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If you've ever wondered how to charge higher prices for your products and services, this is how you do it… (I also explain the logic behind my pricing.)

I would love to hear what you think… please leave a comment down below!

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131 Replies to “How (and Why) to Charge Higher Prices”

  1. Hi Jeff, I agree, your free videos are the second best training for product launch.

    When I saw your first video of Pre Launch Content in November it was amazing to me. I never heard this before and learned a lot in a single video. I recommend everybody to go to and look for the video.

    There are even more videos to come and every video is fantastic.

    You moved the free line high and I built trust in you. I wanted to learn more from you and so I bought your PLF. It was the right decision.

    The people who I met there are the second high value, really priceless. That is why you attract the right people.

    The price is high but it motivates me to put all my effort in, so that I learn as much as possible.

    Compete on value is much better than to compete on price.

    Thanks Jeff!

    • I love every video ,but this one says it all. Just committed to doing product launch training seminar. Just need to get my self to US.

    • Felicia Mareels


      Thanks Jeff
      I think that your free content has done a lot to prime my sense of worth. Your information is so easy to digest and process for me that I can begin to see and know the value of my service. Turning my love for my work into a real business is a long time coming but I couldn’t miss the chance to say that by giving value in your videos I can take natural steps into my business that feel good and right and a comfortable fit.
      ~~~Silver Moon Dolphin~~~

  2. Good video Jeff. I have always felt my prices are too low, but have been afraid to increase them in case I lost business. Now I can better appreciate the difference between price and value, and the benefit of charging more in conjunction with offering a higher quality of free stuff

    Please add my email address to your list if possible.



    • @Pete: I can’t add your email address to my list… only you can. In the upper right corner of this blog there’s a little box where you can join my list. And you can also go to and join my list for training on marketing and product launches.

  3. This is a great video Jeff, and I LOVE the way you simplify a previously ‘murky’ concept so well. The difference between price and value is something I’ve only recently started to grasp, and in my experience there are still so many entrepreneurs out there competing on price! So it’s reassuring to know I’ve done the right thing by stepping away from that ‘competitive race’. I now seek to ‘Create, not Compete’. Also, it’s extremely useful to see how, by increasing the value I give out even more, I can feel great about raising my fees – something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but resisted. (Probably because I didn’t understand this!) Much appreciated 🙂

  4. Man, just one word, excelent!!!
    Hi Jeff, I’m from Brasil, and I one of you big fans here since 2010 when I come across with this new world of internet marketing, and I can say that you free stuff have helped me a lot, because I learned a lot and applied in my business and it grew a lot.
    Thank you man, this video change my point of view, and today by on I will create more value and charge more for my products.
    God bless you.
    PS. You are the man!!!

  5. Jeff,

    Move the Free Line is the best concept I’ve heard in a very long time! How do you determine the inflection point of free to fee though? Can you ever give away too much?


      • Like brian, i’m also interested to hear about how you determine the inflection point of free to fee content 😉

        Ps: I love your weekly videos!

        • @Cedric: go watch my Product Launch videos here: – I covered this in the first video. (You might have to opt-in to see the video.)

    • Brian, I’m leon Archer, I had that same concerns about give away too much. But while I was building a product one day, it hit me. There is a difference between information,(free) detailed instruction,(fee) specific direction(fee). Take the great information out of the product you are selling and give it to your list. Of course you are taking them through a sales funnel. Then offer the detailed instruction, and specific direction for a fee.

  6. Hey Jeff good video…
    But keep in mind you don’t have to compete in your marketplace just “contrast” in it
    Value comes in as part of that contrast
    But also the expected outcome does too

    Meaning the reason you charge $2000 is based on the level of expected results
    Same reason we shouldn’t expect Rolls Royce thinking out of WalMart shoppers thus RR not targeting them.

    Another thing is specifics: charging premiums for that is powerful PLF has a lot of specifics plus that is your specialty (PLFs)

    A known marketer asked me once how in the world are you able to still offer PLF when other people are offering a TON of product launch formula like programs…. my assessment (I actually use this example as a case study over the years) is that the audience you are targeting also plays into your price positioning. If you were just targeting Internet marketers or Biz opp or home based business people. Then I understand why that marketer was so amazed at your sales.

    But your audience is not just in this area.
    There are artists, crafts people, musicians, teachers, people who normally do not know any of the IM stuff

    Heck they don’t even know lead gen aka list building let alone launching a product. Your $2000 investment comes without a daily affiliate promotion of cheap products. It comes without the latest “new loophole tactic” instead of tried and tested strategies.

    But it does come with an education of engagement (converting through conversation then solving to sell).

    Selling more through contrasting uin your marketplace, specifics and specific targeting

    • @Darren: you make many excellent points. This is a deep and complex topic. And you’re right… value is part of the equation, and value is in the eye of the beholder. I like your distinction of “contrast”. Another big one is “connection” (or “relationship”). And if you’re doing a good job with sharing your free content, then you’ll build that connection and relationship.

  7. Hi Jeff

    What impressed me the most, was the thinking behind value, that never occurred to me before.
    I always knew that giving great value would put me in a category of a better quality product or service, but I never knew WHY that logic behind it worked.

