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I'm having surgery on my knee this week… is it good news or bad news?

Please leave a comment below… tell me about your “three wins” in the comment section below (and please like my Facebook page here)

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92 Replies to “Knee Surgery and Other Good News…”

  1. Good luck on your knee surgery. I just had both mine done for torn menisci. I did 2 months of physical therapy (just ended last week). The bad news is stairs are not my friends yet, but because of the physical therapy in strengthening my knees I’ve lost weight. Good news, bad news. Take care and have an awesome recovery!

  2. 3 wins for today are and will be:
    walk/jog this morning and transition in attitude
    swimming with my daughters
    family dinner

  3. Three Wins Today:
    1. Make my son happy by taking him to to Puzzle Zoo
    2. Make me happy by seeing my son baptized in church this evening
    3. Removing negative influencers from my personal sphere.

  4. Pete Williams


    Hey Jeff,

    Please keep producing these videos. The contents ring so true to me. It’s like a weekly reminder than I need to keep working hard on what I love. Hope the knee heels up quick!


  5. My brother just had both knees done – (not at the same time LOL) he’s in good shape and seems to have no problems – for you, it’ll be a piece of cake I’m sure – you’re active and healthy. Best of luck to you.

  6. Hey Jeff,

    I tore my ACL in football and while it was most likely the worst injury I’ve ever sustained the rehab for it was not as brutal as most would think. Knee surgeries are so common now so while it’s not the quickest injury to recover from I’m sure you’ll be back on the mountains/courts pretty quick!

  7. Kim Erickson


    Hi Jeff,

    I absolutely love your wonderful information and teachings!
    I’m in Colorado and would be MORE than happy to give you a second opinion of HOW to heal your torn meniscus without surgery. We do it all the time!!!
    Please feel free to get back with me!


  8. It’s a great question, and appreciate you sharing,
    Reminds of the Happy Thoughts App – people who think positive get more positive results. The power of though right?

    Hope you’re fully fit after, do your rehab and be gentle on you,

    Have you ever done Tai Chi – may help…

  9. Good news for the doctor and medical center for sure. Did you try glucosamine sulfate and cod liver oil? and cutting sugar? Not sure what your issue is, but with osteoarthritis I have seen knees completely heal with nutrition, even in advanced age. Good luck.

    • @Linda: I’ve spent six months working on healing it through nutrition, supplements, body work, and exercise. And if I led a more sedentary life, it would probably be in a good enough place. However, I like to play hard and do crazy stuff like go down ski slopes at 50 mph… so I’m ready for surgery. And I have a lot of faith in my doc.

  10. My 3 WINS!

    1. I quit my day job on Friday to be able to be fully focused in creating my online business of helping women that are starting over in their lives create and have more joy while finding their new direction. I feel so much more alive in my spirit and more consciously alert already!

    2. When I was cleaning up my dump area (the place where I drop everything off as I come in the back door from the garage) I picked up my lunch bag to get it reorganized for next week when I remembered I am not going to need it because I now work from HOME! 🙂

    3. My creativity is flowing like water from a fire hose now that I am not in split personality mode (day job and creating my biz)! Being able to concentrate in one area already feels amazing!

    Thanks for asking us to post our 3 WINS Jeff! I am going to add this to my journaling. I am going to create an evening practice of this so while I am sleeping my creative subconscious mind can start working on the wins I want to create the next day! I love this exercise!

    Best wishes on your surgery! I am sure it will go well! Sending healing thoughts your way!


  11. Hey Jeff

    So pleased your knee surgery is not as invasive as you had first thought.

    Great lesson on framing and how to measure your success.

    Thanks Jeff.


  12. Hi Jeff
    – enjoyed a walk with my son
    – finally started a project with my son I was just talking about for weeks
    – Enjoyed your talk.
    There’s still time for #4

    Thanks for sharing the wisdom and good luck with your surgery.

