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On the surface, hosting a live event might seem like something to do once you’ve got a more established or advanced business. The reality is anyone can do them, even if you’re just starting out. This week’s video is about harnessing the power of live events to grow your business (plus a few things I’ve learned from hosting 50+ live events).

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22 Replies to “Should You Do a Live Event?”

  1. Hi Jeff! Thanks for the video. I’m very new to the PLF concept, (just found out about it via Denise DT FYI) thru your latest launch. I didn’t buy this time but I’m super jazzed to get in on it after I’m done my current round of schooling next year.
    My launch idea is actually a conference! So like a live event was always my idea. I’m intrigued though about introducing a product during the conference because it sounds super interesting, but honestly I have no idea what that would look like since my conference would basically be me aggregating the content of other, much bigger and more authoritative, experts in my field. What sort of product would be best to launch at a conference where I’m just the organizer (and perhaps visionary, if I want to “give myself airs”) and not the expert or focus?
    For reference, my field is childbirth, particularly natural birth, midwifery and breastfeeding promotion.

    Xoxoxo thanks for all that you do!

    • Stephany Reveron


      Hey you might want to get your hands on his book launch!!


      Well worth the investment

  2. Shampa Sarkar


    Hi Jeff and all,Good evening.Everything is very
    NICE !!!!!

    Something new(video)!!
    Best wishes.

  3. Seeing Jeff live for the first time at LaunchCon 2016, then at PLF and LaunchCon 2017 more than doubled my income, quadrupled my reach, and literally changed my life. Tons of value, networking, and transformation!

  4. I love Jeff events, I’ve been in PLF Live and in Launch Con twice and I’m gonna be there next month again cause I learn so much there that is totally worthy to repeat it.

    I’m also planning my first live event here in Mexico City, following Jeff steps.

  5. I went to Jeff’s PLF live event last April. I came away with a launch plan and on the last day went to the nice customer service people at the back of the room to ASK to buy his online program because it wasn’t pitched!

    I can hardly wait to go again next spring and have LaunchCon on my tentative schedule for next year, since I couldn’t fit it in this year.

    I get massive value from Jeff’s content. Today I even learned something new by clicking to watch the video from my email which I do every Sunday morning with my coffee.

    Did anyone else notice how he changed his opt in?

    Thanks Jeff!

  6. James La Trobe-Bateman


    Very timely, Jeff. We just did a live event here in Michigan yesterday. Not profitable immediately, but looking good for the future.

  7. Great info Jeff! Do you have a live event frame work that you can share with your PLF owners?

  8. I was working on a live event today, opened my email to THIS! It just confirms I am on the right path.

  9. Your events are awesome, Jeff! They’re productive, energizing and inspiring. I can’t wait for LaunchCon and to leave “rim world” for a few days. 😊🚀

  10. I’m working on getting to PLF Live next year. I hope We can know the dates soon. I’ve been doing live events for years with small groups. People return again and again so doing something right. Now to extend my mindset and numbers for more awesome opportunities

  11. I am currently going through the PLF course right now and have taken away so much from watching Jeff’s videos. I love the course and I’m currently building my launch as I go.
    If you have not gotten into the course YOU NEED TO! I will be going to the next Product Launch live event.

  12. Great video Jeff!! I haven’t missed any of your big events since October 2014, they are world-class! Learned so much watching you and your team in action all these years. Just hosted my first live event a few months ago. I applied sooo many things… all that meta-learning paid off beautifully during my event! Can’t thank you enough.. See you at Launch Con!!

  13. I resonate with the ‘paying your dues’ idea, I have played in bars, busked in the street, and even some small scale concerts, the same applies to speaking with people. If you can arrive at the point of having something genuine to say, people will respond, there are a lot of big egos out there making a big noise about their merit, their value but echo chambers can get very lonely. Genuine connection has a definite quality and people instinctively know when it is real.
    Thanks Jeff.

  14. Really great content. Jeff is so authentic. I have been reading all Denise Duffield Thomas emails about what he has done for her business. Some day soon I hope to buy PLF too.

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