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So this is the blog post where I tell you exactly how to get rich. Now I know with a title like “How to Get Rich”, I'm gonna lose a lot of people right away… but don't make that mistake of clicking away. Keep reading, this is legit.

Actually, I suppose there are lots of ways to get rich… but I'm going to share with you what I think is the most surefire way to get rich – it's the path that worked for me. The amazing thing is that, as you'll see, it's so darn simple.

Enjoying a sunset over the PacificNow the reality is that most people won't get rich… I suppose that's just the way the world works. I'm not sure why (though I have some theories.) But if you're going to have a fighting chance, then this is the formula to put to work.

And I will also tell you that this formula is not 100% guaranteed… because I'm sure there are people that have worked this formula and NOT gotten rich. Nevertheless, in my years of careful observation, this is the formula that has worked over and over for the most people.

OK, enough preamble… let's get to it. There are only four steps in this formula:

STEP 1. Decide what it means for you to be rich. For some people it's an income of $100,000. For some it's a million dollars in the bank. For some it's $30 million in net worth… and for some it's a whole lot more than that.

IMPORTANT: for some people (including me) it's not really a financial measurement – it's something else. Maybe it's a state of mind, or it's a set of relationships (with family, friends, community, etc.). Or it's being able to ski a double-black-diamond run successfully. Or it could be something else.

But the bottom line is that you are going to shoot at a big target (and being “rich” is a big target), then you need to know what target you're shooting at. You have to be able to see that target.

NOTE: here's a little splash of reality – you will never be finished with Step 1. You will always be refining what it means to be rich. Please don't shoot the messenger… that's just reality, and it's as it should be.

STEP 2: Study people who are rich, and do what they do. And of course, you want to be studying people who are rich by your definition of “rich”.

I know that sounds really simple… and, conceptually, it IS really simple. But the actual doing of it is a lot harder. And the reality is that most people are NOT rich or successful… so you don't want to be doing what those people are doing. Most people are doing stuff that does NOT bring success. Don't do that stuff.

You want to find the people who ARE having success (as you define success), and then do what they do. The best is if you can find several people to study, and try to identify the commonalities in what they're doing. Study what they think and do, and study what they study, and study who they learn from.

Inevitably, you will find that some of the habits of rich and successful people are outside of the normal patterns that most people follow. That's because most people are NOT successful.

NOTE: there are lots of resources that make the “discovery” part of this step easier than you would think. There's lots of books about this type of stuff – including autobiographies and biographies.

STEP 3: Observe and record your progress… and then adjust.

You need to be self-aware… you will be installing new behaviors and habits. As you do so, it's best if you keep some type of journal or record of your thoughts/actions. Look at what's working for you, and what's not working. Track your progress towards your definition of “rich”. Don't expect overnight success (it won't happen), but do celebrate your victories as they come.

Pay especially close attention to how your mindset evolves… because that's the true secret to success. You will never be rich until you have a mindset that is rich and abundant.

STEP 4: Stop and have gratitude for your progress. Then go back and start over with Step 1… this is not a one-time formula. Almost everyone I know who is rich and successful (and I have the good fortune to spend a lot of time around those types of folks) is continually going through this process.

So there you have it… that's a super-compressed version of the “secret formula” on how to get rich.

Now I know it sounds impossibly simple. And I know some people will think I'm being tongue-in-cheek with this post. But I'm not – this is absolutely the most surefire path to success that I know. Success leaves clues… so study what successful people do, find the common underlying strategies, and then DO THOSE THINGS.

Now to help you along the way, I've got a couple of resources for you… first is one of my Facebook pages with a free video series of my “Master Planning Process”… this is the yearly planning process I use to create my vision for my life each year. This is the process that I use in creating my vision for a rich life. Here's the link:

Jeff's Yearly Master Planning Process

So that's how I plan out my year. Next up is the process I use to plan my DAYS… it's a process I learned from Brendon Burchard. He taught it to me in a small mastermind meeting we were in, and I've found it to be super-powerful. Brendon calls it his “One Page Productivity Planner”… and he just published a free video training where he teaches how to use this process:

Brendon's Daily Planning Process

Both of those resources are pretty cool, and they're free… and they're based on what very successful people are doing – so check them out.

So now onto your STEP 1…. what does it mean for YOU to be rich? And where are you in your journey?

