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Online business owners love telling people “I can work anytime, from anywhere!” And that’s true… but the most successful entrepreneurs know that to grow your business online, sometimes you need to get offline. Here’s one of the most effective ways to grow your business (and it’s practiced by almost ALL the leaders in our industry).
Here’s the link I mentioned in the video:

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

Hey, I was just at T&C, Traffic & Conversion, which is this massive industry event. I was there a couple of weeks ago. 5000? 6000? Some crazy amount of people. It was just ludicrous … actually not ludicrous, it was amazing, to walk around and think back.  You know 2003, I was at an event with 200 people and it seemed like it was just about everyone that had an online business was there. There was 200 people, and here we are at this event with 5 or 6000 people, and I’m walking through, and I felt like a grandfather or a godfather.  You know, it was amazing how this industry has grown.

And then just a few minutes ago, I was just making some notes to record a video to tell people about this price increase we have coming up for PLF Live … so that’s the big event I do each year to walk people all the way through creating their launch, and it’s an amazing event. In fact, it looks we’ll have probably about 1000 people at this event. And the growth in this industry is just absolutely crazy, but those two things coalesced for me. As I was making these notes for this PLF Live video and reflecting back on being at Traffic & Conversion, and seeing old friends that I’ve literally … I saw one friend there that I met at an event in 2001; a whole bunch of others that I met at that event in 2003 … and I got to thinking that there is literally … Like, I know pretty much everyone in the industry that’s having a lot of success.

Over the years, I’ve gotten to know everyone and they’re all on my radar and there is not a single person, not one, not a single person that’s having real serious outside success in this industry that doesn’t go out to live events.

Now I’ve mentioned how important … if you go through the channel, whatever I put out, I don’t know coming up on 300 videos here … there’s a bunch of them on going to live events and why it’s important. So this is just another one.

And I just never thought about it that way. That there is literally not one person that’s really crushing it, that is really knocking it out of the park, that is leading the industry that doesn’t get out to live events. You have to; you just have to. Now a lot of people say, “Well I don’t know, I live in this distant country and I can’t travel.” Or, “I have to take care of my dog, my cat, my parent, my child,” whatever. We all have obligations and it’s not like you can’t have any success, but if you want to have real success and if you really want to accelerate your success, you need to get out to live events.

Now this is somewhat self serving for me because I put on, I think, well PLF Live coming up is I think one of the premier … Wow, I’ve got snow cascading off my roof right now. Sorry about that interruption, life happens. But yeah, PLF Live I think it’s an amazing event. It’s a workshop put on by me. I love it. I’ll put a link down below. Like I said, we do have a price increase coming up.

But whether it’s one of my events or someone else’s event, there are a lot of events out there. And when you get out to events, you learn, you tend to learn, if you pick the right events, you learn in an immersive environment. You get inspiration, because you meet people that are out there doing things and you also network.  And there’s a saying that your net worth is your network and I have this amazing network where I’m friends with just all the big players in the industry. That’s just because I’ve gone out to live events. And it’s not like I go out to hundreds of events. But every year, I go to two, three, four, five events and it makes an incredible difference. So just get out to your first event and you’re going to see it’s a completely different world.

This could be the easiest accelerator for you, your business, your success is to get out to live events. Again, I’ve got PLF Live coming up. I’ve got this very amazing special right now if you click the link down below the video. But no matter what, make it a point to get out. I don’t care what the reasons are you’re not traveling. I’ve seen people at my events that have overcome every obstacle you could ever imagine to get there and that is the number one accelerator that I can think of for you and your business.

So, I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and let’s go get ’em this week.

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18 Replies to “Step Away From the Computer (and Grow Your Business)”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    Love all of your material, and I’ve been following for several years.

    I have a tiny quibble, a pedantic quibble, a pet peeve… something that I hope can improve the impression you make on other pedantic nerds like me.

