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70 Replies to “How I Finally Finished My Book”

  1. Thanks Jeff!
    Everything I ever see from you is always terrific stuff.
    You absolutely have the right mindset in helping others and that is appreciated so much!

    I have a friend who owns a after school service specifically helping kids learn better and she and a few others have put together a charity event selling a 12 video set titled “No More Overwhelm”, Habits of Highly Productive People, of which ALL PROCEEDS GO TO “OPERATION FINALLY HOME”.
    Operation Finally Home provides custom-built, mortgage free homes to America’s Heroes and the widows of the fallen. They help these Heroes and their families transition to the home front by giving them a home to call their own.

    Thanks so much for all you do for all of us still trying to figure things out!!!
    Keith Robinson

    • Felicia Mareels


      Hi Jeff
      This is the perfect advice for me right now. I have a book years in the making and want to finish it before the summer this year. Super excitied about this book because my partner and I launch our business largely based on this book.
      Egg timer is super simple and I off to buy one today.
      Really perfect
      ~~~Silver Moon Dolphin~~~

  2. I’m working on a course that i intend to give soon and a book that will evolve from the course subject to feedback from participants on the course. I was amazed to find, recently, that I first wrote things for it seven years ago and I have been “at it” ever since. I am half way through a three week break that i took from other work “to finish writing” the course/book. It is not working as i had hoped. I’m going to try your suggestion starting tomorrow morning.

    • It is really great to watch your videos because it let me see the devotion you give in your process. Other’s learn from you, what I see is, it is not what you receive starting out, but what you are willing to give. Now! when I check my google play account are pinterest my traffic is increasing I have worked so hard to get traffic for my books and blog post.

  3. Ralph Engelmann


    Thanks Jeff, this is great stuff!!! I am also writing on a book and I started to get frustrated very much the same as you. I am sure it will work for me also in many other ways, i.e. Preparing lectures for my students.
    Thanks again, I m looking forward to more advice

  4. I’m needing just this “push” to keep things rolling on my first book. Your in sights here are very much appreciated, Jeff! You’re a true people and money magnet, because you care about others success. As Zig used to say, “You can have everything in life you want, if you can just help enough other people get what they want”. Fantastic video and thank you for taking the time to develop the content, the links, and the video! I’m with Keith! Andrew Lietzow, Exec Dir – IaREIA & Iowa Landlord Assn

  5. Working on my second book.

    first is number one (was) on amazon. Currently working on second book.

    Congratulations Jeff


  6. Just love your stuff Jeff, thank you so much! Your sincerity is a gift that is so appreciated.

  7. Hi Jeff, I love how real and genuine you are in your videos! The tips and inspiration are awesome too! Please keep them coming.

  8. Thanks, Jeff for this great information. I am fairly productive but recently have been feeling a need to do better. I have begun to realize that I am not pacing myself well with rest periods and so I get tired and even burned out. This material on productivity is very helpful. Thanks again!

  9. Daniel Miller


    Thank Jeff,

    I am completing a book about divorce so I can clear my plate and get onto my web product. Great synopsis.

  10. Sounds great, Jeff! Glad you got it done!

    There is an even easier way to finish any book one has started – much easier, in fact – that works with how our brain is hardwired. I used it to write a 344-page book on a difficult, challenging subject entitled “The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.” You’re gonna love it!

    Since it can turn a “hard to write book” into a “joy to write” book, the technique works for any book other than a telephone book. 😉

    With this 2-second technique that any eight-year old can use, you wake up each morning EXCITED to write instead of DREADING it. It takes no will power nor discipline. Zero of either one because you’ll want to start writing more than you want your coffee!

    Anyone who uses it will never have “writer’s block.”

    There is no meditation, affirmations, visualizations or anything else that is hard to do. Your brain loves the technique just like your brain loves courtroom dramas and mysteries. The same technique turns procrastination into desire.