  13. hi, Jeff, thanks to share this event with us. For me, your surgery is a good new, much better than to stay inactive during several months!!! They do very well now in this surgery!!!! I will think of you during the time of surgery and i am very confident because i know a lot of people who had this kind of surgery and recovered easily and perfectly. Just be patient the small time of reeducation
    Myself i am so grateful to you!! and thanks to you, sharing my issues on my blog and following your modele, i got so many friends to help me too!! thanks a lot Jeff . you have done the good choice and for me this surgery is a good new!!!;-))

  14. thanks to you Jeff , my issues on my blog will end soon.. i opened a conversation about this on my blog and so many people wrote me to help, and many people among your students or friends!!!!
    thanks to you, and learning from you how to be confident, share with others, i will be able soon to do the small launch after finishing to deal with my blog issues.. So proud to be a part of your community
    we all will be with you for the surgery nd you will soon be active and happy. Very good new!!! ;-))

  15. Jeff, my husband, RIchard Wheeler, is a master Rolfer who has been doing this work for almost 45 years. He’s in LA at the moment and I’m on a skype call with him now. He says that to tear the miniscus, you had to have put a huge amount of torque force on your knee that that will have affected your leg, your hip and more. So, he strongly recommends that once you go thru the rehab process for a minimum of 2-3 weeks, and then find an ADVANCED ROLFER to work on you. You probably would benefit enormously from this work. It’s like a “reverse aging” process, seriously! Here’s Richard’s website, the specific link on Structural Integration: At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to different schools of Structural Integration and they have practitioners listed by state. You could also come down to visit us in Ecuador! (: GOOD LUCK! You’ll be fine. Norie PS. Richard says you can write him, if you like, with specific questions.

  16. What a great video. Thanks for producing that. What a positive spin on getting surgery. All the best with this surgery.
    Three wins are
    Note: messages appear when needed!
    Listened to some video from Brendan Burchard, then Rasmus Lindgren and now yours. All three very inspirational.
    Very inspired now to create my informational products.
    Believe that I can succeed with my venture with very little upfront money.

  17. Hah! If you’re into sports, it’s going to happen. Reminds me of my “year of healing” and also the year I realized I better take better care of my body.

    It started when I tore my ICL skiing (followed by 5 months of healing), then broke my ankle kayaking (“pitoned” off a drop, and followed by another 5 months of healing) and then had carpal tunnel surgery (another couple months of healing).

    More recently, I’ve lost much of my vision to glaucoma. Caught it late and have paid the price. After a few years of “going down the rabbit hole”, I finally reached a place where I have gratitude for the vision I still have.

    Point is- you’re right. Life is what we make of it. There will always be somebody that is healthier/ richer/ whatever – than you. And if you compare against that, it just leads to suffering. But if you can accept and be happy with where YOU are, and celebrate YOUR victories, life becomes a whole lot happier.

  18. 3 wins in one, does that count?
    Rewrote an old sales page, cleaned up bad html without blowing it up, and got 2 new signups already as a result.
    Also, got some of the family room reorganization done, read 2/3 of a book I’ve been wanting to read, got some weeds pulled, worked on the beach, and all the laundry is done.
    That was yesterday – now to tackle today’s list.
    Good luck with your surgery. Its fairly routine these days. Remember to eat well, stay away from foods that cause inflammation – milk, sugar, sweeteners … And eat foods that will strengthen your immune system so you can heal faster. If you don’t know what those might be, (I think you do, but if not) you can find tons of info on it here –

  19. Hi Jeff,
    Glad to hear it is not an ACL injury.
    I’ve had surgery on both knees and still enjoy skiing. Plus, I believe you know Brian Tracy. Brian had hip replacement surgery and we skied together in Aspen. So, knee surgery does not stop or slow you down in the long run.
    And, yes, you are a winner and I love your attitude.
    Looking to seeing you in Chicago at the Accelerate event with Eben.
    Have a Great Week.

  20. Very inspiring and motivating, it is great that finally your knee didn t need that major surgery. I need to change my standards maybe, thanks for this great video!

  21. My 3 Wins!

    Discovered a cure for cancer.

    Found the missing link.

    And ran a sub 3 minute mile.