    I thank you wholeheartedly for all your free PLF videos, and I’m following my PLF strategy you’ve outlined in the course.

    Best regards


  8. Hi Jeff thank you very much for this video.

    Its has helped give me some more clarity on the meaning of value in relation to creating a business and being of service to others.

    I`m learning and clarifying now that successful business people like yourself and others are focused, centred and aligned from their hearts with the people they help – a place of caring and giving to others, that is where the value created and given.

    Have an awesome and spectacular weekend,

  9. Thanks Jeff, I believe and practice exactly what your speaking on value. I have a legal process server business as well as Real Estate investing and I charge higher pricing than several other companies been in the business for years longer that I have. Sometime potential clients complaint to me concerning pricing saying another company quoted much lower price. What I say to them all is that I offer a better product than most process server companies. So I commend you to maintain value with your product, you will attract the right group of clients that fit with your model of business.

    Continue Success,

    Sherman Peters

  10. Jeff,
    Great reminder of what I know is true, but am afraid to implement. Getting ready to launch my new video course next month and have to keep telling myself that you are right. I know it will be worth it. $147 is right. Not $47. Thanks so much!

  11. Hi Jeff
    I enjoyed your video. As usual you make every thing look so easy that encourage me to act. Now it is hard for me to ignore an email from you and I always want to know what do you have to say this time. I want to be like you and create a list and add value to people and have people who are waiting for what I offer. I am going to start step by step and will late you know later.
    By the way I tried to access , I did not succeed, the access link does not work, I even try different browser, still no luck.
    Have great day.

  12. Hi Jeff,
    thank you for the video!
    Just a couple of questions:
    1. How do you determine from which point the parking meter (=charging) starts runing?
    2. How do you top your free stuff, so that you can justify your price? And how do you let your customer know?

    Thank you for your answers!



  13. Jordan strauss


    Hey Jeff,

    Great video . PLF is something that I plan to invest in once my business budget allows for it. I wanted to take a shot in the dark. I know you play guitar. I’m pretty sure you already have a teacher. I have been playing for 20 years and currently earn my full time income teaching 50 weekly students. If you are having any roadblocks i know I can get you through them. I wanted to see if we could trade me helping you with get to the next level and you giving me a few nuggets of your wisdom. I wrote in my goals that you are now part of my mastermind. I don’t know of any other way to get on your radar. I apologize for being spammy and forward. Please contact me at the email above if you are interested. If not I’ll see you once I buy your formula. Thank you again for the great value!

  14. Nice. This really helps me in understanding pricing models for micro enterprise for some of my future products and services. This really seems a great way to scale.

  15. This video is a great example of simplifying a concept to the point of misdirection. Pricing is a complex topic, and while the ideas you talk about in this video are one way to think about a product-based business, there is obviously a point of diminishing returns. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, moving the free line results in giving away the product you want to sell. This is why you cannot always give away more and more value, there’s a limit in there somewhere. Perhaps it might be better to say that the more excitement you give away, the more you can charge for your products. At least this would explain why some marketers are able to make crazy amounts of money when their free stuff contains no real value whatsoever.

    • @Alan: you’re right – pricing is a complex topic. Certainly too complex to cover completely in a ten-minute video. However, I don’t think the logical conclusion of this video is that you end up giving everything away. In fact in my one example, I clearly talked about selling products and the prices I charge – the example is not about giving everything away.

  16. Hi Jeff

    Great video and gives us the confidence to charge what the product is worth. Pricing is something I’ve struggled with in my personal business but what you said about value make a it make sense now.

    I currently run (on the side ) a Crystal healing & other modalities business and Darren & I opened up a crystal supply business (website under construction now) where we will sell product and the knowledge of how to use it. Price is something we’ve been debating so this helps tremendously. Frankly I had a hard time with the concept of giving away so much free info , but now I see the value !

    Thank you kindly

    Rebecca & Darren

  17. Thank you so much Jeff for your insight and experience. You make so much common sense!! Thank you for sharing your approaches, experience and wisdom!

  18. As always, I enjoyed watching this video. I love the fact that you emphasise focusing on /competing on value rather than price. It makes so much sense to me. By giving more value out there for free, I was able to charge more for my coaching so I totally agree with what you say in your video. Thank you for always giving us a chance to watch your inspirational and genuine videos.

  19. Jeff, great video. I agree with you and Eben about moving the free line. You have set a great example on that with your PLF videos. Where I sometimes get stuck is between the $1997 (which is highly leveraged) and $3497 (includes more hands-on 1:1) – which is what I offer. The insight I think I’m having is that it’s the know, like and trust factor, the more I am out here (video is king, right?) and the more I give away, the more people are willing to pay to get the value that I am offering. Do I have that right? So the bottom line in moving the free line is to really be seen and known with your ideal client and giving them a real sense of value.

    HOWEVER, I get coached that sometimes I give away too much – that at the end of my free Webinars, people feel like they’ve got it and now they can go on and solve it themselves. What’s the secret in balancing just enough and not too much?

    • That’s a great question/issue, Deb, and I hope Jeff provides his perspective.

      I know from personal perspective that PLF has paid for itself many, many times over, but I’ve struggled with crafting the ideal offer that both appeals to potential customers while reflecting the value of everything included in that offer.