    You can do this even if you have ADD. It still works like a charm.

    The best to you.


  11. Pauline McNamee


    Thanks Jeff. Met you briefly two years ago in San Jose. Your good heart inspires me. I love your video’s, simplicity and brevity.
    I have dedicated 2015, to starting and finishing the book. It has been a life long calling, and good help has been sent. The arrival of your video to my inbox has been a moment of magical synchronicity and an accompanying feeling that some grace has come with it. Wishing you a massive 2015. Thanks again for the video.

  12. Jeff,

    I’m finding these videos on personal performance very helpful.

    I’m working on my online Dream Work Academy PLF setup – finishing my videos and setting up the technical aspect.

    This is very helpful in tackling those tasks that we want to put off because of distraction or they involve something I perceive as risky or stressful.

    Great technique – keep these life skill coming.



  13. Oh man, great stuff and, of course, so simple. I am working on a new website [EXCITING!!!] with lots of moving pieces – i am too often overwhelmed. I think i will use this technique for staying focused on one piece at a time instead of skipping around from one thing to the next. Thank you Jeff. Good stuff indeed.

    ps – and thank you for not editing your videos to perfection. I find this comforting and compelling.

  14. Thanks Jeff!
    I use binaural beats when I need to concentrate, especially when I know there’s a high risk of procrastination or if it’s a task I’m not really excited about. They really help get me in ‘the zone’ and the work always gets done really quickly. Great tip!

  15. Jeff- thanks as always for the good advice. Your videos always seem to be very timely for me. I’ve been working on a version 2.0 of my online photography gift registry for over a year now and have been having a really hard time wrapping it up. I will give this technique a try!

    Have a great day,


  16. Thanks Jeff! Very helpful! I recently published my book HOW TO MEET WOMEN ON THE SUBWAY (it’s satire by the way!) and I completed it by writing and editing it on my subway commute to work (20-25 minutes), to and from meetings on the subway/or in a cab/ on the plane (in 10-15 minute segments) and on my commute home at night on the subway (20-25 minutes). For my next book, I have dedicate longer chunks such as 50 minutes, and have DEADLINES for chapters (which I didn’t do the last time) and hire an editor to help me edit it because I would get “lost” editing it and I wasted a lot of time editing it and re editing it. Thanks again! Brian

  17. Great stuff! love the pomodoro’s I find I get stacks more done and stay way more focussed when I’m doing them! 🙂

  18. Thank you Jeff you are always so generous with the information you share, I will definately try this! Love your book too

  19. Jeff, I am working on the second book in a romance series. I published the first book last July. I have approximately 10,000 words left to go, but I’ve not been able to get the job done. I am going to use your method to push on through. Thanks for all the good stuff you send our way.

  20. I signed up to your website via The Hay House, today I finally got the time to sit and watch one of your videos. I’m truly grateful that I did, I am working on starting my own baked goods company and the timer idea will work perfectly on getting me to spend more of my spare time practicing recipes rather than getting distracted by things that steer me away from my goal. It’s great to have people like you choosing to support and motivate others to give their best.

    Thank you! Will be tuning in again soon!

  21. Aloha Jeff! Looks like you are in Hawaii! Thanks for another great video: great content and great example of how to share it. Have fun wherever you are and aloha! Rama

  22. Inspired by Eben’s video series and your personal experience. Taking your book with when I go to Mexico on Tuesday. I only have a few chapters left to write, so the trip would be a good time to do just that.
    Thanks as always Jeff

  23. Hi, Jeff. Thanks for the content of this video. My company was founded to provide information and tools to parents so they are able to become more involved in their children’s education. We just finished our first eBook, “Are You Controlling Your Family’s Schedule, or Is It Controlling You?” We’re within a few weeks of completing our second eBook, “Ultimate Guide to Raising a Reader: How Parents Can Help their School-age Kids become Bookworms.” And we’re putting the finishing touches on our first major online video training series for teaching mothers (and a few fathers, too!) to write smaller foundation grant proposals that bring much-needed money and resources into their children’s classrooms and schools. Your video couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been struggling, like many of my colleagues, to complete this large online video training series. Having been “at it” for many months, my level of enthusiasm ebbs and flows. Lately, it’s been doing more ebbing than flowing!!! I’m downloading your app suggestions immediately, and beginning your recommended approach tomorrow morning! Hopefully, these tools will be just what I need to push through to the finish line with this product! Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Jeff!