    Nathan : )

  22. So happy to hear about the ‘minor’ surgery on the knee.. sending you lots of good healing thoughts. And a great big THANK YOU for the reminder of the ‘measuring stick’ for our personal progress

    My 3 wins for today are:
    1. Enjoy breakfast with my daughter and grandsons
    2. Getting my plane reservations made for my upcoming trip
    3. Getting 2 of my blogs written and ready to post for next week

    Enjoy this absolutely beautiful day …. Leslie

  23. Well First of all congrats on the surgery? (scratches head) sounds funny lol but yes I get it.
    That being said let me say I love the teaching style.

    Susan J. Boston

  24. Hi Jeff, things happen even to “best of us” as former soccer player I had my operation many years ago,and at that time it was much harder recovery and they operated buy cutting and scar is still there…not pleasant stuff at a time, but you got to do what you got to do,and being 67 years “young”[ I retired 10 years ago],still go to gym 3-4 times a week,still play soccer with guys half my age [once a week, weather permitting] and keep busy with our two beautiful grandkids, they can get me going more then any gym or soccer game, after I am done with them playing,running, etc,I am DONE! Jeff,you are still a young guy,and with todays surgery it will be a piece of cake for you. Main thing is to KEEP MOVING! JUST KEEP MOVING, and you’ll be like new again! Good luck. Ivan

  25. John Antaya


    Glad to hear that you at least had some good news about your injury. You will need to keep you knee moving through exercise and start as soon as possible in order for your knee not to freeze up.
    May you have the best of life

  26. Hey Jeff

    Had the same surgery 2 years ago (after doing a flying hook kick in Tae Kwon Do)… much easier than ACL but still takes a while to rehab for sure. Be sure to do your leg machine and watch out for day 3!


  27. Hey Jeff, I really get great value out of your videos, thanks for sharing.
    Good luck with your surgery


  28. Ruth Deutsch


    While you’re checking things out… from the incredible experience I had recently, I urge you, before surgery, to check out Egoscue. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Pete Egoscue. World-class anatomist and creator of a system to use special exercises tailored for your needs to correct body issues such as yours. (I recently went for help with something else (scoliosis) and discovered he’s figured out all major pain-producing issues and how to use your muscles differently and exercised in very particular ways to achieve balance, harmony, healing, and freedom from pain. Sure wish I had found him years ago!) If you do insist on the surgery, an Egoscue therapist could help you to learn and experience how to avoid future mishaps with your knees! I just went to an Egoscue website (googled Egoscue and knees) and it said it could help you a avoid surgery if you so choose. Here’s what else they can do for knees:

    Resolving your knee pain is easy when put into the context of treating the Body as a Unit. If you are struggling with problems such as:

    Arthritic knees
    Kneecap pain
    Swelling and/or stiffness
    Joint Instability
    Popping or crunching noises
    Inability to fully straighten the joint
    Ligament sprains
    Meniscal damage
    Patellar pain
    Water on the knee
    Baker’s cyst
    Muscle strains
    Limping and limited ability to walk
    Then Posture Alignment Therapy is for YOU!

    Download our FREE sample of corrective exercises for Knee Pain Relief so you can see how easy, yet effective Postural Therapy is.

    Any way, there it is for your perusal. Best wishes. Ruth

  29. Torn meniscus surgery is over rated, and I had multiple knee surgeries. The best thing you can do to stabilize your knee is LUNGES and dead lifts. Over strengthen your hamstring, you won’t be sorry. Skiers are particularly vulnerable, because we overdevelop our quads and under develop the hamstrings. It makes us vulnerable. I wish someone had told me that when I was your age. (PS: I skied all my life and all my kids were ski racers, so it is something I know a bit about)

  30. Jeff, I’m just three weeks post-ACL surgery … for the second time. Plus meniscus cleanup. Fell off the roof the first time; this time the reason was far less sexy. I’m thrilled for you that yours is just meniscus; best of luck! The ACL therapy IS a long slog, but we can get back to 100% with persistence. My three wins? (1) I hit 100-degree flexion of my knee today. (2) You gave me my inspiration for this week’s blog post. (3) I’m heading out to spend the afternoon relaxing on Hollywood Beach (FL) with close friends and a few cold ones! I look forward to hearing about the first slopes you hit later this year!

