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The hardest part of any project, business, or decision is the final 10%. That’s when our brain seems to kick into hyperdrive to invent reasons why you can’t move forward, why you can’t finish. Fighting that resistance is what this video is all about…

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29 Replies to “The final 10%, resistance, and finally FINISHING”

  1. Steve Etherington


    Hi Jeff , i ve downloaded your 3 PLF videos and i keep moving and take action with your teaching. I ve already start to retarget my audience and i finish my emails, articles and videos by asking what my readers need to find, to get, need to know, what are their frustrations, problems …etc

    I m starting to save money to can make the next PLF training session in 2018. And i will be very happy To come to US for live event and create connections and maybe meet futur JV patterns.

    I wish you all the best

    Steve from France

  2. Hi Jeff, that is so true !!!!! I been working on my webibar for a month now and I always keep saying to myself I have to fix it I have to fix it. its so hard… but thank you for the video!!!!
    Have a great day!!!

  3. Jeff, It’s so true what you are saying. I’m a percolator. Ready, aim, aim, aim… get the idea. Thanks for the inspiration. Going to set a date and launch within the next 5 weeks.

  4. Beatrix Willius


    There is a phase in software development where I fix a bug and find the next one. And so on. I hate this phase. But we have a saying: real developers ship. And yes, pressing the button is every time scary and exhilaration.

  5. Hi Jeff! Your timing is divine! I’m mid launch myself and just hit this space of nerves you speak of AND am also feeling the energy flow with each step I take beyond my comfort zone. Love your videos, energy, encouragement. You rock! Thanks, Jan

  6. Wow! You are spot on. So many projects and ideas die on the vine. We plant, fertilize, water, prune, and nurture… and then can’t bring ourselves to harvest.

    Wish me luck – I’m off to pluck my ripe and juicy business off the vine and enjoy the fruits of my labors!!

  7. This was exactly what I needed to hear this morning. I’m at an amazing conference this weekend where I keep getting new and different ideas about what I SHOULD be doing. I’m scheduled to send my Shot Across the Bow next week and was doubting everything about my business and was about to scrap the launch.

    Thank you for this and for quite often having just exactly the right piece of advice at the right time! LLAAUNNCH!

  8. This is so true, I think the last 10% is also hard because you begin to feel overwhelmed when things start coming together. This is partially because you have done so much work and experienced so many learning curves and yet there are still loose ends. It is like a state of ‘freeze’. and you feel you are not in control and don’t know what is coming around the corner. Thanks, just have to forge ahead even when I can’t see what is coming around the corner.

  9. Thank you Jeff! I am there right now with my book. I have it all laid out, I even have people waiting and anxious to purchase it and give it to their clients.

    Time to kick it into Overdrive and get this completed by tuesday.

    Thank you again your Awesomeness!!!

  10. Thank you, Jeff, for the reminder! I, too, am one of those that wants all my ducks in a row before I take off! That has been the hardest thing I’ve had to overcome! It’s not a matter of having a negative mindset, and in many ways, I’m not a perfectionist, but when it comes to my “work”, I was raised to always do my very best. And, for my parents, that meant that I had to check, double check, and triple check everything in a project or assignment before calling it “ready”. So, thanks again for the reminder!

  11. HI Jeff

    In general I also think that what you are say in this video is very important. There’s one thing where I’d likely disagree: “trust your gut”. Isn’t it that same gut that tells us in that moment that we should work some more on the product/service, instead of launching? If so, then trusting our gut would rather not be advisable 🙂 But I guess it’s just a matter of what each person calls that state of doubts that sets in: somebody calls it the gut feeling, somebody calls it reason, somebody calls it something different.

    The message is the same: don’t try to make it perfect. As Reid Hofman said: “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your software, you launched too late” (I guess he meant that in hindsight, not at the time of launching).

    Cheers from Greece

  12. Happy Sunday Morning, Jeff:

    Your message is so very true! I totally agree with what you are saying in entrepreneurship! In regards to my own work, I have found that the deeper I go into my project, the more ideas do come to into the mind! Peeling onions is great fun and most enjoyable! Besides all this, it is the super, fantastic, positive and like minded people who you meet along the way! Thank-you for this reminder as it never hurts for reminders! I think this is very positive reinforcement and feedback!
    Susan (from Ottawa)

  13. Hi, Jeff! Your video really spoke to me today! I love that you mention Steven Pressfield in your talk. I suffer from some of the fears you’ve mentioned with developing my website – I don’t know what to do next, I don’t know how to make the next decision, no one supports me. You’ve given me inspiration though to take action and stop making excuses. I realize it’s not about perfection and inaction but about launching and trusting yourself! Love you, Jeff – you’re the best!

  14. Wonderful timing. It’s amazing how the Lord puts things in front of you at the appropriate time. Be blessed in everything you do.

  15. Hi Jeff,
    A good message. BUT what about those times when I do push through. I deal with the fears in the last 10%. And the launch fails. It feels like all the work and effort and courage was a false reading. And then I loose my momentum and enthusiasm. I didn’t give in to the sabotage. And still…
    Doing the analysis these days. Was it me? What do I need to do differently? Was it promo? Marketing? The product itself?
    Lots to think about. But your video was still helpful.

  16. Hey Jeff, thanks for the great work you do. Your video has arrived on the exact day we plan to launch our SaaS MVP – a culmination of 12 months’ work and it seems so surreal right now. I know our product needs changes still but that’s software and I know exactly what you mean by the last 10%. It’s been a massive push and I think we there – thanks again.

  17. Thank you so much! This was perfect timing,I was just finishing three different projects.On my live event project I had added something that I hadn’t done before and almost didn’t do it and when I saw your subject matter I knew then I had to do it! Thanks again, Lorrie

  18. Needed this message today! I’m at the end of my “preparation” and can’t seem to move forward. Being a perfectionist and fear of not knowing the next step and “not having money for that” are my three big things. I didn’t know this was a common thing until this video! Now I feel encouraged to move forward anyway without having answered the next questions. Thank you! Thank you for great common sense information.

  19. Shamaine Robinson


    Really need this today, I have been feeling that this for a long time.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

  20. So interesting…I started to feel this doubt – which I haven’t felt for quite a while – while at PLF Live this weekend. The event was amazing – don’t get me wrong. But I’m actually starting to believe that this is gonna happen SOON. And the resistance is showing up. But it’s not gonna stop me. I’m all in. Launch Life!

  21. What would I do without you? Procrastinate more! Thank you Jeff! I need to have these videos as my alarm clock every morning. Hmmm, new product.

  22. Hi Jeff,
    I’m just going to keep listening to this over and over until my launch is done! I so needed this 😊

  23. So true! I have been dragging my feet on my last 10% of my certification for months! I even recognized that it was because of fear, uncertain of GE next step. It’s good to hear I am not the only one, it gives motivation to push through.

  24. Yes Jeff, you are talking about me! Since picking my market to launch to over 8 months ago, so far all I have is a FB page with 25 followers 🙁 I’ve started about 100 tasks, but finished none of them. Time to start completing some of this and getting myself out there in a Big Way!! Thanks for the kick in the proverbial 🙂

  25. David Kinnon


    So much of this resonates with me. Thanks Jeff for helping me to get through this.

  26. I froze…didn’t know why, and my brain gave me a dozen good reasons why….but they haven’t satisfied my soul, until now. At the time, I thought it was just me, scared or just plain not confident in my business acumen. But then I watch your video and realise others have this wave of fear wash over them too, and somehow I feel self-permission kick in again. I’ll give it another go, I really want to. Thanks Jeff.

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