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If you want to improve your life, it’s easier than ever to grab a book, take a course, or get coaching. And you can learn a lot and have some real breakthroughs from doing these things. But if you really want explosive growth and serious results  – not just in your business, but in every part of your life – then there’s something else you should try…

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21 Replies to “Behind the Crazy Business Growth…”

  1. I see a lot of videos with people talking about how effective Master-Minds are, and read about them in lots of success books, but they always seem to be, only for those who are already wildly successful. (Compared to those of us just starting out – meaning, not even making enough to quit their shitty jobs yet, and who can’t yet afford to take any of the hundreds of training courses available to get us to that spot… $100,00/year is wildly successful.

    So, if we are not yet making enough to quit our jobs, buy a course to help us get to $100,000/year, and getting into a Master-Mind seems like a million years away… what do you recommend?

    • Claude Cote…I hear you! This was exactly where I was. I am now just a out turning a profit, but nowhere near ready to join a super expensive Mastermind with people way ahead of mi in the game.
      So I am about to start my own Mastermind group.
      It feels very exciting.
      I’ve done this before…I wanted to speak at a conference a d wasnt being asked so I created my own conference!
      Invite the people you would love to be a part of it with you. Have fun! You will learn heaps.
      Then at some point you will be ready for the big money Mastermind in all ways x

    • I have been thinking the same thing. I have just come back from a conference in Nashville. I met some people who live near me and we are starting our own mastermind.
      Most of the people are ahead of me but some are a few steps behind.
      Find or start your own mastermind with your peers.

    • Communication is the big secret in plain sight here, we have the opportunity to build communities all around us-a Facebook group costs nothing, you can set one up if you go about this in the right way; people overthink this, it is about relationships and sharing skills. People seem reluctant to reach out and communicate, they only seem to listen to gurus, and people they think are already successful, it is frustrating.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. I’ve been to several masterminds in the past ten years, they were all different and all the participants learned and helped and developed in them. One question: could you please share one or two ideas that you regularly do at your meeting? Like “hot chair”? (We do this 🙂 – but probably there is more in it.) Or any other practical ideas? Thanks in advance, have a wonderful Sunday.
    Best wishes,
    (from Hungary)

  3. Jeff,
    Thanks for sharing this -greatly appreciate the insights on how Masterminds can help and even the suggestion to start your own -if you can’t find one.
    Sandra Chaloux

  4. What’s the best way for me to go about creating my own mastermind? I’ve been sitting in inactivity for this idea for a while. Several fellow health and life coaches agreed its a great idea and they were eager to do. I think I’m waiting to see who would uplift me and inspire me as I get to know these fellow health coaches. I had the idea to run it twice per month for 30 mins via zoom . Does this seem like a good idea? I though maybe keeping it to 4 or 5 fellow health coaches. They don’t know each other yet though, so unsure how to keep it productive brief and focused also. I feel like I’m afraid it will just be another time and energy sucker, if we can’t keep the zoom calls brief. Any suggestions?

    • Debbie, 30-minutes isn’t much time. I would do it once a month for up to 2-hours! Heck, if you are all on a roll, it could last even longer. I think that would be more motivating than twice a month (every other week) for only a half hour. You need the first half hour to break the ice and warm people up, and then let the ideas flow from there. And twice a week for a short period is a “time and energy sucker” in my mind. But once a month for quality and in-depth conversation between like minds – now that sounds appealing and of value.

  5. You sure may not find one, go create your own master mind
    Thanks Jeff for always

  6. Thank You Jeff, I am very greatful to have found you. You have really inspired me to go for it ! Against all fears.ty

  7. I have been speaking with a couple others about creating our own Mastermind. We are each at the very beginning of our own business and have already supported one another in times of growth and change. I literally launched my business this weekend. Do you have recommendations for resources on how to structure the group so it provides growth and longevity?

  8. Great insights Jeff. I think Masterminds are more important than ever to stay stimulated and excited. These days being an online entrepreneur means spending gobs of time alone in my home office surrounded by friends and neighbors who do not have the slightest idea what I do inside my home all day. So being part of a community of like-minded friends is more important than ever to me. Casey Demchak

  9. The key to a solid mastermind is finding people at the same level of expertise and drive. I have been in groups that were more or less thrown together without any thought by the organizer. That is not a recipe for growth but frustration. There is little joy in sitting week after week in discussions with people either way ahead of you or behind you or who have interests out of alignment with yours. When you find the right group, then the magic begins and the rewards are phenomenal.

    • Perfect advice, Nick. I agree with all you say. Absolutely finding those who are at the same level of expertise (or nearly there) and DRIVE is crucial. Expertise is nothing without the drive to succeed 🙂

      • Thank you for this gift Jeff – I really appreciate your wisdom and willingness to share!
        Priceless info in the thread on masterminds as well!

  10. Do I have to have a million dollar business to see a clip of the stand up? 😊
    I bet you crushed it!

  11. We absoutely need guidance from our peers. I’m relentlesly on the look out for value that helps me find the Secret Sauce, that break through. I want to express my gratitude.

  12. Jeff, just like you I have stepped out of my comfort zone by signing up to a 6 week standup comedy course here in the UK. I have given hundreds of presentations over the last 30 years but this is the scariest thing I think I have ever done!

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