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When you create an awesome “Client Experience,” then your product becomes its own best marketing tool.

Here's how to be the “Guardian at the Gates of an Awesome Client Experience”…

Please leave a comment down below and let me know what you think…

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48 Replies to “Guardians at the Gate of Awesomeness”

  1. Jeff, thank you for the video.
    Such a community is very valuable and useful for every member. This is my experience with your Product Launch Formular. I learn from the others, I can ask and I get help, I help others. This all in a very friendly and pleasant way. It is very attractive. To have the right people around me is a key to success.

    How to create an amazing customer experience?
    Perhaps you can speak about that by chance. Here are my thoughts:
    1. During the meetings
    the problems of the clients should be at the center
    speak about experiences and learnings
    speak to different learning types so that everybody is picked up
    use emotions to tell about the why
    give theory for the rational mind
    show steps to solve a distinct problem
    show what will happen when they do something
    2. Between the meetings
    be open for everybody
    ask good questions
    try to really understand your clients
    use more time to hear than to speak

    Thank you Jeff,

  2. It is so helpful to have you paint pictures by telling stories and giving great tips slowly to digest. This is my year to launch something bigger than I have been able to do. A patient’s daughter could understand the importance of what I am providing to her mother with brain damage along with early stages of dementia. She is an event planner/organizer/optimization anD we couldn’t get off the phone our first encounter yesterday. She said she broke into a sweat but she reports that she has never sweat before. This was so visceral. I wish I could take her through all the videos I have been watching from you. I saved everything but will they still play? Will keep you posted. I found my niche helping teachers and musicians understand the healing through timing using advanced technology. This is going to be fun and fulfill my life dream to reach others. My goal is to get this program into every third grade class curriculum in the USA. Can you help?

  3. Great Great! i’m currently creating my community and it does takes time and my role as a leader is interesting and fascinating .
    Thank you!

  4. Intriguing, I don’t really know what it is you ‘sell’ Jeff, I have an idea it centres on product launching, product building – you are something of an enigma – what is it that your platinum people create, information products, coaching programs, marketing strategies, email list building?
    I certainly like your energy and obvious sincerity but I don’t ‘really’ know what you and your tribe create and how that adds value to the world-sometimes it all seems like smoke and mirrors to me, I seek clarity and genuine involvement – there is not a lot of that about IM, launches come and reach a crescendo then fade away – hopefully there is something tangible and of real value in between!

    • Hey Michael, he sells advice. Knowledge is pretty valuable to me, I don’t know about anyone else.

    • I believe Jeff’s value offer is around product launching that speaks to a systematic approach to launching your business online. What he does is critically important and does provide significant assistance for IM product offering. Jeff is really good at his work, you should join his tribe.

  5. I love your enthusiasm and energy , it is very apparent that you love to help others and I can feel how charged up you get from that. It is a trait of successful people – the money is nice but it is much more about who can they can help to reach their dreams and aspirations
    Thank you Jeff great message

  6. Judith from Canada


    You are absolutely brilliant in your sensitivity and intuition in nurturing the growth of your newbie’s fragile steps as well as your oldie’s ongoing expansion. You lead by heartfelt example. Its encouraging to me to know that the “GUARDIAN” has us covered
    and that we are in a community fostering long term growth.
    With enormous gratitude to you.

  7. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for this video.
    Having attended to PLF live last year, I had a glimpse of what your platinum mastermind is all about, and I have to say that what I saw is truly inspiring 🙂
    Now I have a question for you.
    How do you find the time to create that awesome experience for your clients that you’re talking about in this video?
    I mean, how can we do it in the midst of all the things we need to do as entrepreneurs (creating products, planning and executing launches, blogging, creating new content, social media, and studying new training courses about all of this)?

    Thanks again for the inspiration!


  8. What a synchronicity! I was just writing about the ‘Gatekeeper’ !!!
    Those who enter the group should NOT be refereed by someone else in the group.

    From a mystical point of view, it is the Guardian of the Gate or Gatekeeper that has authority and who should judge whoever should or not enter the gate. For a successful endeavors, the Gatekeeper must comply with Universal Laws and work with Master Souls for the establishment of the Golden Age of this new era.

  9. Thank you Jeff, this is a great reminder to level up my playing field for my students! I have been feeling that I need to add in coaching calls to my front end program to get the personal connection with each person that is investing in themselves!!! Thanks for the clarity!!!

