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24 Replies to “Can You Make Money Online With Your Passion?”

  1. Jeff hi and thanks again for a great motivational video. I am in the early stages of planning a launch of a tutorial product and membership site and always find your advice helpful and uplifting.

  2. This was a self-limiting belief that kept me paralysed and stopped me from taking action for such a long time. Then I got to the stage where I had had enough and decided “what the heck, let’s go for it.” After all what’s the worst that can happen?

    Once I had let go it felt amazing and so liberating and I started to take action, and slowly but surely I started to see results. This is just something that you HAVE to get over or you will remain stuck. Just let go and take massive imperfect action and you will be amazed at what you can truly achieve.

  3. Thank you, Jeff! We can create a profitable business from our expertise–whatever that might be. The keys for success are: Understanding our market + Understanding our market’s needs and wants + Designing a system using our expertise to meet our market’s needs and solve their problems + Working diligently to deliver value to the market and to promote our solution.

    • That’s a great framework Cloris. I’d also add a final step, keep managing expectations and delighting the customers even after the sale to make them your raving fans and tell others about you.



    Purchased the book and am busy reading it, performing my day-job, and doing my startup on the side. I’m in process of moving to Florida [from Avon. CO] this summer and would love to meet with you before I go if possible. Let me know of any opportunities even if it’s helping out at an event or something like that.

    All the best,

    -Grant S.

  5. Great one. I thought the same thing about teaching horsemanship and horse training and it took me some years to figure it out, but it’s going well.

    • That’s very encouraging! I’m teaching a new method of achieving breakthroughs through targeted physical and emotional activities and have been struggling how to translate that to Internet medium. If you are able to teach horsemanship online (BTW, old passion of mine), I can figure out how to teach my activities.
      Best wishes,

  6. Great stuff! I am a jewelry designer venturing on teaching the business through books and courses. I am not quite there… YET : ) I love that you pulled out that big book on sailing because who doesn’t have some sort of book or information that is golden. I think everyone can relate to that one special product that is and will be valued for years. Sharing your story around the sailing book was brilliant. Thank you!

  7. I teach hypnosis online. I was skeptical when I considered it at first, but it has turned out to be a major success for me. My students practice with each other on Skype and I do coaching over the phone or using the online video conferencing service Zoom.

  8. Hi Jeff! Hi All! I just want to backup the statement that virtually anything can be learned/taught online: my daughter learned how to play piano on YouTube better and faster than when she was going to private classes, to our amazement! And I am creating an online course how to kitesurf, yes, kitesurf!!! The challenge is to determine the part that can be learned from the video.
    Thanks Jeff!
    Good stuff!!! As always! 🙂

  9. Another great video Jeff! Any tips or advice if there’s a strategy behind subscribers not being the same audience that I’m planning to sell to? I would like to keep my magazine free to subscribers, but grow the number of readers to start selling ad space. Should I have two different lists going, or hope that perhaps there will be some in the audience who also want to buy space to advertise their products or services? Any thoughts around this would be greatly appreciated!

  10. Hi Jeff,

    I really am feeling stuck. I have a passion to create a political party, but if be a movement first. South Africa is known all over the world as a peacful Nation, but that is far from truth. We are really going through huge changes over the past years. Apartheid did not destroy our country, but this new leadership is. Statistics proves my statements. Murder, poverty, rape, abortion attempted murder, crime, drugs all out of control. I need my voice to be heard. I need guidance. I have watched you and personally I do believe that as a man of God you would be a great mentor to guide me on this field. I believe that our country people are feeling hopeless and I need to be the voice of hope. I know politics might not be one of many peoples ideas of a passion, but I do believe that I am driven by the disaster that is inevitable if someone does not bring a ray of hope to bring a positive direction to our land. People have lost focus and direction. Please could steer me in a direction of how to market this movement to gather people to start believing again. It really feels like I am stuck and I don’t like the feeling. I have been trying for two years if not more but the wheels just don’t go forward as I have the thought of how big this project is and I wonder how next. If you have anyone or yourself that have the ability to mentor me to get going as the daily, weekly, monthly schedules need to be set, but I firstly need a strategy to reach the people that are desperate but have fear that nothing will work. I have seen it in their faces. Hopelessness. The name of the party is “tikvah” meaning hope. Not sure how to generate finances to start and keep this movement going.

    Hope you hear my heart.
    I love South Africa and I know I can do it

    Love in Christ
    esther Badenhorst

    • Hi Esther, I hear your desperation and also see the need you are addressing. I understand you want help form Jeff but I thought I’d offer you my insights in case that helps. I don’t know how to create a political movement but long time ago (because of growing up in a communist country) I came to the conclusion that it boils down to individuals. I created a program that uses a new approach to helping people feel hopeful and empowered. I’ll be happy to share some of it with you. Maybe once the individuals you want to work with feel empowered they will be able to follow your ideas.
      To your success!

  11. Hi Jeff !!!
    I really enjoyed the video and what I could say to JAKE is that, since he’s a good contractor, people would love to watch videos on the transformations he can make in different homes and also he could start a youtube channel to demonstrate the cabinets he makes.
    I’m a Real Estate Agent, in São Paulo/BRAZIL. I LOVE what I do and I’m reading your book and getting prepared to launch a service (not a product) and I’m sure that within some time, it will take me to a major project which is to build houses for sale.
    In a soon future I intend to take the PLF Program (we have Erico down here, but I wanna take it from the source! 🙂 )
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!
    Love your videos.

  12. Hey Jeff, I really enjoy the your ability to cut the crap and make things really really simple. Why should my little thingy be so special? It may be but it´s not in terms of marketability. Very clear, THX a lot. C.

  13. Hi Jeff,
    thanks so much for another great video. I like the way you simplefy things!
    You just convinced my to follow my passion of back country skiing. Every time I am in the moutains with new people, they allway very eager to learn from me. Just the other day, I went on a skitour with a group of 10, when one of them asked me if I’d do private lessons. I have been instructing for quite some time but did not think I could take it online. So thanks for the inspiration.


  14. Jeff thanks for the great advice. it is always nice to be reminded of possibility land

  15. Thanks Jeff. This was great. I am now thinking through a couple of products that I could create. I think beside a product entrepreneurs should think about how to create experiences that people are willing to pay for. I am.

  16. Anna Williams


    Hi, Jeff. Thank you for a great video.

    I also try to make money using my passion – sport. I created my own online website with sport goods. When I was 5 I started my sport life. I am an exbasketball player. Unfortunately, I had a trouble with my hand, so I had to quit.
    My online website gave me the second breath. Now I can make somebody happy the same as I was when I was 5.

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