  31. ONE MORE THING I forgot to mention: Meniscus repair was shown to be no better than placebo in a big study. The Orthopods keep doing it, in spite of evidence that it does little or no good. Again, I had that done on my knees, it didn’t really help and today I have two metal knees, great because I can ski all day long again, but I suspect it speeded up arthritis, at least for me. Get a second opinion from a rehabilitation doctor, not an orthopod, since to them, everything looks like surgery. Just sayin’, brother . . .

  32. Hi, Jeff,

    Did you have a serious injury or injuries to your knee, to your knee cup, a tear of a tendon?
    Do you know that some knee problems related to wear off can be cured without a surgery and without drugs?

    Certain tissues – cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and synovial fluids can be “repaired” without a surgery… It’s a slow but a sure non-side-effects repair, whereas a surgery could be a quick and the only fix.

    I wish you a quick recovery, and I can offer you a useful advice via my email if you wish.

  33. I was introduced to the Body-Mind Centering work in 1973 when a trick knee kept buckling under me while walking as a result of 2 previous injuries–car and skiing. Any Dr. would have
    recommended surgery, but I began sessions with my mentor Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and am happy to say that after 8 months of practical movement/alignment applications, I
    was (and still am) able to hike, run, powerwalk, dance, swim distances, take staircases, etcetc. Since that healing, I have helped numerous dancers and other folks with knee issues post-surgery, post P.T. (it’s a subtler approach), or as an alternative approach to surgery (as I chose for myself). Mine was damge to medial meniscus and ACL. ALL the BEST with the SURGERY, Jeff! Beth

    My three wins?
    1. The sun is shining and I am alive and breathing.
    2. I finished the work of cleaning out and redistributing my mother’s belongings to the right people and places and I feel light and joyful.
    3. This morning climbing the hill to Mt. Pollux for the Paneurythmy practice, I bent to pick up a five dollar bill along the grassy path.

  34. Hi Jeff,

    I really like how you approach life and obstacles. Very cool video. I wanted to ask you if you have tried Pete Egoscue. He is tried and tested by Tony Robbins and he is amazing. I got his book last month and I am blown away and also fixed some chronic pains I had.

    He explains why we have accidents in the first place. Read it if you haven’t. It will make a lot of sense.

    All the best,


  35. my three wins
    1.) my mother age 85 is visiting us from Calgary. Although personally she wasn’t affected
    by the recent devastating floods the city really needs a lot of work so getting her up to Edmonton is great
    2.) cooking 17 steaks for our gang today
    3.) Canada Day tomorrow. Happy 146 years

  36. Hi Jeff
    All kinds of medical advice comes out of the woodwork when you share Funny that way So I’ll weigh in from a different vantage point The injury indicates a defective space and reinjury will be inevitable, maybe not in the knee but somewhere else in the mindbody Unless you change your level of activity with less strain on the musculoskeletal system you will be starting a downhill course and that’s not referring to skiing You live in a dry climate which is very Vata aggravating and this will predispose you to these kinds of injury Also should have a bone mineral density as a baseline best and blessings Love DrB

    • @Dr. Bill: yes… you’re right about all kinds of advice coming out of the woodwork – I should have expected that – there are a lot of amazing healers on this planet, and I know a lot of them are regulars on my blog. 🙂

      I play very hard… and I also work very hard to keep my body in a state where I can continue to play the way I want to (daily yoga and core workouts, regular body work including chiro/massage/rolfing, supplements, nutrition, etc, etc).

      But sometimes accidents happen… this one happened when I was skiing in the trees in 18 inches of fresh powder. My skis dove under a tree branch that was hidden in the powder… and it brought me to an instant stop.

      Six months of working on it via rolfing, exercise, and various other treatments… and then I re-tweaked it playing tennis. Now I’m ready to try surgery (with a great doc)… I love alternative treatments, but now I’m ready to give western medicine a shot.

