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Mary didn’t know much about Autism when her son was first diagnosed… so she set out to learn as much as she could. What she discovered drastically changed her and her son’s lives, and now she’s on a mission to do the same for 2 million kids (and their families) by 2020.

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7 Replies to “When You’ve Got a Mission…”

  1. I have met Mary and she is driven to help!! I just love that she is using PLF to reach parents and professionals who are looking for help!

  2. I just shared your info, Mary. It’s important for those parents and grandparents who need help! Good luck with your work! Blessings….

  3. Jeff, thank you – I needed to hear Mary’s story tonight as it touched on so many things I’m going through right now, and also how you’ve factored heavily into my journey. So moving! So good!

  4. Loved the videos as I learned from them. Thanks to Jeff for doing his best to change the world, one launch at a time. He is teaching us how to give to others in a fashion that makes money, along with the ability to help others. God bless you for truly making a difference.

  5. Thank you, Jeff. I have enjoyed your Product Launch videos so far, and love your teaching style. Mary, your story is amazing – that sort of information should definitely be spread far and wide.

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