      I know I don’t charge enough, but at the same time, the conversion rate at the higher price points aren’t quite working out for me.

      I’m currently thinking about giving away the core or foundational 5 module/week training course I provide and selling the implementation and everything else included in the membership package (which is a lot).

      But how best to do that? I don’t want to diminish the training by simply dangling it in front of freebie-seekers. How best then to offer it to serious and legitimately interested quality leads?

  20. You’re right…. You are so right. As I look at launching my business, my biggest hesitation is price. How do I price my product.? I know it’s value and worth. I know the long lasting impact it will have on the individual and their success. I also know my market and there are some that will be cost challenged , but it’s not all of them. I know frm my personal experience that I take the lessons far more seriously when I have invested, not only my time but my $$$, and I’m not talking $39.95 or $198.95. And yes, I fall into the example that a previous commenter, Darren Monroe, makes about building the basics. I got the goods, I ‘m working on the plan. Thanks Jeff

  21. Hi Jeff,
    As always, your videos are a great investment of time regardless of the topic.

    What I like best is your closing statement – “Let’s go get them this week”…being a solopreneur, there’s no one else here to join in the charge…much appreciated!


  22. Hi Jeff,
    thank You for all Your free materials. They are changing my life day by day. Tomorrow I will start my first lunch and let You know how it was at the end. Thank You very much!

  23. Thank you for taking a topic that seems complicated, and making it super simple, Jeff. I really appreciate your authentic approach, and your commitment to action. Ty for teaching me!

    I’m in the speaking, coaching and publishing business – I write books, coach executives, and speak. My greatest challenge has been understanding how to effectively chunk down the information – oh, and practicing patience with clients who aren’t ready to address their elephants.

    That said, I’m launching “Providing Greatness: Unleashing Hidden Potential” on May 1st – originally, I was set to launch on February 1st, but after launching an ebook that didn’t take off, I realized that I need to get back to the basics and do more pre (and pre-pre) launch work.

    Again, ty!

    Warmly, Misti Burmeister

  24. Thank you very much Jeff !
    Does it follow as a corollary that more free content you give, more will be the business you generate?

  25. I am a PLF Owner. It it serious traning and good value. Jeff, the quality of your content is an example to follow for any of us who creates a video based course. I like this video on pricing and value. It Will be a great topic to explore more in the PLF course. Maybe some case studies.

  26. Great stuff, Jeff.
    Watching this video was the best-spent ten minutes of my month! Your simple but profound concept is a game changer.


  27. Love the ‘raise the free line’ concept but especially impressed by the ‘make the 2nd best training in what you do your free training’. Super powerful! Very inspiring!

  28. Great video, Jeff! I definitely agree that your 3 PLC videos are the second best training on how to do online product launches in the world. I did my seed launch off what you taught me in your second free video, and made $11,000 right off the bat! I’m now putting together my first big launch with 3 full videos, and like you’re teaching in this video here, I moved the free line way, way over…so far over that friends and family want to sign up for my Boot Camp…and they want to pay full price! I’m blown away by that. I asked my dad and his wife what kind of discount they’d like, and they both said they didn’t want any discount, that my boot camp, at $497 (for an 8 week weight-loss training) costs less than a TV and is worth infinitely more. The content I put into my 3 free PLC videos sold them on the value of the course. I open cart on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to be another case study for you of a 6-figure launch as a first real launch! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Wow! Jeff that was perfect. I’m just starting my business and will definitely incorporate this strategy! Love the aspect of clients actually taking action because they spent more. Plus putting out for free the stuff I’d charge a minimal price for will make it accessible to everyone.

  29. Hi Jeff, thanks for this video!! I’ve actually been planning to raise my prices on two of my internet courses, my printable PDFs, and the t-shirts that I sell on my website. My question is– how do I go about doing that? Do I need to send an email blast to let everyone know prices are going up? I know that will lead to a short burst of sales, but I’m afraid it will make me look greedy (I just finished a big sideways product launch and I’m worried people are sick of my emails.) or do I just raise my prices quietly without saying anything? Do I need to increase the value of my products before I raise the prices? Like add more lectures or new content to my courses? Thanks for considering my question!

  30. Sunday morning isn’t complete without a visit to the Church of Jeff! These weekly “sermons” always add value, and your easygoing style makes me smile. Thank You!

  31. Hi Jeff,

    I think this is the first time I’ve ever heard why charging more is important in so many ways for your business. I’ve always thought the “they’ll value it more if they pay more” was somewhat lame by itself. Realizing that it actually helps attract better customers who WILL value even the higher price point training is HUGE!

    Thanks again for sharing your incredible insights!


  32. I’ve read your book ‘Launch’.Plus I’ve listened to most of your videos. I’m building a course to be delivered via a teleseminar. And I’m preparing FREE content to deliver value up front. I will be using the three video pre-approach to do that. The price is presented in the last video. I’m combining the Seed Launch with the PLF
    I will do my survey work to confirm my understanding of how and what people want in regard to the service
    I’m offering. I will build the content in real time as you indicate. At the end I will have a valuable course
    that I can sell to others. I will keep you posted

    Next week I begin the survey work of 200 people
    Thanks a lot for all your effort and goodwill. Blessings

  33. Great information as we prepare our launch. Reading your book now. Great information for all start-ups.

  34. Hi Jeff,
    LOVE your videos!!!! One Question here……How does one put a value to their own content?
    Thanks. You are a HUGE inspiration to me!