      And to Dr. Lynn’s point, I’m sure my quads are overdeveloped compared to my hamstrings (from both skiing and cycling)… and that likely contributed to the injury. That’s something I will be correcting.

  37. Jeff,

    Being a medical research junkie, chiropractor and blogger, I think I’ve got a very unique view on this issue. Meniscal tears, especially in active people, is NOT usually a surgical case. I would definitely seek some type of advanced soft tissue treatment first (one comment mentioned Rolfing–this would qualify). Graston technique is another one.

  38. Oh yes one more thing I’ve now had a couple of experiences of friends who have opted not to do the meniscal repair ie rehabed the knee and did well so agree with the above A good yoga therapist could really help Best B

  39. Hi Jeff,
    I’m looking at knee surgery myself, did the injections, great for 6 months. Only got worse.-I have to take the blood test first to make sure that the metal they put in me, I don’t have an allergy to it! Such fun, bone on bone and a knee cap off to the left. My Dr. has his work cut out for him, however, he’s done many, so I’m in good hands. between the Dr. and God, I’ll be good. Praying you will be as well.

  40. Hey Jeff,

    That must’ve been a relief. I myself am a little bummed about a torn rotator cuff tear that’s stopping me from some of my martial arts training.

    My 3 wins today;
    1). Caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in 10 years
    2). No shoulder flare up after yesterday’s test of some shoulder exercises
    3). Enjoyed pizza and beer. (Rare treat)

  41. Ruth Deutsch


    One final comment from me – You can always do surgery later if nothing else works. However, you cannot undo surgery, and it is not a natural way of healing. As with many aspects of Western Medicine, it is a way to manage symptoms rather than heal the body.

    As for 3 wins 1) I just yesterday figured out how to corral a target market for my new business 2) I found a way to get me to do certain things I’m resistant to do 3) I’m happy to have increased my level of happiness 🙂

  42. Hi Jeff,

    Well, you give us advice, so we do our best to share back! ; )

    Another useful reframe to use is “Why have I created this experience and what is it trying to tell me?” When my clients don’t ask those questions, they repeat the same behaviors. So be sure to dig deeper. I recently received a testimonial from a client whose severe auto accident was directly connected to his frame of mind toward his cancer. There are no accidents and when we look, we find out why the “accident” occurred.

    The other point is to do all three steps in your healing process. Others have pointed this out above. With all due respect to your orthopod, a second opinion is the standard of care for any surgical procedure, no matter what the recovery time and that is Step 1.

    I recently prevented a patient from having a pacemaker implanted in favor of very conservative medical therapy and she’s off all cardiac meds just a few weeks later. Cardiologists who implant pacemakers recommend them. Orthopods do their thing. It’s human nature, not malicious behavior. When you have no second opinion, you are flying blind. Step 2 is your treatment decision, which is based in part on the opinions you get, but it’s personal too. Some inner work is involved when it’s done right. Step 3 is healing, which has nothing to do with surgery. In fact, surgeons and other doctors don’t heal human bodies. They can only support the healing process, so be sure to maximize your healing via mind body healing. You will accelerate your healing if you do.

    All the best whatever you decide to do!

    Be well,

  43. Hey Jeff,

    Happy to hear that your knee injury has been “down-graded” from what you originally expected and that you will be back in action in a matter of weeks.

    Thanks for your upbeat video and reminder to appreciate the little things – just what I needed today! As a perfectionist, I can really relate to this idea of comparing to unrealistic standards, whether in myself or others. It can be next to impossible to measure up to those imaginary ideals, which makes it difficult to be truly happy and content with our ongoing progress. So here’s to celebrating the little victories each and every day!

    My 3 wins so far today: (1) Updated a chapter of my soon-to-be-published brain optimization ebook, (2) Went for a nice walk out in the country on this beautiful sunny day, (3) Watched your video and posted this comment (I’m including that as a win because I’m not in the habit of commenting on videos).