    You said “…5000, 6000, some crazy amount of people…”

    In normal English usage, we use “number” for things we can count, like nuts bolts and people, and “amount” for things not so easily counted, like gallons of water or cups of flour.. Misusing “amount” for people has grown very popular in our mainstream news media. Maybe it rubbed off on you, because I know you’re smart enough to count customers, and therefore people.

    Better, would be “…5000, 6000, some crazy number of people…”

    • I can’t believe you’ve pulled Jeff up on this – if he was a grammar/English teacher then get “pedantic.” He was speaking, sharing, enjoying and not worrying about his usage, and that’s what makes Jeff real. If he was worried about grammar then he wouldn’t share half the content he does. Spoken language is so personal and if people criticise you about it, it can have a terrible negative effect. The great thing about English is that it is so flexible and moves with the times, and therefore exciting. We don’t have an academy of English, which means we’re not bogged down with a static “ancient” language. Yes, grammar is very important, but speaking and being real shouldn’t be criticized.

      • Thank you, Joanne… the least important concept in this video was the misuse of grammar. Part of being authentic is not editing out our glitches of grammar or mispronunciation of words. Lordy, get to more live events and you’ll notice how many of us trip up and keep going. We’re not media personalities who need to get every word and name correct. Speaking live isn’t the same as writing; it doesn’t have to be (nor should it be) as formal. He’s being human.
        Kudos for the REAL message which is about attending live events and connecting with humans. Mastermind groups, seminars, conventions, and networking events—the lifeblood of any business. Never lose the personal touch that’s so needed in every business.

    • In normal English usage, we understand the difference between spoken English and written grammar. Writers prepare a first draft where casual errors are not only allowed but also expected. Then we edit our own document for picky word choice.

      His spoken presentation acts like that first draft. If he had sweated over a written blog post, THEN you could criticize. Here, you have unfairly attacked a verbal delivery, Instead of being helpful, your comment is prideful and pretentious.

      In normal English usage, we put commas in a series. Those of us who apply everyday grammar write “nuts, bolts and people.” Many of us add the Oxford comma: “nuts, bolts, and people.” We place just one period after a sentence, not two (“flour..”). Moreover, we do NOT put a comma before the subordinating conjunction “because” when it connects two clauses in a sentence.

      Then again, we do not put a comma between the subject of a sentence “better” and its verb “would be.” We realize that the reader knows the quote has been excerpted from the work, so we do not begin or end a direct quotation with ellipsis points.

      Most importantly, in normal English usage, we employ grace. We listen for the message and kindly let tiny, spoken human errors go unnoticed. In contrast, your obnoxious written message demanded a response.

    • I was reading the comments in a Facebook ad the other day and a quarter of them were from a “disagreeant” – someone who didn’t get it, didn’t trust and had no belief in the ads value. But rather than discredit the ad it made me want to defend it. It’s like Bob, here. Jeff needs a a Bob to be a “disagreeant” and cause offensive and jiggle us…so that we can say “hey, I’m with Jeff” And so our offensive at Bobs “challenges” vests us in Jeffs event… and so the credit card starts to hoover out of your wallet….. thanks Bob, now I need someone to look after my dog… (Ellipsis, likely not the correct punctuation but I’m leave the space here for you to attach meaning and insight in a way that is meaningful and insightful only to you)

  2. Many thanks Jeff! That´s really true and applicable to most things we do that affect our productivity. About Live event…significant long-term gains in their marketing. Finally ,Look who is here…Great idea!!!.Thanks again

  3. Jeff you are a true world class God sent!!!
    Your heart for serving and humility is so inspiring !!
    Thank you for your perspectives
    And shinning your lights !!
    I’m working in my transition from corporate and I can’t thank you enough along with Brendon B(that is your buddy and that you have trained :)), to help late bloomers and true entrepreneurs at heart like myself ..
    PLF is awesome and I’ll plan on it next year !!!
    Thank you for sharing your lights and gifts!
    Soul from Santa Cruz, Ca

  4. Bob Carpenter


    Jeff, I completely agree with your “live event’ point. That’s exactly why I’m attending PLF Live – to build my network, get inspired by you and the other attendees, put together my launch action plan, and press GO!!
    Can hardly wait to experience you via VIP in Phoenix!!
    Bob the Legacy Guy

  5. Great stuff Jeff, I have been following you for several years now and you are always so inspirational in helping all of us.