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I always love watching your videos and implementing your techniques and information!
    I’m 2 weeks away from my. Dry first launch!!
    When does the next PLF take place I’d LOVE to attend !!


  11. Hi Jeff,

    It is a great inspiration to watch your videos every Sunday as the first thing in the morning. It motivates me to make such valuable videos from my prospects and clients and also gives a great start for the week ahead. I love your consistency at which you make videos and the value that you provide in each and every single video. You are my role model and I’m following you step by step! Thanks for all your efforts!

  12. Such a wonderful experience to aspire to. I have an online program now and women are loving the experience, so I think I am on the right path. And I get excited about having a Platinum group for self-esteem and confidence. Thank you for all the great tips, Jeff.

  13. The archetypal role of gatekeeper played with an almost motherly protectiveness and pride gives this video an impressive warmth. Also heartwarming is the takeaway of “you-too-can-do-this”.

    Thank you, Jeff.

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your video. What I like about them is that you are always so positive and proud of the work you’ve accomplished. You’re a great role model!

  15. Way cool thanks Jeff. I teach something similar I call resolve/positive fierceness/confidence…green lighting your own spiritual awakening. Your guardian of awesomeness is similar. At some point one has to realize, embrace and offer to oneself and/or others the complete awesome “Kwan” You know what kwan is right ? ! 🙂 Best, J

  16. Jeff!

    I love your creative additions to the world’s business vocabulary! 🙂

    I’ll be brainstorming ways to be the Guardian at the Gate of Awesomeness for my peeps this week.

    Thanks as always!


  17. Question?

    How does the Platinim group meet? On-line Off-line? What is the format?

    If I wanted to start my own group what are the basic steps?


  18. Thank you, Jeff!! Great video!! You can feel the emotion in this genuine short movie. Then the fact that you will read every post is a big encouragement and support for us and the unseen continuity of the video : )

  19. I get it! It’s all about the value. Deliver awesome value and the customers will flock to your business.
    Thanks Jeff

  20. Hi Jeff, love the phrase “guardian of the gate of awesemon”. I can certainly attest to this as being a primary reason for the leadership success I had in the hospitality industry and during my face to face training and coaching presentations. I am challenged by how to convey this online using technology such as video and podcast both of which my online community is asking me for. I’ve been hesitant to engage these other forms of content because I’m so concerned about delivering an awesome customer experience.

  21. To be an outstanding guard for others, you must first be a guard for your own gate of awesomeness.

    You do an outstanding job at both!

    Somewhat related question, Jeff: do you read and post to a personal Facebook account? I enjoy it but wonder if it’s a distraction and/or counterproductive… if it doesn’t belong in my own Kingdom of Awesomeness. Any thoughts?

  22. Jeff, As I am learning the mechanics of bringing my dream of an edu-farm-stay for corporations to fruition, your videos are very helpful.
    Thank you for sharing. Your book is ‘a keeper’ and i refer to it and plan on launching several projects in 2015.
    From the farm,

  23. Jeff can you tell me how you do to be at the guardian gates of summer ?!!

    Look at you you are outside wearing t-shirt in almost videos… trust me for me it was winter this moring with piece of ice on your car!

    Btw, when you talk about people who joined you 5 years ago you talk about what, ? Your mastermind only or people on your list

    • Ok just watched again your video in better condition, it’s about your mastermind!
      Sorry for the stupid question :-°

  24. Jeff you are so genuinely likable and believable as well as being very successful it doesn’t surprise me that there is a waiting list for your Platinum Mastermind Group. It is obvious that the value you over deliver as a matter of policy contributes to your success and the growth and continuity of your business. You are a wonderful role model and I hope to emulate you as much I possibly can.

  25. Love It Love It.. Heat Felt Thanks Jeff.. U R A Son Of a Gun . Gratitude Is A Wonderful Thing My Cup Runs Over When Ever Your Name Comes Up.. We Are In The Business Of Giving Great Presentation Jeff.. Derek C Howie Take Care out.

  26. Excellent reminder Jeff. Providing an awesome customer experience is rare these days. Most of my own experiences as a customer are average (or worse). When I receive truly excellent customer service, I notice. And, I will go back to that business over and over again to continue to receive that level of customer service (and I tell all my friends).

    I love your comment that providing an awesome customer service will automatically advertise itself – so true!

    Thanks for all the great information you provide!

