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Having an online business means your day-to-day is basically you and your computer. Which is amazing – but it can also be pretty limiting. The reality is, working alone can get you pretty far… but if you want truly massive growth in your business, there’s something else you need to do… 

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Video Transcript and Relevant Links

So in January of 2000 (a long time ago – January 2000), I had three days that changed everything for me in the trajectory of my business. 

So, I started my business in 1996. I was completely desperate. Had some success. It grew quickly. In 2000 I’m like, wow, this is just absolutely fantastic. And then I saw a sales letter for a live event. And when I looked at it, I mean it sounded pretty interesting, it sounded really cool, but I had a young family at that point – I wasn’t doing any business travel whatsoever. But as I read about this event, I’m like, ah, I just started feeling this bubbling up and I just decided I had to go. So I went to this event, three days, and it changed everything for my business. Because at that point I’d been struggling alone, trying to figure out on my own, sitting there. This can be a lonely business.

A great thing about this business is that you can do it anywhere you want – anywhere where you have a computer. The bad thing about it, is it’s just you and a computer. And it can be lonely. 

I got out there and I met some people that were doing business, and the ideas that came from that directly led into my first six-figure launch. So those three days for me were just, it was unbelievable. At that point, the biggest launch I had ever done was $34,000… and then with what came out of that, I did over $100,000. So just game changer. 

So then I was sort of on board. I needed to get out to another live event. I went to a second live event.  It was more than a year later – it was 2001. I made some relationships that still are some of the strongest business relationships that I have, period, from that 2001 event.

And then in 2003, that was the event that changed everything. I just can’t even begin to describe it. So why I’m telling you all this is that if you’re just working your business and you’re just doing it without getting out and actually meeting people… then it’s just a quantum leap the first time you get out to meet people. 

And then about, I don’t know, about five years ago I went to another event – because it’s clear to me that I put in this effort, go to an event, and I get this result, then it’s amazing. So I still do it. And just a few years ago I went to an event and someone gave me this idea for my LaunchCon event. And they were like, “Well, Jeff, you put on great events, but what if you put on an event that just featured those superstars of your community teaching the latest and greatest cutting edge stuff because there’s no place for people to get that.”

And that one idea from going to that live event, I ended up creating my LaunchCon event, and we’re now heading into our fourth year of LaunchCon. And it’s been an amazing event. We’re in the last stages of registering people, but it looks like we’ll probably have about a thousand people in the room. So it’s this massive event, deliver massive value. 

And it’s been great for me and my business because now I get to celebrate the superstars of my community. And the more I celebrate the superstars of my community, the more superstars we develop and the more it feeds into my business. So it’s been great for me, but it’s been great for the people and the audience. And how ironic that this incredible live event has come about because I went to an event, and just one conversation I had with one person gave me the idea for it.

So that’s why I encourage you to get out to live events. I encourage you to come to my LaunchCon event. We’ll put a link down below to that event. But you know, when you get out to live events, the cool thing is there’s the learning and there’s going to be a massive learning at LaunchCon. I mean, just amazing stuff from just these people who are doing great things and teaching the latest. It’s not a bunch of professional speakers that go out and give their stump speech 30 times a year. These are people that are actually in the trenches doing it, teaching you what they just learned from their last promotion, their last launch. So it’s awesome. 

So you learn at events and you also make connections at events. And I’ve met almost every one of my top partners at live events. And also you just get just incredible inspiration, that you realize just how much you can grow and how much further you can go when you’re actually around those people. So I’m a big fan. 

Over the years I’ve put this message out several times. The best way I think to grow your business is to get out to live events because of that inspiration, because of that knowledge, and also probably most important because of the connections you’ll meet. So get out to live events.

And some people are like, “I can’t travel, I don’t travel. I got young kids.” There’s always an answer to whatever the thing that’s holding you back. You can get to live events. And I personally think mine are some of the best. LaunchCon’s coming up in early November. I hope you join me there. But no matter what, get out to live events.

So I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, click on that link and join me at LaunchCon, and let’s go get ‘em this week.

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7 Replies to “A Quantum Leap Forward”

  1. The first 3 LaunchCon events transformed my life. At the first LaunchCon event in 2016, my email list was 8000 (which took me 8 years to get that number) and now it’s 70,000 and growing daily! Can’t wait for LaunchCon 2019 in a few weeks!!

  2. Larrywinfield Pelley


    Thanks Jeff…as always…good advice…. Go meet the people who: have, and still doing this…and doing it the right way, to get results. Yes, I know…face-to-face engagement is: the very best way to: engage with like-minded people…. It’s the essence of engagement.

  3. There is so much truth here! I was consistently earning $8k months and this summer I went to 3 live events. Everything shifted and since then I’ve been having consistent $20+k months…not the mention the relationships I’ve built and the new energy I’ve brought into my business!

  4. Diana Liu-Morgan


    Yes, so true Jeff!! Live events build much deeper connections. This will be my first PLF event as I just started learning this stuff through your 4 intro masterclasses last month. Now I’m going through your training courses and learning even more. Awesome program!! Thank you!! For LaunchCon, I got my plane tickets and hotel room reserved. Looking forward to meeting you and all my future business partners soon!! 🙂 – Diana from San Diego

  5. Steve Newton


    Can’t agree more with the value of live events. I met my copy guy at LaunchCon last year. This will be my 2nd LaunchCon and I’m bringing someone from my team. I finally got the message about outsourcing things I’m not as good at…

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