  35. Jeff,
    I want to thank you for your work and response to pricing. I absolutely agree with you and your explanation if ‘move the free line’ when marketing. I’m glad you just validated a conversation I had with a customer yesterday. 🙂 I’m grateful for your instructions. my ❤️ ️️Follows Product Launch Formula! 🙂
    Mary Appleget

  36. The value that is provided must be relevant to their needs and perceptions. And when that is focused upon the response is high. Emotion and experience play an important part. And value can include emotional experiences, a sense of freedom, feeling safe, knowing more, avoiding mistakes and all the triggers that Jeff Walker talks about. So know thy customer and thy clients shall reward thee with money or anything else.
    And then there is LOVE.

  37. I always appreciate your wisdom. I’m about to release a very nice quality fat burning program on my Paleo site, so this is very applicable to me. Thank you!

  38. Hello Jeff,
    i do totaly agree with your point of view as i have experimented this mindset for my own business: an online jewelry. In fact i have got more trouble with 30 dollars client than 200 dollars ones.
    By the more, the 200 dollars jewelry and client attracts more poeple ready to buy expensive product if the quality and service match their expectation.

    I have came across your content but could not figure out how to use your tactic for my online jewelry. Could tell me it you have material that could fit this kind of business as it is quite different from selling content or information.


  39. I can’t believe it, Jeff.

    Before this video, I did not know that I did not know what “moving the free line” meant. I had heard it before (Eben was the one who introduced me to you course) but I misunderstood. I thought it meant just giving away stuff for a longer period of time before making the ask… like Frank Kern’s “results in advance” idea.

    Thank you for making this concept clear to me.

    Man I am glad I met you.

  40. You have a very cool way of influencing people and setting things up so that the right thing (buying your product) is easy to do.
    Thanks so much.


  41. Hi Jeff as always, great stuff!! But there is one thing stuck in my mind.
    If you move the Free Line further up then the potential price you could charge will go up.

    I think that will be the case most of times in your case but what if most of people or I’d rather say all the people would like to get just free stuff but not your actual products costing some however high or low it would be.

    What is the trigger point turning freebee followers into wanting to buy your high priced product ?

    looking forward to hearing from you of the answer if any,,,

    Greetings from Frankfurt


    • @Kazuha: I cover this in my free Product Launch videos here: – you will have to opt-in to see the videos, but I answer this in the first video.

  42. Michele Pridgeon


    This is awesome-sauce! You Mr Jeff have just delivered great value. Thank you thank you thank you.

  43. Jeff, so funny that I just came across “move the free line” about 3 months ago. I literally tripled my rates to $12,000 and not only landed 4 new clients, but they are far less work than when my rates were less.

    Product Launch Formula Experience –
    I stumbled across your work randomly. Your prelaunch videos sealed the deal and I knew I had to have the training.

    Our success was incredible. Between the 3 of us, we did first time launches of $5,210 (to an internal existing list of 600), $16,044 (no list) and 36,009 (starting list of 1,400, grew to 7,100).

    Since then we’ve each done launches that doubled and some tripled our first. It’s been incredible and we are so grateful for your work and all that you share.

    Thank you!!

  44. Great message, Jeff. Free healing session for you. You just have to come to Pittsburgh to my studio. I mean it. Energy work and massage. Aloha and light to you. Cathy Corn

  45. My partner has written a book on online business strategies and tactics with a lot of high value info in it, and we’re debating whether to give away the whole thing–or just parts of it– for list building purposes. At first I thought we’d be giving away too much to give the whole thing, but I’m noticing that lots of people do that (give books), and then I hear you supporting the idea of offering free high value up-front but charging higher prices.
    We’re realizing our prices are probably too low and that folks who buy at that level don’t necessarily appreciate what they’re getting.
    We may go back to the drawing board on pricing.
    Thanks, Jeff

  46. Jeff, I just *have* to say…
    That shirt is…
    Not Chosen by Joan 😉
    Tiiiiiimber !

    Awesome reframe anyways, compete on value not price, thanks for the reminder.

    • @David: actually… Joan was with me when I bought it. 🙂

      Of course, she didn’t pick it out for the video shoot. I was planning on my customary t-shirt for the video, but then I left it at home, so just went ahead… so you just got the shirt I was wearing for the day. 🙂

  47. Hi Jeff,
    Studied your book, your training, studied with Brendon Burchard, Frank Kern, etc, spent two months building a campaign that was a disaster. Gave away a free song and a video, then another song, then came the pitch with another bonus, I believe I followed the process step by step and captured all the critical sales pieces that you discuss in your book to the letter, then had an email company send out over 400,000 emails, lots of click throughs according to them, but NO ONE, left there email, NO ONE, signed up.
    I am completely discouraged and disgusted, perhaps this method has no place for musical artists?
    How does one build a list?