    Jeff, just wanted to say one last thing: Ever since I found out about you and your work through one of Brendon’s programs (Experts Academy), I have been impressed at how cheerful, optimistic, and generally good natured you come across in your videos…For that reason I find it uplifting to watch your videos, whatever the content happens to be.

    Keep up the great work and positive energy!


  44. Hi, Jeff, sorry to hear about your knee, but love the way you were able to re-frame that. Thanks for the inspiring videos and the great advice and insights you provide in them. Celebrating your wins every day is something that can drastically change the way you feel and how motivated you are with what you do.

    Looking forward to hearing you are back doing what you love, after your surgery.

  45. Yup, mention any medical situation and everyone comments- can be the best thing that ever happened. Or, like when I was pregnant, it was not very helpful to hear about all the PROBLEMS with pregnancies and deliveries. I am going to add my 2 cents worth. A powerful source of nutrition- Moringa. Even though it has been used for 1000s of years, it has only recently been recognized as a superfood.

  46. 3 Wins
    Met the real Dave Vanhoose today
    Had luckely me a knee surgery (inch size hole in weekbone, so never running again). 3 months ago and several months to go. The fast and hard way to learn to connect with body & mind. Be carefull with your body. The sportsthing and well f….fast we’re have in common.
    Just created the new product for helping to create a backboneable world. Launch will be soon…..

  47. Hey, Jeff,
    I can certainly appreciate the good news/bad news framing!
    I do wish we had had the opportunity to do some work to create
    alignment in your leg to avoid this altogether!
    3 wins:
    great ride this morning
    writing my new ebook
    focusing on focusing!
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Be well, and best healing with your knee!

  48. Reminds me of “Pollyanna ” only see the good in everything ?? Reframing ing is a modern day Pollyanna …Jeff I loved the post as always !

  49. Thanks for another great video!

    My three wins today:
    I hit sales record this month
    I’m going to a friends ranch
    I was higly recommended from a client ” I highly recommend all to Connect with Anna WHO is a talented, Role modelling and sharity minded nerworker!”

    🙂 Love it!

  50. Linda Murray


    Well Jeff, I did the same thing -tore my meniscus on the tennis court – but good news is you get your life back quick. I was back on a bike in about two weeks and quickly back to weights and then to tennis and skiing.

    Framing is indeed a way to positively influence our outlook and our happiness. A year ago, about one month after I jioned a new tennis team I promptly broke my ankle playing. That was the pitts – three months where the most I could do was some upper body weights – psychologically I went into a complete tailspin. But I was back for the second half of the season so it’s all good….eventually!

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  51. Good luck Jeff!
    My good news of the day:
    1) Jeff will recover faster- always great to read good news from “my friends”.
    2) Life is full of little surprises and if you look for them, you will find them!
    3) Heard the news that my client had an ROI of 20% increase from a content package that I did for him!

  52. Hi, Jeff …
    Sorry to hear about your upcoming knee surgery, but you’re right in being grateful that it isn’t more serious. I’m 2-1/2 weeks post-op from a total left knee replacement, so I have a good frame of reference for ‘more serious’ … this is my 5th knee surgery, actually – the second one on this leg. I have already had an ACL reconstruction on my right knee, and it was no fun … But the knee replacement of my left knee is far more brutal, trust me. I’ll be having my right knee replaced in the autumn, after my left leg heals up enough to carry the burden of my rehab – something my right knee is not appreciating doing for my left leg while awaiting its turn.
    Three wins for me today:
    1. my right leg is enduring it’s responsibility burden, even if it’s not happy about it.
    2. there’s no infection now that the staples have been removed along with the bandage.
    3. my spouse continues to lovingly care for me and be nurturing in my rehab journey.

    It may not sound like it, but these are big wins … and tomorrow’s list will probably contain the same items – and I would consider that a blessing.

    Best of luck with your procedure. Just because it isn’t more serious, please don’t diminish the importance of protecting your knees from future injury – because once you cross that line, there’s usually only one way back … under a surgeon’s scalpel.

  53. Love it… list 3 wins you’ve accomplished today, and create 3 wins you plan for tomorrow!! Thanks, Jeff… great message. Best wishes on your knee surgery.

