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I’m thinking about time travel again… and some of the key lessons I’d bring back in my time machine from when I first got started online. One thing is the difference between launching a business and buying a lottery ticket – and how you need to be clear on the difference between the two. That might sound cryptic… but watch the video to see what I mean…

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26 Replies to “a lottery ticket or a business?”

  1. Jeff when I first got introduced to you I forget who actually put me on to you but you were different to all the other entrepreneurs I’d met online, I warmed to you I remember leaving a comment and your lovely secretary thanked me and said she would pass it on to you. I now know why you are so lovely and I admire you greatly I too would of been back flipping if someone had bought something I had produced I think your a great inspiration a lovely down to earth gentleman. Also loving the time travelling a great idea.

  2. Thanks for the reminder Jeff. After being in business online for 24+ years, and have some success, I often forget that those first, smaller launches are many beginners need to show them that it IS a process, and to keep them striving to polish that process.

  3. Jeff,

    This is one of my favorite videos so far!

    Chris and I are on the cusp of our seed launch to a list of over 25,000 which we built in the past 5 months from following your process. It was a great reminder that the goal is not to make a ton of money but to make sure this business is viable. Fingers crossed!

    Thanks for keeping us grounded!
    Been There Got Out

    • WOW Lisa…. 25,000 in 5 months?? How did you do that? What is your niche? Just curious. 🙂

      • OK….I did see your sight. Wow. Good for you! I know someone who needs your program. Good luck with the launch. XOXO 🙂

  4. I love your authentic style of connecting with us. The casual, caring storyteller, without hype or ll LI production. And you make your point easily… you’ve got your free master class coming up, there’s plenty of value there to utilize (and of course there will be an offer for more in-depth -support/training linked.) So get launching… it’s not a one-shot deal!

  5. Hi Jeff,

    What I LOVE about you is your HONESTY. In a world full of programs and “gurus” and guys who promise $1 Million dollars in 60 days, you stand out as the real-deal. Yes, I’m sure that I could make $1 Million in 60 days with the right product at the right time, with a stroke of luck of demand + marketing, but you set expectations that align more with my real experience about how things typically grow. Thanks for ALL that you do. I own PLF and haven’t used it yet (you know….”shelf help”), but I always watch your yearly trainings (and have passed them on to friends), and always get immense value. I will likely develop my product this year, so just know that a “silent majority” are out here….watching, learning, (procrastinating! LOL), and loving everything you do and everything you stand for. Thank you.

  6. Jeff,

    Hello from Brazil!! Thank you so much.
    Learning so much from you and hoping to build a strong, lasting and succesful business with launches.
    Looking forward to the masterclass in September.


  7. Jeff, we are not convinced. Well I was. But my business partner says, and I para-phrase .. “Why fluff around with marketing to people who can’t buy yet? They are much more likely to buy after listening from our guest podcast session (google ad / email ..) if the product is there with a buy button, than 2 weeks later when the gates open.”

    He is pretty smart, and I couldn’t help but see his point.

    What do you think?

  8. I love what you said Sir Jeff – “start and grow,” it’s just like planting a seed and undergo the process, waiting expectantly for a better result. Thank you for that insight.

  9. As always – you’re a breath of fresh air in a world full of get rich quick schemes and promises Jeff. Thank you for continuing to be the voice of reason and inspiration.

  10. Thanks, Jeff, as always.

    What did you launch? You must’ve launched a different product or service each time. We’re they different kinds of investment products?

  11. Thanks for the terrific reminder that this is a business. It’s a significant mindset shift from brick/mortar as the “real” business to the reality that a digital is a business especially in today’s world.

  12. Hi Jeff, I have an acronym for you. The mental triggers are a S.A.L.E.S.C.A.R.T!
    S – Social Proof
    A – Authority
    L – Likeability
    E – Events
    S – Scarcity
    C – Community
    A – Anticipation
    R – Reciprocity
    T – Trust
    You can have that one for free 🙂

  13. Such good messages you give us!
    Thank you.
    Looking forever to September.

  14. I’m going to do my first launch next week, and I’d like to say thank you for everything, Jeff!
    Best regards from Brazil,
    Wish me luck! 🙂

  15. Thank you so much for your generosity and all the good that you give us un every mail.

  16. Thank you so much for your generosity and all the goos you give us in every mail.
    See you in september.
    Best regards,

  17. Jeff,

    I don’t find rich and successful entrepreneurs interesting at all. What I do find exciting is when the desperate person who makes a choice to do something radical and has a win. This is life changing! I am looking for that passion in a person.

    Thanks for making it real,

    Metric Dave

  18. Jocelyn Chouinard


    Thanks so much for your very candid story Jeff and I will try my best to join the launch.

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