    Thank you,
    James Kevin~

    • @James: without knowing more about your situation, it’s hard to say exactly what happened…

      But there is a huge warning sign – the part about an “email company” sending 400k emails. If those emails were legit opt-ins instead of spam (and that’s a big “if”), then the odds are that they were NOT people in your target market.

    • Wow! I use to sell my cds out of my trunk. I love your story James, you are proving something to me. In this internet marketing game there are 3 things you must do. 1st never put companies, or other people between you and your list, or potential list. The company told you they clicked, but you really don’t know.( a bad place to be-guessing) 2nd, You must learn how to entertain and maintain your captive audience attention. Now, look at the social media sphere as if you own a bunch of newspapers,(youtube, fb, twitter, vine, etc..) and you get to launch entertaining things about your hot music. Idea, you should have a great youtube channel, take us into a rehearsal, or a studio session. Show us the process for songwriting, mixing, overdubbing, the 3 things to avoid in a music contract etc…(you get the idea) This is harsh reality, no one is thinking about your music- until you get famous.(lol)
      Take your great content and put it into a great story line. At the end of that story, you will open the shopping cart, and ask your list to purchase the album that they have been listening to you create. You could repeat this process until the cows come home. The last thing to remember be patience, when things don’t work, don’t give up, you jus haven’t
      figured out the formula that works for you yet. But I know you will!

  48. Jeff, your graph makes sense. I’ve been offering small bites free, but I think I need to step out in faith and give more meat away. If what you’re saying is true, more people will buy.

  49. Hi Jeff,
    I really appreciate this video, it is clear, frank and a very good training too. I like the direct way you communicate with those who raise questions. We all learn, authentic win-win. Thanks!

  50. Lorrie Hargis


    Good information. Love ” Move the free line!” Just helped me decide some pricing I am doing for a JV partner.

  51. Hi Jeff,

    You are spot on with this video. Love the book btw, helped me out a lot. I’m fixing to do my first launch next month.

    Keep up the great work friend.

    Ronnie Rokk A.K.A. The Faceless Guru

  52. Great info! I can say that you have moved the free line to the point that you show how to launch a complete product if you pay attention to what you are saying. Excellent video!

  53. Jeff – another great thing about the long term effects of higher prices is that those folks are not only compliant by actually doing a course they’ve paid a good price for but they then become a more aware and evolved human being by using our products or services which in turn creates a better world. Value = value = value. As you’ve said many times, the future of education, business and making a difference in the world is launching high value, high quality products and using the Internet to reach as many people as possible with our messages. Thanks for being you..

  54. All you videos are great, Jeff, this one is uber-great 🙂 I have never heard of the concept, “move the free line” – thanks for mentioning it.

  55. Hi Jeff,

    Just finished PLF and am about to do my first internal launch for my software. I have a question about the free content and that is as I’m ‘giving away’ a free trial version of the software, and use the PLCs as a tutorial series on how to use it and get the best from it, how does this stack up in terms of Value Content? Good, Bad, or ???

    BTW your Book is awesome and actually adds greatly to supplement the PLF course itself – it goes everywhere with me…
    Thanks heaps!!!

  56. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks for a great video once again. I’m on the eve of doing my first launch this week. It’s pretty nerve racking, Ha. Really looking forward to see how it goes! Thanks for your inspiration and authenticity.

  57. Jeff, Today’s video was amazing to me. I finally understand how this business works!
    I’ve been getting your emails and enjoying your videos for a while now. I began when I wanted to launch my fourth fiction book more successfully and have now become interested in finding my niche as a knowledge-entrepreneur. Don’t know what that niche will be yet. But I do know your stuff is life-changing! Thanks.

  58. If you follow the “free line” to its logical end then you could give your $2,000 product away for free and only harvest the $20,000 clients. But you would have more of them in theory. Therefore, I suspect that somewhere in there there is a point of diminishing returns. I suspect that in the cumulative “free” stuff from you and (you mention) Eban that there is enough value to roll things out at a reasonable level — bkut people don’t get around to it. Is it not true that what you are really accomplishing at the high end is that you are creating an accountability partnership? For those willing to buy that accountability it makes sense. For those willing to spend the money so their spouse holds them accountable — maybe not so much? So the remaining question to me is “Why do people pay $10 for a book they don’t read or $40 on Udemy for a course they don’t finish or $2000 for your course and then never comply? All the people want to get it done at each level. So, Jeff, what have you discovered that helps people do what they say they want to do?

  59. Hey Jeff, great content as always. This is such a simple principle, but extremely powerful. Thanks so much.

    Also, in the video you said to go over to your website productlaunchformula, and I did, but the links to sign up are not working. The URL’s are not linking to a page, but linking to a hashtag #. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Take care, and keep up the amazing work!

  60. I get what you’re saying but struggle with how to apply it to my own work. I specialize in Shame, and started sharing my way of working with shame in workshops last year. A big chunk of my audience consists of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. I want to keep my prices low, because I want to share this amazingly helpful (and very unique) work with as many people as possible. I went with $3.99 for my ebook on Amazon because I want it to be easily accessible. I also value brevity because my audience is often also struggling with overwhelm, so the book is only 40 pages. On the flip side, because I keep the pricing low, I can’t even consider leaving my ‘day job.’