  27. Jeff, you make me want to be an American, something I never thought would be possible! I am an ardent fan in Australia, wondering how the heck I am going to be able to participate from such a distance. To join for a webinar, I have to get up in the middle of the night. I do that sometimes. Do you have Australian customers who manage?

    • @Carla: in our Platinum Plus group we have 35 people. Four of them are Aussies. 🙂

      (We also have people from Brazil, France, Norway, and Hungary. And I can’t forget our Canadians!)

  28. At PLF Live, you had us close our eyes and do a vision for our future. I saw myself leading a Mastermind tribe of my own, knowing that they will be important industry leaders. Those seeds are being sown and I can’t wait to meet them. Thank you for being such an inspirational tribe leader! Looking forward to seeing you at the next live event.

  29. Jeff, as always very inspirational and a great pick me up, words of wisdom with so much punch. I always enjoy listening to what you have to say because you speak from the heart and speak to people not at people, l love that.

    A note for Carla above, I am an Aussie and yes you can participate from a long distance. I am not sure if you have been to PLF Live, if you haven’t do yourself a favour and go to the next one, it is a game changer. I went to 2014 and met some incredible people. If you have been, you know what I’m talking about. My goal is to be part of the mastermind group in the future (just putting it out there) so let’s hope there’s room for one more aussie down the track.

  30. Hey Jeff,
    Just discovered you recently and happy for it. It was an “aha” moment” of like, oh this is where this whole style of online marketing came from.
    I shouldn’t even say this style- it is THE WAY of online marketing now. Anyhow, just wanted to say I think you’re a beautiful person. Always nice to see someone on a genuine journey of self discovery. I think really what you’re teaching is that it’s ok to jump into that process (marketing is just the guise)- lol
    This is where you make business and humanity merge. Something that should be, but is oh so lost in our current world.

  31. Lorrie Hargis


    Thanks, Jeff for the inspiration. I will be doing 2 audios for my corporate clients this week and this has made me so excited to do better than my best.

  32. You are awesome, Jeff. And what makes you so awesome is your authenticity, kindness, generosity… Your whole lot of awesomeness 🙂

    Now, go climb a mountain or something…



  33. Hey Jeff,
    I”m not to that point yet in my career yet, but I will get there! Your information is absolutely amazing. I learned about you through Brendon Burshard and am glad I did. Your information will help me get to that level at some point. You have once again proven that you are Awesome at what you do! Thank you Jeff.

  34. Jeff,

    I needed to hear this. It gets back to the ‘why’ we do what we do, and how we set a mindset that views competitors differently. Competitors can mimic our tools and best practices. It’s much harder to mimic culture, awesomeness and innovation.

    Hope you and the crew are well. Have a great week.


  35. Hey Jeff, love what you’re saying about the Customer Experience. My girlfriend is a senior UX designer at Amazon and they’re actually just abbreviating the concept down to a simple ‘CX.’ They’re doubling down and recruiting folks JUST for CX. Pretty cool stuff. Thanks for the sharing what comes out of the group. This is HUGE, guys!

  36. I’m creating my kingdom of awesomeness as we speak and I find your openness and candor refreshing. I have attempted to start a couple of masterminds in the past year and made the mistake of including some of the wrong people so I understand the importance of being a guardian.
    On another note – I love your shirt. I was born and raised in Denver!

  37. Jeff

    This is one of the best videos I have seen you in – it really speaks to my heart.
    It had given me new focus in my business because I was getting a bit lost about what was important.
    I know my product creates a awesome customer experience and now I know I need to be guardian of that, and find ways to make it more awesome. Then marketing falls into its proper place!

  38. Laura Curtis


    Jeff, I think your message IS awesome and I have some family members who are seriously considering enrolling in your product launch formula the next time it becomes available. The audience and the “customer experience” are paramount for the success of any product (I have a background in sales). However, I would love to hear your take on how a leader should treat his employees or “team”-the ones who fight the good fight with him or her every day. I have witnessed small businesses implode due to toxic work environments and also seen them flourish with strong, positive, and fair leadership, Would you consider speaking to this topic in the future? Your PLAT members (and any business owner) should first and foremost know how to treat their employees before they can possibly produce an authentic customer experience.

  39. Hi Jeff, I received your book this morning and read more than halfway through in my first sitting! I came to you through my coach, James Taylor of Music Business Institute. He is helping me create and launch my first on-line guitar course. While I waited on the book, I watched almost all of the videos on your Blog and YouTube Channel. Great stuff. Can’t wait to Launch!

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