    Great Tips and it was very useful.

    Right now im working on developing a guitar system for beginners. Basically I help those beginners who doesnt know how to play certain chords or those who keeps on relying to chords diagram, and make them understand the use of “shapes” to play all the basic major or minor chords. I know you understand these as you wrote in your book about guitar lessons. Im pretty sure you are a guitar player yourself!

    Thanks for all these wonderful lessons!

  25. Preston Ure


    Your video has been very useful for me at this time because I am working on drawing my first drawing that I will sell (using your Product Launch Formula) which is taking me quite a while. I believe the strategy you have provided in your video with really help me finish that and start my business sooner. Thank you so much Jeff!

  26. Awesome timing!!! I live in WI and got on a plane today with my husband to travel to Charlotte, NC. He had to come here for business, and I joined him as a tag-along to have the hotel room to myself to write a book!!! So this piece of info came at just the right time. Thanks!

  27. Thanks Jeff, I too am writing a book. I have had the outline done for a few months, but can’t get out of the research mode and get down to writing it – it’s on a topic that is rapidly changing and I don’t want to miss anything important…but I could be saying that for the next five years!. I will try your method, and then I can put all the new stuff I miss into my second book!!

  28. Hi Jeff excellent content as usual! I’m in the EXACT same boat! I’ve been working on a high fantasy SUPER-EPIC for 4 years and I have to launch this year. My epic’s content is similar to Harry Potter – Lord of the Rings -Narnia type whereby I’m creating entire worlds and new species. The focus issues I have has stemmed from the fact that in today’s novel writing era you have to have something big and unique. So I invented a 2,000 symbol Wizard’s Code for the reader to enjoy plus Realm maps and so on. The project is so big now that I get lost sometimes and the writing suffers. I am just about to start up writing again to get the first novel finished as there are seven in the series and will use your techniques. I think streamlining the time like you suggest will also help me get through all the negative emotions writers can go through during the process. Thanks again, it’s nice to see others that have gone through the struggle share their stories!


  29. Beatrix Willius


    You can think within 10 minutes of waking up? My brain needs breakfast first.

    Writing a first draft is easy. But finishing something that I’m satisfied with that so much harder. Especially for my software there is always one more bug to fix.

  30. The 2 focus blocks every day makes totally sense to me. I will try that. As it is „only“ 30 minutes a day it relieves me. It is a goal with the right challenge for me, thanks Jeff.
    I use the standard timer of my iPhone. It works perfect for me:
    – no switch off required as the iPhone does that itself after 1 minute
    – fast start as I moved the timer in the dock
    – the timer remembers the last time
    – change of time is very fast
    – when the timer goes I can easily switch it off without looking by pressing one of the loudness buttons and finish my thoughts

    2 more ideas from Jeffs Video which I have not yet tried:
    – start in the morning immediately with this focus sessions
    – use Relax Melodies / Focus@Will

    I work currently on producing my first digital products. I learn tons with Jeffs Product Launch Formular PLF which I recommend to everybody. The community there is amazing! I meet a lot of people around the world and I can learn from everybody, from newbies (like me) and from experts.