  54. Shirley Kufeldt


    I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus about 15 years ago and never had surgery. I’ve been taking glucosamine and chondroitin ever since. I am not 100%, but I can walk and do stairs. Check out glucosamine and chondroitin at the local pharmacy – it’s over the counter and it will make all of your joints more supple. That will aid your recovery.

  55. Charles Water


    Been there and done that. The technology is so advanced that you will be back sooner than you think. Make sure you have a great pt person. Right before the surgery I visualized the person that I would be after the procedure…strong, active on top of my game. In the scheme of things well you get that. Get better soon. Charlie

  56. Thanks Jeff for encouraging video from a Seed Launch customer from Manila.
    Three wins:
    1. Put out surveys for my Mustard Seed Launch
    2. Talked to Bo, my mentor about doing a continuity program (after seed launch?)
    3. Thank God for opening me up to emotions I’ve forgotten.
    4. For being at my prime of health at 68th year
    5. For enjoying freedom of a single dad with only 1 of 4 kids still in school
    6. Chance to be mentored by you Jeff this October in LIVE PLF
    Thanks so much for your video blog.

  57. Good luck with the knee surgery! (Thank goodness it wasn’t the more serious one! I have family members that are as active as you sound and they’re impossible when injured)

    Framing is crucial, and I’ve been doing something similar every morning for the past week. Creepy how much of a difference it makes.

  58. Framing is everything!

    It is incredible how keeping a proper perspective on things can turn bad situations into positive ones.

    I like the 3 wins exercise. Will start doing it as well.

    Thanks for sharing these personal notes each week, Jeff. I always look forward to them!

  59. Hi Jeff, What a great message! Framing is everything! We wish you a speedy and successful recovery. Three things I’m grateful for today:

    1. My Loving Husband!
    2. Jeff Walker’s Training and Generousity
    3. Launching my business with the help of great leaders like Brendon, Jeff, Pam, Mike, Bo Eason.

  60. Denise Antoon


    I am guilty of comparing where I am to other people especially on a bad day I do it. This week I became a best selling author, but I focused instead on the sales others had instead of focusing on my win. Three wins for today:
    I watched this video to remind me not to compare and keep doing what I am doing. I am where I should be for a reason.
    I spent time with my kids playing in costumes and just being goofy.
    I took some time to develop my new program and made strides in the material.

  61. Denise Antoon


    I hit submit too soon! I wanted to add Good Luck with the recovery!!!

  62. Hi Jeff,

    I have been in your subscriber’s list for the last two years. I admit, i never bought single of your product (just because i can’t afford). But i follow your each and every email. Always your advice give energy, motivation and reason to improve myself.

    I am just writing when i heard about your knee surgery. God give you good health soon. Hopefully, all will go smoothly and painlessly. Take Care 🙂

  63. Jeff, I love how down to earth you are. Its so refreshing and authentic. So given i just saw this video tonight Im saying YOU are a win for me today # 1…and #2 I will book a photoshoot and makeup session for a client..and #3 I will enjoy my hip hop dance class after being in Las Vegas 6 days for a work/play week. Im also comitted to use Brendon Burchards 1-Page Productivity Planner all week to creat more wins and i will record audios each day of my wins to get to my sub conscious…Thanks Jeff…and Im praying your kneee heals so fast..just watch Wimbleton this week…youll feel better!! 🙂

  64. Tom O'Boyle


    Way to go, Jeff! Reminds of a well-known expression with an added extra: “The grass is always greener on the other side… But just as hard to cut!” I like the idea of measuring your progress against yourself, where you started from and where you are now. Good luck with the surgery.

  65. So lucky it was a meniscus! I had my ACL torn back in 2011, was a solid 8 months before I even began doing anything athletic (tore it playing flag football – it is that competitive).

    Glad to hear you’ll be on the mend soon, and thanks for the great lesson on framing.



  66. Good luck, pal. Sometimes our body cooperates with our “eyes too big for our stomach” lifestyles, and sometimes the bill arrives sizzling with sticker-shock.

