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When you release a book into the world, you never know the impact it will have.

Little did I know when I released the first edition of Launch in 2014, that it would end up radically changing the lives of so many, including one couple outside Mexico City.

Luis Carlos Flores and Gaby Gonzalez were psychotherapists with a dream to help good parents… become great parents. They were excited about offering a workshop and had the whole thing planned out. But nobody was signing up, and they started getting nervous.

By a stroke of luck, Gaby’s brother lent her my book… but only for 48 hours. She and Luis blasted through it, implemented the strategies in it – and filled their workshop.

Fast forward to today and Luis and Gaby have their hands full with three seven-figure businesses and five MILLION followers.

What will YOUR story be after you read the new edition of Launch?

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5 Replies to “From No Sign-Ups… to Sold Out”

  1. Tony Botsman


    Jeff, well done, make it easy for us to order a copy

    Cheers, Tony Botsman, currently in France, ‘launching’ in Oxford Uk then Chicago IL in September

    I really need the book!!

    • Caesi Bevis


      I agree – Is it for sale on Amazon? No “buy button” here.

      Um, Jeff…
      Did you forget your button?

  2. Antonia Lavender


    Went to the launch and link didn’t work, but am super interested in hearing Gaby and Luis story – especially since I’m launching a business to help parents too! Will definitely order the hardcover today!

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