    • Hi Kristina,
      your comment touched me, congratulations on your wonderfull work!
      What I’m thinking straight off here, is that why not give awesome FREE value, like mayke a free e-book or a series of videos? Then a lot of people will get great value just from the things that are free and your important work will be shared a lot more. Then, with your actual workshops, you could allow your prices to go up, right? I mean, those who really want to work with themselves and overcome trauma, I’m sure will find the money to attend, and you’ll have some real dedicated attendees also. Then if you want, you could make smaller workshops or talks, for a lower price too?

      I see a lot of oppurtunities for you in this. For such great value, you should definately charge more, also so that you can do this full time, that way you can reach even more people.


  61. Great concept… I really thought you’ll be presenting a new product. But it was again a great lesson at no cost.

    So in your same answer you’re doing what you recommended; add value.

    Thanks for both, the lesson and the recommendation.

  62. You just walked your talk right in this video, Jeff. Incredible value in this free content right here and it really made me think and learn. Thank you for everything you do and are 🙂

  63. Hi Jeff!

    Thanks very much for this video. I’m currently reading Launch and loving it! I’m planning to release my first online course and was feeling a little wishy-washy about what to charge. Your video helped me realize that a.) I already give away amazing free content and b.) the launch will be of such great value that that too will justify why it’s safe for me to charge a higher price. Thank you for all you do! I can’t wait to send you a new testimonial.

    All the best,

  64. Jeff, this is one of my favorite of your videos! Thank you! It absolutely addresses an issue I’ve been struggling with as I get ready to do a new product launch. I’m a self-published novelist, and I teach other writers how to self-publish their books beginning with the very first questions they usually forget to ask themselves (what kind of business entity is right for them). I love to teach, so that almost makes it more difficult to charge higher prices (than if I didn’t enjoy it as much). But my biggest stumbling block is that when I started out and didn’t have much money, I found a class teaching me the very, very basics of how to put my book up for sale, and it was only $30, a price I could afford. I want to pay it forward and give people who can’t yet afford much at least some of the help that they need. In addition to the tiered pricing idea, I LOVE the idea of moving the free line as I create more and more content. I think by this time next year, I might have enough information that you could get the basics of everything you need to know FREE on my web site! Then I can charge the people who want my personal time and involvement a price that is worth that value. I hope I’m understanding you correctly because this sounds like exactly what I needed to hear today! Yay! Thank you!! 😀

  65. Hi there, great stuff!

    I’ve just opnened up a webshop with my handmade organic skincare line “Bettes”, and I was in luck, because Mastin Kipp directly recommended me to get your book “Product launch formula” and I’ve found it extremely valuable, applying everything I can – especially emphazising on getting a list! Also I love your videos, thank you! – Though I’m not sure if this pricing advice even applies to handmade skincare products? Any ideas for free value I could offer my costumers? Maybe one day you’ll make a video about selling products like mine <3 A girl can dream… Thank you again.

    Mette, Denmark

  66. Hi Jeff,
    brilliant video!!
    A different but powerful perspective to focus on the value and not the price.
    This will also get off the conscious mind the fear to get the right price to charge.
    Thank you for the fantastic free contents you post and a BIG congrats for your success.

  67. Such great content again Jeff!
    I’m a student of Eben Pagan’s and learned this lesson of move the free line in his accelerate and Guru Master Class Programs.
    And you just added another rational thinking to connect it to charging a higher price.

    So precise and awakening!
    Thx so much!

  68. Great stuff as always, Jeff. I have PLF… and continue to get better results the more I implement it. This is still my favorite video of all your videos. Thanks for the reminder. Wade

  69. Jeff your free coaching has been eye opening for me as a business owner. I definitely am connecting with what you are saying. I used to be afraid to post a video that had “too much” information in it . As I have grown as a coach I am learning how to use “move the free line” more effectively. Thank you for this inspiring video.

  70. Hey Jeff,

    I went through your last launch for PLF and was not able to buy because I’m not really in a spot to do so, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able in the future. Will I still be on the launch workflow when you go to launch it again? Thanks for your free content!


    • @Zack: as long as you’re getting my email updates, we’ll send out a notice next time we do a full-out new enrollment.

  71. Jeff,

    Thanks for this video. I’m in the process of creating leadership and employee performance coaching products and have been struggling on what I should charge for my high end training. You’ve just solved the problem for me.

    I so appreciate your generosity. Love your book and hope to buy PLF soon.

    Psalm 37:4

  72. You delivered a couple of brilliant marketing nuggets….exactly what I needed to help solidify my own thoughts on pricing my content. Thanks Jeff!

  73. Mihai (Mike)


    I’m here, Jeff!! : ) I hope until this year Live Event to learn and to apply PLF Formula to be able to launch and to make enough money to request permission to join your Platinum Plus. God help me!!

  74. Hi Jeff, Love u. I have this burning questions about how to set up the affiliates. Say I set them on on JvZoo, How do I get them from JvZoo to Aweber)? Do I manually add them in there? From jvZoo i see many people making their own separate website for affiliate tools. Is this necessary? Should we skip the affiliate tools and take them straight to aweber and just send affiliates emails with swipes etc? I know you have YOUR OWN affiliate website. But for those of us starting out, do you think jvZoo is a good affiliate platform? Thanks!!!!!!!