  31. Good Morning Jeff
    That is a fabulous technique to apply to my daily life. I have a question, do you find that typing directly onto a computer is best? For the past few months, my body has been naturally waking up at 4:00AM as I really enjoy my morning meditation & freewrite I do. This practice totally clears my mind of all the clutter and monkey mind chatter that critically analyzes EVERYTHING! This frees me for the day as I set my intentions for the day. It reminds me of who I am and why I am here. I am filled with appreciation and joy. I get absolutely excited about the opportunities that are coming to me effortlessly and quickly from expected and unexpected places. And guess what, I’m closing on my dream home next Tuesday, I just married my twin flame this past October, and am living my passion – and this technique was pivotal in my discovery. Thank you for sharing your video with me. You give me inspiration to share more of what I do.

  32. I love focus@will and it helped me to finish my book as well. I love your suggestions and if you are truly wanting to finish ( or start ) a book, you MUST have a schedule like this or the book will remain in you brain and not out in the world!

    Thanks Jeff!

  33. After 30 years of youth ministry I am in the middle of recreating myself! Just got done reading ” Launch”, trying to write a book, finding my ” Lane” ( mentoring and love) and trying to be productive, all before my wife forces me to work at McDonalds (honestly she is very supportive). Thanks for your help and I am hoping for miracles.
    Peace, Dave

  34. And congrats on your book! Feels good doesn’t it? I finished/published my first book called The 2 Choices in September and am starting the next one now! So this post is perfect timing.

  35. Jeff, thanks for the great video! I love the timer idea and the resources you suggested. I use a program called nitro focus that works well also. I just finished my book More Than a Lemonade Stand – the Complete Guide to Planning, Implementing, and Running a Successful Youth Entrepreneur Camp and am using your Launch book as a guide! I’m going to share your video with my sons, ages 16 & 20. It would be great if they taught this in high school. Thanks again.

  36. Thanks for the short video packed with great tips and links. I truly appreciate it. I’m just starting my first book and having a hard time making myself sit to write. With this technique I don’t have to dread sitting for long periods of time. What I have to say must get written for those suffering from chronic pain (more specifically, Fibromyalgia) so I want to get this published THIS YEAR! Thanks!

  37. Jeff, awesome video! Procrastination is a big time suck for me and this technique will really help. I’m writing a workbook to accompany a product I’ve created and have really been struggling with getting focussed. As a Mac user, I found a great app called Coffitivity, just a few bucks in the App Store (it’s bound to be available for Windows too). It proivdes a looped track of the noise in a coffee shop. I find it fantastic for blocking out everything else and for getting me inspired to knuckle down and work. Thanks for all your content, love how natural you are on video! Love your book too!

  38. Thank you so much Jeff. I have been struggling to finish a book I started last year as well and I hope I can use this technique to help me finish it.

  39. Thanks Jeff!
    Great advise and I know it parallels what most famous artists do which their most creative work first thing in the morning. Important thing!

  40. This is an AWESOME video Jeff… What I appreciate the most from it is the simple realisation that you struggle with the same issues that many of us do. My perception as I look at you is of someone who’s super motivated, super organised and has it all together… The message I get really is that it’s just about having that little bit of discipline to do one simple thing… and then do it again… and again.

    I guess the other thing is that a big project doesn’t seem like such a monster when it’s broken down into 15 minute blocks, as you say – just do the maths… Such a timely video for me as I work through your book in preparation of my own first product launch. Once again, awesome, and thank you.

  41. I admire your candour Jeff! I’m a procrastinator too!
    Instead of doing things, I browse, read, watch under the excuse that I’m “learning”. Maybe… But I know it’s just that: an excuse to delay action… I’m going to implement this timing thing, thanks!

  42. Thanks Jeff! great tips as usual! I made the sheet and I will begin to use it immediately.
    Just doing this will enable me to focus better.

  43. Great stuff as always Jeff!
    I have your book and follow your blogs and have no doubt I’ll purchase more of your products later too.
    I’m working on so many things right now so this method will help, especially as it appears to be a proven method. One of my jobs has been freelancing for Muppets for over 34 years. So I’m now developing and eBook and online course teaching secrets of puppetry.
    On top of that I have a music video to finish editing, scripts to write and characters to develop and shows to write for my own production company. This translates into lots of time in front of my screen, therefore a working method for breaks will be invaluable. I already checked out Eben’s videos – very cool!
    Cheers to you and your team!

