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Real, lasting success in business (or in life) doesn’t come overnight.

But there are some ways to shortcut your success. This video is about the one thing that’s been responsible (either directly or indirectly) for more than 95% of the business that I’ve done over the years.

Here’s how you level up…

Here's the link to Justin and Callan's amazing free content about putting on live events.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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39 Replies to “Leveling Up With Live Events”

  1. Great Video Jeff, going to be presenting at a live event this year. Am nervous and excited all at the same time. I agree that these types of events is where most of the business is done!

  2. Hi Jeff

    I think I will need to build up to putting on my own events, but I totally agree that we need to attend other people’s events to meet new people face to face.

    When my main business was consulting I used to attend every event I could since they were all great networking opportunities. Now that my business is focused in online activities I find that there are lots of virtual ways to interact with prospective customers and partners, but I still miss the personal interaction you get with live events. I think I’ll see what’s coming up that I can attend.

    All the best


    • Hi Jeff: Do you feel the market is slowly moving away from online courses and more into live events as people are wanting to connect more in these uncertain times? I’m sensing a shift and wondering what you think.
      Thank you

      • @Joan: no, I’m definitely not seeing that shift. The market for online courses is literally exploding – the growth is huge. Unfortunately, the percentage of people that will attend live events is a rather small subset of the people that will take online training.

        I think that the best results are often from a combination of the two – online training with a community component, along with live training that accompanies the online part. Of course, that’s not to say that that’s the perfect fit in every situation, but it’s the format that I favor in my trainings.

        • There is no doubt online courses are exploding. I have purchased many of these courses, PLF included, along with many other courses.

          I’m thankful for all these courses, live events (I’ll be at PLF Live 2015) and online communities such as Entreleadership and Youprenuer which provide the online training and the community component.

          Live events are boiling point events, one on many.

          Online communities are collaborative connections, one on some.

          Like you said Jeff, “the best results are often from a combination of the two – online training with a community component, along with live training that accompanies the online part”.

          What do you think results would be if you added a one on one component to personalize and contextualize what your learning at live events and from online courses?

          I’m loving the weekly videos on your blog along with all the PLF training videos…I’ve got Jeff Walker in my ear and on my screens 24/7!

  3. I never knew that trick about going to the bar.
    I had a medical mishap a few years back and I can’t drink anymore so I could have completely missed out on that.

    It sounds like live events are worth the price of admission if you use them right to meet good people

  4. Nothing like a live event to bring people together. It’s great to connect online ( is doing some great things in that arena) but there’s no substitute for real life people to people contact. Just a quick Q Jeff, was this shot with green screen or do you have mirrors behid you? Just noticed that in places you have four hands 🙂 maybe that’s how you get so much done 🙂 Keep up the great work Jeff!

    • @Simon: LOL… definitely not a green screen. In the shot I’m standing in front of the doors of my Secret Headquarters. They are glass doors, and in some light they’re very reflective. My amazing videographer (my son Daniel) saw that reflection and picked the shot. Of course, the amazing thing is that he was able to arrange the shot so that you didn’t see the camera in the shot.

  5. Great vid Jeff!! Live events are so powerful, and have impacted me so much as a participant…and I see them as a huge part of my brand for community creating and positioning. I’m coming out from Sydney, Australia for your event! Woop!! Less than 2 weeks 😉 Cannot wait! Gratitude for all you contribute.
    P.S LOVE the framing/backdrop/reflection.

  6. HI Jeff

    This is awesome and I can’t agree with you more — I go to at least one event each year (three this year) and they are THE best way to get to know people and build SOLID connections.

    I would actually love to put one on — even a local mastermind.

    This is AWESOME advice — it sounds like you’ve really listened to people — especially the second half of the video as it’s SOOOO true!

    P.S I got the signed copy of Launch thanks (The one from Ryan Levesque’s webinar) — sent you a PM FB message with a thank you 🙂

    I love this stuff — many thanks

    Carl (from LaunchGigs)

  7. Excellent example of networking by by sharing link of another vendor. Live workshops are the “fun” in the sales funnel. I am anxious to learn how to reach a worldwide audience without leaving home. Thanks for sharing the information.

  8. Keep that energy going Jeff.
    The ‘Law of Attracation’ works for us all!!
    Kudos. Thanks a bunch. 🙂

  9. Jeff,

    I agree! I am putting on my first live event this year. I start and grow most of my relationships at these events and it lets me be around “my people” which really energizes me. Like you I’m not located geographically n the hub of the rest of my tribe, i’m in a small ranching town in Montana and on the road. Have attended your live event and loved it! Great energy!


  10. Your video has made me decide I really do need to get myself to a live event, just to see how they work. Also it dawned on me that I can start really small and just get some exposure in my local community – dip my toe in and test the water. Thanks.

  11. T Koenke Diaz


    Hi Jeff. I haven’t even watched this video yet, and I’m commenting already because I have to THANK YOU for being one of those online entrepreneurs who allows the viewer to see the length of your video before they click play. Thank you so much for that. The #1 turnoff for me with watching business-related or product videos is clicking to play and not knowing the length of the video ahead of time – when I find that’s the case, I click stop and don’t watch it, period. I find that practice to be inconsiderate of my time as a viewer,so thanks for not doing that and for respecting the fact that my time is as precious as yours 🙂

    • If you’re an entrepreneur, you might want to think about the strategies that people are using (and why they’re using them) as much as your reaction to them.

