My Favorite Tool to Level Up My Business

by on Sep 10 2016

This one's about my favorite tool for leveling up my business… and it's one that most people miss.

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  • Mary Barbera says:

    I signed up for LaunchCon and am so excited to come! I’ve followed you for years and have always wanted to see you present LIVE. I’ve launched my Autism ABA Help Online Program 5x in the past 18 months (and it’s already been purchased from people in 40 different countries)! I’m ready for the next level in launching and will you in a few weeks!

  • Bernard says:

    I’m coming to one of your events in 2017.!

  • Absolutely agree Jeff! Partner James LaTrobe-Bateman & I now live in Spain and flew over to Phoenix for your last PLF LIVE event purchasing VIP tickets. That was FANTASTIC!! As you said, we made several most amazing friendships there…without a doubt.. for life. We continue weekly to speak with each other encouraging, sharing what is working and bouncing off each other fantastic ideas continually helping each other ‘level-up’.

    We also made the decision while at PLF LIVE to become part of your exclusive PLF ‘Launch Club’. That was the very best decision we ever made, with weekly step by step learning from you as well as open access learning to your incredible TeamWalker coaches and live Q&A calls with you. PLF ‘Launch Club’ also provides us with a..closed, safe, encouraging, motivating, caring, sharing community to germinate, create, grow and LAUNCH our ideas & dreams from.

    Thank you again Jeff! You and your amazing teaching and your incredible TeamWalker coaches have absolutely changed our lives…forever.
    Wishing you a SPECTACULAR week ahead. 🙂

  • Aaron Koral says:

    Great video, Jeff! Now I know that to level up my business plans, I need to get out to live events like Launchcon and meet similar members of the “tribe”. Will get out there, promise that!

  • Looking forward to seeing you at LaunchCon – coming over from Australia 🙂

  • Damien Munro says:

    WOW! 16 years old and finding a way from France to US to attend PLF Live! Inspirational indeed!!!

  • Justin Brown says:

    Locked in tickets, and pumped for LaunchCon next month!!

  • Bronwyn says:

    Thanks Jeff, we have certainly ramped up attending live events in ‘PLFing’ our business with fantastic results. We recently met an awesome JV partner who was exhibiting next to us – we got on really well and they have sold LOTS of our products. It really does work. And you are right, geography is no excuse. We are in Australia and within the last year we have been to PLF Live, conferences in Vail Colorado, Washington, New Zealand, Lots in Australia, my biz patner is off to Dubai in December.

  • Victor says:

    All thank to you Mr jeff your Product Launch Formula has help me improve my skill

  • Ben Broenen says:

    So true, Jeff! My very very first conference was PLF Live in 2015. It changed my life in countless countless ways and has leveled up my life in SO many positive ways,

    I’m super stoked for LaunchCon! See you and the rest of the PLF Family in a couple of weeks! :^D

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