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34 Replies to “How To Get Rich”

  1. Dear Jeff,

    I have personally certainly reached the level of success you describe in your post, but all the money, all the shoulder padding, all the awards and whatever other hype has been thrown my way since I sold my first Internet company in 1998 and became “rich” by my initial definition (purely by monetary standards) couldn’t create the incredible feeling of “richness” and “accomplishment” that mentoring my students and changing people’s life’s has brought me over the years. I appreciate you having the guts to be the messenger. 🙂

    See you soon,

  2. Hey Jeff,

    You wrote –
    there are lots of resources that make the “discovery” part of this step easier than you would think. There’s lots of books about this type of stuff – including autobiographies and biographies

    Can you recommend a few books?

  3. I liked what you had to say because you qualified that being rich is different for everyone and can change as we change and grow. You also pointed out that we need to adjust our concept of being rich from time to time. Being rich might be financial to one person and being happy to another. A person might make millions and realize that they still aren’t happy. The void in their life might be spiritual. Gratitude is also important. Be grateful for what you have and each blessing your receive.

  4. John Carlton


    Nice job, dude, simplifying something that can cause serious brain-pain for uninitiated entrepreneurs. Too many people think both the plan and the actions required to achieve goals need to be complex, and it’s just not true. The mojo is in the action part, of course — following through on your plan. It can take time, investment, dedication… and even force you off the couch (even though there’s a playoff game on!).

    But it all comes down to figuring out what you want… not in the abstract, but as close to reality as you can nail it. Dreams are never really achieved — they first gotta be brought down to practical levels, and broken down into digestible chunks.

    Anyway, pleasure reading this, Jeff.

  5. Great post jeff! I think it’s easy for most people to overcomplicate the ‘how to get rich formula’ that you have laid out for us here.

    I remember robert kiyosaki saying learn what rich people do, and do the same. It’s not rocket science, but we make it that way sometimes because we are either afraid of success or failure.

    Keep up the great work Jeff!

    David King

  6. Martin Howey


    I don’t generally make it a habit to respond to blog posts… and I rarely do. But what you wrote, Jeff, is so right on, so simple, and so doable… yet is so misunderstood by far too many people.

    Success comes in many forms and as you suggested, is different for different people. When they pass the mic around at wedding reception dinners and ask the guests to give the newly married couple some words of wisdom, I usually tell them to get the money problem solved as quickly as possible.

    Once that’s solved, time, effort and energy can be devoted to other, more important things such as, personal hobbies, travel, giving back and helping and serving others. And isn’t that what life is all about? Pity the poor soul who spends the majority of his or her life chasing the “almighty buck” and never figures out how to live or serve.

    Your four steps are so clear and create a well-defined path that we can all follow and learn from. Step Four being perhaps the most important of all. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Here is something about being “rich”, you need to be ready to be rich, and if your not – be prepared for a ton of pain.

    I went through a lot of health problems several years ago and accumulated a bunch of medical debt. My whole focus and purpose in life was to get rid of hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt.

    I managed to do that in just over a year by managing product launches following Jeff’s formula.

    But then, to be frank, I pretty much fucked everything over.

    I think what it came down to is that I used to have this big purpose – I hated all of the debt that I had. But then I got rid of that, and I was left in this position where I had a lot of money coming in and now I had no idea what the hell to do with it.

    But, it didn’t take too long for people to enter my life who had no problem helping me to figure out what to do with it.

    To make a long story short I ended up pretty much just strung out with a bunch of parasites in my life. It’s something that I have thankfully kicked the drug habit and everything that went with that, but your reputation is not something that comes back so quickly.

    And so now I’m in a position where I have done a few good things again and I’m starting to get a lot of offers, but I’m turning most of them down. The reason I’m turning most of them down is because honestly I haven’t figured out yet what do I need all of this money for. And the truth is, if you don’t figure that part out it can come really close to ruining your life.

    I don’t mean to rain on any parade here, but taking care of yourself is just so important. It doesn’t do you any good to become rich if all it ends up doing is giving you the means to destroy yourself very quickly, which it will do if you don’t know exactly what your purpose is.

    So that’s the main point. Why do you want to be rich? What will it give you? How will you feel?

    I promise you that if you feel empty inside without money and you think that living on the beach or having the Porsche or dating a model will make you feel better, it won’t. You will have all of this stuff and look around and say damn – I’m still the same person, better off financially but still with the same empty spot.

    That empty spot can be filled with a lot of things, but if you try to fill it with money you will poison yourself.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    Yes! It’s sometime dangerous to be a “messenger” especially around topics like “how to be rich” and “success”. I’ve had smaller successes, but always trying to crack the code of succeeding . Finally found the right information on how to be rich or successful about 2 months ago! (that is not an online course! sorry.)

    I like the “Track your progress” and the “There’s lots of books about this type of stuff – including autobiographies and biographies” part of your post!
    What I’m doing daily which is help’s a lot is monitor My feelings. When feeling good everything is easier.

