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Do you have a hobby or interest that you totally geek out about? Here’s why being a bit nerdy about your passions could be the path to a great business.

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14 Replies to “When It’s Good to Be a Geek”

  1. Awesome Jeff as Always! there is nothing like sharing your knowledge and seeing the impact it can have.
    I’ve been following you for years and PLF has allowed me to quit my job back in 2007 and live the lifestyle I always dreamed of ever since.


  2. Hi Jeff! Thanks for another awesome video – with a few laughs along the way! I actually built my business around my passion of helping people figure out what business they should start. And it’s 100% true…the ones who are successful are the ones who choose a business in alignment with their true passions, with what lights them up and puts that fire in their belly. There’s no better feeling than to be earning money doing what you absolutely love! Thanks for sharing this great story! Cheers, Erica

  3. Hey Jeff,
    Awesome video and takeaway. For the eclipse day, I happened to be in the 99.3ish band (a little less than an hour drive away from 100%), and I took a timelapse of it (linked via my name) in case you or others want to see it.

    Regardless of where we spent the day, one other huge, amazing takeaway for me with eclipse day was seeing how everyone put aside their differences of opinion and we all united in looking up at this amazing event. This is amazing because while it’s easy to get caught up focusing on our differences, an event like this reminds us of our similarities as members of the human race.

    As always, thanks for sharing, inspiring, and challenging me with your videos each week!

    • @Cam: 100% agree with your takeaway… instead of a lot of people focusing on their differences, I saw a lot of people getting along with each other.

  4. I love it – Nerds Rule! I’m doing a series this Labor Day Weekend about celebrating our contributions to the world… each one of us has a geek in us for something and that’s where our true value is!

  5. There’s something uniquely different about a person that has met their passion. It’s palpable and contagious. Even if it’s not a topic you’re interested in, there’s a magnetism or curiosity that draws you in. Too many people operate under the guise of Passion and they struggle. As a Passion Test facilitator and Success Alignment™ Expert, I see people struggle with this all the time. Sometimes passion is evident. Often it needs to evolve. But it is available to everyone interested enough to do the work it takes to make it your own.

  6. Well, ya did it again.
    My mind was whirling as I watched and listened to you. I have that same passion..

    By the first of the week I will be doing live webinars for the Harvey victims. As I witnessed the devastation of my neighbors in Houston, Beaumont, Galveston, Atascocita and Kingwood,my heart ached for them.,That when a nagging question was always there: “What can I do to help”? I will be starting as soon as Tomorrow (if I get computer program fixed) I am presenting several live webinars by The Love & Relationship Geek. I targeted young audiences that are dealing with,Harvey and the fears of the future
    I have fought the evils of public speaking for about 26 years., I believe now that I have a captive audience, I can teach them to think logically about emotional issues.

    I am pumped! Thank you
    BTW .What do you think of the new moniker?

  7. Thanks, Jeff! Who would have thought eclipses and globular clusters had anything in common?

  8. Hey Jeff,
    Long time listener, first-time caller. I am a giant geek and can talk about worms for hours and hours and hours. Fascinating stuff, as you can imagine. I am looking forward to turning my obsession (my wife’s description) into a viable business. Can’t wait to see what you suggest.

  9. I have viewed a couple of Jeff’s video, and what I noticed is he happens to see the POSITIVE in his experiences and he learns something “rewarding” from it. I can see why he is a multi-millionaire.

  10. Spot on, Jeff. It’s like describing why something works the way it does and my wife saying, “Stop! I just wanted the short answer. You really should go be a teacher.” The way I consume coffee it makes me wonder if I shouldn’t open a coffee shop like my friend Joe of Durango Joe’s.

  11. I can feel your enthusiasm for the experience of the eclipse. It feels so alive! Contagious!!

  12. When I look back and remember “geeks” , they make what seems to be the most boring subject into a great curiosity/ interest. That is how I became interested, and afterwards passionate, about opera and visiting the industrial museums…. going with the person who is passionate about the subject changes the perspective immediately. We don’t like what we dont understand…

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