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This is how business really works – master this ONE thing, and everything else falls into place.

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23 Replies to “How Business Really Works”

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this truth. It always comes down to building healthy relationships.

  2. Peter Brodie


    I love your integrity, Jeff. Coming from a background where wealth was a dirty word, it makes so much more sense to me to hear someone talking about it as building relationships through thinking about what value you can give and how you can serve others. When it feels as if you’re being given something of great value, you want to pay the price it’s worth! I’m looking forward to attending one of your events one of these days – when I’ve done the preparatory work to be able to pay for it. ?

  3. Whenever I question whether or not to go to a live event, I always remember that the majority of my “big clients” and “big opportunities” originated from a hallway chat or a connection made at an in-person event. You gotta get out there! Thanks, Jeff for the reminder!

  4. Jeff,
    Thanks for your upbeat and friendly video messages. They are very enlightening! Your generosity in sharing your knowledge points to your style: You lead with your heart and by example.

    Best wishes,

  5. I totally agree that building relationships and making those emotional deposits before I look for a withdrawal is key! Thanks for your great videos. I always feel like I am having a one-on-one with you personally.

  6. Yes Jeff, business is business, it is about building relationships, providing value, serving the market, but… unfortunately… many times, many marketers, including many of the most successful and influential, use deceptive tactics, misleading elements in their communication and advertising.
    The “buy my stuff” approach is very common in the marketplace, sometimes in an open, sometimes in a not so open way.
    Over the time, you build a strong business, sustainable, and it gets stronger every day. Honesty and integrity is the best policy.

  7. Once again, Jeff, you made a great video reminding me of what is truly important i or out of business – developing deep and meaningful relationships with others & providing something of value to others without expecting anything in return. Pure genius, thanks Jeff!

  8. Once again Jeff… Thanks SO much for the continual support, information and INTENETION you have that helps drive and create so much productivity and opportunity to make a difference in other peoples lives, with products, services and ideas and ways to earn $$$ and a sweeter, more fulfilling life. The PLF was AMAZING! I wanted SO MUCH to sign up with with PLF Launch club… but given that I’m still on Mod 3, the lack of time due to the transition out of my 35 year chiropractic practice, and the amazing (and now growing, due to creative stimulants from The PLF Event) development path of my products etc, etc… I’m still on the “baby steps” path. BUT… I will see you there soon! My products have been selling, however The PLF event triggered insights on how to take it to the next exponential level… with new products to be integrated and supplemented to boost the global effectivness of my original products. Very, VERY exciting! To all PLF’ers… “Its a good day” …to be us!

  9. I hear ya, Jeff! After this year’s PLF Live 2016 I’ve already experienced the following:

    1. A recorded 30 minute Google Plus Hangout with the kids of someone I met at the event (my project is all about inspiring and empowering youth).
    2. Referring 3 other PLFer’s to connect with these young entrepreneurs.
    3. A comment tag on Stu McLaren’s video about entrepreneurship from a PLFer friend I met at the PLF Live 2015 event.
    4. Over $500 of donations to my Benevolent Bike Tour project WITHOUT ASKING!
    5. A renewed sense of focus and drive in regards to my business.

    The value of going to live events is out-of-this-world when it comes to building relationships. All of the list above shows the results back to me but my entire focus at PLF was: “how can I help the person I’m talking to? what value can I bring TO THEM and their business? What can I give?”

    Thanks for another awesome video, Jeff!

    P.S. Many of the other PLFer’s have taken ever more advantage of the high-value opportunity of attending PLF! My results are low when compared to what a lot of other PLFer’s took from the event!!!

  10. Thanks for the great reminder. I need this as I take a different path into a totally different market

  11. Love it Jeff! PLF Live was awesome. And it inspired me to get in touch with people back home to build connections. The thing is, I love doing this. I love being able to offer people assistance and value and I was missing doing this while spending so much time on my computer! Very timely.

  12. Thanks, Jeff! I’m an introvert and doing the inner work to be aligned with as within, so without. I’ve had a coaching program seed launch scheduled for the end of April and my mother has been ill, so I wasn’t able to attend PLF 2016 but I will be there in 2017! This is terrific advice! I just spent the weekend with a new colleague, and I turned my phone off for the entire weekend so I could be present to discover who she is. We had a great time! We are already putting our creator heads together. I love the PLF program, touching back to the bonuses. I’m positioning to bring an educational board game into reality, and I’m writing a book. All of the info you provide in PLF is RELEVANT.

  13. Joanna Free


    Jeff – This year marks Year Seven that I’ve attempted to make myself into a (successful) business person. I’ve read and listened to and learned from you and so many – countless – others like you, trying to make myself into a business person. Today, I wave the white flag, not in sad resignation but with a feeling of acceptance. I don’t know what’s next, but I do know that I’m grateful, all the way to my fins, to be able to stop trying to pedal that bicycle. Many blessings to you and to all you reach and inspire. It appears you help a lot of people. Rock on.

  14. The simplest truths are sometimes the hardest to accept: When we focus on what we can give above what we can get, then we build the relationships that sustain us. Both in business and in life. Thank you for making this clearer!

  15. Jim Shanklin


    Thank you, Jeff,
    You are spot on, as usual. I’ve worked with several of the “how much can I get out of this (guy, relationship, etc)” and they usually end up on the outside. Value first, reward later is the best policy.

  16. You are speaking my passion Jeff. The greatest relationships and positive influence is built through basic conversation and interaction. You can only be successful through people. Eventually you have to talk to people. The skills to do that correctly oil the wheels of life. Thanks for all you share. I’m a rank beginner and and hoping to get started at the first of the year, but I hope to meet you some day…. Bill Jones

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