  44. Thanks Jeff. You always have something amazing for us. I am trying to make the content for my web and new materials for my loyal students . I realy felt terrible for not doing it. But now I know this is gonna work!

    Thanks a lot!

  45. Great advice! I have been writing my book for about 5 years now. I keep telling myself and people who ask about it, that it brings up old pains but it is procrastination. My book is on how I healed depression from my life permanently. It is emotional but I have healed all that pain. It is truly procrastination!!! I have made a commitment to myself and God, after watching this, that I will finish my book with your 50 min increments. I will finish it by September 2015. I am preparing and learning to launch my products with your coaching program right now so that is my focus right now. Great blog thank you for sharing your golden nuggets of knowledge!

  46. Hi Jeff. Thanks for this. I have been beating myself up regarding a book I am writing – I am already 1 year into it and only have a couple chapters done… But with this technique I know I can make adequate progress to get it out within 6 months. Thanks for sharing.

  47. Thanks for ressources,

    For sure those simple techniques are golden because your launch book is golden 😉

    Thanks for the good stuff you share in it, specially the life dream process 🙂

  48. Andrea Scalici


    I’m working on creating an online class. This information is super helpful to get me to focus and be more productive. It is very easy to be unfocused just looking around my house (also working on a home renovation). Thanks for the tips!

  49. Jeff – I LOVE this technique. Working on my launch Women Aging Proud it so overwhelming right now, many times i don’t even know where to begin, what to do first. The timer sets me the stage for a manageable 50 minutes. I can do anything for 50 minutes so i stand in my office, give my divine a moment to lead me to the right 50 minute task, set the timer and i am off. Fifty minutes makes anything doable.

  50. I got the technique from Eben too, but have not been consistently using it. I have now discovered that the deeper mathematics of counting by two is the new starting point for mathematical science. So now I have to take at least 7 years of research and put it into publishable form. The simplest nontrivial mathematical expression for the universe is (2,0,1). It turns out that 2015 is a major year of change that happens only once in 470 years. The northern summer solstice on Sunday, June 21 16:38 is the celestial midpoint of the year. It will be rocking, because it is the first International Yoga Day, the fourth day of Ramadan, and Father’s Day. The solstice sunset will be between the Levant and Arabia so in most of the Muslim world the Iftar fast breaking meal will be part of the celebration. So get together with everyone else and express (2,0,1) at that time.

  51. I always appreciate your practical advice Jeff. I’m just starting my business as an EFT practitioner, and I have a book amongst other things floating around in my head. In my head doesn’t make me any money, so thanks for the tip.

  52. I am so incredibly obsessed with my timer! It helps get me through my client deadlines and other tasks that I procrastinate. Sometimes, it takes a while for me to realize that I need to use it, but once I use it, I see great results. For example, the other day I stared at the blank screen for ten minutes before I realized I needed my timer. Glad it worked for you!

  53. Thanks Jeff. Been working on this project for the last 15 months and wish I had heard this before last week… Finally finished it. I am definitely going to try the timer on my next project. Always love watching your videos on Sundays and always being glad I did. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Hi Jeff,

    My name is Renan and I live in a town called Sao Jose do Rio Preto in the interior of São Paulo / Brazil . Excuse my English, but I would say that came my book , and this incredible this job! Thank you for sharing this with us , and I hope the release in Portuguese language !

  55. Web site is not yet complete, for father or son, the book feels like it will be decades away, video’s need shooting, and my own perfection and absurd thoughts has me reading every single word I put down, analysing it and changing the whole sentence over and over again, only to discover it was some what similar to the first line I wrote on fighting disease. And an odd idea for a t-shirt design.

