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Building a business can feel a bit lonely, especially when it’s just you and your computer. Here’s my favorite strategy for staying motivated (this one can help you seriously level up).

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32 Replies to “How to Level Up Your Business (and Your Life)”

  1. Jeff,
    Being at that table with you is a game changer. I feel so much more connected to myself and my business from being with people who totally get what I am doing.
    Thank you for creating the spaces that you do to lift everyone up.
    Thank you to the generosity of the entire Walker family and TeamWalker.
    My heart is full and I am on fire creating like crazy in my business…….

  2. Hi Jeff, as you say arround me, nobody really understand what i m doing and it’s sometime very frustrated to not have the possibility and the joy to share.

    I ve made my first mastermind in 2015,but it was not the best one.

    And i maybe should think to create one who will be perfect for me and where i will profondly resonate with the other participants.

    Nice day,


  3. Adriana Freitas Bandeira


    Thank you so much, Jeff. With this video you encouraged me to continue on the route, despite the loneliness of the way. I know people will only understand in the future when I have built my business. Have a wonderful week! Adriana

  4. Not your best video. Mastermind? Most people don’t even know what this is, and even if they do, that sounds like something from another planet. Mastermind? Horrible word, and horrible explanation.

  5. Thanks Jeff – Launch Club has been a complete game changer for me! Thanks for this video and continuing to challenge us to level up!

  6. Thanks Jeff! Always so giving!
    Ive never been/enrolled in a mastermind yet.
    Let me share this awesome phrase from Tim Gross.
    ” You got to sacrifice the rest to get what U want the MOST”.

    SOMEHOW applies to attending a master mind .. Lots of investment travelling etc..

    • @Benjamin: not necessarily so… the first two masterminds I was in were completely virtual, so no travel involved. And there was no fee to be in them.

  7. Hey Jeff,

    Any suggestions for a newbie finding a group? I’m where you were when you started. So not a lot of capital. But I need a group around me.


    • Danelle Denney


      Hey, Rob.

      I found my mastermind group in the PLF Alumni Facebook group. Someone posted that they wanted to start a group of motivated newbies and a few of us replied. We have been meeting weekly for about 6 or 8 months now and we are all progressing nicely. Since we are all across the world, we use Zoom video calls. If you have a free account with them the free video calls cut off at 40 minutes, but we just create a new link and call back in and keep going. So there is no cost whatsoever. Just post in the Facebook group and I’m sure you’ll find people to surround yourself with. Best of luck to you. Keep in mind that the most important thing is Don’t Quit.

    • @Rob: One time I read a book that I liked about a topic related to my business. I realized that one of the co-authors lived about 40 miles from me. I looked him up, and contacted him… told him I liked the book. Then I offered to drive to his place and take him out to lunch. Well it turns out he had a mastermind group, and after lunch he invited me to join the group. I was in that group for about 18 years.

      The point is, you can find groups in lots of ways. I usually find them by purposely connecting with people I resonate with.

      And if all else fails, then form a group among the people you resonate with.

      • Well, I only live a few hours from you, and I could buy you……. Just having fun. I look forward to meeting you when the time is right. Thank you for the good advice.


  8. PLF Live was an amazing event that taught, motivated and connected everyone in the room! Working on my own launch and can’t wait until next year!

  9. Matt Edison


    Ideas are certainly helpful but the energy of possibility is the game changer. The experience of immersion up close and in person with others who have done what you aspire to do is the true force in creating the life of your dreams. “A rising tide floats all boats”. Thanks for your post Jeff. It’s always a treat to hear your thoughts on Sunday morning.

  10. Danelle Denney


    I love my mastermind group! They are always a strong source of encouragement. They are amazing at getting me past where I am stuck. Just yesterday I could not figure out what content belonged in PLC1 or PLC 2 and I was writing about it in the PLF Alumni group and one of my mastermind friends called me (from another continent!) and stepped me through what I needed to include where. Since she is amazing and since she had just attended a boot camp with a number of your Plat Plus group we had it all hammered out in just 20 minutes.