    Sounds like you’ve gotten your second-and-third opinions, and you’re set on a course. So, heal fast, and get back to chewing up the scenery soon.

    Call me when the meds kick in.

    • @John: lol… just what I need, a conversation with you when I’m mentally handicapped – I don’t know if I would ever be the same. 🙂

  67. My 3 wins today:
    1. When lunching in the mall I came across an old friend and we had a spontaneous lunch and catch up together.
    2. Another friends’ husband is helping me to buy a car and he came up with a great short list.
    3. I watched your delightful video Jeff, when I arrived home. Your videos are always fresh and enjoyable to watch. Thanks, and I liked your reframing. Good for you.

  68. Susan Leger


    Hi Jeff, Thanks for your story. When I was 27, was in a bad vehicle accident. Doctor told me that I would have reduced physical abilities without vascular bi-pass surgery. Like you I was so “into“ any physical activities and sports I don`t think I gave it a second thought. Just do it, I stated. It was a year of rehab to recoup but I have never been sorry. At 50 years old, I completed an extreme fitness program which placed my fitness level at a new high. I continue with my physical activities and harbor inner joy from my ability to do so.
    So yes, surgery is and can be very good news!

  69. I like how you correlated your story of ups and downs to introduce frames. As well, how we can leverage frames to our advantage by removing expectations. Are you familiar with Neville Goddard? I find his perspectives on framing to be pretty bang on.

    3 Wins Today,

    1. Video Recorded. Day 23 of 90 in a 90 day video challenge.

    2. Eye opening brainstorm with a coach/mentor this evening.

    3. Spent time with friends, and looked into potentially shooting a music video.

    3 Wins Tomorrow,

    1. Record Video 24.

    2. Successful Internal Meeting. Brainstorming/Masterminding for 2 hours.

    3. Playing Croquet, and having a Vegan dinner with friends.

    I’d like to include a bonus 4th win for tomorrow. 5-10 minute call with Jeff Walker himself. Great videos. Great vision. What do you say, Jeff?

    Best wishes during your speedy recovery!

  70. Hi Jeff,
    You lucky chappy!
    I tore my ACL + chipped off some Meniscus some years back and it was all thanks to tennis as well. Lethal playing a younger player BELIEVING you´re 17 again!!!
    So happy you´re looking at a mucher quicker recovery!

    All the best-

  71. Hello Jeff,
    I wish you well with your knee operation.

    Our sailing ship has carried us through many a feat and it continues to sail the seven seas for us, so me must care for our vessel in the way it has brought us the fortunes in life. When our vessel is being damaged, messages signal out to say that our physicality can withstand so much, so please take care of your health and well-being.

    All the Best


  72. Larry Horton


    The final result afterwards of Pt to live w/o pain is wonderful I worked hard on PT & was back to work in 62 days go for it! Stairs not your friend however but still work hard to deal with them am not embarrassed to use elevator Good Luck !

  73. Hi Jeff and all!
    Here’s a great framing story…a friend called me a few months ago to let me know that our good friend, Mark, was no longer with us. I was devastated! I had just met with him earlier in the week and had a chance to tell him how much he had done for me, and that I really appreciated him. When I heard that he was gone, I was grateful that I had the chance to tell him how much he meant to me. I turned up the radio and was listening to Bach’s double violin concerto and thinking of what a great guy Mark was. One of the best people managers I had ever known.

    So, I went to lunch, ordered a nice glass of wine and toasted my friend. I thought I should check e-mail to see if there was any news about services, etc., and I saw a shocking e-mail letting me know that Mark had been fired from his job and was no longer with us (the company I was doing contract work for).

    I was elated! Mark was merely fired — not dead! I was so excited and happy that I called him immediately and told him what had happened and wished him a beautiful life!!!! Framing!

  74. Jeff,
    That’s a great practice to list your three wins each night. Thanks! I’m going to adopt that process.
    My three wins from yesterday are 1) shot my first video 2) had a fun improv show for a packed audience 3) a great dinner with my husband and dogs on our porch.

    Yup I feel even better already.


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