      There are times when I do exactly what you’re talking about (ie, don’t show the time or give controls to the viewer) – because there are times when that strategy makes a lot of sense, and is a lot more effective.

  12. Thanks for this Jeff. I am looking into putting together a group Business Building Bootcamp weekend here in BC Canada. We are sorely lacking in events to attend to network and create offline connections. After your info I am going to plan attending live events into my 2016 growth plan 🙂

  13. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for the video about events. We can say categorically that events have completely transformed our business through not just what we have learned but the people we have met and now the opportunity we have to teach and train at events.

    It all started with us going to events and like you we go to at least one a year and in fact in 2015 we have run two of our own events and attended 3 international events speaking at two.

    Thank you for backing up what we say to all our students and our community.

    Look forward to going to one of yours one day.


    Chris and Susan

  14. Hi Jeff,

    This will be my third PLF. The first event inspired me to create my business GetKidsInternetSafe and introduced me to my publishing coach Bill O’Hanlon (who coached me through startup and provided valuable support overall). The second taught me how to launch, and we started a Mastermind group from the entrepreneur friends we met there. I also found my launch coach, Garrett Gamble, who has been a hugely influential partner and contributor to my project. This year I look forward to meeting some JV’s and building more launches! I’m protective of my time as a busy mother and professional, but your PLF events have been a critical building block for me. Maybe next year PLF Plat! Thank you so much for your inspiration and expertise.

    As for creating my own events, I’ve been presenting locally to parents at schools and churches, which is a different kind of “event” than what you’re talking about. But they have been awesome experiences for me interacting with my audience to seed content, gaining subscribers, and helping me gain expertise as an influencer. Hoping I’ll set up some relationships for a larger event at PLF, like a parenting summit!

    See you soon,


  15. Hi Jeff,

    I just got PLF a couple of weeks ago I’ve learned so many subtle details that I’ve been missing when it comes to launching an online program – Thanks for that!. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night overflowing with ideas and have to get them written down. We’re only in module 2 and I’ve learned so much. In addition, I like these videos you post on your blog.

    I’ve taken a live workshop from Callan and Justin and it was trans formative on so many levels. I like it so much that I’ve volunteer at two of their Los Angeles events so I could learn the subtleties behind running a live event. You’re right, they’re a powerful catalyst for creating friends, masterminds, business partners, and much more.

    Whether it’s telling people what I do, writing a script for a presentation, or sending an email to my list – The material Callan and Justin cover is priceless and I find myself using it almost everyday. What you learn at their live events will truly move one’s forward.


    P.S. Can’t wait to combined what I learn from PLF and Magnetize 🙂

  16. Darlene Osowiec


    Jeff, You hit the nail on the head regarding Live Events. There is nothing better than meeting people in person and building relationships. People get to know who you are and what you do, and you are building your brand. Great message!

  17. Thanks, Jeff, I agree! Distance from an event should not stop people if possible going to live events. I have gained huge value travelling to events and no I am not super rich. I am just starting out and live in New Zealand. I have been to the USA this year for a live event and hope next year to come across again and if possible your April event too. I am just processing getting to Callan’s event in Australia too as so close to me this time. Found out about her thanks to you introducing her to us via your email a few weeks back. VERY GRATEFUL!

  18. Donna Marie Hockley


    Thanks for the reinforcement of doing live events. Looking forward to your next one on how to get the most amount of value from attending. Thanks so much for all you share. 🙂

  19. Thanks Jeff. I just ran my weekend workshop this weekend and I totally agree that it does amazing things for people that get in that room and amazing things for word of mouth for my business. The credibility through running a good event makes your tribe LOVE you.

  20. Hi Jeff,
    Good information, I am looking forward to creating live events at some point. Waiting for video 2 in this series now, Thanks!

  21. Hi Jeff

    Great video and thank you for all the other content and PLF book.

    I think its all about who you know and building those relationships through alternative channels – Whether its live events, social media or even forums. Rather than trying to sell at these events, but providing value goes a long way too.



  22. Good tips, I like speaking at, and putting on events…seems tougher this last couple years to get people to get on planes and travel; their content needs are often met via webinars/videos.. I agree they’re outstanding for business (and fun) to help grow the business.

  23. I’ve started out with live events and am now looking to expand into on-line classes. Thanks for the validation!

  24. Thanks for this Jeff. I’ve found the events I’ve been to have been invaluable with meeting people. Unfortunately, the travel is prohibitive since there have been none near me in the last year.
    I’m working to create something close by and hopefully get the ball rolling.
    Looking forward to more content.

  25. I absolutely love live events and being able to connect with really great individuals. Thanks for sharing that Jeff!

  26. Dear Jeff,

    Great post. I wish that I had these tips before our meeting in CO last week. Awesome day spent with great people. A special thank you to Ash, Daniel, Paul and you of course for the best meeting I ever attended.

  27. Mary Bess Albritton


    Jeff! Thank you for the valuable information. It both confirmed my current practices and gave me additional information in which to incorporate into my skill set for cultivating good business relationships. So appreciate your efforts to assist others in such a beneficial and genuine way!

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