    Nice to see a daring topic like this, Jeff

  9. Christopher McCargar


    Hi Jeff,

    What a fabulous piece to share!

    I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but after following you for the past couple of years, this much I feel I can say: You are one of the most authentic persons I have come across… EVER!

    You under-promise and over-deliver and from what I’ve observed, you have a humble, altruistic nature that is genuine. You are one guy about whom I can honestly say… you deserve ALL the success that comes your way!

    Thanks for sharing this… and all the other value packed info you freely give!

    Best Personal Regards,

  10. This was great reading Jeff.

    Over the years I’ve discovered that being rich for me is having the ability to spend each day exactly as I want to. As I’ve moved closer to that goal it’s amazing how my mindset has changed and I probably work harder now than before. But it is mostly effortless because it is so enjoyable.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  11. Hello, Jeff!

    I am very glad that i had read your post today. All that you wrote here ia true on the 1000 %. Andi must say that last month was very hard for me, and i forgot about those siple rules. Thank you for your post. You reminded me about so simple laws of succefull.

    Best regards for you,


    P.S. If in my text are some mistakes – sorry, bcs english isn’t native for me.

  12. You say: “Now the reality is that most people won’t get rich… I suppose that’s just the way the world works. I’m not sure why.”

    I do know the reason why: It’s a natural law like e=mc², that 9X% people don’t have, what it takes (call it talent or what), to become rich or successful in any way. It’s written in our DNA and how we are “wired”.

    Basically I agree with your 4 steps, but this does not work for everyone. It’s basically the same like in sports, but here this principle becomes more obvious: Go and try to do exactly the same golfswing like Tiger Woods! You can learn and practice the next 500 years or so and the results will still be very different. What is so easy for him is impossible for MOST others.

    So following and learning from an “IM Guru” of your choice and doing exactly the same things will probably have very different results for you! Folks, be realistic!! Most “IM Gurus” got rich in the “Sell Hope” industry!!!

  13. Jeff…and Brandon…

    Firstly…thanks for the reminders Jeff. You’ve helped me massively, and many of my clients…
    The reminders are simple and workable…

    Brandon…words of wisdom. Hope you’re well…


  14. Barbara Foxworth


    This is my first time here reading your blog… nice Post, Jeff! I love the simplicity of it. YOU are part of my Step 2 journey. Thank you! It was very nice meeting you at Expert’s Academy this past weekend. I can’t wait to work through your program! 🙂

    Barbara Foxworth

  15. Great post, Jeff.

    As you say, it all comes back to “STEP 1. Decide what it means for you to be rich.”

    And keep coming back to it. You have to write that goal down and pursue it, otherwise it’s just a daydream.

    This is similar to the steps that both Trump and Kiyosaki recommend, so you’re definitely in good company.

    Thanks for a good step-by-step article.


    • @Rory: I haven’t really read anything by Trump or Kiyosaki… but I figured I wasn’t the first one to come up with those steps. 🙂

  16. Jeff –
    I’ve always enjoyed your blog. This post is something I can relate to. Ever since I read Think and Grow Rich I’ve known to emulate the actions of people who have succeeded before me. It hasn’t been until recently, when I’ve taken the time to get some coaching, that I’ve realized just how true that is. I may be at the relative beginning of my journey, but it’s good to know I have so many valuable resources to learn from.

  17. Jeff, a master piece coming from you this time to us. As simple as it is, its the basis of the most talked about best seller books. They onl expand what you’ve written here.

    Thanks for making this available to the elites.


  18. Name Withheld


    Hi Jeff, AWESOME article!

    When it comes to internet marketing, product launches I am like a fish out of water (but a willing student to learn from you Oh Great Master…) However, when it comes to this topic . . . now, my friend we are on my turf.

    As best as I can tell I have mentored more documented self made multi-millionaires than anyone else in North America, flying under the radar intentionally. I say this not to boast but to add credibility when I say you are right on, dead spot accurate . . .and your approach is better than mine because it is simpler.

    For those that have searched and ultimately find me….the first thing I share with them, is that being rich is more than money, it’s all those other elements you mentioned.

    The only area where we might differ, is regarding income. Too many “purveyers” of get rich information products call themselves “millionaires” because they earn a million dollar income. A huge income does not make one rich, or financially secure….usually the opposite is true. And too many purveyers have a self employed job and call it a business.

    True Wealth as you have said is the relationships, the memories, the experiences, the health, the freedom, the mindset, the love and so much more than money, but it sure is fun to have millions upon millions in liquid assets. True wealth is all those things that money can’t buy, and death can’t take away.

