying is “Don’t blindly rely on a job. Start working on your own business today so that you can take control of your life in the future.” Yes?

  3. Hey Jeff,

    I’ve got another thing to fear (for anyone who is struggling with the fear to make the pivot to an Internet based business / trying to grow their business):

    Not bringing your true value and true gifts to the world…

    Once you start seeing your business as a conduit for positive change in the world, you stop fearing how things are going to play out… At least I’ve found this to be the case.

    The best thing anyone can do is to invest in themselves, start publishing, and then try to solve a problem for people in a way that produces the financial rewards you desire.

    Ultimately, if you’re not making money, then what you’re bringing to the table either A.) Isn’t delivering true value but more likely B.) Isn’t packaged in a way that is easily monetized.

    I fundraised almost $12,000 this year just by asking people to support my cause. And I never had to ask in person, just via email and Facebook chat messages. But only because I faced my fears and took a chance on me to do something bigger than I even believed I could do.

    Be afraid that you won’t have lived to the fullest, don’t fear making a wrong business move!

    Much love to anyone reading,

    Ben Broenen
    “Benevolent Bike Tourer”

  4. Off topic….what is the black line on the tree over your right shoulder?

    On topic — I agree fully on the job security is what to fear….happened to me, with the death of the owner in a small business and no warning.

  5. My business isn’t Internet based but this is a good video for all businesses. I’m not quitting my stable job tho either until I see what happens this election.

  6. Great video, Jeff. So true about being in control of your destiny even when you have a 9-5 job. Technology is changing the world at a rapid place. While I cannot control the pace of change going on around me, I can control my emotions to those changes as well as continuing to choose myself by upgrading my skill set for the new economy we’re entering. Thanks for sharing this Jeff – greatly appreciated!

  7. Jeff knows I had fear starting out. Some of those fears were realized. Right now I am splitting up family assets and I still have some business debt. My soon to be ex-wife referenced my lackluster foray into an internet based business. I don’t regret the work I did to get as far as I am now, nor the relationships I built in the process, and the contact with people who successfully navigated to huge success. I’m also not “done” with translating what I have learned and created, but definitely “rightsizing” how much digital and how much direct service offerings. The digital piece enables me to climb above competitors where scaling is necessary to achieve economy for a direct service client in a B2B environment. But the bottom line is that I was concerned that failure would mean failure between my spouse and I, and what I learned is that we failed long ago in our ability to achieve closeness and emotional intimacy. If you listen to Jeff one of the things he appears to have is undying support and companionship from the people closest to him in his family, and IMO its hard to navigate as an entrepreneur without acknowledging the health of your closest relationships, and being open about what’s not working well, rather than ignoring it; or really acknowledging the good if it is there and nurturing it.

  8. Hey, if you guys get a chance, download the 30-day series Jeff recently recorded and uploaded to his YouTube channel, as part of the celebration of his 20th anniversary of internet marketing. It gives great insight into what it takes to truly succeed online.

  9. Truth Paradise


    So true and thanks I realize I just need to start. I made a bunch of 5 minute videos so now I have to learn how to put them on like you do.

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