  75. LOVE the move the free line idea. I’ve been designing a visual thinking workshop and it just dawned on me (through your video) that I should probably offer a big part of this workshop as a freebie. The idea of building value in your programs by offering really valuable content for free! Who knew?

    Thanks again!

  76. I have a problem with this moving the free line that you and Eben Pagan speak of. Don’t get me wrong I have enormous respect for you both and I have bought products from you both. And I also had enormous respect for Ryan Deiss and Mike Filsane and Perry Belcher etc. who recommend the tripwire approach, which seems to be the polar opposite. So who is correct? I tried to split test this but I didn’t have enough traffic to get meaningful results and I felt I was losing money by not having a tripwire so I opted for the tripwire approach anyway.

  77. Great stuff Jeff. I am currently working on entering the market place and this helps a ton.

    Thanks again

  78. Cristian B-H


    When we first met your life changing work was in 2011 and was that mindmap presentation (I guess PLF 1). It has surely changed our lives.
    Today I see your kind of apologizing, explaining… That’s not fixing things, right? How about financing, contests, and so on? Or just plain giving the old versions at a discount? We understand that these are not in your business model yet. Would them work? But what great impact on audience and after the first success, who knows, they may show up in masterminds.
    Trustfully yours always,

  79. Great video, Jeff … but I have to disagree. Here is why (and this actually happened to me): I am teaching negotiation and wanted to do a seed launch. I went to LinkedIn and to a forum on real estate and tried to get people tell me their questions, challenges and let me know, what they would like me to include in the program. Problem: no feedback! And I had no clue what to do next and how to solve this problem, obviously I was stuck. Now, in this case I may not invest in Product Launch Formula since I don´t think that it will solve my problem and it would be difficult to “risk” $1,997, when I (based on the experience so far) have reason to believe that I am not going to have a successful product launch. However, if in PLF you have a training that solves my problem, wouldn´t it be a good idea for you, to sell to me at this moment ONLY this part of PLF for a lower price (I´d be willing to take THIS risk)? Once I have the solution and get the problem solved, I am much more likely to invest in the training. I think that selling people parts of the program, which help them to move forward and become more optimistic that buying the entire program will give them results and wil pay off, will help you sell more AND at higher prices. Just my opinion on this 🙂

  80. Hi Jeff
    What I am always concerned about is what the hell will I sell if I give a lot for free. Can you please clarify that? How do you differentiate the content you will give away from the content you will charge for?

    You will not only light up my week with your answer but you will be my champion ;)))

  81. Hi Jeff, thanks so much for this and all other videos.

    We just launched and saw firsthand the fact that people who pay higher prices tend to place a higher value on what they’re receiving. They take it more seriously, and they take action.

    Another insight I got from your video was that we need to do some serious reflecting to make sure we’re not giving away lame free content. As much as we think it’s great, maybe it’s lame – maybe it’s not adding as much value as we think it is. And so we need to step our game up.

    Thanks again!

  82. I love your “free” content…for the amazing value you give. I was introduced to you through PLF videos and am now re-reading Launch. I’m currently preparing myself for a seed launch. One of my goals for a successful launch is to be able to receive the BEST PLF training. Thank you for all that you have and continue to share Jeff!

  83. Love the connection that the value of the free content leverages your ability to charge higher prices. We have an online product that sells at the same cost, more or less, as PLF – we need to build out the equivalent of the book, and make sure our free content is stellar – very helpful!

  84. Jeff–

    Thanks so much for this–it’s inspiring me to think about my free line!

    I first learned about you on Amy Porterfield’s podcast and am looking forward to putting some of your ideas to work in my next product launch.

  85. Value building leads to the important qualities of know, like, and trust. That’s when and why you can charge more.
    The difficulty with moving from free is that people are expecting more freebies – makes it harder to charge more sometimes.
    But they have to realize that we are in business – paying for knowledge is a wise investment in yourself.

  86. Shan Lawson


    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for all the amazing free content you’ve given away. You have so bridged that gap of likeability and trust for me in a sea of people that are (as you say) screaming at me “buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff”. I missed your last round of PLF but am looking forward the next one.

    Whilst $2K for me at this stage puts me into the category of “holy cow, not money just sitting around waiting to be spent” I know for what you offer it’s insanely cheap (or should I say incredible value).

    You’re a shining example of what all marketers should do and thank you again for that.

  87. ken ca|houn


    Brilliant points as usual…moving the free line plus competing on value is a winning combination. One key constraint is list size, which is why affiliates help… marketing a 2k product to 100k people works better than marketing a 2k product to 5k people. Putting out a lot of high quality free content (like you do here, like i do in my free webinars etc) helps establish trust, which is the first step in successful sales. The more “free samples” of high quality content I give away, the higher my sales.

    I like that graph you drew, exactly right. Many people are incompetent and their free content is bs, so no sales are made for premium. Us 7-figure info marketers know that top-quality free lead-gen content is crucial. You did a great job in explaining that in this video, thanks Jeff as always for your value message, world-class training. Something I hear a lot from my traders, which I think is absolutely true for you as well is, “your free content is better than most peoples’ paid content”. That’s the place to work from. Well done.