  11. I loved hearing you talk about Master Mind. Interestingly, so much of what you say, Jeff, connects with things that are deeply imprinted in my past. Mastermind was brought into my life in l985, 32 years ago, by an amazing soul, Jack Boland, who was the minister of a Unity church in Warren Michigan. He published beautiful ‘write in’ Mastermind journals for his congregation of over a thousand people. He laid out how to do it in his way and then invited people to do it with him…in their way. A few of us, beginning ministers, traveled miles each year to be in a small Mastermind group with him as well as attending his large church growth and development institutes. You’ve brought back the awareness for me of all of that with this 7 minute video! Thank you… And, by the way, my book launch four-day live intensive was a week ago, ‘Your Soul’s Invisible Codes’ subtitled ‘Unveiling Your Sacred Love Story’ is an amazingly book/love child with a stunningly beautiful ‘cosmic’ cover! I’ll be mailing you, Annette and Donna copies of it next week. The title was chosen, in part, by doing a survey that included Launch Club members. Of course, it was TeamWalker that suggested I do it. And, it was your Book Launch video that asked me the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is your goal?

  12. Virginia Reeves


    Jeff – for some of us, starting out with a support group (which is the first step to a mastermind group I believe) proves to be helpful. I’ve been talking on the phone for over 2 years with two gentleman I’ve never met. We started with a common interest but only one actually ended up going that direction (podcast). We continue to support one another in our endeavors and because of our diverse experience and three age groups (66, 51, and 30) we get to share what we’ve learned and gain from different perspectives as well. As stated, reach out and find those you resonate with. We were connected by someone else who didn’t know us so be willing to interact with groups you are involved in. You never know what you might learn. For us, strangers have become friends.

  13. Let’s be honest is this more pre-launch stuff because it sure comes off a lot like that. I have been you student a long time digesting all of the content and never before the last 3 videos have you come of as a sleazily marketer. When are you going to reveal the three hidden secrets that we only can find out once we pay you $5000 an hour ? Good bye jeff good luck

  14. Those Launch Club members who each won a seat at a mastermind must have been happy to be there! They looked happy in the earlier video. Joining a mastermind is great advice. Thanks for blogging!

  15. Toni Narins


    Jeff, I’d love to get into a mastermind group…..but how do I find one? I tried during PLF but the people I spoke with – theirs were full. Tried to start one…..that didn’t happen either. What’s a good first step to finding a mastermind?

  16. Thanks Jeff. It’s so important to have that connection with like-minded people for business success, for personal enjoyment along the way, and for expanding your vision of what’s possible by seeing what others are up to. Cheers!

  17. Jeff Your What Do You Do Statement is “You know how Self employed people often have problems putting their products or services out to the public? Well, I help them launch effectively using a three day event that is in person teaching, or by reading book I wrote about doing a launch”. My WDYD statement is You know how kids who are labelled as ADD or AD/HD either are on meds or the schools wants them on meds? Well, I help get them off the meds or keep them off meds so that they can more effectively function in school and at home. My statement only covers one aspect of my business, the home study course won’t fit.

    • @Sue: yes, that would work… but the reality is that I’m usually not looking to get into a conversation about what I do. I like to keep a low profile in my town… and that answer only leads to more questions.

  18. Jeff – Thanks for this great reminder of just how womderful it is to be a part of your tribe. Being at the Mastermind was a marvelous experience. Best of all, it will propel us all forward faster than ever before. As you say, can’t wait to see what happens in the next 6-12 months – stay tuned!

    With gratitude,

  19. Jeff, I would love to know a bit more about what your experience is of how an effective mastermind is structured. Seeing as you’ve been a part of a few created by others and then moved on to creating one yourself it would be super useful to hear what you think the qualities of an effective mastermind are and how it should work. Specifically:

    1) How many people and what sort of mix; industries- same or various, experience levels – all beginners, all advanced, a mix,

    2) Most importantly – what do you actually DO in a mastermind. How often do you meet, when you meet what is the structure of the meeting.

    I have heard some examples from others sometimes it’s a free form meeting once a month, sometimes the group focuses on on member each meeting and hot seats them, sometimes each member gets 15 mins to talk about what they are struggling with etc…

    How does your ideal mastermind actually function?

    Much appreciated,
    Jason 🙂

  20. I love my masterminds. I have been in quite a “lull” lately – it is isolating and lonely being in this business and self-doubt is a constant devil on my shoulder. Lately, my progress has really stalled, and I told my mastermind that they could “fire” me if they wanted. The support these “strangers become dear friends” give each other has got me going again! And they did not kick me out! We are mostly beginners, but have all learned so much and I know we’ll keep each other going! Thank you – you know who you are!

  21. Oh please! I am such a newbie in this! Would love to have the help of a group of committed people. I need the support and direction.If anyone is starting, please let me know!

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