  6. Stacey Murphy


    Hey Jeff! This is SO TRUE! And I’m looking forward to PLF LIVE. It’s my fourth time going to this event and I’m totally stoked! Anyone out there thinking about going… this event is truly not to be missed!

    This is my #1 event of the year to tackle the hardest part of launches for me… crafting an offer in the voice of my avatar. Every year, I walk away with a binder filled with video scripts and all I have to do when I get home is hit the record button and I’m done with a big part of my launch so that I can help more people, faster.

    And it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve gone to this event… I always gain a deeper connection to why I’m in business, who I serve, and how I can inspire them even more than I already do. Because this event is all business AND all heart, too.

    Jeff, can’t wait to see you and all the other awesome folks attending. I’ll be the crazy lady dancing on her chair and giving hugs whenever she gets a chance. 😉

  7. Gabriele Guth


    Im totally new here, bought PLF in Australia a few weeks ago, now back home in Germany. Jeff I know that even if it needs much efforts for me to travel to America next month I have to do it because that’s worth it! When I got the email from Diane Poole Heller and watched your first video I knew thats exactly that what I need now for my next steps to upgrade my life. Im Psychologist and Anthropologist, Psychotherapist and Tantric Teacher and love the authentic way you offer your products! And I know it will work for me. Looking forward to see you in Phoenix! And sooo good that English grammar is not the point here 😉

  8. Hey Jeff thanks for the reminder about the importance of live events. I have benefited from them a lot over the years, but have become a bit too much of a home body the last couple of years. Thanks for reminding me to get back out to more events. You’re right, the relationships I’ve developed at them have really paid off for my copywriting business. So thanks again for the kick in the pants.
    Best – Casey Demchak

  9. I went to four events last year and what Jeff says here is the gospel! Both that you have to get out, and that his is the best 🙂 make it happen!

  10. Merlina Waterworth


    I agree that meeting people face to face is the best way to bond with people you have ‘met’ online, and the atmosphere of a live event can also be beneficial, as well as traveling and seeing a bit of the world in the process….

    I’m interested though by your use of the word ‘immersive environment’ – as that is a term used in VR – virtual reality. The technology and accessibility isn’t quite there yet, but I think once it is meeting and interacting in VR is going to come a lot closer to being there in person. However I don’t think even VR will ever completely replace traveling and meeting people in the same physical environment.

  11. I really appreciate the thoroughness that you delve into when explaining the ins and outs of Internet marketing. You’ve eliminated much of the guesswork involved in setting up a business approach to marketing a website.

    See you at PLF LIVE in Phoenix.

  12. Yes, get out there! My husband says, “live events change lives”! We’re looking forward to getting out from behind our computers and seeing you at PLF Live, making some great connections and getting new ideas for our launch. Thanks for doing this live event Jeff and all the information and encouragement you provide!

  13. greg crocker


    Hey Jeff, i’ve been to 2 already. Only thing stoping me is i believe the new way for me is a Facebook ad- to opt in th a vsl. I won’t need an email list and 70 % attend vs a 4 video series where only 27% attend.

    I’d want to come just to meet you though, you’re like the yoda of the business.

  14. Robert Aldridge


    Jeff we first met at one of Brendon’s events that you were attending and I went to your PLF event following. I backed off the events the last three years and have as a result become less fulfilled in my business. Why? Events offer the luxury of spending time with people that energize us and give us a venue for both sharing ideas and getting new perspectives. Your event offers a unique “workshop” appeal so I left having accomplished a few pieces that moved my work forward. Sorry I missed T&C. By the way, you are part of the Internet Marketing Guru mafia! I am just not sure who the Godfather is…

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