  88. Love this video Jeff. I’ve been pushing in the word UTILITY. I believe that utility is the key component of value creation. You are able to charge higher pricing because of the utility and application of the message. The more relevant and useful, the higher the pricing. Product launch formula is useful and applicable to so many of us.

  89. Hi, Jeff,
    …and also those with solid experience that proves out this approach such as Ken Calhoun…
    I am a very chart oriented person and your graph here really brings home the point of the importance of high quality free stuff and…I would include bonus items as well. I am brand new to learning how to build a viable business and I feel really good about this pricing/value model. You either pay the larger amount for the deeper dive into your material or it’s free. Who can complain about that pricing?! You give so much value in your free content and that’s really better in the long run for the person “struggling” on the financial side because they don’t have to pay anything at all to get lots and lots of great material that as one commenter here said is often better than what others are charging for. There is such a thing as being “nickeled and dimed to death” by the lower priced products and when the dust settles, you’ve invested quite a bit and yet the value is minimal. I have always felt “you get what you pay for” and listening to your sales presentation for PLF, I knew that your program would be worth every penny we had to scrape together to pay for it. I also really relate to the sort of the other side of the coin here and that is my commitment to my client. I sense that when I know someone has made a significant investment in my service or product, you can be damn sure I am highly motivated and feel a strong accountability to that client as well as my own integrity to provide the best service or product to them that I can deliver. Great explanation of this concept of value all the way around here, Jeff…thank you so much.

  90. Jeff,

    I respectfully disagree with your video. You take a too simplistic view of the world and your recommendation to charge higher prices blindly can be quite dangerous for some businesses. Your rationale is erroneous: correlation does not mean causation. For someone who already is successful and action-oriented, the price you charge might actually be “cheap” and your price has absolutely nothing to do with them taking action. They take action because they are already action-oriented to begin with, and understand the value they would get from a course that provides high value. The value you provide and your course attracts a higher-end, action-oriented clientele. It’s not your high price that compels them to take action. Again, correlation does not mean causation.

    Instead, I’d urge your readers to take a customer-centric view of the world. Find out how you can serve various pockets within your target customer segments with various price points and various versions of your product. This way, you maximize your potential revenues and reach.

    Ironically, your book provides more or less the same info as your $1,997 course, giving you the opportunity to reach the 90%+ of customers that can’t or don’t want to pay for the more expensive course. That approach is called “price discrimination” in economics, and kinda’ goes against your recommendation in the video…

    Big fan of PLF, but I think price discrimination, economics, and customer segmentation deserve a more sophisticated approach.

  91. Jeff, I appreciate all the value you give. This video is very insightful, and right on time. By the way, your book is a goldmine. I’m getting ready for my first Launch happening in March. Thank you! Hugs from Aurora, CO 🙂


  92. Great video, Jeff! I’ve been working with my dad for over 15 years and have consistently been telling him to raise his pricing… Because he provides an incredible amount of value. He had always been worried about the “price war” and “what if people can’t afford a higher price.” Well, I had him watch this video… And now it’s time to adjust our value/prices! Thanks for reminding us that each individual person values things differently. It’s those that value you and you’re offerings that will not only pay higher prices, but be life long repeat customers!

  93. Jeff’s PLF is the best business class I have ever taken! When I think about how much I spent on classes in college and think about how little I use from those classes in my daily life, his class is a bargain! A complete bargain. You need to know your market. And then target to that market.

  94. Thanks for this video Jeff. I love the concepts you shared and couldn’t agree more with them. I still struggle with pricing so this video has been very helpful.

  95. Hi Jeff,

    You emphasise building good quality content. Even after gaining market research, as a facilitator and trainer to small business, what is the best ethical way to gain a library of great content of my own?



  96. Clifford Edwards


    Thanks again for the content and perspectives. I love the concept of “moving the free line,” to both provide greater value up front, and to create a higher perception of value for products and services offered for sale. Also, I can’t agree more with the idea that people who have a greater investment into a product or service will generally get better results from it. Being more invested they are compelled to take action as a result. When I comp a class series or workshop to an acquaintance, friend or family member, they rarely complete it, or do much of the work. When people pay, they inevitably get more. Anyway, good stuff and thanks for all you provide.

    PS I saw the PLF videos last fall and totally agree that they are the 2nd best training in the information that’s available.

  97. Hey Jeff – two careers and many years ago, I had a specialized law practice and I didn’t know what to bill my clients on a hourly basis. They were corporate accounts and one client whom I became close with, advised me to charge a lot more than I thought was possible. He explained the client’s perception of the value of services delivered is closely tied to the fees charged. As a young lawyer that surprised me, but made sense. I followed the advice and built a great practice. And now, 20 years later launching an Internet business, I’m faced with the same issue. I had forgotten the advice I received in 1995 until I watched your video. The key thing that you add is the concept of juxtaposing the high price product with high value free content. Thanks. Rich Hopen

  98. Thanks Jeff… I love the “free line” concept! It gave me some insights about the content I’m posting/ giving for free and its value

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