    Incredible, thought provoking article!!!

    Someone once said there is pure genius in simplifying what appears so complex.Thank you Mr. Genius!!! Job well done.

  19. Deb Gleason


    Jeff, this is the first blog post of yours I have read and so far so good, I will be back for more. I have been in Jeff Walker immersion for the past week after picking up PLF at Experts Academy recently. I LOVE your style and your information. I only wish I would have found you sooner! I am seriously stoked about my first launch now and feel so much more confident with the whole process. You are empowering me make positive change in the world and for that I am truly grateful.

  20. Hello Jeff, I am new on your blog. I live in France and I have been a customer of Sebastien The French Marketeur. I am really fascinated by success, self-made-men, millionnaires, positive and dynamic people 🙂 And I really want to succeed. So I will. It is been two years I have changed my way of thinking, and my life has begun to change to positive 🙂
    I am preparing my first product launch in personalized books 🙂 I can’t wait !
    Best Regards

  21. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the great post. All 4 definitely critical to the process.
    The one that I think a lot of people (me included) have trouble with is #3, the vision that you are going to have to adjust down the road, rather than defining perfection up front.
    I know #4 is a biggie for me as well, I don’t tend to give myself enough credit for the steps along the way and making progress. I see all the steps still to go.

  22. Josh Orekoya


    Great Post Jeff, I really enjoyed this! I use this method already and it has done wonders, although I have made mistakes on the way. You really also have to factor in the depression and dusting yourself and getting back up step, because that’s a crucial one, and it happens to anybody looking for success.

    But nonetheless this brings to light what people need to start doing more, including myself. And I’ll take it to heart.

    Thanks Jeff,

    – Josh

  23. Hi Jeff. i love people like you who can make other people enthusiastic and happy just by being yourself. Thanks a million just for being

  24. How To Get Rich? Just start to realise a thoughts that make You excited and motivated. These thoughts come from Your subconsciousness and it’s natural, but almost nobody knows about it. Our minds are connected and most ideas come from higher self (it would be impossible to come up with a great idea using only consciousness). Anyway, it’s really complicated… You can learn more about it by studying quantum science.

    Highest Regards,

  25. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the great perspective and the road map!! Can’t wait to put it to work.

    I used to think that both “How to get Rich” and “How to get Happy” are constructs with wobbly validity unless you constantly remind yourself that “I am my biggest fan”. Than I realized that wealth is contingent upon how clear and strong your “Why” is, and whether you’re passionate and inspired to serve others with your wealth.I know of enough money-rich people who are hollow and miserable: something is wrong in their equation lol Your 4 step renewable formula suggests that mindset is critical for the purpose – and I absolutely agree.
    I am very glad to have discovered you thanks to Brendon Burchard. Looking forward more good material.

  26. Your articles have been key for me to inspire my audience.. and I totally dig your authenticity in this one. So much gratitude for your beautiful authentic voice!

  27. Great blogs! Very inspirational! Like your authenticity and friendliness to other online marketers

  28. Jeff, Thank You for your mental clarity! I met you in Orlando at LaunchCon; my participation in which is now an achieved 4-yr goal “along the path”. It was every bit as much fun as I had dreamed it would be, and I still have my “I Launched a Village” band on to prove it!

    I have been a “student of success principles” since 1978, when I invested in a Dynamics of Personal Leadership program, from SMI (Success Motivation Institute), developed by my invisible counselors “board chairperson”, Paul J. Meyer.

    You have herein so adeptly, and succinctly, summarized what 40 years of study, 100’s of books, one MBA fellowship, and one PhD from the “School of Hard Knocks”, have failed to do any better.

    You have let the genie out of the bottle, for any whose eyes can see.

    Each of us is more powerful than we will ever know Yet, we need a model to follow, a roadmap. Our inner board of directors can help us develop our mission, to know our purpose, and through mental clarity, lay out the vision, goals, and plan.

    Yet they cannot drive our vehicle — our “self” we must climb into each morning. What cranks us up? What gets our physical body and mind, moving, yet helps us notice the guardrails and avoid the axle breaking pot holes?

    This highway of life can be an exceptionally bumpy road!

    Yes, life happens. self-sabotage, kids, family, work, health challenges … Our windshield can get more than a little foggy very quickly!

    Now here you come, laying it all out, crystal clear, pretty as a picture.

    Simple. Eloquently stated . Yet, not easy.

    And, to think it only took 41 years to find YOU, Jeff Walker! You, and the people you align yourself with and around, are amazing. Thank you.

    Yes, thank you, Team Jeff Walker! Now, back to work.

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