    I have some Seven product ideas that need attention and another not yet noted properly, so as not to be lost in the ether of thoughts. An unusual idea for a short ghost story and running the picture board script in my head whilst designing the new logo for another site. looks like the three buttons of egg timer, relax melodies, and focus at will, need some real serious button pushing attention on my part?

    Thanks for those words of wisdom Jeff…. regards Byron

  56. Ever since you mentioned focus at will and 50 minute increments, I have been using it ALL THE TIME. It’s amazing how much I get done. The level of focus is incredible. Thank you for the advice. Another thing is to get away from the typical environment like home with a spouse and kids. Once you focus, it’s really the state you want to stay in for a while and create, write, get things done!

  57. Jeff, I took your seed launch course and am doing my second launch right now. I recorded my first course as I presented it live and am now releasing it some 15 months later as it’s own product. This timer strategy got me through my first book and dozens of other projects. I seldom have an office day where I do not utilize my timer in the way you described. To anyone who is going to use this technique I am not sure you can emphasize enough limiting distraction and single tasking during your work blocks. I tend to 25/5 blocks, but sometimes work in 50/10’s. It depends on how demanding the task is. Thanks for sharing this important principle, it’s a game changer for anyone not doing it. Also, I love the fact that you let people know how you transition into your block. I am sure you are aware Eben talks about these as your on and off ramps. They are so critical. Again thanks. p.s. I will let you know how the launch goes.

  58. Rosalina Muttis


    My first Launch
    I just published my book in Amazons. Title “Water on Stage”.
    Thank you Jeff for your inspiration and motivation.

  59. Hey Jeff, I liked your tips on sitting down and writing in short bursts. Since you asked what we’re working on . .. I am about to start my sequel to my 2012 book, “You Look Great!” — Strategies for Living Inside a Brain Injury (Amazon, Kindle). My recovery from a car accident in 2005 was in the hands of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston, a Harvard Medical School teaching hospital. As I made improvements I knew I needed to record the best of what I learned and that I had a book in me. Our returning veterans were having an awful time dealing with TBIs & the best of what we know about recovery is not quickly trickling down to rehab hospitals.

    My book’s chronology ends in 2010, after which I learned so much more. And so begins the sequel, which plays on the word “neuroplasticity” & acknowledges many modalities of healing that Attending Physicians might not think of:

    Neuro Plastic Cities:
    Looking Beyond Hospitals & Medical Schools for Neuro-therapy

    I will explore therapies such as Reiki, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acupuncture, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, “gut health” (probiotics) and much more. (Pharmaceuticals have got to stop being the first option on a doctor’s go-to list of remedies. They often make matters worse.)

  60. I finished “writing” my book 2 years ago. But I can’t seem to get to the re-writes, edits, and the final steps needed to get it out to the public. Thanks so much for your transparency and tips. You’re amazing.

  61. Jill Astall


    Synchronicity again Jeff
    Have just finished my book with over 40 paintings relating to Jungian Archetypes and how these can help people find their “inner Warrier” etc. as they go through difficult times.
    Had to escape upstairs in the last 2 weeks to concentrate as I have noisy overseas visitors.
    You have an amazing way of tapping into everyday scenarios and I wish I had known about your white noise technique 2 weeks ago!
    Jill Rosier Astall

  62. Thanks Jeff. I’m working with my editor, putting the finishing touches to my first book. Without doubt, writing it was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I wish I’d found your site earlier : )

    Thanks again.


  63. Thank you very much for this inspiring and interesting video! Now I’m writing my book, and I really lacked motivation and inspiration, but thanks to you, I have it. Reading the comments below this post, I can see how many people you’ve inspired, and it’s great! Writing books is very hard, and because of this, many people just give up and quit this matter. I hope that this will not happen to me, and by the end of the year I will have finished writing my book. I’d love to see more of your videos.

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